All fishes reported from Australia
n = 5071 (Incomplete)
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Table 1: 4941 species currently present in the country/island (endemic, native, introduced, reintroduced);
Table 2: 93 species possibly present in the country/island (stray, questionable);
Table 3: 37 species demonstrated to be absent in the country/island (extirpated, not established, misidentification, error).
Table 4: 5071 species reported from the country/island altogether.
Table 1: 4941 species currently present in the country/island.
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Order Family Species Occurrence FishBase name Name
Tetraodontiformes Balistidae Abalistes filamentosusnative  Hairfin triggerfish 
Tetraodontiformes Balistidae Abalistes stellarisnative Starry triggerfish  
Tetraodontiformes Balistidae Abalistes stellatusnative  Starry triggerfish 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Ablabys taenianotusnative Cockatoo waspfish Cockatoo waspfish 
Beloniformes Belonidae Ablennes hiansnative Flat needlefish Barred longtom 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Abudefduf bengalensisnative Bengal sergeant Bengal sergeant 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Abudefduf septemfasciatusnative Banded sergeant Banded sergeant 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Abudefduf sexfasciatusnative Scissortail sergeant Scissortail sergeant 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Abudefduf sordidusnative Blackspot sergeant Blackspot sergeant 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Abudefduf vaigiensisnative Indo-Pacific sergeant Indo-pacific sergeant 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Abudefduf whitleyinative Whitley's sergeant Whitle's sergeant 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Acanthaluteres browniinative Spiny-tailed leatherjacket Spiny-tailed leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Acanthaluteres spilomelanurusnative Bridled leatherjacket Bridled leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Acanthaluteres vittigernative Toothbrush leatherjacket Brown leatherjacket 
Perciformes Percophidae Acanthaphritis barbatanative  Barbel duckbill 
Perciformes Percophidae Acanthaphritis ozawainative  Yellowspotted duckbill 
Perciformes Serranidae Acanthistius cinctusnative Yellowbanded perch Yellowbanded wirrah 
Perciformes Serranidae Acanthistius ocellatusnative Eastern wirrah Eastern wirrah 
Perciformes Serranidae Acanthistius pardalotusendemic Leopard wirrah Leopard wirrah 
Perciformes Serranidae Acanthistius paxtoniendemic Orangelined wirrah Orangelined wirrah 
Perciformes Serranidae Acanthistius serratusendemic Western wirrah Western wirrah 
Perciformes Cepolidae Acanthocepola abbreviatanative Bandfish Yellowspotted bandfish 
Perciformes Cepolidae Acanthocepola krusensterniinative Red-spotted bandfish Redspotted bandfish 
Perciformes Cepolidae Acanthocepola limbatanative Blackspot bandfish Blackspot bandfish 
Stephanoberyciformes Stephanoberycidae Acanthochaenus luetkeniinative Pricklefish  
Perciformes Pomacentridae Acanthochromis polyacanthusnative Spiny chromis Spiny puller 
Perciformes Scombridae Acanthocybium solandrinative Wahoo Bastard mackerel 
Perciformes Gobiidae Acanthogobius flavimanusintroduced Yellowfin goby  
Perciformes Sparidae Acanthopagrus australisendemic Yellowfin bream Yellowfin bream 
Perciformes Sparidae Acanthopagrus butcheriendemic Black bream Black bream 
Perciformes Sparidae Acanthopagrus pacificusnative Pacific seabream  
Perciformes Sparidae Acanthopagrus palmarisendemic Northwest black bream Northwest black bream 
Scorpaeniformes Aploactinidae Acanthosphex leurynnisnative Wasp-spine velvetfish Wasp-spine velvetfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus albipectoralisnative Whitefin surgeonfish Whitefin surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus auranticavusnative Orange-socket surgeonfish Orange-socket surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus barienenative Black-spot surgeonfish Eyespot surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus blochiinative Ringtail surgeonfish Dark surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus dussumierinative Eyestripe surgeonfish Pencil surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus fowlerinative Fowler's surgeonfish Horseshoe surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus grammoptilusnative Finelined surgeonfish Finelined surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus guttatusnative Whitespotted surgeonfish Whitespotted surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus lineatusnative Lined surgeonfish Bluelined surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus maculicepsnative White-freckled surgeonfish Spotted-face surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus matanative Elongate surgeonfish Elongate surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus nigricansnative Whitecheek surgeonfish Velvet surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus nigricaudanative Epaulette surgeonfish Blackstreak surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus nigrofuscusnative Brown surgeonfish Brown surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus nigrorisnative Bluelined surgeonfish Bluelined surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus olivaceusnative Orangespot surgeonfish Orangeband surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus pyroferusnative Chocolate surgeonfish Mimic surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus thompsoninative Thompson's surgeonfish Night surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus triostegusnative Convict surgeonfish Convict surgeonfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus xanthopterusnative Yellowfin surgeonfish Yellowfin surgeonfish 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Acarobythites larsonaenative Larson's cusk Larson's cusk 
Perciformes Gobiidae Acentrogobius caninusnative Tropical sand goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Acentrogobius janthinopterusnative Robust mangrove goby Robust mangrove goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Acentrogobius moloanusnative Barcheek Amoya Barcheek Amoya 
Perciformes Gobiidae Acentrogobius nebulosusnative Shadow goby Hairfin goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Acentrogobius pflaumiiintroduced Striped sandgoby Striped sandgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Acentrogobius viridipunctatusnative Spotted green goby  
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Acentronura breviperulanative   
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Acentronura tentaculatanative Shortpouch pygmy pipehorse Shortpouch pygmy pipehorse 
Perciformes Labridae Achoerodus gouldiiendemic Western blue groper Western blue groper 
Perciformes Labridae Achoerodus viridisendemic Eastern blue groper Eastern blue groper 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Acreichthys radiatusnative Radial leatherjacket  
Perciformes Acropomatidae Acropoma japonicumnative Glowbelly Japanese seabass 
Scorpaeniformes Aploactinidae Adventor elongatusnative Visitor Sandpaper velvetfish 
Syngnathiformes Centriscidae Aeoliscus strigatusnative Razorfish Jointed razorfish 
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Aesopia cornutanative Unicorn sole Dark thick-rayed sole 
Scorpaeniformes Pataecidae Aetapcus maculatusendemic Warty prowfish Warty prowfish 
Perciformes Serranidae Aethaloperca rogaanative Redmouth grouper Redmouth rockcod 
Myliobatiformes Aetobatidae Aetobatus narinarinative Whitespotted eagle ray Walbuulbul 
Myliobatiformes Aetobatidae Aetobatus ocellatusnative Ocellated eagle ray  
Myliobatiformes Myliobatidae Aetomylaeus caeruleofasciatusnative Blue-banded eagle ray  
Myliobatiformes Myliobatidae Aetomylaeus nichofiinative Banded eagle ray Banded eagle ray 
Myliobatiformes Myliobatidae Aetomylaeus vespertilionative Ornate eagle ray Ornate eagle ray 
Perciformes Gobiidae Afurcagobius suppositusendemic Southwestern goby Southwestern goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Afurcagobius tamarensisnative Tamar River goby Tamar River goby 
Lampriformes Regalecidae Agrostichthys parkerinative Streamer fish Benham's streamerfish 
Perciformes Microdesmidae Aioliops tetrophthalmusnative  Four-eye mini dartgoby 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Alabes bathysnative   
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Alabes brevisnative  Short shore eel 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Alabes dorsalisnative Common shore-eel Common shore-eel 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Alabes elongatanative  Elongate shore eel 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Alabes gibbosanative  Hunchback shore eel 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Alabes hoeseinative Dwarf shore-eel Dwarf shore-eel 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Alabes obtusirostrisnative  Pugnose shore eel 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Alabes occidentalisnative  Western shore eel 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Alabes parvulanative Pygmy shore-eel Pygmy shore eel 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Alabes scottinative  Scott's shore eel 
Albuliformes Albulidae Albula argenteanative Longjaw bonefish Pacific bonefish 
Albuliformes Albulidae Albula glossodontanative Roundjaw bonefish  
Albuliformes Albulidae Albula oligolepisnative Smallscale bonefish  
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Aldrichetta forsterinative Yellow-eye mullet Yelloweye mullet 
Notacanthiformes Halosauridae Aldrovandia affinisnative Gilbert's halosaurid fish Allied halosaur 
Notacanthiformes Halosauridae Aldrovandia phalacranative Hawaiian halosaurid fish Baldhead halosaur 
Perciformes Carangidae Alectis ciliarisnative African pompano Pennantfish 
Perciformes Carangidae Alectis indicanative Indian threadfish Diamond trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Alepes apercnaendemic Smallmouth scad Smallmouth scad 
Perciformes Carangidae Alepes djedabanative Shrimp scad Banded scad 
Perciformes Carangidae Alepes kleiniinative Razorbelly scad Razorbelly trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Alepes varinative Herring scad Herring scad 
Aulopiformes Alepisauridae Alepisaurus brevirostrisnative Short snouted lancetfish Shortnose lancetfish 
Aulopiformes Alepisauridae Alepisaurus feroxnative Long snouted lancetfish Longnose lancetfish 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Alepocephalus antipodianusnative Antipodean slickhead Antipodean slickhead 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Alepocephalus australisnative Small scaled brown slickhead Smallscale slickhead 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Alepocephalus bicolornative Bicolor slickhead Bicolor slickhead 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Alepocephalus longirostrisnative Longsnout slickhead Longsnout slickhead 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Alepocephalus triangularisnative Triangulate slickhead Triangulate slickhead 
Ophidiiformes Dinematichthyidae Alionematichthys crassicepsnative Bighead viviparous brotula  
Ophidiiformes Dinematichthyidae Alionematichthys pigernative Whiskered viviparous brotula  
Ophidiiformes Dinematichthyidae Alionematichthys riukiuensisnative Bigeye cusk Bigeye cusk 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Allenichthys glauertiendemic Glauert's anglerfish Glauert's anglerfish 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Allips concolornative  Smalleye snake eel 
Zeiformes Oreosomatidae Allocyttus nigernative Black oreo Black oreodory 
Zeiformes Oreosomatidae Allocyttus verrucosusnative Warty dory Warty oreodory 
Perciformes Xenisthmidae Allomicrodesmus dorotheaenative Dorothea's wriggler Toothpick wriggler 
Tetraodontiformes Diodontidae Allomycterus pilatusnative Deep-water burrfish Porcupine fish 
Perciformes Scombridae Allothunnus fallainative Slender tuna Falla's tuna 
Lamniformes Alopiidae Alopias pelagicusnative Pelagic thresher Pelagic thresher 
Lamniformes Alopiidae Alopias superciliosusnative Bigeye thresher Bigeye thresher 
Lamniformes Alopiidae Alopias vulpinusnative Thresher Thresher shark 
Perciformes Blenniidae Alticus saliensnative Leaping blenny  
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Aluterus monocerosnative Unicorn leatherjacket filefish Leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Aluterus scriptusnative Scribbled leatherjacket filefish Figured leather-jacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Amanses scopasnative Broom filefish Brush-sided leatherjacket 
Perciformes Amarsipidae Amarsipus carlsberginative Amarsipa Amarsipa 
Perciformes Cichlidae Amatitlania nigrofasciataintroduced Convict cichlid Convict cichlid 
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis agassiziiendemic Agassiz's glassfish Agassiz's glassfish 
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis agrammusnative Sailfin glass perchlet Sailfin glassfish 
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis dussumierinative Malabar glassy perchlet Barehead glassfish 
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis elongataendemic Elongate glassfish Elongate glassfish 
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis gymnocephalusnative Bald glassy  
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis interruptanative Long-spined glass perchlet Longspine glassfish 
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis jacksoniensisendemic Port Jackson glassfish Port Jackson glassfish 
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis macleayinative Macleay's glass perchlet Macleay's glassfish 
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis marianusendemic Estuary glassfish Estuary glassfish 
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis miopsnative Flag-tailed glass perchlet Flagtail glassfish 
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis naluanative Scalloped perchlet Scalloped glassfish 
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis vachelliinative Vachelli's glass perchlet Vachell's glassfish 
Scorpaeniformes Platycephalidae Ambiserrula jugosaendemic Mud flathead Mud flathead 
Perciformes Cirrhitidae Amblycirrhitus bimaculanative Twospot hawkfish Twinspot hawkfish 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblyeleotris callopareianative Beautiful-cheek shrimpgoby Beautiful-cheek shrimpgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblyeleotris diagonalisnative Diagonal shrimp goby Diagonal shrimpgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblyeleotris fasciatanative Red-banded prawn-goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblyeleotris fontanesiinative Giant prawn-goby Giant shrimpgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblyeleotris guttatanative Spotted prawn-goby Blackchest shrimpgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblyeleotris gymnocephalanative Masked shrimpgoby Mask shrimpgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblyeleotris macronemaendemic Longspine shrimpgoby Longspine shrimpgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblyeleotris ogasawarensisnative Redspotted shrimpgoby Redspotted shrimpgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblyeleotris periophthalmanative Periophthalma prawn-goby Broadbanded shrimpgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblyeleotris randallinative Randall's prawn-goby Sailfin shrimpgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblyeleotris rhyaxnative Volcano shrimpgoby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblyeleotris rubrimarginatanative Redmargin shrimpgoby Redmargin shrimpgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblyeleotris steinitzinative Steinitz' prawn-goby Steinitz' shrimp goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblyeleotris wheelerinative Gorgeous prawn-goby Burgundy shrimpgoby 
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Amblygaster leiogasternative Smoothbelly sardinella Smoothbelly sardine 
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Amblygaster sirmnative Spotted sardinella Spotted sardine 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amblyglyphidodon aureusnative Golden damselfish Golden damsel 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amblyglyphidodon batunainative Batuna's damselfish Batuna damsel 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amblyglyphidodon curacaonative Staghorn damselfish Staghorn damsel 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amblyglyphidodon leucogasternative Yellowbelly damselfish Whitebelly damsel 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblygobius albimaculatusnative Butterfly goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblygobius bynoensisnative Bynoe goby Bynoe goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblygobius decussatusnative Orange-striped goby Orange-striped goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblygobius nocturnusnative Nocturn goby Pyjama goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblygobius phalaenanative Whitebarred goby Banded goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblygobius sphynxnative Sphinx goby Sphinx goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amblyotrypauchen arctocephalusnative Armour eelgoby Armour eelgoby 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amblypomacentrus brevicepsnative Black-banded demoiselle Blackbanded damsel 
Rajiformes Rajidae Amblyraja hyperboreanative Arctic skate Boreal skate 
Siluriformes Ariidae Amissidens hainesinative Ridged catfish Ridged catfish 
Perciformes Ammodytidae Ammodytoides vagusnative  Sandlance 
Pleuronectiformes Pleuronectidae Ammotretis brevipinnisnative Shortfin flounder Shortfin flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Pleuronectidae Ammotretis elongatusnative Elongate flounder Elongate flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Pleuronectidae Ammotretis lituratusnative Tudor's flounder Tudor's flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Pleuronectidae Ammotretis macrolepisnative  Largescale flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Pleuronectidae Ammotretis rostratusnative Longsnout flounder Long-nosed flounder 
Perciformes Terapontidae Amniataba caudavittatanative Yellowtail trumpeter Yellowtail grunter 
Perciformes Terapontidae Amniataba percoidesendemic Barred grunter Birlirndirr 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amoya gracilisnative Bluespotted mangrove goby Bluespotted mangrovegoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Amoya madraspatensisnative Manyband goby Manyband goby 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Amphichaetodon howensisnative Lord Howe Island butterflyfish Lord Howe butterflyfish 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amphiprion akindynosnative Barrier reef anemonefish Barrier reef anemonefish 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amphiprion chrysopterusnative Orangefin anemonefish Orangefin anemonefish 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amphiprion clarkiinative Yellowtail clownfish Clark's anemonefish 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amphiprion frenatusnative Tomato clownfish Tomato anemonefish 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amphiprion latezonatusnative Wide-band Anemonefish Wideband anemonefish 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amphiprion leucokranosnative Whitebonnet anemonefish White-bonnet anemonefish 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amphiprion mccullochinative Whitesnout anemonefish McCulloch's Anemonefish 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amphiprion melanopusnative Fire clownfish Blackback anemonefish 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amphiprion ocellarisnative Clown anemonefish Western clown anemonefish 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amphiprion perculanative Orange clownfish Eastern clown anemonefish 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amphiprion perideraionnative Pink anemonefish Pink anemonefish 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amphiprion polymnusnative Saddleback clownfish Saddleback anemonefish 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amphiprion rubrocinctusnative Red Anemonefish Australian anemonefish 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Amphiprion sandaracinosnative Yellow clownfish Orange anemonefish 
Perciformes Pseudochromidae Amsichthys knightinative Bugeye dottyback Bug-eyed dottyback 
Perciformes Anabantidae Anabas testudineusintroduced Climbing perch  
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Anacanthobythites platycephalusnative   
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Anacanthobythites tasmaniensisnative   
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Anacanthus barbatusnative Bearded leatherjacket Bearded leatherjacket 
Perciformes Labridae Anampses caeruleopunctatusnative Bluespotted wrasse Diamond wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Anampses elegansnative Elegant wrasse Elegant wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Anampses femininusnative Blue-striped orange tamarin Bluetail wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Anampses geographicusnative Geographic wrasse Scribbled wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Anampses lennardiendemic Blue-and-yellow wrasse Blue-and-yellow wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Anampses melanurusnative White-spotted wrasse Blacktail wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Anampses meleagridesnative Spotted wrasse Speckled wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Anampses neoguinaicusnative New Guinea wrasse Blackback wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Anampses twistiinative Yellowbreasted wrasse Yellowbreast wrasse 
Perciformes Callionymidae Anaora tentaculatanative Tentacled dragonet  
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Anarchias allardiceinative Allardice's moray Allardice's moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Anarchias cantonensisnative Canton Island moray Canton moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Anarchias seychellensisnative Seychelles moray Seychelles moray 
Perciformes Gobiidae Ancistrogobius dipusnative Double-fin cheek-hook goby  
Perciformes Cichlidae Andinoacara pulcherintroduced Blue acara Blue acara 
Anguilliformes Anguillidae Anguilla australisnative Short-finned eel Southern shortfin eel 
Anguilliformes Anguillidae Anguilla bicolornative Indonesian shortfin eel Lanyi 
Anguilliformes Anguillidae Anguilla marmoratanative Giant mottled eel Giant long-finned eel 
Anguilliformes Anguillidae Anguilla obscuranative Pacific shortfinned eel Pacific shortfin eel 
Anguilliformes Anguillidae Anguilla reinhardtiinative Speckled longfin eel Longfin eel 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Anodontiglanis dahliendemic Toothless catfish Ganangad 
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Anodontostoma chacundanative Chacunda gizzard shad Gizzard shad 
Beryciformes Anomalopidae Anomalops katoptronnative Splitfin flashlightfish Twofin flashlightfish 
Tetraodontiformes Aracanidae Anoplocapros amygdaloidesnative Western smooth boxfish Western smooth boxfish 
Tetraodontiformes Aracanidae Anoplocapros inermisnative Eastern smooth boxfish Eastern smooth boxfish 
Tetraodontiformes Aracanidae Anoplocapros lenticularisnative White-barred boxfish High-backed boxfish 
Beryciformes Anoplogastridae Anoplogaster cornutanative Common fangtooth Fangtooth 
Aulopiformes Anotopteridae Anotopterus voraxnative Southern ocean daggertooth Southern daggertooth 
Rhinopristiformes Pristidae Anoxypristis cuspidatanative Pointed sawfish Narrow sawfish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Antennarius commersonnative Commerson's frogfish Giant anglerfish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Antennarius hispidusnative Shaggy angler Shaggy anglerfish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Antennarius maculatusnative Warty frogfish Warty anglerfish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Antennarius pictusnative Painted frogfish Painted anglerfish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Antennarius striatusnative Striated frogfish Striate anglerfish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Antennatus analisnative Tailjet frogfish Tailjet anglerfish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Antennatus coccineusnative Scarlet frogfish Freckled anglerfish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Antennatus dorehensisnative New Guinean frogfish New Guinean anglerfish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Antennatus nummifernative Spotfin frogfish Spotfin anglerfish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Antennatus rosaceusnative Spiny-tufted frogfish Rosy anglerfish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Antennatus tuberosusnative Tuberculated frogfish Tuberculate anglerfish 
Perciformes Caproidae Antigonia caprosnative Deepbody boarfish Robust deepsea boarfish 
Perciformes Caproidae Antigonia malayananative Malayan deepsea boarfish Malayan deepsea boarfish 
Perciformes Caproidae Antigonia rhomboideaendemic Rhomboid deepsea boarfish Rhomboid deepsea boarfish 
Perciformes Caproidae Antigonia rubescensnative Indo-Pacific boarfish Sharpsnout deepsea boarfish 
Perciformes Caproidae Antigonia rubicundanative Rosy deepsea boarfish Rosy deepsea boarfish 
Gadiformes Moridae Antimora rostratanative Blue antimora Violet cod 
Scorpaeniformes Cottidae Antipodocottus elegansendemic Dwarf sculpin Dwarf sculpin 
Scorpaeniformes Cottidae Antipodocottus galatheaenative Galathea sculpin Galathea sculpin 
Perciformes Serranidae Anyperodon leucogrammicusnative Slender grouper Whitelined rockcod 
