All fishes reported from Belarus

n = 59 (Incomplete)
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Table 1: 58 species currently present in the country/island (endemic, native, introduced, reintroduced);
Table 2: 0 species possibly present in the country/island (stray, questionable);
Table 3: 1 species demonstrated to be absent in the country/island (extirpated, not established, misidentification, error).
Table 4: 59 species reported from the country/island altogether.
Table 1: 58 species currently present in the country/island.
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Order Family Species Occurrence FishBase name Name
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Abramis bramanative Freshwater bream Leshtsch 
Acipenseriformes Acipenseridae Acipenser ruthenusnative Sterlet sturgeon  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Alburnoides bipunctatusnative Schneider Bystrjanka 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Alburnus alburnusnative Bleak Ukleika 
Siluriformes Ictaluridae Ameiurus nebulosusintroduced Brown bullhead  
Anguilliformes Anguillidae Anguilla anguillanative European eel Retschnoi ugor 
Perciformes Gobiidae Babka gymnotrachelusintroduced Racer goby  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Ballerus ballerusnative Zope Sinetz 
Cypriniformes Nemacheilidae Barbatula barbatulanative Stone loach Goletz 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Barbus barbusnative Barbel Usatsch 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Barbus meridionalisnative Mediterranean barbel  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Blicca bjoerknanative White bream  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Carassius auratusintroduced Goldfish Zolotaja rybka 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Carassius carassiusnative Crucian carp Kruglyi 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Carassius gibeliointroduced Prussian carp  
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Clupeonella cultriventrisintroduced Black and Caspian Sea sprat  
Cypriniformes Cobitidae Cobitis taenianative Spined loach Shtschipovka 
Salmoniformes Salmonidae Coregonus maraenoidesintroduced   
Salmoniformes Salmonidae Coregonus peledintroduced Peled  
Scorpaeniformes Cottidae Cottus gobionative Bullhead Podkamenshtschik 
Scorpaeniformes Cottidae Cottus poecilopusnative Alpine bullhead  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Ctenopharyngodon idellaintroduced Grass carp  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Cyprinus carpiointroduced Common carp Sazan 
Petromyzontiformes Petromyzontidae Eudontomyzon mariaenative Ukrainian brook lamprey  
Gasterosteiformes Gasterosteidae Gasterosteus aculeatusnative Three-spined stickleback Trekhiglaja koliushka 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Gobio gobionative Gudgeon  
Perciformes Percidae Gymnocephalus acerinanative Donets ruffe  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Hypophthalmichthys nobilisintroduced Bighead carp  
Siluriformes Ictaluridae Ictalurus punctatusintroduced Channel catfish  
Petromyzontiformes Petromyzontidae Lampetra fluviatilisnative River lamprey  
Petromyzontiformes Petromyzontidae Lampetra planerinative European brook lamprey Evropeiskaja rutschjevnaja minoga 
Perciformes Centrarchidae Lepomis gibbosusintroduced Pumpkinseed Soletschnaja pyba 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Leucaspius delineatusnative Belica Ovsianka 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Leuciscus aspiusnative Asp Zerekh 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Leuciscus idusnative Ide Iaz 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Leuciscus leuciscusnative Common dace Eletz 
Perciformes Centrarchidae Micropterus salmoidesintroduced Largemouth black bass Bolsherotnyi amerikanskii tscherny okun 
Perciformes Gobiidae Neogobius fluviatilisintroduced Monkey goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Neogobius melanostomusnative Round goby  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Pelecus cultratusnative Sichel Tschekhon 
Perciformes Odontobutidae Perccottus gleniiintroduced Chinese sleeper  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Phoxinus phoxinusnative Eurasian minnow Goljan 
Perciformes Gobiidae Proterorhinus marmoratusintroduced Tubenose goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Proterorhinus semilunarisintroduced Western tubenose goby  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Pseudorasbora parvaintroduced Stone moroko  
Gasterosteiformes Gasterosteidae Pungitius platygasterintroduced Southern ninespine stickleback  
Gasterosteiformes Gasterosteidae Pungitius pungitiusnative Ninespine stickleback Malaja koliushka 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Rhodeus amarusnative European bitterling  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Rhynchocypris percnurusnative Lake minnow  
Cypriniformes Cobitidae Sabanejewia balticanative   
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