Perciformes Trichiuridae Aphanopus beckerinative  Becker's scabbardfish 
Perciformes Trichiuridae Aphanopus capricornisnative  Capricorn scabbardfish 
Perciformes Trichiuridae Aphanopus mikhailininative Mikhailin's scabbardfish  
Perciformes Lutjanidae Aphareus furcanative Small toothed jobfish Smalltooth jobfish 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Aphareus rutilansnative Rusty jobfish Rusty jobfish 
Ophidiiformes Aphyonidae Aphyonus gelatinosusnative Gelatinous blindfish Gelatinous blindfish 
Scorpaeniformes Apistidae Apistops caloundranative Short-armed waspfish Shortfin waspfish 
Scorpaeniformes Apistidae Apistus carinatusnative Ocellated waspfish Longfin waspfish 
Scorpaeniformes Aploactinidae Aploactis asperanative Dusky velvetfish Dusky velvetfish 
Scorpaeniformes Aploactinidae Aploactisoma milesiiendemic Southern velvetfish Southern velvetfish 
Perciformes Aplodactylidae Aplodactylus arctidensnative Marblefish Marblefish 
Perciformes Aplodactylidae Aplodactylus etheridgiinative Notchheaded marblefish Notch-head marblefish 
Perciformes Aplodactylidae Aplodactylus lophodonnative Rock cale Rock cale 
Perciformes Aplodactylidae Aplodactylus westralisnative Western seacarp Western seacarp 
Perciformes Gobiidae Apocryptodon madurensisnative Madura goby Peppered mudskipper 
Perciformes Apogonidae Apogon coccineusnative Ruby cardinalfish Ruby cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Apogon crassicepsnative Transparent cardinalfish Ruby cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Apogon doryssanative Longspine cardinalfish Night cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Apogon semiornatusnative Oblique-banded cardinalfish Halfband cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Apogon talbotinative Flame cardinalfish Flame cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Apogon unitaeniatusnative Single-striped cardinalfish Singlestripe cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Apogonichthyoides atripesnative Bulls-eye cardinalfish Bulls-eye cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Apogonichthyoides brevicaudatusnative Many-banded cardinal-fish Manyband cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Apogonichthyoides chrysurusnative Golden cardinalfish Golden cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Apogonichthyoides melasnative Black cardinalfish Black cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Apogonichthyoides miniatusnative   
Perciformes Apogonidae Apogonichthyoides nigripinnisnative Bullseye Two-eye cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Apogonichthyoides opercularisendemic Pearlycheek cardinalfish Pearlycheek cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Apogonichthyoides timorensisnative Timor cardinalfish Timor cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Apogonichthyoides umbratilisnative Cryptic cardinalfish  
Perciformes Apogonidae Apogonichthys ocellatusnative Ocellated cardinalfish Ocellate cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Apogonichthys perdixnative Perdix cardinalfish Perdix cardinalfish 
Perciformes Acropomatidae Apogonops anomalusendemic Threespine cardinalfish Threespine cardinalfish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Apolemichthys trimaculatusnative Threespot angelfish Threespot angelfish 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Apopterygion altaendemic Tasselled Threefin Tasselled Threefin 
Perciformes Serranidae Aporops bilinearisnative Blotched podge Blotched podge 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Aprion virescensnative Green jobfish Green jobfish 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Apristurus amplicepsnative   
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Apristurus australisnative   
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Apristurus bucephalusnative Bighead catshark Bighead catshark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Apristurus longicephalusnative Longhead catshark Smooth-belly catshark 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Apterichtus klazingainative Sharpsnout snake eel Sharpsnout snake eel 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Apterichtus malabarnative   
Rhinopristiformes Trygonorrhinidae Aptychotrema rostrataendemic Eastern shovelnose ray Eragoni 
Rhinopristiformes Trygonorrhinidae Aptychotrema timorensisnative Spotted shovelnose ray Spotted shovelnose ray 
Rhinopristiformes Trygonorrhinidae Aptychotrema vincentianaendemic Western shovelnose ray Western shovelnose ray 
Tetraodontiformes Aracanidae Aracana auritanative Striped cowfish Shaw's cowfish 
Tetraodontiformes Aracanidae Aracana ornatanative Ornate cowfish Ornate cowfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Archamia bleekerinative Gon's cardinalfish Gon's cardinalfish 
Aulopiformes Paralepididae Arctozenus rissonative Spotted barracudina Ribbon barracudina 
Perciformes Gobiidae Arenigobius bifrenatusendemic  Bridled goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Arenigobius frenatusendemic Halfbridled goby Halfbridled goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Arenigobius leftwichinative Oyster goby Oystergoby 
Osmeriformes Argentinidae Argentina australiaeendemic Silverside Silverside 
Osmeriformes Argentinidae Argentina elongatanative  Silverside 
Stomiiformes Sternoptychidae Argyripnus ephippiatusnative Gilbert & Cramer's bristle-mouth fish Saddled pearlside 
Stomiiformes Sternoptychidae Argyripnus iridescensnative Brilliant pearlside Brilliant pearlside 
Stomiiformes Sternoptychidae Argyripnus pharosnative   
Stomiiformes Sternoptychidae Argyropelecus aculeatusnative Lovely hatchetfish Lovely hatchetfish 
Stomiiformes Sternoptychidae Argyropelecus gigasnative Hatchetfish Giant hatchetfish 
Stomiiformes Sternoptychidae Argyropelecus hemigymnusnative Half-naked hatchetfish Halfnaked hatchetfish 
Stomiiformes Sternoptychidae Argyropelecus olfersiinative   
Stomiiformes Sternoptychidae Argyropelecus sladeninative Sladen's hatchet fish Lowerest hatchetfish 
Perciformes Sparidae Argyrops spinifernative King soldier bream Frypan bream 
Perciformes Sciaenidae Argyrosomus japonicusnative Japanese meagre Mulloway 
Perciformes Ariommatidae Ariomma indicumnative Indian driftfish Indian driftfish 
Anguilliformes Congridae Ariosoma anagonative Silvery conger Darkfin conger 
Anguilliformes Congridae Ariosoma anagoidesnative Sea conger Sea conger 
Anguilliformes Congridae Ariosoma howensisnative Lord Howe conger Lord Howe conger 
Anguilliformes Congridae Ariosoma mauritianumnative Blunt-tooth conger Blunt-tooth conger 
Anguilliformes Congridae Ariosoma scheeleinative Tropical conger Tropical conger 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Arnoglossus andrewsinative  Andrew's flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Arnoglossus armstronginative  Armstrong's flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Arnoglossus aspilosnative Spotless lefteye flounder  
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Arnoglossus bassensisendemic Bass Strait flounder Bass Strait flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Arnoglossus elongatusnative Long lefteye flounder Long lefteye flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Arnoglossus fisoninative Fison's lefteye flounder Fison's flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Arnoglossus japonicusnative Japanese lefteye flounder Japanese lefteye flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Arnoglossus macrolophusnative Large-crested lefteye flounder Largecrest lefteye flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Arnoglossus micrommatusnative   
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Arnoglossus muellerinative Mueller's flounder Mueller's flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Arnoglossus polyspilusnative Many-spotted lefteye flounder  
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Arnoglossus tenuisnative Dwarf lefteye flounder Dwarf lefteye flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Arnoglossus waiteinative Waite's lefteye flounder Waite's flounder 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Arothron caeruleopunctatusnative Blue-spotted puffer Bluespotted puffer 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Arothron firmamentumnative Starry toado Starry toadfish 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Arothron hispidusnative White-spotted puffer Stars and stripes puffer 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Arothron immaculatusnative Immaculate puffer Immaculate pufferfish 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Arothron manilensisnative Narrow-lined puffer  
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Arothron mappanative Map puffer  
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Arothron meleagrisnative Guineafowl puffer Guineafowl puffer 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Arothron nigropunctatusnative Blackspotted puffer Blackspotted puffer 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Arothron reticularisnative Reticulated pufferfish Reticulated pufferfish 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Arothron stellatusnative Stellate puffer Star puffer 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Arotrolepis filicaudaendemic Threadfin leatherjacket Threadfin leatherjacket 
Beloniformes Hemiramphidae Arrhamphus krefftiiendemic Snubhose garfish Snubhose garfish 
Perciformes Arripidae Arripis georgianusendemic Australian herring Australian herring 
Perciformes Arripidae Arripis truttanative Australian salmon Eastern Australian salmon 
Perciformes Arripidae Arripis truttaceaendemic Western Australian salmon Western Australian salmon 
Perciformes Arripidae Arripis xylabionnative Northern kahawai Giant kahawai 
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Aseraggodes bahamondeinative South Pacific sole Island sole 
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Aseraggodes corymbusnative   
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Aseraggodes dubiusnative   
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Aseraggodes haackeanusnative Southern sole Southern sole 
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Aseraggodes lenisquamisnative   
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Aseraggodes melanostictusnative Mottled sole Dappled sole 
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Aseraggodes nigrocirratusnative   
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Aseraggodes normaninative   
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Aseraggodes pelvicusnative   
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Aseraggodes ramsaiinative   
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Aspasmogaster costatanative Eastern clingfish Eastern clingfish 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Aspasmogaster liorhynchanative Smooth-snout clingfish Smooth-snout clingfish 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Aspasmogaster occidentalisnative  Western clingfish 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Aspasmogaster tasmaniensisnative Tasmanian clingfish Tasmanian clingfish 
Perciformes Blenniidae Aspidontus dussumierinative Lance blenny Slender sabretooth blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Aspidontus taeniatusnative False cleanerfish Mimic blenny 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Asquamiceps hjortinative Barethroat slickhead Barethroat slickhead 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Asquamiceps longmaninative   
Perciformes Plesiopidae Assessor flavissimusnative Yellow devilfish Yellow scissortail 
Perciformes Plesiopidae Assessor macneillinative Blue devilfish Blue scissortail 
Perciformes Plesiopidae Assessor randallinative   
Perciformes Pseudochromidae Assiculoides desmonotusnative Bondfin dottyback Bondfin dottyback 
Perciformes Pseudochromidae Assiculus punctatusendemic  Bluespotted dottyback 
Perciformes Trichiuridae Assurger anzacnative Razorback scabbardfish Anzac frost-fish 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Asterorhombus cocosensisnative Cocos Island flounder Angler flatfish 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Asterorhombus filifernative Longlure flounder  
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Asterorhombus intermediusnative Intermediate flounder Intermediate flounder 
Perciformes Gobiidae Asterropteryx ensiferanative Miller's damsel  
Perciformes Gobiidae Asterropteryx semipunctatanative Starry goby Starry goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Asterropteryx spinosanative Eyebar spiny goby  
Gadiformes Macrouridae Asthenomacrurus victorisnative Victory whiptail Victory whiptail 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes bilobatusnative Twinlobe snaggletooth Twinlobe snaggletooth 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes boulengerinative Boulenger's snaggletooth Boulenger's snaggletooth 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes cyaneusnative   
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes ijimainative Ijima's snaggletooth Ijima's snaggletooth 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes indicusnative Black snaggletooth Black snaggletooth 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes indopacificusnative Indo-Pacific snaggletooth Indo-Pacific snaggletooth 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes krefftinative Krefft's snaggletooth Krefft's snaggletooth 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes lucifernative Pacific astronesthid fish Pacific snaggletooth 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes lupinaendemic Little wolf Little wolf 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes martensiinative   
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes psychrolutesnative Temperate snaggletooth Temperate snaggletooth 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes splendidusnative Splendid snaggletooth Splendid snaggletooth 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes trifibulatusnative Triplethread snaggletooth Triplethread snaggletooth 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Asymbolus analisendemic Grey spotted catshark Grey spotted catshark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Asymbolus funebrisnative  Blotched catshark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Asymbolus occiduusnative Western spotted catshark Western spotted catshark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Asymbolus pallidusnative Pale spotted catshark Pale spotted catshark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Asymbolus parvusnative  Dwarf catshark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Asymbolus rubiginosusnative  Orange spotted catshrak 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Asymbolus submaculatusnative Variegated catshark Variegated catshark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Asymbolus vincentiendemic Gulf catshark Gulf catshark 
Ateleopodiformes Ateleopodidae Ateleopus japonicusnative Pacific jellynose fish Pacific jellynose fish 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Atelomycterus fasciatusendemic Banded catshark Banded catshark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Atelomycterus macleayiendemic Marbled catshark Marbled catshark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Atelomycterus marnkalhanative Eastern banded catshark Eastern banded catshark 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Atherinason hepsetoidesendemic Smallscale hardyhead Smallscale hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Atherinomorus endrachtensisnative Eendracht Land silverside Endracht hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Atherinomorus lacunosusnative Wide-banded hardyhead silverside Capricorn hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Atherinomorus pinguisnative Narrow-banded hardyhead silverside  
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Atherinomorus vaigiensisnative Ogilby's hardyhead Common hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Atherinosoma elongataendemic Elongate hardyhead Elongate hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Atherinosoma microstomaendemic Smallmouth hardyhead Smallmouth hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Atherion elymusnative Bearded silverside Pickleface hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Atherion maccullochinative McCulloch's hardyhead McCulloch's hardyhead 
Perciformes Sciaenidae Atractoscion atelodusendemic Small lunate caudal fin croaker  
Perciformes Sciaenidae Atrobucca brevisnative Orange croaker Orange croaker 
Perciformes Sciaenidae Atrobucca nibenative Blackmouth croaker Longmouth jewfish 
Perciformes Blenniidae Atrosalarias fuscusnative  Brown coral blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Atrosalarias holomelasnative Brown coral blenny Brown coral blenny 
Perciformes Carangidae Atule matenative Yellowtail scad Barred yellowtail scad 
Perciformes Kyphosidae Atypichthys latusnative Eastern footballer New Zealand mado 
Perciformes Kyphosidae Atypichthys strigatusnative Australian mado Mado 
Perciformes Serranidae Aulacocephalus temminckiinative Goldribbon soapfish Goldribbon cod 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Aulastomatomorpha phospheropsnative Luminous slickhead Luminous slickhead 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Aulohalaelurus labiosusendemic  Blackspotted catshark 
Syngnathiformes Aulostomidae Aulostomus chinensisnative Chinese trumpetfish Trumpetfish 
Beryciformes Trachichthyidae Aulotrachichthys novaezelandicusnative New Zealand roughy New Zealand roughy 
Beryciformes Trachichthyidae Aulotrachichthys pulsatorendemic Golden roughy Golden roughy 
Perciformes Leiognathidae Aurigequula fasciatanative Striped ponyfish Threadfin ponyfish 
Perciformes Labridae Austrolabrus maculatusnative  Blackspotted wrasse 
Perciformes Gobiidae Austrolethops wardinative Small-eyed goby  
Perciformes Sciaenidae Austronibea oedogenysnative Yellowtail croaker Yellowtail jewfish 
Perciformes Scombridae Auxis rocheinative Bullet tuna Long corseletted frigate mackerel 
Perciformes Scombridae Auxis thazardnative Frigate tuna Frigate mackerel 
Anguilliformes Nemichthyidae Avocettina acuticepsnative Southern snipe eel Southern snipe eel 
Anguilliformes Nemichthyidae Avocettina infansnative Avocet snipe eel Avocet snipe eel 
Perciformes Gobiidae Awaous acritosusnative Roman nose goby Roman nose goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Awaous guamensisnative   
Pleuronectiformes Pleuronectidae Azygopus pinnifasciatusnative Banded-fin flounder Banded-fin flounder 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Bajacalifornia arcylepisnative Network slickhead Network slickhead 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Bajacalifornia calcaratanative Brown slickhead Brown slickhead 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Bajacalifornia megalopsnative Bigeye smooth-head Bigeye slickhead 
Tetraodontiformes Balistidae Balistapus undulatusnative Orange-lined triggerfish Orange-lined triggerfish 
Tetraodontiformes Balistidae Balistoides conspicillumnative Clown triggerfish Clown triggerfish 
Tetraodontiformes Balistidae Balistoides viridescensnative Titan triggerfish Titan triggerfish 
Perciformes Banjosidae Banjos aculeatusnative Eastern Australian banjofish Eastern Australian banjofish 
Perciformes Banjosidae Banjos banjosnative Banjofish Banjofish 
Perciformes Banjosidae Banjos peregrinusnative Timor Sea banjofish Timor Sea banjofish 
Ophidiiformes Aphyonidae Barathronus maculatusnative Spotted gelatinous cusk Spotted gelatinous cusk 
Cetomimiformes Barbourisiidae Barbourisia rufanative Velvet whalefish Redvelvet whalefish 
Perciformes Gobiidae Barbuligobius boehlkeinative Cryptic bearded goby Cryptic bearded goby 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Barryichthys algicolanative Green rat clingfish Green rat clingfish 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Barryichthys hutchinsinative Brown rat clingfish Brown rat clingfish 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Bascanichthys sibogaenative  Siboga snake eel 
Anguilliformes Congridae Bassanago bulbicepsnative Swollen-headed conger eel Swollenhead conger 
Anguilliformes Congridae Bassanago hirsutusnative Deepsea conger Deepsea conger 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Bassozetus compressusnative Abyssal assfish Abyssal assfish 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Bassozetus galatheaenative Galathea assfish Galathea assfish 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Bassozetus glutinosusnative Glutin assfish Glutin assfish 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Bassozetus robustusnative Robust assfish Robust assfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Bathophilus abarbatusnative Barbless dragonfish Barbless dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Bathophilus aternative Winged dragonfish Winged dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Bathophilus indicusnative  Black dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Bathophilus longipinnisnative  Longfin dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Bathophilus nigerrimusnative Scaleless dragonfish Scaleless dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Bathophilus pawneeinative Pawnee dragonfish Pawnee dragonfish 
Scorpaeniformes Aploactinidae Bathyaploactis curtisensisendemic Port Curtis mossback Port Curtis mossback 
Scorpaeniformes Aploactinidae Bathyaploactis ornatissimanative Ornate velvetfish Ornate velvetfish 
Perciformes Bathyclupeidae Bathyclupea gracilisnative Slender deepsea herring Slender deepsea herring 
Anguilliformes Congridae Bathycongrus guttulatusnative Lined conger Lined conger 
Anguilliformes Congridae Bathycongrus odontostomusnative Toothy conger Toothy conger 
Anguilliformes Congridae Bathycongrus retrotinctusnative Blackedge conger Blackedge conger 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Bathygadus cottoidesnative Codheaded rattail Codhead rat tail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Bathygadus spongicepsnative Spongy rat tail Spongy rat tail 
Perciformes Gobiidae Bathygobius aeolosomanative   
Perciformes Gobiidae Bathygobius coalitusnative Whitespotted frillgoby Whitespotted frillgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Bathygobius cocosensisnative Cocos frill-goby Cocos goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Bathygobius cotticepsnative Cheekscaled frill-goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Bathygobius cyclopterusnative Spotted frillgoby Cyclops frillgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Bathygobius fuscusnative Dusky frillgoby Common goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Bathygobius krefftiiendemic Krefft's frillgoby Krefft's frillgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Bathygobius laddinative Brownboy goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Bathygobius meggittinative Meggitt's goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Bathygobius petrophilusnative   
Osmeriformes Bathylagidae Bathylagichthys australisnative Southern deepsea smelt Southern deepsea smelt 
Osmeriformes Bathylagidae Bathylagichthys greyaenative Grey's deepsea smelt Grey's deepsea smelt 
Osmeriformes Bathylagidae Bathylagichthys longipinnisnative   
Osmeriformes Bathylagidae Bathylagoides argyrogasternative Silver deepsea smelt Silver deepsea smelt 
Osmeriformes Bathylagidae Bathylagus antarcticusnative Antarctic deepsea smelt Antarctic deepsea smelt 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathypterois grallatornative Tripodfish Tripod spiderfish 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathypterois guentherinative Tribute spiderfish Tribute spiderfish 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathypterois longifilisnative Feeler fish Longray spiderfish 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathypterois longipesnative Abyssal spiderfish Abyssal spiderfish 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathypterois ventralisnative Ventrad spiderfish Ventrad spiderfish 
Rajiformes Arhynchobatidae Bathyraja ishiharainative Abyssal skate Abyssal skate 
Aulopiformes Bathysauroididae Bathysauroides gigasnative Pale deepsea lizardfish Pale deepsea lizardfish 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathysauropsis gracilisnative Black lizardfish Black deepsea lizardfish 
Aulopiformes Bathysauridae Bathysaurus feroxnative Deep-sea lizardfish Deepsea lizardfish 
Perciformes Kyphosidae Bathystethus cultratusnative Grey knifefish Grey knifefish 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Bathytoshia brevicaudatanative Short-tail stingray Smooth stingray 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Bathytroctes squamosusnative Deepscale slickhead Deepscale slickhead 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Bathytroctes zugmayerinative Zugmayer's slickhead Zugmayer's slickhead 
Anguilliformes Congridae Bathyuroconger vicinusnative Large-toothed conger Largetooth conger 
Batrachoidiformes Batrachoididae Batrachomoeus dahliendemic Dahl's frogfish Dahl's frogfish 
Batrachoidiformes Batrachoididae Batrachomoeus dubiusendemic Eastern frogfish Eastern frogfish 
Batrachoidiformes Batrachoididae Batrachomoeus occidentalisendemic Western frogfish Western frogfish 
Batrachoidiformes Batrachoididae Batrachomoeus rubricephalusendemic Pinkhead frogfish Pinkhead frogfish 
Batrachoidiformes Batrachoididae Batrachomoeus trispinosusnative Three-spined frogfish Threespine frogfish 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Beaglichthys bleekerinative Bleeker's viviparous brotula  
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Beaglichthys larsonaenative   
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Beaglichthys macrophthalmusnative Beagle cusk Beagle cusk 
Perciformes Plesiopidae Beliops xanthokrossosnative Southern longfin Southern longfin 
Perciformes Plesiopidae Belonepterygion fasciolatumnative Barred spiny basslet Barred spiny basslet 
Perciformes Serranidae Belonoperca chabanaudinative Arrowhead soapfish Arrowhead soapfish 
Scorpaeniformes Bembridae Bembras longipinnisnative Longfin flathead Longfin flathead 
Scorpaeniformes Bembridae Bembras macrolepisnative Bigscale flathead Bigscale flathead 
Scorpaeniformes Bembridae Bembras megacephalanative Greenspotted flathead Greenspotted flathead 
Perciformes Percophidae Bembrops caudimaculanative  Tailspot duckbill 
Perciformes Percophidae Bembrops curvaturanative  Bigscale duckbill 
Perciformes Percophidae Bembrops filiferusnative Sharpnosed duckbill Sharpnose duckbill 
Perciformes Percophidae Bembrops platyrhynchusnative Natal duckbill Spotted duckbill 
Aulopiformes Scopelarchidae Benthalbella infansnative Zugmayer's pearleye Childish pearleye 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Benthocometes australiensisnative   
Perciformes Trichiuridae Benthodesmus elongatusnative Elongate frostfish Slender frostfish 
Perciformes Trichiuridae Benthodesmus macrophthalmusnative Bigeye frostfish Bigeye frostfish 
Perciformes Trichiuridae Benthodesmus papuanative Papuan frostfish  
Perciformes Trichiuridae Benthodesmus tuckerinative Tucker's frostfish  
Perciformes Trichiuridae Benthodesmus vityazinative Vityaz' frostfish  
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Benthosema fibulatumnative Spinycheek lanternfish Spinycheek lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Benthosema pterotumnative Skinnycheek lanternfish Opaline lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Benthosema suborbitalenative Smallfin lanternfish Dimple lanternfish 
Beryciformes Berycidae Beryx decadactylusnative Alfonsino Imperador 
Beryciformes Berycidae Beryx splendensnative Splendid alfonsino Alfonsino 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Bhanotia fasciolatanative Corrugated pipefish Barbed pipefish 
Perciformes Terapontidae Bidyanus bidyanusendemic Silver perch Silver perch 
Perciformes Terapontidae Bidyanus welchiendemic Welch's grunter Welch's grunter 
Anguilliformes Congridae Blachea xenobranchialisnative Frillgill conger Frillgill conger 
Perciformes Ammodytidae Bleekeria mitsukuriinative   
Perciformes Ammodytidae Bleekeria viridianguillanative   
Perciformes Blenniidae Blenniella bilitonensisnative Biliton blenniella Biliton rockskipper 
Perciformes Blenniidae Blenniella chrysospilosnative Red-spotted blenny Redspotted rockskipper 
Perciformes Blenniidae Blenniella paulanative Bluedash rockskipper Bluedash rockskipper 
Perciformes Blenniidae Blenniella periophthalmusnative Blue-dashed rockskipper Bullethead rockskipper 
Perciformes Pseudochromidae Blennodesmus scapularisnative Ocellate eel blenny Ocellate eel blenny 
Perciformes Labridae Bodianus anthioidesnative Lyretail hogfish Lyretail pigfish 
Perciformes Labridae Bodianus axillarisnative Axilspot hogfish Coral pigfish 
Perciformes Labridae Bodianus bennettinative Lemon-striped pygmy hogfish  
Perciformes Labridae Bodianus bilunulatusnative Tarry hogfish Saddleback pigfish 
Perciformes Labridae Bodianus bimaculatusnative Twospot hogfish Twospot pigfish 
Perciformes Labridae Bodianus cylindriatusnative   
Perciformes Labridae Bodianus dictynnanative Redfin hogfish  
Perciformes Labridae Bodianus flavifronsnative Masked pigfish Masked pigfish 
Perciformes Labridae Bodianus flavipinnisnative Yellowfin pigfish Yellowfin pigfish 
Perciformes Labridae Bodianus frenchiinative Foxfish Foxfish 
Perciformes Labridae Bodianus izuensisnative Striped pigfish Striped pigfish 
Perciformes Labridae Bodianus loxozonusnative Blackfin hogfish Blackfin pigfish 
Perciformes Labridae Bodianus mesothoraxnative Splitlevel hogfish Eclipse pigfish 
Perciformes Labridae Bodianus perditionative Golden-spot hogfish Goldspot pigfish 
Perciformes Labridae Bodianus solatusendemic Sunburnt pigfish Sunburnt pigfish 
Perciformes Labridae Bodianus unimaculatusnative Red pigfish Eastern pigfish 
Perciformes Labridae Bodianus vulpinusendemic Western pigfish Western pigfish 
Perciformes Scaridae Bolbometopon muricatumnative Green humphead parrotfish Bumphead parrotfish 
Perciformes Gobiidae Boleophthalmus birdsongiendemic Birdsong's mudskipper Birdsong's mudskipper 
Perciformes Gobiidae Boleophthalmus caeruleomaculatusendemic Bluespotted mudskipper Bluespotted mudskipper 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Bolinichthys indicusnative Lanternfish Smoothcheek lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Bolinichthys longipesnative Popeye lampfish Popeye lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Bolinichthys nikolayinative Nikolay's lanternfish Nikolay's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Bolinichthys photothoraxnative Spurcheek lanternfish Spurcheek lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Bolinichthys pyrsobolusnative Fiery lanternfish Fiery lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Bolinichthys supralateralisnative Stubby lanternfish Stubby lanternfish 
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Bonapartia pedaliotanative Longray fangjaw Longray fangjaw 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Borostomias antarcticusnative Snaggletooth Antarctic snaggletooth 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Borostomias mononemanative Sickle snaggletooth Sickle snaggletooth 
Perciformes Percichthyidae Bostockia porosaendemic Nightfish Nightfish 
Perciformes Eleotridae Bostrychus sinensisnative Four-eyed sleeper Chinese gudgeon 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Bothus mancusnative Flowery flounder Flowery flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Bothus myriasternative Indo-Pacific oval flounder Disc flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Bothus pantherinusnative Leopard flounder Panther flounder 
Perciformes Bovichtidae Bovichtus angustifronsnative  Dragonet 
Orectolobiformes Brachaeluridae Brachaelurus colcloughiendemic Colclough's shark Colclough's shark 
Orectolobiformes Brachaeluridae Brachaelurus waddiendemic Blind shark Blind shark 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Brachaluteres jacksonianusnative Pigmy leatherjacket Pigmy leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Brachaluteres taylorinative Taylor's inflator filefish  
Lophiiformes Brachionichthyidae Brachionichthys australisnative Australian spotted handfish Australian spotted handfish 
Lophiiformes Brachionichthyidae Brachionichthys hirsutusendemic Spotted Handfish Spotted Handfish 
Lophiiformes Brachionichthyidae Brachiopsilus dianthusnative Pink Handfish Pink Handfish 
Lophiiformes Brachionichthyidae Brachiopsilus dossenusnative Humpback Handfish  
Lophiiformes Brachionichthyidae Brachiopsilus ziebellinative Ziebell’s Handfish Ziebell’s Handfish 
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Brachirus annularisnative Annular sole Annular sole 
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Brachirus nigernative Black sole Black sole 
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Brachirus orientalisnative Oriental sole Black sole 
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Brachirus selheimiendemic Freshwater sole Freshwater sole 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Brachynectes fasciatusnative Southern barred triplefin Southern barred triplefin 
Pleuronectiformes Citharidae Brachypleura novaezeelandiaenative Yellow-dabbled flounder Yellow citharid 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Brachypterois curvispinanative Australian sawcheek scorpionfish Australian sawcheek scorpionfish 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Brachysomophis cirrocheilosnative Stargazer snake eel Stargazer snake eel 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Brachysomophis crocodilinusnative Crocodile snake eel Crocodile snake eel 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Brachysomophis henshawinative Reptilian snake eel Henshaw's snake eel 
Perciformes Bramidae Brama bramanative Atlantic pomfret Ray's bream 
Perciformes Bramidae Brama dussumierinative Lesser bream Lesser bream 
Perciformes Bramidae Brama myersinative Myers' pomfret Myers' pomfret 
Perciformes Bramidae Brama orcininative Bigtooth pomfret Bigbelly pomfret 
Perciformes Bramidae Brama pauciradiatanative Shortfin pomfret Shortfin pomfret 
Perciformes Malacanthidae Branchiostegus australiensisnative Australian tilefish Australian tilefish 
Perciformes Malacanthidae Branchiostegus hedlandensisnative Port Hedland tilefish Port Hedland tilefish 
Perciformes Malacanthidae Branchiostegus paxtoninative Paxton's tilefish Paxton's tilefish 
Perciformes Malacanthidae Branchiostegus sawakinensisnative Freckled tilefish Freckled tilefish 
Perciformes Malacanthidae Branchiostegus serratusnative Australian barred tilefish Australian barred tilefish 
Perciformes Malacanthidae Branchiostegus wardinative Ward's tilefish Pink tilefish 
Gadiformes Bregmacerotidae Bregmaceros japonicusnative Japanese codlet Japanese codlet 
Gadiformes Bregmacerotidae Bregmaceros lanceolatusnative   
Gadiformes Bregmacerotidae Bregmaceros nectabanusnative Smallscale codlet Australian codlet 
Gadiformes Bregmacerotidae Bregmaceros pseudolanceolatusnative False lance codlet False lance codlet 
Gadiformes Bregmacerotidae Bregmaceros rarisquamosusnative Big-eye unicorn-cod Bigeye codlet 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Brosmolus longicaudusnative Longtail cusk Longtail cusk 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Brosmophyciops pautzkeinative Slimy cuskeel Slimy cusk 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Brotula multibarbatanative Goatsbeard brotula Bearded cusk 
Perciformes Gobiidae Bryaninops amplusnative Large whip goby Large whip goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Bryaninops annellanative   
Perciformes Gobiidae Bryaninops erythropsnative Erythrops goby Fire-coral goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Bryaninops isisnative Isis goby Isis goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Bryaninops lokinative Loki whip-goby Loki whip-goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Bryaninops natansnative Redeye goby Purple-eye goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Bryaninops nexusnative Upside-down goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Bryaninops ridensnative Ridens goby Porites goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Bryaninops tectusnative   
Perciformes Gobiidae Bryaninops tigrisnative Black coral goby Antipatharia goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Bryaninops yongeinative Whip coral goby Seawhip goby 
Lophiiformes Diceratiidae Bufoceratias thelenative   
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Bulbonaricus brauninative Pugheaded pipefish Braun's pughead pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Bulbonaricus davaoensisnative Davao pughead pipefish Davao pughead pipefish 
Perciformes Eleotridae Bunaka gyrinoidesnative Greenback gauvina Greenback gauvina 
Perciformes Eleotridae Butis amboinensisnative Olive flathead-gudgeon Ambon gudgeon 
Perciformes Eleotridae Butis butisnative Duckbill sleeper Crimson-tipped gudgeon 
Perciformes Eleotridae Butis koilomatodonnative Mud sleeper Crested gudgeon 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Bythaelurus incanusnative  Dusky catshark 
Perciformes Gobiidae Cabillus lacertopsnative Lizard cabillus Lizard cabillus 
Perciformes Gobiidae Cabillus macrophthalmusnative Bigeye cabillus Bigeye cabillus 
Perciformes Gobiidae Cabillus tongarevaenative Tongareva goby Tail-bar cabillus 
Perciformes Caesionidae Caesio caerulaureanative Blue and gold fusilier Goldband fusilier 
Perciformes Caesionidae Caesio cuningnative Redbelly yellowtail fusilier Yellowtail fusilier 
Perciformes Caesionidae Caesio lunarisnative Lunar fusilier Lunar fusilier 
Perciformes Caesionidae Caesio teresnative Yellow and blueback fusilier Blue fusilier 
Perciformes Serranidae Caesioperca lepidopteranative Butterfly perch Butterfly perch 
Perciformes Serranidae Caesioperca rasorendemic Barber perch Barber perch 
Perciformes Serranidae Caesioscorpis theagenesendemic Blowhole perch Blowhole perch 
Atheriniformes Melanotaeniidae Cairnsichthys rhombosomoidesendemic Cairns rainbowfish Cairns rainbowfish 
Perciformes Callanthiidae Callanthias allportinative Splendid sea perch Rosy perch 
Perciformes Callanthiidae Callanthias australisnative Magnificent splendid perch Splendid perch 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Callechelys catostomanative Black-striped snake eel Blackstriped snake eel 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Callechelys marmoratanative Marbled snake eel Marbled snake eel 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus afilumnative Northern Australian longtail dragonet Northern Australian longtail dragonet 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus annulatusnative Big-head dragonet Ringed dragonet 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus australisendemic Australian stinkfish Australian stinkfish 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus belcherinative Belcher’s dragonet Belcher’s dragonet 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus bifilumnative NW Australian deepwater dragonet Northwestern Australian deepwater dragonet 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus brevianalisnative Small ruddertail dragonet Shortfin dragonet 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus delicatulusnative Delicate dragonet  
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus draconisnative Japanese spiny dragonet Barb dragonet 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus enneactisnative Mangrove dragonet Mangrove dragonet 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus filamentosusnative Blotchfin dragonet  
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus goodladiendemic Goodlad's stinkfish Goodlad's stinkfish 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus grossiendemic Gross's stinkfish Gross's stinkfish 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus japonicusnative Japanese longtail dragonet  
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus kailolaenative Kailola’s deepwater dragonet Northwestern ocellated dragonet 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus leucobranchialisnative Whitegill dragonet Whitegill dragonet 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus limicepsnative Rough-headed dragonet Rough-head dragonet 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus macdonaldinative Australian darter dragonet Greyspotted dragonet 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus meridionalisnative Whiteflag dragonet  
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus moretonensisnative Queensland stinkfish Ocellate dragonet 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus octostigmatusnative Eightspot dragonet Eightspot dragonet 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus ogilbyinative Eastern Australian longtail dragonet Eastern Australian longtail dragonet 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus pleurostictusnative Blue-spotted ruddertail dragonet Sidespotted dragonet 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus russellinative Russell’s dragonet Russell's dragonet 
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus sagittanative Arrow dragonet  
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus sphinxnative Sphinx dragonet  
Perciformes Callionymidae Callionymus sublaevisnative Australian filamentous dragonet  
Perciformes Gobiidae Callogobius centrolepisnative Centrescale goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Callogobius clitellusnative Saddled goby Saddled flaphead goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Callogobius depressusendemic Flathead goby Flathead goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Callogobius flavobrunneusnative Slimy goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Callogobius hasseltiinative Hasselt's goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Callogobius maculipinnisnative Ostrich goby Ostrich goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Callogobius mucosusendemic Sculptured goby Sculptured goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Callogobius okinawaenative Okinawa flap-headed goby Tailspot flaphead goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Callogobius sclaterinative Pacific goby Tripleband goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Callogobius snelliusinative   
Perciformes Plesiopidae Calloplesiops altivelisnative Comet Comet 
Chimaeriformes Callorhinchidae Callorhinchus miliinative Ghost shark Elephant fish 
Perciformes Scaridae Calotomus carolinusnative Carolines parrotfish Star-eye parrotfish 
Perciformes Scaridae Calotomus spinidensnative Spinytooth parrotfish Spinytooth parrotfish 
Perciformes Eleotridae Calumia godeffroyinative Tailface sleeper Tail-face calumia 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Campichthys galeiendemic Gale's pipefish Gale's pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Campichthys tricarinatusnative Three-keel pipefish Three-keel pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Campichthys tryoniendemic Tryon's pipefish Tryon's pipefish 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Cantherhines dumeriliinative Whitespotted filefish Barred leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Cantherhines fronticinctusnative Spectacled filefish  
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Cantherhines pardalisnative Honeycomb filefish Honeycomb leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Cantheschenia grandisquamisnative Large-scaled leatherjacket Large-scaled leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Cantheschenia longipinnisnative   
Tetraodontiformes Balistidae Canthidermis maculatanative Rough triggerfish  
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Canthigaster amboinensisnative Spider-eye puffer Ambon toby 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Canthigaster axiologusnative Pacific crown toby  
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Canthigaster bennettinative Bennett's sharpnose puffer Blackspot toby 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Canthigaster callisternanative Clown toado Clown toby 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Canthigaster compressanative Compressed toby Compressed toby 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Canthigaster janthinopteranative Honeycomb toby Spotted puffer 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Canthigaster ocellicinctanative Shy toby Shy toby 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Canthigaster papuanative Papuan toby False-eye puffer 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Canthigaster punctatissimanative Spotted sharpnosed puffer  
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Canthigaster rivulatanative Brown-lined puffer Brown-lined puffer 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Canthigaster solandrinative Spotted sharpnose  
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Canthigaster valentininative Valentin's sharpnose puffer Blacksaddle toby 
Tetraodontiformes Aracanidae Caprichthys gymnuranative Rigid boxfish Ornate pigmy boxfish 
Perciformes Serranidae Caprodon krasyukovaenative Krasyukova's perch Krasyukova's perch 
Perciformes Serranidae Caprodon longimanusnative Pink maomao Longfin perch 
Perciformes Serranidae Caprodon schlegeliinative Sunrise perch Sunrise perch 
Tetraodontiformes Aracanidae Capropygia unistriatanative Black-banded pigmy boxfish Black-banded pigmy boxfish 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Caracanthus maculatusnative Spotted coral croucher Spotted croucher 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Caracanthus unipinnanative Pygmy coral croucher Coral croucher 
Perciformes Gobiidae Caragobius rubristriatusendemic Red eelgoby Red eelgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Caragobius urolepisnative Scaleless worm goby Scaleless worm goby 
Perciformes Carangidae Carangoides chrysophrysnative Longnose trevally Longnose trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Carangoides coeruleopinnatusnative Coastal trevally Onion trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Carangoides dinemanative Shadow trevally Shadow trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Carangoides equulanative Whitefin trevally Whitefin trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Carangoides ferdaunative Blue trevally Blue trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Carangoides fulvoguttatusnative Yellowspotted trevally Turrum 
Perciformes Carangidae Carangoides gymnostethusnative Bludger Bludger trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Carangoides hedlandensisnative Bumpnose trevally Bumpnose trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Carangoides humerosusnative Duskyshoulder trevally Epaulette trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Carangoides malabaricusnative Malabar trevally Malabar trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Carangoides oblongusnative Coachwhip trevally Coachwhip trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Carangoides orthogrammusnative Island trevally Thicklip trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Carangoides plagiotaenianative Barcheek trevally Barcheek trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Carangoides talamparoidesnative Imposter trevally Whitetongue trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Caranx bucculentusnative Bluespotted trevally Bluespotted trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Caranx heberinative Blacktip trevally Papuan trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Caranx ignobilisnative Giant trevally Giant trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Caranx lugubrisnative Black jack Black trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Caranx melampygusnative Bluefin trevally Bluefin trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Caranx papuensisnative Brassy trevally Brassy trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Caranx sexfasciatusnative Bigeye trevally Bigeye trevally 
Perciformes Carangidae Caranx tillenative Tille trevally Tille trevally 
Ophidiiformes Carapidae Carapus mourlaninative Star pearlfish Star pearlfish 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Carassius auratusintroduced Goldfish Goldfish 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus albimarginatusnative Silvertip shark Silvertip shark 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus altimusnative Bignose shark Bignose shark 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus amblyrhynchoidesnative Graceful shark Graceful shark 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus amblyrhynchosnative Blacktail reef shark Guliman 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus amboinensisnative Pigeye shark Pigeye shark 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus brachyurusnative Copper shark Bronze whaler 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus brevipinnanative Spinner shark Long-nose grey shark 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus cautusnative Nervous shark Nervous shark 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus coatesinative   
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus falciformisnative Silky shark Silky shark 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus fitzroyensisnative Creek whaler Creek whaler 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus galapagensisnative Galapagos shark Galapagos shark 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus hemiodonnative Pondicherry shark  
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus leucasnative Bull shark 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus limbatusnative Blacktip shark Common blacktip shark 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus longimanusnative Oceanic whitetip shark Oceanic whitetip shark 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus maclotinative Hardnose shark Hardnose shark 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus melanopterusnative Blacktip reef shark Blacktip reef shark 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus obscurusnative Dusky shark Dusky whaler 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus plumbeusnative Sandbar shark Sandbar shark 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus sealeinative Blackspot shark Blackspot shark 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus sorrahnative Spot-tail shark Spot-tail shark 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus tilstoniendemic Australian blacktip shark Australian blacktip shark 
Lamniformes Odontaspididae Carcharias taurusnative Sand tiger shark Greynurse shark 
Lamniformes Lamnidae Carcharodon carchariasnative Great white shark White shark 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Careproctus paxtoniendemic Blunt-tooth snailfish Blunt-tooth snailfish 
Perciformes Caristiidae Caristius digitusnative   
Perciformes Caristiidae Caristius macropusnative Manefish Manefish 
Perciformes Caristiidae Caristius meridionalisnative   
Anguilliformes Congridae Castleichthys auritusnative Eared conger Eared conger 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Cataetyx nikinative  Brown brotula 
Lophiiformes Caulophrynidae Caulophryne jordaninative Fanfin angler Fanfin angler 
Syngnathiformes Centriscidae Centriscops humerosusnative Banded yellowfish Banded bellowsfish 
Syngnathiformes Centriscidae Centriscus cristatusnative Smooth razorfish Smooth razorfish 
Syngnathiformes Centriscidae Centriscus scutatusnative Grooved razor-fish Grooved razorfish 
Beryciformes Berycidae Centroberyx affinisnative Redfish Redfish 
Beryciformes Berycidae Centroberyx australisnative Yelloweye nannygai Yelloweye redfish 
Beryciformes Berycidae Centroberyx gerrardiendemic Bight redfish Bight redfish 
Beryciformes Berycidae Centroberyx lineatusnative Swallow-tail Swallowtail 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Centrobranchus andreaenative Andre's lanternfish Andrea's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Centrobranchus nigroocellatusnative Roundnose lanternfish Roundnose lanternfish 
Perciformes Draconettidae Centrodraco atrifilumnative   
Perciformes Draconettidae Centrodraco insolitusnative Western Australian slope dragonet Uncommon dragonet 
Perciformes Centrogenyidae Centrogenys vaigiensisnative False scorpionfish False scorpionfish 
Perciformes Centrolophidae Centrolophus nigernative Rudderfish Rudderfish 
Squaliformes Centrophoridae Centrophorus granulosusnative Gulper shark Gulper shark 
Squaliformes Centrophoridae Centrophorus harrissoninative Dumb gulper shark Harrisson's dogfish 
Squaliformes Centrophoridae Centrophorus moluccensisnative Smallfin gulper shark Endeavour dogfish 
Squaliformes Centrophoridae Centrophorus squamosusnative Leafscale gulper shark Leafscale gulper shark 
Squaliformes Centrophoridae Centrophorus uyatonative Little gulper shark Southern dogfish 
Squaliformes Centrophoridae Centrophorus westraliensisnative Western gulper shark Western gulper shark 
Squaliformes Centrophoridae Centrophorus zeehaaninative Southern dogfish Southern dogfish 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Centropogon australisendemic Eastern fortescue Eastern fortescue 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Centropogon latifronsnative Pale fortescue Western fortescue 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Centropogon marmoratusnative Marbled fortescue Marbled fortescue 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Centropyge aurantianative Golden angelfish Golden angelfish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Centropyge bicolornative Bicolor angelfish Bicolor angelfish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Centropyge bispinosanative Twospined angelfish Coral beauty 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Centropyge eiblinative Blacktail angelfish Eibl's angelfish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Centropyge fisherinative Orange angelfish Whitetail angelfish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Centropyge flavissimanative Lemonpeel angelfish Lemonpeel angelfish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Centropyge loriculusnative Flame angel Flame angelfish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Centropyge noxnative Midnight angelfish Midnight angelfish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Centropyge tibicennative Keyhole angelfish Keyhole angelfish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Centropyge vrolikiinative Pearlscale angelfish Pearlscale angelfish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Centropyge woodheadinative   
Squaliformes Etmopteridae Centroscyllium kamoharainative Bareskin dogfish Bareskin dogfish 
Squaliformes Somniosidae Centroscymnus coelolepisnative Portuguese dogfish Portuguese dogfish 
Squaliformes Somniosidae Centroscymnus crepidaternative Longnose velvet dogfish Golden dogfish 
Squaliformes Somniosidae Centroscymnus owstoniinative Roughskin dogfish Owston's dogfish 
Squaliformes Somniosidae Centroscymnus plunketinative Plunket shark Plunket's dogfish 
Perciformes Serranidae Cephalopholis argusnative Peacock hind Peacock rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Cephalopholis aurantianative Golden hind  
Perciformes Serranidae Cephalopholis boenaknative Chocolate hind Brownbarred rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Cephalopholis cyanostigmanative Bluespotted hind Bluespotted rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Cephalopholis formosanative Bluelined hind Bluelined rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Cephalopholis leopardusnative Leopard hind Leopard rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Cephalopholis microprionnative Freckled hind Dot-head rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Cephalopholis miniatanative Coral hind Coral rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Cephalopholis polleninative Harlequin hind  
Perciformes Serranidae Cephalopholis sexmaculatanative Sixblotch hind Sixband rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Cephalopholis sonneratinative Tomato hind Tomato rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Cephalopholis spiloparaeanative Strawberry hind Strawberry rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Cephalopholis urodetanative Darkfin hind Flagtail rockcod 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Cephaloscyllium albipinnumnative Whitefin swellshark Whitefin swellshark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Cephaloscyllium cookinative Cook’s swellshark Cook’s swellshark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Cephaloscyllium fasciatumnative Reticulated swellshark Reticulate swell shark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Cephaloscyllium hiscosellumnative Australian reticulate swellshark Australian reticulate swellshark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Cephaloscyllium laticepsendemic Draughtboard shark Draughtboard shark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Cephaloscyllium signourumnative Flagtail swellshark Flagtail swellshark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Cephaloscyllium speccumnative Speckled swellshark Speckled swellshark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Cephaloscyllium variegatumnative Saddled swellshark Saddled swellshark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Cephaloscyllium zebrumnative Narrowbar swellshark Narrowbar swellshark 
Perciformes Cepolidae Cepola australisnative Australian bandfish Australian bandfish 
Perciformes Cepolidae Cepola schlegeliinative  Red bandfish 
Lophiiformes Ceratiidae Ceratias holboellinative Kroyer's deep-sea angler fish Longray seadevil 
Lophiiformes Ceratiidae Ceratias tentaculatusnative Southern seadevil Southern seadevil 
Lophiiformes Ceratiidae Ceratias uranoscopusnative Stargazing seadevil Stargazing seadevil 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Ceratobregma acanthopsendemic Spiny-eye threefin Spiny-eye threefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Ceratobregma helenaenative Helen's Triplefin Helena's spiny-eye triplefin 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Ceratoscopelus warmingiinative Warming's lantern fish Warming's lanternfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Cercamia eremianative Glassy cardinalfish Glassy cardinalfish 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Cetonurichthys subinflatusnative Smallpore whiptail Smallpore whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Cetonurus crassicepsnative Globosehead rattail  
Gadiformes Macrouridae Cetonurus globicepsnative Globehead grenadier Globehead whiptail 
Lamniformes Cetorhinidae Cetorhinus maximusnative Basking shark Basking shark 
Perciformes Scaridae Cetoscarus ocellatusnative Spotted parrotfish  
Lophiiformes Oneirodidae Chaenophryne draconative Smooth dreamer Smooth dreamer 
Lophiiformes Oneirodidae Chaenophryne longicepsnative Can-opener smoothdream  
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Chaetodermis penicilligerusnative Prickly leatherjacket Prickly leatherjacket 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon adiergastosnative Philippine butterflyfish Philippine butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon assariusnative West Australian butterflyfish Western butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon aureofasciatusnative Golden butterflyfish Goldstripe butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon auriganative Threadfin butterflyfish Threadfin butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon baronessanative Eastern triangular butterflyfish Triangular butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon bennettinative Bluelashed butterflyfish Eclipse butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon citrinellusnative Speckled butterflyfish Citron butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon decussatusnative Indian vagabond butterflyfish Indian vagabond butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon ephippiumnative Saddle butterflyfish Saddle butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon flavirostrisnative Black butterflyfish Dusky butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon guentherinative Crochet butterflyfish Gunther's butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon kleiniinative Sunburst butterflyfish Klein's butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon lineolatusnative Lined butterflyfish Lined butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon lunulanative Raccoon butterflyfish Racoon butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon lunulatusnative Oval butterflyfish Pinstripe butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon melannotusnative Blackback butterflyfish Blackback butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon mertensiinative Atoll butterflyfish Mertens' butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon meyerinative Scrawled butterflyfish Meyer's butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon ocellicaudusnative Spot-tail butterflyfish Spot-tail butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon octofasciatusnative Eightband butterflyfish Eightband butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon ornatissimusnative Ornate butterflyfish Ornate butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon oxycephalusnative Spot-nape butterflyfish Spotnape butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon pelewensisnative Sunset butterflyfish Dot-and-dash butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon plebeiusnative Blueblotch butterflyfish Bluespot butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon punctatofasciatusnative Spotband butterflyfish Spotbanded butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon rafflesiinative Latticed butterflyfish Lattice butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon rainfordinative Rainford's butterflyfish Rainford's butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon reticulatusnative Mailed butterflyfish Reticulate butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon semeionnative Dotted butterflyfish Dotted butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon speculumnative Mirror butterflyfish Ovalspot butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon tricinctusnative Three-striped butterflyfish Threeband butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon trifascialisnative Chevron butterflyfish Chevron butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon trifasciatusnative Melon butterflyfish  
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon ulietensisnative Pacific double-saddle butterflyfish Doublesaddle butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon unimaculatusnative Teardrop butterflyfish Teardrop butterflyfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chaetodon vagabundusnative Vagabond butterflyfish Vagabond butterflyfish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Chaetodontoplus ballinaeendemic Ballina angelfish Ballina angelfish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Chaetodontoplus conspicillatusnative Conspicuous angelfish Conspicuous angelfish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Chaetodontoplus duboulayinative Scribbled angelfish Scribbled angelfish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Chaetodontoplus meredithinative Queensland yellowtail angelfish Queensland yellowtail angelfish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Chaetodontoplus mesoleucusnative Vermiculated angelfish Verniculate angelfish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Chaetodontoplus personifernative Blueface angelfish Angelfish 
Perciformes Creediidae Chalixodytes chameleontoculisnative Sand dart  
Perciformes Champsodontidae Champsodon atridorsalisnative  Blackfin gaper 
Perciformes Champsodontidae Champsodon guentherinative Günther's sabre-gills Gunther's gaper 
Perciformes Champsodontidae Champsodon longipinnisnative  Longfin gaper 
Perciformes Champsodontidae Champsodon machaeratusnative  Knife gaper 
Perciformes Champsodontidae Champsodon nudivittisnative  Nakedband gaper 
Perciformes Champsodontidae Champsodon pantolepisnative  Sheath gaper 
Perciformes Champsodontidae Champsodon sagittusnative  Arrow gaper 
Perciformes Champsodontidae Champsodon snyderinative  Snyder's gaper 
Perciformes Champsodontidae Champsodon voraxnative  Greedy gaper 
Gonorynchiformes Chanidae Chanos chanosnative Milkfish Bandang 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Chascanopsetta lugubrisnative Pelican flounder  
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Chauliodus sloaninative Sloane's viperfish Sloane's viperfish 
Lophiiformes Chaunacidae Chaunacops melanostomusnative Tadpole coffinfish Tadpole coffinfish 
Lophiiformes Chaunacidae Chaunacops spinosusnative Eastern tadpole coffinfish  
Lophiiformes Chaunacidae Chaunax endeavouriendemic Furry coffinfish Furry coffinfish 
Lophiiformes Chaunacidae Chaunax nebulosusnative Eyespot coffinfish Eyespot coffinfish 
Lophiiformes Chaunacidae Chaunax penicillatusnative Pencil coffinfish Pencil coffinfish 
Lophiiformes Chaunacidae Chaunax reticulatusnative Netted frogmouth  
Perciformes Labridae Cheilinus chlorourusnative Floral wrasse Floral maori wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Cheilinus fasciatusnative Redbreasted wrasse Redbreast Maori wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Cheilinus oxycephalusnative Snooty wrasse Red maori wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Cheilinus trilobatusnative Tripletail wrasse Tripletail Maori wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Cheilinus undulatusnative Humphead wrasse Humphead maori wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Cheilio inermisnative Cigar wrasse Sharpnose wrasse 
Perciformes Cheilodactylidae Cheilodactylus ephippiumnative Painted moki Painted morwong 
Perciformes Cheilodactylidae Cheilodactylus francisinative Blacktip morwong Blacktip morwong 
Perciformes Cheilodactylidae Cheilodactylus fuscusnative Red morwong Red morwong 
Perciformes Cheilodactylidae Cheilodactylus gibbosusendemic Magpie morwong Magpie morwong 
Perciformes Cheilodactylidae Cheilodactylus nigripesnative Magpie perch Magpie perch 
Perciformes Cheilodactylidae Cheilodactylus rubrolabiatusnative  Redlip morwong 
Perciformes Cheilodactylidae Cheilodactylus spectabilisnative Red moki Banded morwong 
Perciformes Cheilodactylidae Cheilodactylus vestitusnative Crested morwong Crested morwong 
Perciformes Cheilodactylidae Cheilodactylus vittatusnative Hawaiian morwong  
Perciformes Apogonidae Cheilodipterus artusnative Wolf cardinalfish Wolf cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Cheilodipterus intermediusnative Intermediate cardinalfish Intermediate cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Cheilodipterus isostigmusnative Dog-toothed cardinalfish Toothy cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Cheilodipterus macrodonnative Large toothed cardinalfish Tiger cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Cheilodipterus nigrotaeniatusnative   
Perciformes Apogonidae Cheilodipterus parazonatusnative Mimic cardinal Mimic cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Cheilodipterus quinquelineatusnative Five-lined cardinalfish Fiveline cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Cheilodipterus singapurensisnative Truncate cardinalfish Singapore cardinalfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cheilopogon abeinative Abe's flyingfish Abe's flyingfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cheilopogon arcticepsnative White-finned flyingfish Bearhead flyingfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cheilopogon cyanopterusnative Margined flyingfish Margined flyingfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cheilopogon furcatusnative Spotfin flyingfish Spotfin flyingfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cheilopogon heterurusnative Mediterranean flyingfish Piebald flyingfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cheilopogon intermediusnative Intermediate flyingfish Intermediate flyingfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cheilopogon katoptronnative Indonesian flyingfish Indonesian flyingfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cheilopogon nigricansnative Blacksail flyingfish  
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cheilopogon olgaenative   
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus melanocercusnative   
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cheilopogon spilonotopterusnative Stained flyingfish Stained flyingfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cheilopogon spilopterusnative Manyspotted flyingfish Manyspot flyingfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cheilopogon suttoninative Sutton's flyingfish Sutton's flyingfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cheilopogon unicolornative Limpid-wing flyingfish Limpid-wing flyingfish 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Cheiloprion labiatusnative Big-lip damsel Biglip damsel 
Scorpaeniformes Triglidae Chelidonichthys kumunative Bluefin gurnard Red gurnard 
Perciformes Serranidae Chelidoperca margaritiferanative Pearly perchlet Pearly perchlet 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chelmon marginalisnative Margined coralfish Margined coralfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chelmon muellerinative Blackfin coralfish Muller's coralfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chelmon rostratusnative Copperband butterflyfish Beaked coralfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chelmonops curiosusnative Western talma Western talma 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Chelmonops truncatusendemic Eastern talma Eastern talma 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Chelon planicepsnative Tade gray mullet Rock mullet 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Chelonodon dapsilisendemic Plentiful toby Plentiful toby 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Chelonodon patocanative Milkspotted puffer Milk-spotted toadfish 
Scorpaeniformes Apistidae Cheroscorpaena tridactylanative Humpback waspfish Humpback waspfish 
Tetraodontiformes Diodontidae Chilomycterus reticulatusnative Spotfin burrfish Spotfin porcupinefish 
Orectolobiformes Hemiscylliidae Chiloscyllium punctatumnative Brownbanded bambooshark Grey carpetshark 
Chimaeriformes Chimaeridae Chimaera argilobanative Whitefin chimarea Whitefin chimarea 
Chimaeriformes Chimaeridae Chimaera fulvaendemic Southern chimaera Southern chimaera 
Chimaeriformes Chimaeridae Chimaera lignarianative Carpenter's chimaera Giant chimaera 
Chimaeriformes Chimaeridae Chimaera macrospinaendemic Longspine chimaera Longspine chimaera 
Chimaeriformes Chimaeridae Chimaera obscuraendemic Shortspine chimaera Shortspine chimaera 
Clupeiformes Chirocentridae Chirocentrus dorabnative Dorab wolf-herring Dorab wolf herring 
Clupeiformes Chirocentridae Chirocentrus nudusnative Whitefin wolf-herring Whitefin wolf herring 
Perciformes Chironemidae Chironemus georgianusendemic Western kelpfish Western kelpfish 
Perciformes Chironemidae Chironemus maculosusnative Silver spot Silver spot 
Perciformes Chironemidae Chironemus marmoratusnative Kelpfish Eastern kelpfish 
Perciformes Chironemidae Chironemus microlepisnative Smallscale kelpfish Smallscale kelpfish 
Perciformes Gobiidae Chlamydogobius eremiusendemic Desert goby Desert goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Chlamydogobius gloveriendemic Dalhousie goby Dalhousie goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Chlamydogobius japalpaendemic Finke goby Finke goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Chlamydogobius micropterusnative Elizabeth springs goby Elizabeth springs goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Chlamydogobius ranunculusendemic Tadpole goby Tadpole goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Chlamydogobius squamigenusendemic Edgbaston goby Edgbaston goby 
Hexanchiformes Chlamydoselachidae Chlamydoselachus anguineusnative Frilled shark Frill shark 
Anguilliformes Chlopsidae Chlopsis sagmacollarisnative   
Aulopiformes Chlorophthalmidae Chlorophthalmus agassizinative Shortnose greeneye Shortnose greeneye 
Aulopiformes Chlorophthalmidae Chlorophthalmus nigromarginatusnative Blackedge greeneye Blackedge greeneye 
Perciformes Scaridae Chlorurus bleekerinative Bleeker's parrotfish Bleeker's parrotfish 
Perciformes Scaridae Chlorurus frontalisnative Pacific slopehead parrotfish Reefcrest parrotfish 
Perciformes Scaridae Chlorurus japanensisnative Palecheek parrotfish Redtail parrotfish 
Perciformes Scaridae Chlorurus microrhinosnative Steephead parrots Steephead parrotfish 
Perciformes Scaridae Chlorurus oedemanative Knothead parrotfish Knothead parrotfish 
Perciformes Scaridae Chlorurus rhakouranative Raggedfin parrotfish  
Perciformes Scaridae Chlorurus sordidusnative Daisy parrotfish Greenfin parrotfish 
Perciformes Scaridae Chlorurus spilurusnative Pacific bullethead parrotfish  
Perciformes Labridae Choerodon anchoragonative Orange-dotted tuskfish Anchor tuskfish 
Perciformes Labridae Choerodon cauteromanative Bluespotted tuskfish Bluespotted tuskfish 
Perciformes Labridae Choerodon cephalotesnative Purple tuskfish Purple tuskfish 
Perciformes Labridae Choerodon cyanodusnative Blue tuskfish Blue tuskfish 
Perciformes Labridae Choerodon fasciatusnative Harlequin tuskfish Harlequin tuskfish 
Perciformes Labridae Choerodon frenatusnative Bridled tuskfish Bridled tuskfish 
Perciformes Labridae Choerodon graphicusnative Graphic tuskfish Graphic tuskfish 
Perciformes Labridae Choerodon japonicusnative   
Perciformes Labridae Choerodon jordaninative Jordan's tuskfish Dagger tuskfish 
Perciformes Labridae Choerodon monostigmanative Dark-spot tuskfish Darkspot tuskfish 
Perciformes Labridae Choerodon payneinative Payne's tuskfish Payne's tuskfish 
Perciformes Labridae Choerodon rubescensendemic Baldchin groper Baldchin groper 
Perciformes Labridae Choerodon schoenleiniinative Blackspot tuskfish Blackspot tuskfish 
Perciformes Labridae Choerodon sugillatumnative Wedge-tailed tuskfish Wedgetail tuskfish 
Perciformes Labridae Choerodon venustusnative Venus tuskfish Venus tuskfish 
Perciformes Labridae Choerodon vittanative Redstripe tuskfish Redstripe tuskfish 
Perciformes Labridae Choerodon zamboangaenative Purple eyebrowed tuskfish Eyebrow tuskfish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Choeroichthys brachysomanative Short-bodied pipefish Pacific shortbody pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Choeroichthys cinctusnative Barred shortbody pipefish Barred shortbody pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Choeroichthys latispinosusnative Muiron pipefish Muiron pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Choeroichthys sculptusnative Sculptured pipefish Sculptured pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Choeroichthys suillusendemic Pigsnout pipefish Pigsnout pipefish 
Perciformes Percophidae Chrionema chlorotaenianative  Blotched duckbill 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis abyssicolanative Deepsea chromis Deepsea puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis acaresnative Midget chromis  
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis agilisnative Agile chromis Reef puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis alphanative Yellow-speckled chromis Yellowspeckled puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis amboinensisnative Ambon chromis Ambon puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis analisnative Yellow chromis Yellow puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis atripectoralisnative Black-axil chromis Blackaxil puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis atripesnative Dark-fin chromis Darkfin puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis caudalisnative Blue-axil chromis Dusky puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis chrysuranative Stout chromis Stoutbody puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis cinerascensnative Green puller Green puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis deltanative Deep reef chromis Deep-reef puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis eleraenative Twinspot chromis Twinspot puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis flavomaculatanative Yellow-spotted chromis Yellowspot puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis fumeanative Smokey chromis Smoky puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis hypsilepisnative Brown puller Onespot puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis iomelasnative Half-and-half chromis Half-and-half puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis klunzingerinative Black-headed chromis Blackhead puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis lepidolepisnative Scaly chromis Scaly puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis lineatanative Lined chromis Lined puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis margaritifernative Bicolor chromis Whitetail puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis mirationisnative Japanese chromis Bigeye chromis 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis nitidanative Barrier reef chromis Yellowback puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis opercularisnative Doublebar chromis Doublebar chromis 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis retrofasciatanative Black-bar chromis Blackbar puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis ternatensisnative Ternate chromis Swallowtail puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis vanderbiltinative Vanderbilt's chromis Vanderbilt's puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis viridisnative Blue green damselfish Blue-green puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis weberinative Weber's chromis Weber's puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis westaustralisnative West Australian chromis West Australian puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis xanthochiranative Yellow-axil chromis Yellow-axil puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chromis xanthuranative Paletail chromis Pale-tail puller 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chrysiptera biocellatanative Twinspot damselfish Twospot demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chrysiptera brownriggiinative Surge damselfish Surge demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chrysiptera caeruleolineatanative Blueline demoiselle Blueline demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chrysiptera cyaneanative Sapphire devil Blue demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chrysiptera flavipinnisnative Yellowfin damselfish Yellowfin demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chrysiptera glaucanative Grey demoiselle Grey demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chrysiptera hemicyaneanative Azure demoiselle Azure demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chrysiptera notialisnative Southern demoiselle Southern demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chrysiptera rexnative King demoiselle Pink demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chrysiptera rollandinative Rolland's demoiselle Bluehead demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chrysiptera starckinative Starck's demoiselle Starck's demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chrysiptera talbotinative Talbot's demoiselle Talbot's demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chrysiptera taupounative Southseas devil South seas demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chrysiptera tricinctanative Threeband damselfish Threeband demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Chrysiptera unimaculatanative Onespot demoiselle Onespot demoiselle 
Siluriformes Ariidae Cinetodus froggattinative Smallmouthed salmon catfish Smallmouth catfish 
Squaliformes Squalidae Cirrhigaleus australisnative Southern Mandarin Dogfish Southern Mandarin Dogfish 
Squaliformes Squalidae Cirrhigaleus barbifernative Mandarin dogfish Mandarin shark 
Perciformes Labridae Cirrhilabrus bathyphilusnative Deepwater wrasse Deepwater wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Cirrhilabrus condeinative Conde's wrasse Conde's wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Cirrhilabrus cyanopleuranative Blueside wrasse Blueside wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Cirrhilabrus exquisitusnative Exquisite wrasse Exquisite wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Cirrhilabrus greeninative Sunset fairy-wrasse  
Perciformes Labridae Cirrhilabrus hygroxerusendemic Monsoon Fairy-wrasse Monsoon Fairy-wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Cirrhilabrus labouteinative Laboute's wrasse Laboute's wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Cirrhilabrus lineatusnative Purplelined wrasse Lavender wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Cirrhilabrus morrisoninative Morrison's wrasse Morrison's wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Cirrhilabrus punctatusnative Dotted wrasse Finespot wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Cirrhilabrus randallinative Randall's wrasse Randall's wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Cirrhilabrus scottorumnative Scott's wrasse Scott's fairy-wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Cirrhilabrus squireinative Squire's fairy wrasse Squire's fairy wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Cirrhilabrus temminckiinative Threadfin wrasse Peacock wrasse 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Cirrhimuraena calamusendemic Fringelip snake eel Fringelip snake eel 
Perciformes Cirrhitidae Cirrhitichthys aprinusnative Spotted hawkfish Blotched hawkfish 
Perciformes Cirrhitidae Cirrhitichthys falconative Dwarf hawkfish Dwarf hawkfish 
Perciformes Cirrhitidae Cirrhitichthys oxycephalusnative Coral hawkfish Spotted hawkfish 
Perciformes Cirrhitidae Cirrhitus pinnulatusnative Stocky hawkfish Whitespotted hawkfish 
Perciformes Blenniidae Cirripectes alboapicalisnative Blackblotch blenny Whitedotted blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Cirripectes alleniendemic Kimberley blenny Kimberley blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Cirripectes castaneusnative Chestnut eyelash-blenny Chestnut eyelash-blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Cirripectes chelomatusnative Lady Musgrave blenny  
Perciformes Blenniidae Cirripectes filamentosusnative Filamentous blenny Filamentous blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Cirripectes hutchinsiendemic Hutchins' blenny Hutchins' blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Cirripectes polyzonanative   
Perciformes Blenniidae Cirripectes quagganative Squiggly blenny  
Perciformes Blenniidae Cirripectes stigmaticusnative Red-streaked blenny Redstreaked blenny 
Pleuronectiformes Citharidae Citharoides orbitalisnative   
Beryciformes Monocentridae Cleidopus gloriamarisendemic Australian pineapplefish Australian pineapplefish 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Cnidoglanis macrocephalusendemic Estuary cobbler Estuary cobbler 
Aulopiformes Evermannellidae Coccorella atlanticanative Atlantic sabretooth Atlantic sabretooth 
Siluriformes Ariidae Cochlefelis insidiatornative Flat catfish Flat catfish 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Cochleoceps bassensisnative  Broadhead clingfish 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Cochleoceps bicolornative Western cleaner-clingfish Western cleaner clingfish 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Cochleoceps orientalisnative Eastern cleaner-clingfish Eastern cleaner-clingfish 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Cochleoceps spatulanative  Spadenose clingfish 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Cochleoceps viridisnative Green clingfish Green clingfish 
Scorpaeniformes Platycephalidae Cociella crocodilusnative Crocodile flathead  
Scorpaeniformes Platycephalidae Cociella hutchinsiendemic Brownmargin flathead Brownmargin flathead 
Scorpaeniformes Aploactinidae Cocotropus altipinnisnative Highfin velvetfish Highfin velvetfish 
Scorpaeniformes Aploactinidae Cocotropus larvatusnative Ghost velvetfish  
Scorpaeniformes Aploactinidae Cocotropus micropsnative Patchwork velvetfish Patchwork velvetfish 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus acanthigernative Surgeon grenadier Spottyface whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus acutirostrisnative Spearnose whiptail Spearnose whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus amydrozosterusnative Faintbanded whiptail Faintbanded whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus argentatusnative Silver whiptail Silver whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus argusnative Eyespot grenadier  
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus australisendemic Southern whiptail Southern whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus chariusnative Graceful whiptail Graceful whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus fasciatusnative Banded whiptail Banded whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus gaesorhynchusnative Javelin whiptail Javelin whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus goobalanative Goobala whiptail Goobala whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus hoanginative   
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus innotabilisnative Notable whiptail Notable whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus kaiyomarunative Campbell whiptail Kaiyomaru whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus karreraenative Karrer's whiptail  
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus kermadecusnative Kermadec rattail Kermadec whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus lastinative Roughsnout whiptail Roughsnout whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus macrorhynchusnative Bigsnout whiptail Bigsnout whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus maculatusnative Blotch whiptail Blotch whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus matamuanative Mahia whiptail Blueband whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus maurofasciatusnative Dark banded rattail Falseband whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus mayiaenative False silver whiptail False silver whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus mirusendemic Gargoyle fish Gargoyle fish 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus mycterismusnative Upturned snout rattail Pinocchio whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus parallelusnative Spiny grenadier Spiny whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus pardusnative Leopard whiptail Leopard whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus parvifasciatusnative Small banded rattail Little whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus semaphoreusnative Semaphore whiptail Semaphore whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus seretinative Short-tooth whiptail Short-tooth whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus shcherbachevinative False duckbill whiptail False duckbill whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus smithinative False graceful whiptail False graceful whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus spathulatusnative Spatulate rattail Spatulate whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus supernasutusnative Supanose rattail Supanose whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus thurlanative Thurla whiptail Thurla whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus trachycarusnative  Rough-head whiptail 
Anguilliformes Colocongridae Coloconger scholesinative Indo-Pacific shorttail conger Short-tail conger 
Perciformes Clinidae Cologrammus flavescensnative Short-tassel weedfish Short-tassel weedfish 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Colurodontis paxmaninative   
Anguilliformes Congridae Conger cinereusnative Longfin African conger Blacklip conger 
Anguilliformes Congridae Conger verreauxinative Conger Southern conger 
Anguilliformes Congridae Conger wilsoninative Cape conger Eastern conger 
Scorpaeniformes Congiopodidae Congiopodus leucopaecilusnative Southern pigfish Southern pigfish 
Anguilliformes Congridae Congriscus maldivensisnative   
Perciformes Pseudochromidae Congrogadus amplimaculatusnative Largespot eel blenny Largespot eel blenny 
Perciformes Pseudochromidae Congrogadus malayanusnative Malayan eel blenny Malayan eel blenny 
Perciformes Pseudochromidae Congrogadus spiniferendemic Spiny eel blenny Spiny eel blenny 
Perciformes Pseudochromidae Congrogadus subducensnative Carpet eel-blenny Carpet eel blenny 
Perciformes Pseudochromidae Congrogadus winterbottominative Pilbara eelblenny Pilbara eel blenny 
Perciformes Labridae Conniella apterygianative Mutant wrasse Connie's wrasse 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Conocara krefftinative Wrinkled slickhead Wrinkled slickhead 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Conocara microlepisnative Elongate smooth-head Elongate slickhead 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Conocara nigrumendemic Flathead slickhead Flathead slickhead 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Conocara paxtoninative   
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Contusus brevicaudusnative  Prickly toadfish 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Contusus richeinative Prickly toadfish Prickly toadfish 
Perciformes Priacanthidae Cookeolus japonicusnative Longfinned bullseye Longfin bigeye 
Perciformes Cichlidae Coptodon zilliiintroduced Redbelly tilapia Zille's cichlid 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Coradion altivelisnative Highfin coralfish Highfin coralfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Coradion chrysozonusnative Goldengirdled coralfish Orangebanded coralfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Coradion melanopusnative Twospot coralfish  
Perciformes Labridae Coris auricularisendemic Western king wrasse Western king wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Coris aurilineatanative Goldlined coris Goldlined wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Coris aygulanative Clown coris Redblotched wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Coris batuensisnative Batu coris Variegated wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Coris bulbifronsnative Doubleheader Doubleheader 
Perciformes Labridae Coris caudimaculanative Spottail coris Spot-tail wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Coris dorsomaculanative Pale-barred coris Pinklined wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Coris gaimardnative African coris Clown wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Coris pictanative Comb wrasse Comb wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Coris pictoidesnative Blackstripe coris Pixy wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Coris sandeyerinative Sandager's wrasse Eastern king wrasse 
Perciformes Coryphaenidae Coryphaena equiselisnative Pompano dolphinfish Pompano mahi mahi 
Perciformes Coryphaenidae Coryphaena hippurusnative Common dolphinfish Mahi mahi 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides asprellusnative   
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides dossenusnative Humpback whiptail Humpback whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides fernandezianusnative Fernandez whiptail Fernandez whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides filicaudanative Grenadier Humphead whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides grahaminative Graham's whiptail Graham's whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides mcmillaninative McMillan's whiptail McMillan's whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides murrayinative Abyssal rattail Abyssal whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides rudisnative Rudis rattail Bighead whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides serrulatusnative Serrulate whiptail Serrulate whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides striaturusnative Striate whiptail Striate whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides subserrulatusnative Longrayed whiptail Longray whiptail 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Corythoichthys amplexusnative Brown-banded pipefish Redbanded pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Corythoichthys benedettonative Benedetto's pipefish  
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Corythoichthys flavofasciatusnative Network pipefish Reticulate pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Corythoichthys haematopterusnative Messmate pipefish Reeftop pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Corythoichthys intestinalisnative Scribbled pipefish Messmate pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Corythoichthys ocellatusnative Ocellated pipefish Ocellate pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Corythoichthys paxtoninative Paxton's pipefish Paxton's pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Corythoichthys schultzinative Schultz's pipefish Schultz's pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Cosmocampus bannerinative Roughridge pipefish Rough-ridge pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Cosmocampus darrosanusnative D'Arros pipefish Whiteface pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Cosmocampus howensisnative Lord Howe pipefish Lord Howe pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Cosmocampus maxweberinative Maxweber's pipefish Maxweber's pipefish 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Cottapistus cottoidesnative Marbled stingfish Yellow waspfish 
Perciformes Leptoscopidae Crapatalus munroinative Robust pygmy-stargazer Pink sandfish 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus amniculusnative Darling river hardyhead Darling hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus capreoliendemic North-west hardyhead North-west hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus centralisnative Finke river hardyhead Finke hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus cuneicepsendemic Deep hardyhead Deep hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus dalhousiensisendemic Dalhousie hardyhead Dalhousie hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus eyresiiendemic Lake Eyre hardyhead Lake Eyre hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus fluviatilisendemic Murray hardyhead Murray hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus fulvusnative Unspecked hardyhead Unspecked hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus gloverinative Glovers hardyhead Glover's hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus helenaeendemic Drysdale hardyhead Drysdale hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus honoriaeendemic Estuarine hardyhead Estuarine hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus lentiginosusendemic Freckled hardyhead Jinpirr 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus marianaenative Magela hardyhead Mariana's hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus marjoriaeendemic Marjorie's hardyhead Marjorie's hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus mugiloidesendemic Spotted hardyhead Spotted hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus munroiendemic Munro's hardyhead Munro's hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus pauciradiatusendemic Few-ray hardyhead Few-ray hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus stercusmuscarumnative Fly-specked hardyhead Flyspecked hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Craterocephalus stramineusendemic Blackmast Blackmast 
Perciformes Creediidae Creedia alleninative  Allen's sandburrower 
Perciformes Creediidae Creedia haswellinative Slender sand-diver Slender sand-diver 
Perciformes Creediidae Creedia partimsquamigeranative Half-scaled sand-diver Half-scaled sand-diver 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Crenimugil buchananinative Bluetail mullet Bluetail mullet 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Crenimugil crenilabisnative Fringelip mullet Wartylip mullet 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Crenimugil heterocheilosnative Half fringelip mullet Fringelip mullet 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Crenimugil sehelinative Bluespot mullet Bluespot mullet 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Creocele cardinalisnative Broad clingfish Broad clingfish 
Perciformes Gobiidae Cristatogobius rubripectoralisnative Redfin crestedgoby Redfin crestedgoby 
Perciformes Clinidae Cristiceps argyropleuraendemic Silverside weedfish Silverside weedfish 
Perciformes Clinidae Cristiceps aurantiacusnative Golden weedfish Yellow crested weedfish 
Perciformes Clinidae Cristiceps australisendemic Southern crested weedfish Southern crested weedfish 
Perciformes Serranidae Cromileptes altivelisnative Humpback grouper Barramundi cod 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Crossorhombus azureusnative Blue flounder Chain-mail wide-eyed flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Crossorhombus howensisnative Lord Howe Island flounder  
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Crossorhombus valderostratusnative Broadbrow flounder Broadbrow flounder 
Perciformes Blenniidae Crossosalarias macrospilusnative Tripplespot blenny Triplespot blenny 
Perciformes Gobiidae Cryptocentroides gobioidesendemic Crested oystergoby Crested oystergoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Cryptocentroides insignisnative Insignia prawn-goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Cryptocentrus bulbicepsendemic Bluelined shrimpgoby Bluelined shrimpgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Cryptocentrus caeruleomaculatusnative Blue-speckled prawn-goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Cryptocentrus cebuanusnative Cebu shrimpgoby Cebu shrimpgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Cryptocentrus cinctusnative Yellow prawn-goby Yellow shrimp goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Cryptocentrus fasciatusnative Y-bar shrimp goby Y-bar shrimp goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Cryptocentrus inexplicatusnative Inexplicable shrimpgoby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Cryptocentrus insignitusendemic Signal goby Signal goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Cryptocentrus leucostictusnative Saddled prawn-goby Saddled shrimp goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Cryptocentrus maudaenative Maude's shrimpgoby Maude's shrimpgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Cryptocentrus melanopusnative   
Perciformes Gobiidae Cryptocentrus strigillicepsnative Target shrimp goby Target shrimp goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Cryptocentrus tentaculatusendemic Tentacle shrimpgoby Tentacle shrimpgoby 
Lophiiformes Ceratiidae Cryptopsaras couesiinative Triplewart seadevil Triplewart seadevil 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Ctenochaetus binotatusnative Twospot surgeonfish Twospot bristletooth 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Ctenochaetus cyanocheilusnative Short-tail bristle-tooth Yelloweye bristletooth 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Ctenochaetus striatusnative Striated surgeonfish Lined bristletooth 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Ctenochaetus tominiensisnative Tomini surgeonfish Orange-tip bristletooth 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Ctenochaetus truncatusnative Indian gold-ring bristle-tooth  
Perciformes Gobiidae Ctenogobiops aurocingulusnative Gold-streaked prawn-goby Gold-streaked shrimpgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Ctenogobiops crocineusnative  Silverspot shrimpgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Ctenogobiops feroculusnative Sandy prawn-goby Fierce shrimpgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Ctenogobiops mitodesnative Thread shrimpgoby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Ctenogobiops pomastictusnative Gold-specked prawn-goby Spotfin shrimp goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Ctenogobiops tangaroainative Tangaroa shrimpgoby Masted shrimp goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Ctenotrypauchen chinensisnative   
Perciformes Nomeidae Cubiceps baxterinative Black fathead Black cigarfish 
Perciformes Nomeidae Cubiceps caeruleusnative Blue fathead Blue cubehead 
Perciformes Nomeidae Cubiceps capensisnative Cape fathead  
Perciformes Nomeidae Cubiceps kotlyarinative Kotlyar's cubehead Kotlyar's cubehead 
Perciformes Nomeidae Cubiceps pauciradiatusnative Bigeye cigarfish Keeled cubehead 
Perciformes Nomeidae Cubiceps whiteleggiinative Shadow driftfish Coastal cubehead 
Perciformes Scombridae Cybiosarda elegansnative Leaping bonito Watson's bonito 
Tetraodontiformes Diodontidae Cyclichthys hardenberginative Hardenburg's burrfish Hardenberg's burrfish 
Tetraodontiformes Diodontidae Cyclichthys orbicularisnative Birdbeak burrfish Birdbeak burrfish 
Tetraodontiformes Diodontidae Cyclichthys spilostylusnative Spotbase burrfish  
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Cyclothone acclinidensnative Benttooth bristlemouth Bent-tooth bristlemouth 
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Cyclothone albanative Bristlemouth Pale bristlemouth 
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Cyclothone brauerinative Garrick Brauer's bristlemouth 
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Cyclothone kobayashiinative Kobayashi's bristlemouth Kobayashi's bristlemouth 
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Cyclothone microdonnative Veiled anglemouth Smalltooth bristlemouth 
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Cyclothone obscuranative Hidden bristlemouth Hidden bristlemouth 
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Cyclothone pallidanative Tan bristlemouth Tanned bristlemouth 
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Cyclothone parapallidanative Shadow bristlemouth Shadow bristlemouth 
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Cyclothone pseudopallidanative Slender bristlemouth Slender bristlemouth 
Saccopharyngiformes Cyematidae Cyema atrumnative Bobtail eel Arrow eel 
Scorpaeniformes Platycephalidae Cymbacephalus bosscheinative Small-eyed flathead Smalleye flathead 
Scorpaeniformes Platycephalidae Cymbacephalus nematophthalmusnative Fringe-eyed flathead Fringe-eye flathead 
Scorpaeniformes Platycephalidae Cymbacephalus staigerinative Northern rock flathead Northern rock flathead 
Perciformes Labridae Cymolutes praetextatusnative Knife razorfish Knife wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Cymolutes torquatusnative Finescale razorfish Razor wrasse 
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Cynoglossus bilineatusnative Fourlined tonguesole Fourline tongue sole 
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Cynoglossus broadhurstinative Southern tongue sole Broadhurst's tongue sole 
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Cynoglossus heterolepisnative Freshwater tongue sole Freshwater tongue sole 
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Cynoglossus kopsiinative Shortheaded tonguesole Kops' tongue sole 
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Cynoglossus maccullochinative   
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Cynoglossus macrophthalmusnative Big-eyed tongue-sole Big-eyed tongue-sole 
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Cynoglossus maculipinnisnative   
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Cynoglossus ogilbyinative   
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Cynoglossus puncticepsnative Speckled tonguesole  
Gadiformes Macrouridae Cynomacrurus pirieinative Dogtooth grenadier Dogtooth whiptail 
Perciformes Pseudochromidae Cypho purpurascensnative Oblique-lined dottyback Lavender dottyback 
Perciformes Cirrhitidae Cyprinocirrhites polyactisnative Swallowtail hawkfish Lyretail hawkfish 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Cyprinus carpiointroduced Common carp European carp 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cypselurus angusticepsnative Narrowhead flyingfish Narrowhead flyingfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cypselurus hexazonanative Darkbar flyingfish Darkbar flyingfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cypselurus naresiinative Pharao flyingfish Pharao flyingfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cypselurus oligolepisnative Largescale flyingfish Largescale flyingfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Cypselurus poecilopterusnative Yellowing flyingfish Yellow-wing flyingfish 
Zeiformes Zeniontidae Cyttomimus affinisnative False dory False dory 
Zeiformes Parazenidae Cyttopsis cyphonative Little dory Little dory 
Zeiformes Parazenidae Cyttopsis roseanative Rosy dory Rosy dory 
Zeiformes Cyttidae Cyttus australisnative Silver dory Silver dory 
Zeiformes Cyttidae Cyttus novaezealandiaenative New Zealand dory New Zealand dory 
Zeiformes Cyttidae Cyttus traversinative King dory King dory 
Perciformes Cheilodactylidae Dactylophora nigricansnative Dusky morwong Dusky morwong 
Scorpaeniformes Dactylopteridae Dactyloptena macracanthanative Spotwing flying gurnard Mottled flying gurnard 
Scorpaeniformes Dactylopteridae Dactyloptena orientalisnative Oriental flying gurnard Purple flying gurnard 
Scorpaeniformes Dactylopteridae Dactyloptena papilionative Butterfly flying-gurnard Largespot flying gurnard 
Scorpaeniformes Dactylopteridae Dactyloptena peterseninative Starry flying gurnard Onespine flying gurnard 
Scorpaeniformes Dactylopteridae Dactyloptena tiltoninative Plain helmet gurnard Plain helmet gurnard 
Perciformes Callionymidae Dactylopus dactylopusnative Fingered dragonet Fingered dragonet 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Dactylosurculus gomoninative   
Squaliformes Dalatiidae Dalatias lichanative Kitefin shark Black shark 
Scorpaeniformes Synanceiidae Dampierosa darumaendemic Daruma stinger Daruma stinger 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Dannevigia tuscaendemic Tusk Tusk 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Dascyllus aruanusnative Whitetail dascyllus Banded humbug 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Dascyllus melanurusnative Blacktail humbug Blacktail humbug 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Dascyllus reticulatusnative Reticulate dascyllus Headband humbug 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Dascyllus trimaculatusnative Threespot dascyllus Threespot humbug 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Dasyatis thetidisnative Thorntail stingray Black stingray 
Squaliformes Centrophoridae Deania calceanative Birdbeak dogfish Brier shark 
Squaliformes Centrophoridae Deania quadrispinosanative Longsnout dogfish Longsnout dogfish 
Perciformes Carangidae Decapterus kurroidesnative Redtail scad Redtail scad 
Perciformes Carangidae Decapterus macarellusnative Mackerel scad Mackerel scad 
Perciformes Carangidae Decapterus macrosomanative Shortfin scad Slender scad 
Perciformes Carangidae Decapterus maruadsinative Japanese scad  
Perciformes Carangidae Decapterus muroadsinative Amberstripe scad Southern mackerel scad 
Perciformes Carangidae Decapterus russellinative Indian scad Indian scad 
Perciformes Carangidae Decapterus tablnative Roughear scad Rough-ear scad 
Perciformes Labridae Decodon pacificusnative Ten-tooth wrasse Ten-tooth wrasse 
Perciformes Ambassidae Denariusa australisnative Pennyfish Pennyfish 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Dendrochirus biocellatusnative Twospot turkeyfish Twinspot lionfish 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Dendrochirus brachypterusnative Dwarf lionfish Dwarf lionfish 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Dendrochirus zebranative Zebra turkeyfish Zebra lionfish 
Atheriniformes Dentatherinidae Dentatherina mercerinative Mercer's tusked silverside Tusked silverside 
Perciformes Sparidae Dentex spariformisnative Saffronfin sea bream  
Rajiformes Rajidae Dentiraja australisendemic Sydney skate Sydney skate 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dentiraja cervaendemic Whitespotted skate Whitespotted skate 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dentiraja confusanative  Longnose skate 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dentiraja endeavouriendemic Endeavour skate Endeavour skate 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dentiraja falloarganative False Argus skate False argus skate 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dentiraja flindersinative Pygmy thornback skate Pygmy thornback skate 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dentiraja healdinative Heald’s skate Heald’s skate 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dentiraja lemprieriendemic Thornback skate Thornback skate 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dentiraja oculatanative  Ocellate skate 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dentiraja polyommataendemic Argus skate Argus skate 
Anguilliformes Derichthyidae Derichthys serpentinusnative Narrownecked oceanic eel Deepwater neck eel 
Lophiiformes Oneirodidae Dermatias platynogasternative   
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Dermatopsis hoeseinative Hoese's mudbrotula Hoese's mudbrotula 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Dermatopsis macrodonnative Eastern yellow blindfish Eastern yellow blindfish 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Dermatopsis multiradiatusendemic Slender blindfish Slender blindfish 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Dermatopsoides morrisonaenative Morrison's mudbrotula Morrison's mudbrotula 
Lampriformes Trachipteridae Desmodema polystictumnative Polka-dot ribbonfish Spotted ribbonfish 
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Dexillus muellerinative Tufted sole Tufted sole 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Diademichthys lineatusnative  Striped clingfish 
Perciformes Haemulidae Diagramma labiosumnative  Painted sweetlips 
Perciformes Haemulidae Diagramma pictumnative Painted sweetlips Painted sweetlips 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Diancistrus alleninative Allen's coralbrotula Allen's coralbrotula 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Diancistrus beateaenative Beate's coralbrotula  
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Diancistrus jeffjohnsoninative Johnson's coralbrotula Johnson's coralbrotula 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Diancistrus leisinative Leis' coralbrotula Leis' coralbrotula 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Diancistrus longifilisnative Twinhook cusk Twinhook cusk 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Diancistrus mcgroutherinative Mcgrouther's coralbrotula Mcgrouther's coralbrotula 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Diancistrus novaeguineaenative New guinea viviparous brotula  
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus aliciaenative   
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus anderseninative Andersen's lantern fish Andersen's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus bertelseninative Bertelsen's lanternfish Bertelsen's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus brachycephalusnative Short-headed lantern fish Shorthead lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus chrysorhynchusnative Golden-nosed lantern fish Goldnose lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus coeruleusnative Blue lantern fish Blue lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus danaenative Dana lanternfish Dana lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus diadematusnative Crown lanternfish Crown lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus drachmanninative Drachmann's lanternfish Drachmann's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus effulgensnative Headlight fish Headlight lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus fragilisnative Fragile lantern fish Fragile lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus garmaninative Garman's lanternfish Garman's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus hudsoninative Hudson's lanternfish Hudson's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus impostornative Imposter lanternfish Imposter lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus jenseninative Jensen's lanternfish Jensen's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus kapalaenative Kapala lanternfish Kapala lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus lucidusnative Spotlight lanternfish Spotlight lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus luetkeninative Luetken's lanternfish Luetken's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus malayanusnative Malayan lanternfish Malayan lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus meadinative Mead's lanternfish Mead's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus metopoclampusnative Spothead lantern fish Bluntnose lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus mollisnative Soft lanternfish Soft lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus ostenfeldinative Ostenfeld's lanternfish Ostenfeld's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus parrinative Parr's lanternfish Parr's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus perspicillatusnative Transparent lantern fish Flatface lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus phillipsinative Bolin's lantern fish Phillips' lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus problematicusnative Problematic lanternfish Problematic lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus reganinative Regan's lanternfish Regan's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus splendidusnative Horned lanternfish Horned lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus termophilusnative Taaning's lantern fish Warmwater lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus thiolliereinative Thiolliere's lanternfish Thiolliere's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus wataseinative Watases lanternfish Watase's lanternfish 
Anguilliformes Synaphobranchidae Diastobranchus capensisnative Basketwork eel Basketwork eel 
Lophiiformes Tetrabrachiidae Dibrachichthys melanurusnative   
Lophiiformes Ogcocephalidae Dibranchus japonicusnative Japanese seabat Japanese seabat 
Lophiiformes Diceratiidae Diceratias bispinosusnative Two-rod anglerfish Horned two-rod angler 
Lophiiformes Diceratiidae Diceratias pileatusnative   
Lophiiformes Diceratiidae Diceratias trilobusnative   
Tetraodontiformes Diodontidae Dicotylichthys punctulatusnative Three-barred porcupinefish Balloon-fish 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Didymothallus crinicepsnative   
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Didymothallus mizolepisendemic Smalleye cusk Smalleye cusk 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Didymothallus nudigenanative   
Ophidiiformes Dinematichthyidae Dinematichthys iluocoeteoidesnative Yellow pigmy brotula  
Perciformes Dinolestidae Dinolestes lewiniendemic Longfin pike Longfin pike 
Tetraodontiformes Diodontidae Diodon holocanthusnative Longspined porcupinefish Freckled porcupinefish 
Tetraodontiformes Diodontidae Diodon hystrixnative Spot-fin porcupinefish Black-spotted porcupine-fish 
Tetraodontiformes Diodontidae Diodon liturosusnative Black-blotched porcupinefish Blackblotched porcupinefish 
Tetraodontiformes Diodontidae Diodon nicthemerusnative Slender-spined porcupine fish Globe fish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diogenichthys atlanticusnative Longfin lanternfish Atlantic lanternfish 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Diplacanthopoma krefftinative Deepbody cusk Deepbody cusk 
Anguilliformes Congridae Diploconger polystigmatusnative Headband conger Headband conger 
Perciformes Callionymidae Diplogrammus goramensisnative Goram dragonet Goram dragonet 
Perciformes Callionymidae Diplogrammus xenicusnative Japanese fold dragonet Northern dragonet 
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Diplophos rebainsinative Rebains' portholefish Rebains' portholefish 
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Diplophos taenianative Pacific portholefish Pacific portholefish 
Perciformes Serranidae Diploprion bifasciatumnative Barred soapfish Barred soapfish 
Perciformes Gempylidae Diplospinus multistriatusnative Striped escolar Striped escolar 
Perciformes Labridae Diproctacanthus xanthurusnative Yellowtail tubelip Yellowtail wrasse 
Perciformes Caesionidae Dipterygonotus balteatusnative Mottled fusilier Mottled fusilier 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dipturus acrobelusnative Deepwater skate Deepwater skate 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dipturus apricusnative Pale tropical skate Pale tropical skate 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dipturus canutusnative Grey skate Grey skate 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dipturus grahamiendemic Graham’s skate Graham’s skate 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dipturus gudgeriendemic Bight skate Bight skate 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dipturus melanospilusnative Blacktip skate Blacktip skate 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dipturus queenslandicusnative Queensland deepwater skate Queensland deepwater skate 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dipturus wenginative Weng’s skate Weng’s skate 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Dipulus caecusendemic Orange eelpout Orange eelpout 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Dipulus hutchinsinative Hutchin's mudbrotula Hutchin's mudbrotula 
Beryciformes Diretmidae Diretmichthys parininative Parin's spinyfish Black spinyfin 
Beryciformes Diretmidae Diretmus argenteusnative Silver spinyfin Discfish 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Dischistodus chrysopoecilusnative White-spot damsel Whitepatch damsel 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Dischistodus darwiniensisnative Banded damsel-fish Banded damsel 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Dischistodus fasciatusnative Banded damsel Banded damsel 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Dischistodus melanotusnative Black-vent damsel Blackvent damsel 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Dischistodus perspicillatusnative White damsel White damsel 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Dischistodus prosopotaenianative Honey-head damsel Honeyhead damsel 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Dischistodus pseudochrysopoecilusnative Monarch damsel Monarch damsel 
Perciformes Gobiidae Discordipinna griessingerinative Spikefin goby Spikefin goby 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Discotrema crinophilumnative Crinoid clingfish Crinoid clingfish 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Discotrema monogrammumnative Oneline clingfish  
Perciformes Acropomatidae Doederleinia berycoidesnative Blackthroat seaperch Rosy seabass 
Osmeriformes Bathylagidae Dolicholagus longirostrisnative Longsnout blacksmelt Longsnout deepsea smelt 
Lophiiformes Oneirodidae Dolopichthys pullatusnative Lobed dreamer Lobed dreamer 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Doryrhamphus excisus excisusnative Bluestripe pipefish Bluestripe pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Doryrhamphus janssinative Janss' pipefish Cleaner pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Doryrhamphus malusendemic  Pigsnout pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Doryrhamphus negrosensisnative Negros pipefish Flagtail pipefish 
Perciformes Labridae Dotalabrus alleninative Little rainbow wrasse Little rainbow wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Dotalabrus aurantiacusnative Castelnau's wrasse Castelnau's wrasse 
Perciformes Drepaneidae Drepane longimananative Concertina fish Banded sicklefish 
Perciformes Drepaneidae Drepane punctatanative Spotted sicklefish Sicklefish 
Perciformes Gobiidae Drombus dentifernative Yellow Drombus Yellow Drombus 
Perciformes Gobiidae Drombus globicepsnative Kranji drombus Kranji drombus 
Perciformes Gobiidae Drombus haleiendemic Hale's drombus Hale's drombus 
Perciformes Gobiidae Drombus lepidothoraxendemic White-edge drombus White-edge drombus 
Perciformes Gobiidae Drombus ocyurusnative Bluemarked drombus Bluemarked drombus 
Perciformes Gobiidae Drombus simulusnative Pinafore goby Pinafore goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Drombus triangularisnative Brown drombus Brown drombus 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Dunckerocampus dactyliophorusnative Ringed pipefish Banded pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Dunckerocampus pessuliferusnative Yellowbanded pipefish Yellowbanded pipefish 
Clupeiformes Dussumieriidae Dussumieria acutanative Rainbow sardine  
Clupeiformes Dussumieriidae Dussumieria elopsoidesnative Slender rainbow sardine Slender sardine 
Scorpaeniformes Psychrolutidae Ebinania australiaenative   
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Ebosia bleekerinative Bleeker's lionfish  
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Echelus uropterusnative Finned worm eel Finned snake eel 
Perciformes Echeneidae Echeneis naucratesnative Live sharksucker Sharksucker 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Echidna nebulosanative Starry moray Starry moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Echidna polyzonanative Barred moray Girdled moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Echidna unicolornative Unicolor moray Pale moray 
Perciformes Gobiidae Echinogobius hayashiinative Cheek-streaked goby  
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Echinophryne crassispinaendemic Prickly anglerfish Prickly anglerfish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Echinophryne mitchelliiendemic Spinycoat anglerfish Spinycoat anglerfish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Echinophryne reynoldsiendemic Sponge anglerfish Sponge anglerfish 
Squaliformes Echinorhinidae Echinorhinus brucusnative Bramble shark Bramble shark 
Squaliformes Echinorhinidae Echinorhinus cookeinative Prickly shark Prickly shark 
Ophidiiformes Carapidae Echiodon anchipterusnative Closefin pearlfish Closefin pearlfish 
Ophidiiformes Carapidae Echiodon rendahlinative Messmate fish Messmate fish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Echiostoma barbatumnative Threadfin dragonfish Threadfin dragonfish 
Perciformes Blenniidae Ecsenius aequalisnative Fourline blenny Fourline blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Ecsenius alleniendemic Allen's combtooth blenny Allen's combtooth blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Ecsenius australianusendemic Australian combtooth blenny Australian combtooth blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Ecsenius bicolornative Bicolor blenny Bicolor combtooth blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Ecsenius fourmanoirinative Blackstriped combtooth blenny Blackstriped combtooth blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Ecsenius lineatusnative Linear blenny Lined combtooth blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Ecsenius lividanalisnative Blackspot coralblenny Blackass combtooth blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Ecsenius mandibularisendemic Queensland combtooth blenny Queensland combtooth blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Ecsenius midasnative Persian blenny Midas blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Ecsenius namiyeinative Black comb-tooth Namiye's combtooth blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Ecsenius oculatusnative Ocular coralblenny Ocular combtooth blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Ecsenius schroederinative Schroeder's coralblenny Schroeder's combtooth blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Ecsenius stictusnative Great Barrier Reef blenny Great Barrier Reef blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Ecsenius tigrisendemic Tiger combtooth blenny Tiger combtooth blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Ecsenius trilineatusnative Three-lined blenny Three-lined blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Ecsenius yaeyamaensisnative Yaeyama blenny Palespotted combtooth blenny 
Scorpaeniformes Setarchidae Ectreposebastes nigernative Pelagic scorpionfish Black scorpionfish 
Gadiformes Moridae Eeyorius hutchinsinative Tasmanian codling Finetooth beardie 
Perciformes Gobiidae Egglestonichthys bombyliosnative Egglestone's bumblebee goby Egglestone's bumblebee goby 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Einara macrolepisnative Loosescale smooth-head Loosescale slickhead 
Perciformes Carangidae Elagatis bipinnulatanative Rainbow runner Rainbow runner 
Scorpaeniformes Platycephalidae Elates ransonnettiinative Dwarf flathead Dwarf flathead 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Electrona carlsberginative Electron subantarctic Carlsberg's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Electrona paucirastranative Belted lanternfish Belted lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Electrona rissonative Electric lantern fish Risso's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Electrona subasperanative Rough lanternfish Rough lanternfish 
Perciformes Eleotridae Eleotris acanthopomanative Spinecheek gudgeon Spine-cheek gudgeon 
Perciformes Eleotridae Eleotris fuscanative Dusky sleeper Brown gudgeon 
Perciformes Eleotridae Eleotris melanosomanative Broadhead sleeper Ebony gudgeon 
Perciformes Polynemidae Eleutheronema tetradactylumnative Fourfinger threadfin Blue threadfin 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Ellochelon vaigiensisnative Squaretail mullet Diamondscale mullet 
Elopiformes Elopidae Elops hawaiensisnative Hawaiian ladyfish Hawaiian giant herring 
Elopiformes Elopidae Elops machnatanative Tenpounder Australian giant herring 
Perciformes Emmelichthyidae Emmelichthys nitidus nitidusnative Cape bonnetmouth Redbait 
Perciformes Emmelichthyidae Emmelichthys struhsakerinative Golden redbait Golden redbait 
Ophidiiformes Carapidae Encheliophis boraborensisnative Pinhead pearlfish Pinhead pearlfish 
Ophidiiformes Carapidae Encheliophis gracilisnative Graceful pearlfish Graceful pearlfish 
Ophidiiformes Carapidae Encheliophis homeinative Silver pearlfish Silver pearlfish 
Ophidiiformes Carapidae Encheliophis vermicularisnative Worm pearlfish Worm pearlfish 
Ophidiiformes Carapidae Encheliophis vermiopsnative Pygmy pearlfish Pygmy pearlfish 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Enchelycore bayerinative Bayer's moray Hookjaw moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Enchelycore ramosanative Mosaic moray Mosaic moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Enchelycore schismatorhynchusnative White-margined moray  
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Enchelynassa caninanative Longfang moray Longfang moray 
Perciformes Blenniidae Enchelyurus aternative Black blenny Black blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Enchelyurus kraussiinative Krauss' blenny Krauss' blenny 
Clupeiformes Engraulidae Encrasicholina devisinative Devis' anchovy Devis' anchovy 
Clupeiformes Engraulidae Encrasicholina heterolobanative Shorthead anchovy Shorthead anchovy 
Clupeiformes Engraulidae Encrasicholina punctifernative Buccaneer anchovy Buccaneer anchovy 
Clupeiformes Engraulidae Engraulis australisnative Australian anchovy Australian anchovy 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Engyprosopon bleekerinative Bleeker's flounder Bleeker's flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Engyprosopon grandisquamanative Largescale flounder Spiny-head flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Engyprosopon maldivensisnative Olive wide-eyed flounder  
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Engyprosopon osculusnative  Bumphead flounder 
Perciformes Percophidae Enigmapercis reductanative Broad sandfish Broad sandfish 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius atrogularenative Blackthroat Triplefin Eastern Australian blackhead triplefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius bahasanative Blacktail threefin Blacktail threefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius cleaendemic Clea's threefin Clea's threefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius elegansnative Hourglass triplefin Hourglass triplefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius flavoccipitisnative Yellownape tripplefin Northern bicoloured triplefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius gracilisendemic Yellow-black threefin Yellow-black threefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius hemimelasnative Halfblack Triplefin Half-black triplefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius howensisendemic Lord Howe Threefin Lord Howe Threefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius larsonaenative Western Australian black-head triplefin Western Australian black-head triplefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius minutusnative  Minute triplefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius mirabilisnative Miracle triplefin Miracle triplefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius namarrgonendemic Lightning-man threefin Lightning-man threefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius nanusnative Pygmy triplefin Pygmy triplefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius philippinusnative Minute triplefin Minute threefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius pyramisnative Pyramid triplefin Pyramid threefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius rufopileusnative Redcap triplefin Lord Howe black-head triplefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius similisnative Black-and-Red Triplefin Masked threefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius triserialisnative White-spotted triplefin White-spotted triplefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius tutuilaenative High-hat Triplefin High hat triplefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Enneapterygius zieglerinative Ziegler's triplefin Ziegler's triplefin 
Perciformes Enoplosidae Enoplosus armatusendemic Old wife Old wife 
Perciformes Blenniidae Entomacrodus decussatusnative Wavy-lined blenny Wavy-lined blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Entomacrodus striatusnative Reef margin blenny Blackspotted rockskipper 
Perciformes Blenniidae Entomacrodus thalassinusnative Sea blenny Twinspot rockskipper 
Perciformes Callionymidae Eocallionymus papilionative Painted stinkfish Painted stinkfish 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Epetriodus freddyinative Needletooth cusk Needletooth cusk 
Perciformes Ephippidae Ephippus orbisnative Orbfish  
Perciformes Labridae Epibulus insidiatornative Sling-jaw wrasse Slingjaw wrasse 
Perciformes Epigonidae Epigonus denticulatusnative Pencil cardinal White deepsea cardinalfish 
Perciformes Epigonidae Epigonus lenimennative Big-eyed cardinalfish Bigeye deepsea cardinalfish 
Perciformes Epigonidae Epigonus macropsnative Luminous deepsea cardinalfish Luminous deepsea cardinalfish 
Perciformes Epigonidae Epigonus robustusnative Robust cardinalfish Robust deepsea cardinalfish 
Perciformes Epigonidae Epigonus telescopusnative Black cardinal fish Black deepsea cardinalfish 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelides armatusendemic Breaksea cod Breaksea cod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus amblycephalusnative Banded grouper Banded grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus areolatusnative Areolate grouper Yellowspotted rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus bilobatusendemic Frostback rockcod Frostback rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus bleekerinative Duskytail grouper Duskytail grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus coeruleopunctatusnative Whitespotted grouper Whitespotted grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus coioidesnative Orange-spotted grouper Goldspotted rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus corallicolanative Coral grouper Coral grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus cyanopodusnative Speckled blue grouper Purple rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus daemeliinative Saddletail grouper Black rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus darwinensisnative Darwin grouper Darwin grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus epistictusnative Dotted grouper Dotted grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus fasciatusnative Blacktip grouper Blacktip rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus fuscoguttatusnative Brown-marbled grouper Flowery rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus heniochusnative Bridled grouper Threeline rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus hexagonatusnative Starspotted grouper Wirenet rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus howlandinative Blacksaddle grouper Blacksaddle rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus lanceolatusnative Giant grouper Queensland groper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus latifasciatusnative Striped grouper Striped grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus macrospilosnative Snubnose grouper Snubnose grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus maculatusnative Highfin grouper Highfin grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus magniscuttisnative Speckled grouper Speckled grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus malabaricusnative Malabar grouper Blackspotted rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus melanostigmanative One-blotch grouper Oneblotch grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus merranative Honeycomb grouper Birdwire rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus miliarisnative Netfin grouper Netfin grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus morrhuanative Comet grouper Comet grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus multinotatusnative White-blotched grouper Rankin cod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus ongusnative White-streaked grouper Specklefin grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus poecilonotusnative Dot-dash grouper  
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus polyphekadionnative Camouflage grouper Camouflage grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus polystigmanative White-dotted grouper Whitedotted grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus quoyanusnative Longfin grouper Longfin rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus radiatusnative Oblique-banded grouper Radiant rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus retoutinative Red-tipped grouper Redtip grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus rivulatusnative Halfmoon grouper Chinaman rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus sexfasciatusnative Sixbar grouper Sixbar grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus spilotocepsnative Foursaddle grouper Foursaddle grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus stictusnative Black-dotted grouper Blackdotted grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus tauvinanative Greasy grouper Greasy rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus timorensisnative Yellowspotted grouper Yellowspotted grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus trophisnative Plump grouper Plump grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus tukulanative Potato grouper Potato rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus undulatostriatusendemic Maori rockcod Maori rockcod 
Myxiniformes Myxinidae Eptatretus alastairinative   
Myxiniformes Myxinidae Eptatretus cirrhatusnative Broadgilled hagfish Broadgilled hagfish 
Myxiniformes Myxinidae Eptatretus gomoninative   
Myxiniformes Myxinidae Eptatretus longipinnisnative Longfinned hagfish Longfin hagfish 
Myxiniformes Myxinidae Eptatretus strahaninative   
Perciformes Leiognathidae Equulites elongatusnative Elongate ponyfish Elongate ponyfish 
Perciformes Leiognathidae Equulites laterofenestranative   
Perciformes Leiognathidae Equulites leuciscusnative Whipfin ponyfish Whipfin ponyfish 
Perciformes Leiognathidae Equulites lineolatusnative Ornate ponyfish  
Scorpaeniformes Aploactinidae Erisphex aniarusnative Dark-finned velvetfish Darkfin velvetfish 
Scorpaeniformes Synanceiidae Erosa erosanative Pitted stonefish Pacific monkeyfish 
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Escualosa thoracatanative White sardine White sardine 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Etelis carbunculusnative Deep-water red snapper Ruby snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Etelis coruscansnative Deepwater longtail red snapper Flame snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Etelis radiosusnative Pale snapper Pale ruby snapper 
Squaliformes Etmopteridae Etmopterus baxterinative New Zealand lanternshark  
Squaliformes Etmopteridae Etmopterus bigelowinative Blurred smooth lantern shark Smooth lanternshark 
Squaliformes Etmopteridae Etmopterus dianthusnative Pink lanternshark Pink lanternshark 
Squaliformes Etmopteridae Etmopterus dislineatusnative  Lined lanternshark 
Squaliformes Etmopteridae Etmopterus evansinative  Blackmouth lanternshark 
Squaliformes Etmopteridae Etmopterus fususnative  Pygmy lanternshark 
Squaliformes Etmopteridae Etmopterus mollerinative Mollers lantern shark Moller's lanternshark 
Squaliformes Etmopteridae Etmopterus pusillusnative Smooth lanternshark Slender lanternshark 
Squaliformes Etmopteridae Etmopterus tasmaniensisnative   
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Eubalichthys bucephalusnative Black reef leatherjacket Whitley's leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Eubalichthys caeruleoguttatusnative Blue-spotted leatherjacket Blue-spotted leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Eubalichthys cyanouranative Bluetail leatherjacket Bluetail leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Eubalichthys gunniinative Gunn's leatherjacket Gunn's leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Eubalichthys mosaicusnative Mosaic leatherjacket Deep-bodied leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Eubalichthys quadrispinisnative Four-spined leatherjacket Four-spined leatherjacket 
Perciformes Leiognathidae Eubleekeria jonesinative Jones’ pony fish  
Perciformes Leiognathidae Eubleekeria splendensnative Splendid ponyfish Blacktip ponyfish 
Gadiformes Euclichthyidae Euclichthys polynemusnative Eucla cod Eucla cod 
Orectolobiformes Orectolobidae Eucrossorhinus dasypogonnative Tasselled wobbegong Tasselled wobbegong 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eugnathogobius mindoranative Stripe-face Calamiana Stripe-face Calamiana 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eugnathogobius stictosnative   
Beloniformes Hemiramphidae Euleptorhamphus viridisnative Ribbon halfbeak Longfin garfish 
Lampriformes Lophotidae Eumecichthys fiskinative Unicorn crestfish Unicorn crestfish 
Perciformes Bramidae Eumegistus illustrisnative Brilliant pomfret Brilliant pomfret 
Perciformes Labridae Eupetrichthys angustipesnative Snakeskin wrasse Snakeskin wrasse 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eupogonesthes xenicusnative Exotic snaggletooth Exotic snaggletooth 
Squaliformes Dalatiidae Euprotomicrus bispinatusnative Pygmy shark Pygmy shark 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Euristhmus lepturusnative Long-tailed catfish Longtail catfish 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Euristhmus microcepsendemic Smallhead catfish Smallhead catfish 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Euristhmus microphthalmusnative   
Siluriformes Plotosidae Euristhmus nudicepsnative Naked-headed catfish Nakedhead catfish 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Euristhmus sandraenative   
Gasterosteiformes Pegasidae Eurypegasus draconisnative Short dragonfish Little dragonfish 
Saccopharyngiformes Eurypharyngidae Eurypharynx pelecanoidesnative Pelican eel Pelican eel 
Ophidiiformes Carapidae Eurypleuron cinereumnative   
Carcharhiniformes Sphyrnidae Eusphyra blochiinative Winghead shark Winghead shark 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias achirusnative Proud dragonfish Proud dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias australensisendemic Australian dragonfish Australian dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias bifilisnative Twinthread dragonfish Twinthread dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias bulbornatusnative Grapevine dragonfish Grapevine dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias cryptobulbusnative Hiddenbulb dragonfish Hiddenbulb dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias enbarbatusnative Barbate dragonfish Barbate dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias macronemanative Bigbarb dragonfish Bigbarb dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias macrurusnative Yellowstem dragonfish Yellowstem dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias multifilisendemic Multi-thread dragonfish Multi-thread dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias parininative Parin's dragonfish Parin's dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias satterleeinative Twinray dragonfish Twinray dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias schmidtinative Schmidt's dragonfish Schmidt's dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias trewavasaenative Deepsea dragonfish Deepsea dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias vitiazinative Vitiaz dragonfish Vitiaz dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias vulgarisnative Common dragonfish Common dragonfish 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Eusurculus pistillumnative   
Perciformes Scombridae Euthynnus affinisnative Kawakawa Bonito 
Aulopiformes Evermannellidae Evermannella balbonative Balbo sabretooth Balbo sabretooth 
Aulopiformes Evermannellidae Evermannella indicanative Indian sabretooth Indian sabretooth 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota afeleinative Afele's dwarfgoby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota atriventrisnative Blackbelly dwarfgoby Neon Eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota bifasciatanative Twostripe dwarfgoby Twostripe Eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota bimaculataendemic Twin-occipital dwarfgoby Twospot Eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota bipunctatanative Variable dwarfgoby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota cometanative Comet dwarfgoby Comet Eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota distigmanative Twospot dwarfgoby Distigma Eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota fasciolanative Barred dwarfgoby Barred Eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota herreinative Herre's dwarfgoby Herre's Eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota hoeseinative Hoese's dwarfgoby Doug's Eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota infulatanative Shouldermark dwarfgoby Shouldermark Eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota inutilisendemic Chestspot dwarfgoby Chestspot Eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota korechikanative Korechika's dwarfoby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota lachdebereinative Lachdebere's dwarfgoby Redlight Eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota latifasciatanative Brownbanded dwarfgoby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota maculosanative Polkadot dwarfgoby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota melanosphenanative Wedge dwarfgoby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota melasmanative Headspot dwarfgoby Headspot Eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota monostigmanative Singlespot dwarfgoby Singlespot Eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota nebulosanative Nebulous dwarfgoby Palespot Eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota prasinanative Greenbubble dwarfgoby Rubble Eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota prasitesnative Hairfin dwarfgoby Hairfin Eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota punyitnative Punyit dwarfgoby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota queenslandicanative Queensland dwarfgoby Queensland eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota readeraenative Reader's dwarfgoby Sally's eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota sebreeinative Sebree's dwarfgoby Striped pygmygoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota sigillatanative Adorned dwarfgoby Sign Eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota smaragdusnative Emerald dwarfgoby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota sparsanative Speckled dwarfgoby Sparse eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota spilotanative Spottedfin dwarfgoby Shoulderspot eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota storthynxnative Storthynx dwarfgoby Rosy eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota variolaendemic Finspot dwarfgoby Finspot Eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota zebrinanative Zebra dwarfgoby Zebra eviota 
Perciformes Gobiidae Eviota zonuranative Zoned dwarfgoby Greenbanded eviota 
Perciformes Pentacerotidae Evistias acutirostrisnative Striped boarfish Striped boarfish 
Perciformes Blenniidae Exallias brevisnative Leopard blenny Pink-spotted blenny 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Exocoetus monocirrhusnative Barbel flyingfish Barbel flyingfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Exocoetus obtusirostrisnative Oceanic two-wing flyingfish  
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Exocoetus volitansnative Tropical two-wing flyingfish Cosmopolitan flyingfish 
Perciformes Gobiidae Exyrias akihitonative Akihito's goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Exyrias belissimusnative Mud reef-goby Beautiful goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Exyrias puntangnative Puntang goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Favonigobius exquisitusnative Exquisite sand-goby Exquisite goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Favonigobius gymnauchennative Sharp-nosed sand goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Favonigobius lateralisnative Southern longfin goby Long finned goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Favonigobius lentiginosusnative Eastern longfin goby Eastern longfin goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Favonigobius melanobranchusnative Blackthroat goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Favonigobius punctatusendemic Yellowspotted sandgoby Yellowspotted sandgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Favonigobius reicheinative Indo-Pacific tropical sand goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Feia notanative Palemarked feia goby Palemarked feia goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Feia nymphanative Nymph goby Feia goby 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Feroxodon multistriatusnative Manystriped blowfish Many-striped pufferfish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Festucalex cinctusendemic Girdled pipefish Girdled pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Festucalex gibbsinative Gibbs' pipefish Gibbs' pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Festucalex scalarisendemic Ladder pipefish Ladder pipefish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Fibramia lateralisnative Humpback cardinal Pinstripe cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Fibramia thermalisnative Half-barred cardinal Sangi cardinalfish 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Figaro boardmaniendemic Sawtail catshark Sawtail catshark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Figaro striatusnative Northern sawtail shark Northern sawtail shark 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Filicampus tigrisnative Tiger pipefish Tiger pipefish 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Fiordichthys paxtoninative Baldhead cusk Baldhead cusk 
Syngnathiformes Fistulariidae Fistularia commersoniinative Bluespotted cornetfish Smooth flutemouth 
Syngnathiformes Fistulariidae Fistularia petimbanative Red cornetfish Rough flutemouth 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Flagellostomias boureeinative Longbarb dragonfish Longbarb dragonfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Foa albimaculosanative Cream-spotted cardinalfish Creamspotted cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Foa fonative Weedy cardinalfish Samoan cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Foa yambanative   
Perciformes Callionymidae Foetorepus calauropomusnative Common stinkfish Common stinkfish 
Perciformes Callionymidae Foetorepus paxtoninative Paxton’s dragonet Paxton's stinkfish 
Perciformes Callionymidae Foetorepus phasisnative Bight stinkfish Bight stinkfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Forcipiger flavissimusnative Longnose butterfly fish Forceps fish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Forcipiger longirostrisnative Longnose butterflyfish Longnose butterflyfish 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Forsterygion gymnotumintroduced Tasmanian robust triplefin Tasmanian robust triplefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Forsterygion lapillumintroduced Common triplefin Common threefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Forsterygion variumnative Striped triplefin Striped triplefin 
Perciformes Apogonidae Fowleria auritanative Crosseyed cardinalfish Crosseye cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Fowleria isostigmanative Dotted cardinalfish  
Perciformes Apogonidae Fowleria marmoratanative Marbled cardinalfish Ear cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Fowleria punctulatanative Spotcheek cardinalfish Peppered cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Fowleria vaiulaenative Mottled cardinalfish Dwarf cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Fowleria variegatanative Variegated cardinalfish Variegated cardinalfish 
Perciformes Plesiopidae Fraudella carassiopsendemic Carp prettyfin Carp prettyfin 
Carcharhiniformes Triakidae Furgaleus mackiendemic Whiskery shark Whiskery shark 
Perciformes Gobiidae Fusigobius aureusnative Goldspot sandgoby Golden sandgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Fusigobius duospilusnative Barenape goby Twospot sandgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Fusigobius gracilisnative Slender sandgoby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Fusigobius humeralisnative Shoulderspot sandgoby Sidespot sandgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Fusigobius inframaculatusnative Innerspotted sandgoby Innerspot sandgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Fusigobius longispinusnative Orange-spotted sand-goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Fusigobius maximusnative Large sandgoby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Fusigobius melacronnative Blacktip sandgoby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Fusigobius neophytusnative Common fusegoby Neophyte sandgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Fusigobius signipinnisnative Signalfin goby Fine-spotted sand-goby 
Gadiformes Moridae Gadella jordaninative Jordan's cod Jordan's cod 
Gadiformes Moridae Gadella noropsnative   
Gadiformes Macrouridae Gadomus aoteanusnative Filamentous rattail Filamentous rat tail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Gadomus intronigernative Blackmouth rat tail Blackmouth rat tail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Gadomus pepperinative Blacktongue rat tail Blacktongue rat tail 
Perciformes Percichthyidae Gadopsis bispinosusendemic Twospine blackfish Twospine blackfish 
Perciformes Percichthyidae Gadopsis marmoratusendemic River blackfish River blackfish 
Gadiformes Lotidae Gaidropsarus novaezealandiaenative New Zealand ling New Zealand rockling 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Galaxias auratusendemic Golden Galaxias Golden galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Galaxias brevipinnisnative Koaro Climbing galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Galaxias fontanusendemic Swan galaxias Swan Galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Galaxias fuscusnative   
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Galaxias johnstoniendemic Clarence galaxias Clarence Galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Galaxias maculatusnative Inanga Common galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Galaxias nigernative Black galaxias Black galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Galaxias occidentalisendemic Western galaxias Western galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Galaxias olidusendemic Mountain galaxias Mountain galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Galaxias parvusendemic Swamp galaxias Swamp galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Galaxias pedderensisendemic Pedder galaxias Pedder Galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Galaxias rostratusendemic Flathead galaxias Flathead galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Galaxias tanycephalusendemic Saddled galaxias Saddled galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Galaxias truttaceusnative Spotted mountain trout Trout galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Galaxiella mundaendemic Western dwarf galaxias Western dwarf galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Galaxiella nigrostriataendemic Blackstriped dwarf galaxias Blackstriped dwarf galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Galaxiella pusillaendemic Eastern dwarf galaxias Eastern dwarf galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Galaxiella toourtkoourtnative Little galaxias Little galaxias 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Galeocerdo cuviernative Tiger shark Tiger shark 
Carcharhiniformes Triakidae Galeorhinus galeusnative Tope shark School shark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Galeus gracilisendemic Slender sawtail catshark Slender sawtail catshark 
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Gambusia affinisintroduced Mosquitofish Mosquito-fish 
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Gambusia dominicensisintroduced Dominican gambusia Domingo mosquito fish 
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Gambusia holbrookiintroduced Eastern mosquitofish Eastern gambusia 
Scorpaeniformes Peristediidae Gargariscus prionocephalusnative Jaggedhead gurnard Jaggedhead gurnard 
Perciformes Scombridae Gasterochisma melampusnative Butterfly kingfish Butterfly kingfish 
Anguilliformes Muraenesocidae Gavialiceps javanicusnative Duckbill conger Duckbill conger 
Perciformes Leiognathidae Gazza achlamysnative Smalltoothed ponyfish  
Perciformes Leiognathidae Gazza dentexnative Ovoid toothpony Ovoid ponyfish 
Perciformes Leiognathidae Gazza minutanative Toothpony Toothed ponyfish 
Perciformes Leiognathidae Gazza rhombeanative Rhomboid toothpony Rhomboid ponyfish 
Perciformes Gempylidae Gempylus serpensnative Snake mackerel Snake mackerel 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Genicanthus lamarcknative Blackstriped angelfish Lamarck's angelfish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Genicanthus melanospilosnative Spotbreast angelfish Swallowtail angelfish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Genicanthus watanabeinative Blackedged angelfish Watanabe's angelfish 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Genypterus blacodesnative Pink cusk-eel Pink ling 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Genypterus tigerinusnative Rock ling Rock ling 
Petromyzontiformes Geotriidae Geotria australisnative Pouched lamprey Pouch lamprey 
Beryciformes Trachichthyidae Gephyroberyx darwiniinative Darwin's slimehead Darwin's roughy 
Perciformes Gerreidae Gerres erythrourusnative Deep-bodied mojarra Short silverbiddy 
Perciformes Gerreidae Gerres filamentosusnative Whipfin silver-biddy Threadfin silverbiddy 
Perciformes Gerreidae Gerres longirostrisnative Strongspine silver-biddy Strongspine silverbiddy 
Perciformes Gerreidae Gerres macracanthusnative Longspine silverbiddy Longspine silverbiddy 
Perciformes Gerreidae Gerres oblongusnative Slender silver-biddy Slender silverbiddy 
Perciformes Gerreidae Gerres oyenanative Common silver-biddy Blacktip silverbiddy 
Perciformes Gerreidae Gerres subfasciatusnative Common silver belly Common silverbiddy 
Lophiiformes Gigantactinidae Gigantactis elsmaninative  Elsman's whipnose 
Lophiiformes Gigantactinidae Gigantactis gargantuanative   
Lophiiformes Gigantactinidae Gigantactis paxtoninative Paxton's whipnose Paxton's whipnose 
Aulopiformes Giganturidae Gigantura chuninative Gigantura Chun's telescopefish 
Aulopiformes Giganturidae Gigantura indicanative Telescopefish Indian telescopefish 
Perciformes Girellidae Girella cyaneanative Blue drummer Blue drummer 
Perciformes Girellidae Girella elevatanative Black drummer Rock blackfish 
Perciformes Girellidae Girella simplexnative   
Perciformes Girellidae Girella tephraeopsnative Rock blackfish Western rock blackfish 
Perciformes Girellidae Girella tricuspidatanative Parore Luderick 
Perciformes Girellidae Girella zebranative Zebra fish Zebrafish 
Perciformes Eleotridae Giuris margaritaceanative Snakehead gudgeon Snakehead gudgeon 
Perciformes Glaucosomatidae Glaucosoma buergerinative Deepsea jewfish Northern pearl perch 
Perciformes Glaucosomatidae Glaucosoma hebraicumendemic West Australian dhufish West Australian dhufish 
Perciformes Glaucosomatidae Glaucosoma magnificumnative Threadfin pearl-perch Threadfin pearl perch 
Perciformes Glaucosomatidae Glaucosoma scapulareendemic Pearl perch Nannygai 
Rhinopristiformes Glaucostegidae Glaucostegus granulatusnative Granulated guitarfish  
Rhinopristiformes Glaucostegidae Glaucostegus typusnative Giant shovelnose ray Giant shovelnose ray 
Perciformes Apogonidae Glossamia aprionnative Mouth almighty Damari 
Osmeriformes Argentinidae Glossanodon australisnative Southern herring smelt Southern herring smelt 
Osmeriformes Argentinidae Glossanodon elongatusnative   
Osmeriformes Argentinidae Glossanodon pseudolineatusnative Saddled herring smelt Saddled herring smelt 
Osmeriformes Argentinidae Glossanodon struhsakerinative Struhsaker's deep-sea smelt  
Perciformes Gobiidae Glossogobius aureusnative Golden tank goby Golden flathead goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Glossogobius bellendenensisnative   
Perciformes Gobiidae Glossogobius bicirrhosusnative Bearded flathead goby Bearded flathead goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Glossogobius celebiusnative Celebes goby Celebes flathead goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Glossogobius circumspectusnative Circumspect goby Circumspect goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Glossogobius concavifronsnative Concave goby Concave flathead goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Glossogobius giurisnative Tank goby Joolany 
Perciformes Gobiidae Glossogobius illimisnative   
Perciformes Gobiidae Glossogobius munroinative   
Perciformes Gobiidae Glossogobius nanusnative   
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Glyphis garrickinative Northern river shark Northern river shark 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Glyphis glyphisnative Speartooth shark  
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Glyptauchen panduratusendemic Goblinfish Goblinfish 
Perciformes Blenniidae Glyptoparus delicatulusnative Delicate blenny  
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Glyptophidium japonicumnative Japanese cusk Japanese cusk 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Glyptophidium lucidumnative Sculptured cusk Sculptured cusk 
Scorpaeniformes Gnathanacanthidae Gnathanacanthus goetzeeiendemic Red velvetfish Red velvetfish 
Perciformes Carangidae Gnathanodon speciosusnative Golden trevally Golden trevally 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Gnathodentex aureolineatusnative Striped large-eye bream Goldspot seabream 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gnatholepis anjerensisnative Eye-bar goby Eye-bar sand-goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gnatholepis argusnative   
Perciformes Gobiidae Gnatholepis cauerensisnative Eyebar goby Bridled goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gnatholepis gymnocaranative Nakedcheek sandgoby Nakedcheek sandgoby 
Anguilliformes Congridae Gnathophis castleinative Castle's conger Castle's conger 
Anguilliformes Congridae Gnathophis grahaminative Graham's conger Graham's conger 
Anguilliformes Congridae Gnathophis habenatusnative Little conger eel Silver conger 
Anguilliformes Congridae Gnathophis longicaudaendemic Little conger Little conger 
Anguilliformes Congridae Gnathophis macroporisnative Largepore conger Largepore conger 
Anguilliformes Congridae Gnathophis melanocoelusnative  Blackgut conger 
Anguilliformes Congridae Gnathophis micropsnative Smalleye conger Smalleye conger 
Anguilliformes Congridae Gnathophis nasutusnative  Bignose conger 
Anguilliformes Congridae Gnathophis umbrellabiusnative Umbrella conger Umbrella conger 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon acicularisnative Needlespine coral goby Needlespine coralgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon albofasciatusnative Whitelined coral goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon aoyagiinative   
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon axillarisnative Red-striped coralgoby Red-striped coral goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon brochusnative Rasp coralgoby Rasp coral goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon ceramensisnative Ceram coralgoby Ceram coral goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon citrinusnative Poison goby Four-bar maori goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon erythrospilusnative   
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon fuscorubernative Brown-red coralgoby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon heterospilosnative Head and tailspotted coralgoby Peppered coral goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon histrionative Broad-barred goby Broad-banded goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon micropusnative  Small-eyed goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon oculolineatusnative Eyeline coralgoby Eyeline coral goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon okinawaenative Okinawa goby Okinawa goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon prolixusnative Elongate coralgoby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon quinquestrigatusnative Five-lined coral goby Five-bar coral goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon rivulatusnative Rippled coralgoby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon spilophthalmusnative White-lined coral goby Whitelined coral goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon unicolornative Unicolor coralgoby  
Perciformes Eleotridae Gobiomorphus australisendemic Striped gudgeon Striped gudgeon 
Perciformes Eleotridae Gobiomorphus coxiiendemic Cox's gudgeon Cox's gudgeon 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiopsis angustifronsnative Narrownape barbelgoby Narrow barbel goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiopsis aporianative Poreless barbelgoby Poreless barbel goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiopsis arenarianative Patchwork barbelgoby Patchwork goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiopsis bravoinative Bravo's bearded goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiopsis macrostomanative Longjaw goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiopsis malekulaenative Striped barbelgoby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiopterus brachypterusnative   
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiopterus mindanensisnative Mindanao glassgoby Mindanao glassgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiopterus semivestitusnative Glassgoby Glass goby 
Perciformes Labridae Gomphosus variusnative Bird wrasse Birdnose wrasse 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Gonichthys barnesinative Barne's lanternfish Barnes' lanternfish 
Gonorynchiformes Gonorynchidae Gonorynchus gonorynchusnative Beaked salmon  
Gonorynchiformes Gonorynchidae Gonorynchus greyinative  Beaked salmon 
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Gonostoma atlanticumnative Atlantic fangjaw Atlantic fangjaw 
Anguilliformes Congridae Gorgasia galzininative Speckled garden-eel Speckled garden eel 
Anguilliformes Congridae Gorgasia preclaranative Splendid garden eel Splendid garden eel 
Perciformes Serranidae Gracila albomarginatanative Masked grouper Thinspine grouper 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Gracilimugil argenteusnative Flat-tail mullet Goldspot mullet 
Perciformes Gobiidae Grallenia lauensisnative Lau goby  
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Grammatobothus pennatusnative Pennant flounder Feather-fin flounder 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Grammatobothus polyophthalmusnative Threespot flounder Three-spot flounder 
Perciformes Scombridae Grammatorcynus bicarinatusnative Shark mackerel Shark mackerel 
Perciformes Scombridae Grammatorcynus bilineatusnative Double-lined mackerel Scad mackerel 
Zeiformes Grammicolepididae Grammicolepis brachiusculusnative Thorny tinselfish Thorny tinselfish 
Perciformes Serranidae Grammistes sexlineatusnative Goldenstriped soapfish Lined soapfish 
Perciformes Serranidae Grammistops ocellatusnative Ocellate soapfish Ocellate soapfish 
Perciformes Microdesmidae Gunnellichthys curiosusnative Curious wormfish Curious wormfish 
Perciformes Microdesmidae Gunnellichthys monostigmanative Onespot wormfish Onespot wormfish 
Perciformes Microdesmidae Gunnellichthys pleurotaenianative Onestripe wormfish Blacklined wormfish 
Perciformes Microdesmidae Gunnellichthys viridescensnative Yellowstripe wormfish Yellowstripe wormfish 
Gadiformes Moridae Guttigadus globicepsnative Fat-headed cod Fathead cod 
Gadiformes Moridae Guttigadus konginative Austral cod Austral cod 
Perciformes Percichthyidae Guyu wujalwujalensisnative  Bloomfield river cod 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Gymnapistes marmoratusendemic Soldier Soldier 
Perciformes Apogonidae Gymnapogon annonanative Naked cardinalfish Naked cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Gymnapogon philippinusnative Philippine cardinalfish Philippine cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Gymnapogon urospilotusnative B-spot cardinalfish Tailspot cardinalfish 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Gymnocranius audleyinative Collared large-eye bream Collar seabream 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Gymnocranius elongatusnative Forktail large-eye bream Swallowtail seabream 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Gymnocranius euanusnative Japanese large-eye bream Paddletail seabream 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Gymnocranius grandoculisnative Blue-lined large-eye bream Robinson's seabream 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Gymnocranius griseusnative Grey large-eye bream Grey seabream 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Gymnocranius microdonnative Blue-spotted large-eye bream Bluespotted seabream 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Gymnocranius satoinative Blacknape large-eye bream  
Perciformes Lethrinidae Gymnocranius superciliosusnative Eyebrowed large-eye bream.  
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnomuraena zebranative Zebra moray Zebra moray 
Perciformes Scombridae Gymnosarda unicolornative Dogtooth tuna Dogtooth tuna 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Gymnoscopelus hintonoidesnative False-midas lanternfish False-midas lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Gymnoscopelus microlampasnative Minispotted lanternfish Minispotted lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Gymnoscopelus piabilisnative Southern blacktip lanternfish Southern blacktip lanternfish 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax annasonanative  Lord howe moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax australicolanative South Pacific moray  
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax austrinusnative Southern moray Southern moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax buroensisnative Vagrant moray Latticetail moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax castleinative Castle's moray Castle's moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax cephalospilusnative Head-spot moray Headspot moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax chilospilusnative Lipspot moray Lipspot moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax cribrorisnative Sieve-patterned moray Sieve moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax enigmaticusnative Enigmatic moray Tiger moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax eurostusnative Abbott's moray eel Stout moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax favagineusnative Laced moray Tessellate moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax fimbriatusnative Fimbriated moray Fimbriate moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax flavimarginatusnative Yellow-edged moray Yellowmargin moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax fuscomaculatusnative Brown spotted moray Brownspotted moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax gracilicaudanative Slendertail moray Slendertail moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax herreinative Herre's moray  
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax intesinative  Whitetip moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax isingteenanative   
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax javanicusnative Giant moray Giant moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax kidakonative Kidako moray Kidako moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax kontodontosnative Short-tooth moray  
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax longinquusnative  Long moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax margaritophorusnative Blotch-necked moray Pearly moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax mccoskerinative  Manyband moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax melatremusnative Dwarf moray Dwarf moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax meleagrisnative Turkey moray Whitemouth moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax microstictusnative Smallspot moray Smallspot moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax minornative  Lesser moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax moluccensisnative Moluccan moray  
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax monochrousnative Drab moray Monotone moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax nubilusnative Grey moray Grey moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax nudivomernative Yellowmouth moray Yellowmouth moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax obesusnative Griffin's moray Speckled moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax phasmatodesnative Ghost moray  
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax pictusnative Paintspotted moray Painted moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax pindaenative Pinda moray Pinda moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax polyuranodonnative Freshwater moray Freshwater moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax porphyreusnative Lowfin moray Lowfin moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax prasinusnative Yellow moray Green moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax prionodonnative Australian mottled moray Sawtooth moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax pseudoherreinative False brown moray False brown moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax pseudothyrsoideusnative Highfin moray Highfin moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax reticularisnative   
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax richardsoniinative Richardson's moray  
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax robinsinative Robins' moray Pygmy moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax rueppelliaenative Banded moray Banded moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax thyrsoideusnative Greyface moray Greyface moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax undulatusnative Undulated moray Undulate moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax woodwardiendemic Woodward's moray Woodward's moray 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax zonipectisnative Barredfin moray Bartail moray 
Myliobatiformes Gymnuridae Gymnura australisnative Australian butterfly ray Australian butterfly ray 
Cetomimiformes Cetomimidae Gyrinomimus parrinative Parr's combtooth whalefish Parr's combtooth whalefish 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Halaelurus boesemaninative Speckled catshark Speckled catshark 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Halaelurus sellusnative Rusty Catshark Rusty Catshark 
Perciformes Bovichtidae Halaphritis platycephalanative  Flathead congolli 
Gadiformes Moridae Halargyreus johnsoniinative Slender codling Slender cod 
Perciformes Odacidae Haletta semifasciatanative Blue weed whiting Blue weed-whiting 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Halicampus boothaenative Booth's pipefish Booth's pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Halicampus brockinative Brock's pipefish Tasselled pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Halicampus dunckerinative Duncker's pipefish Ridgenose pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Halicampus grayinative Gray's pipefish Mud pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Halicampus macrorhynchusnative Ornate pipefish Whiskered pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Halicampus mataafaenative Samoan pipefish Samoan pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Halicampus nitidusnative Glittering pipefish Glittering pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Halicampus spinirostrisnative Spinysnout pipefish Spinysnout pipefish 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres argusnative Argus wrasse Argus wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres biocellatusnative Red-lined wrasse False-eyed wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres brownfieldinative Brownfields wrasse Brownfield's wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres chloropterusnative Pastel-green wrasse Pastel-green wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres chrysusnative Canary wrasse Golden wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres claudianative Claudia's wrasse  
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres hartzfeldiinative Hartzfeld's wrasse Orangeline wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres hortulanusnative Checkerboard wrasse Checkerboard wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres leucurusnative Greyhead wrasse Greyhead wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres margaritaceusnative Pink-belly wrasse Pearly wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres marginatusnative Dusky wrasse Dusky wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres melanochirnative Orangefin wrasse Orangefin wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres melanurusnative Tail-spot wrasse Hoeven's wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres melasmapomusnative Cheekspot wrasse Earmuff wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres miniatusnative Circle-cheek wrasse Cheek-ring wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres nebulosusnative Nebulous wrasse Cloud wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres nigrescensnative Bubblefin wrasse Bubblefin wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres ornatissimusnative Ornamented wrasse Ornamental wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres prosopeionnative Twotone wrasse Twotone wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres scapularisnative Zigzag wrasse Zigzag wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres trimaculatusnative Threespot wrasse Threespot wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Halichoeres zeylonicusnative Goldstripe wrasse Goldstripe wrasse 
Lophiiformes Ogcocephalidae Halicmetus nigernative   
Lophiiformes Ogcocephalidae Halicmetus reticulatusnative Marbled seabat Marbled seabat 
Lophiiformes Ogcocephalidae Halieutaea brevicaudanative Spiny sea bat Shortfin seabat 
Lophiiformes Ogcocephalidae Halieutaea coccineanative Scarlet seabat Scarlet seabat 
Lophiiformes Ogcocephalidae Halieutaea fumosanative Smoky seabat Smoky seabat 
Lophiiformes Ogcocephalidae Halieutaea indicanative Indian handfish  
Lophiiformes Ogcocephalidae Halieutaea stellatanative Minipizza batfish Starry seabat 
Lophiiformes Ogcocephalidae Halieutopsis simulanative   
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Haliichthys taeniophorusnative Ribboned pipefish Ribboned pipehorse 
Tetraodontiformes Triacanthodidae Halimochirurgus alcockinative  Alcock's spikefish 
Tetraodontiformes Triacanthodidae Halimochirurgus centriscoidesnative Longsnout spikefish Longsnout spikefish 
Batrachoidiformes Batrachoididae Halophryne diemensisnative Banded frogfish Banded frogfish 
Batrachoidiformes Batrachoididae Halophryne ocellatusendemic Ocellate frogfish Ocellate frogfish 
Batrachoidiformes Batrachoididae Halophryne queenslandiaeendemic Sculptured frogfish Sculptured frogfish 
Notacanthiformes Halosauridae Halosauropsis macrochirnative Abyssal halosaur Black halosaur 
Notacanthiformes Halosauridae Halosaurus pectoralisnative Australian halosaur Australian halosaur 
Perciformes Terapontidae Hannia greenwayiendemic Greenway's grunter Emana 
Perciformes Hapalogenyidae Hapalogenys dampieriensisnative Australian striped velvetchin Australian striped velvetchin 
Perciformes Hapalogenyidae Hapalogenys kishinouyeinative Lined javelinfish Lined javelinfish 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Haplomacrourus nudirostrisnative Naked snout rattail Nakedsnout whiptail 
Lophiiformes Linophrynidae Haplophryne mollisnative Soft leafvent angler Soft leafvent angler 
Aulopiformes Synodontidae Harpadon translucensnative Glassy Bombay duck Glassy Bombay duck 
Chimaeriformes Rhinochimaeridae Harriotta haeckelinative Smallspine spookfish Smallspine spookfish 
Chimaeriformes Rhinochimaeridae Harriotta raleighananative Pacific longnose chimaera Bigspine spookfish 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Hastatobythites arafurensisnative Spinyhead cusk Spinyhead cusk 
Perciformes Gobiidae Hazeus elatinative Eilat sandgoby Eilat sandgoby 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Helcogramma decurrensnative Black-throated triplefin Black-throated triplefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Helcogramma elliotinative   
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Helcogramma gymnauchennative Red-finned triplefin Red-finned triplefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Helcogramma springerinative Springer's triplefin Springer's triplefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Helcogramma striatanative Tropical striped triplefin Tropical striped triplefin 
Scorpaeniformes Sebastidae Helicolenus barathrinative Bigeye sea perch Bigeye ocean perch 
Scorpaeniformes Sebastidae Helicolenus percoidesnative Red gurnard perch Reef ocean perch 
Perciformes Terapontidae Helotes sexlineatusnative Eastern striped grunter Eastern striped grunter 
Siluriformes Ariidae Hemiarius dioctesnative Warrior catfish Warrior catfish 
Perciformes Cichlidae Hemichromis bimaculatusintroduced Jewelfish  
Carcharhiniformes Hemigaleidae Hemigaleus australiensisnative Australian weasel shark Weasel shark 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Hemiglyphidodon plagiometoponnative Lagoon damselfish Lagoon damsel 
Perciformes Gobiidae Hemigobius hoeveniinative Banded mulletgoby Banded mullet goby 
Perciformes Labridae Hemigymnus fasciatusnative Barred thicklip Fiveband wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Hemigymnus melapterusnative Blackeye thicklip Thicklip wrasse 
Carcharhiniformes Hemigaleidae Hemipristis elongatanative Snaggletooth shark Fossil shark 
Beloniformes Hemiramphidae Hemiramphus farnative Black-barred halfbeak Blackbarred garfish 
Beloniformes Hemiramphidae Hemiramphus robustusnative Three-by-two garfish Three-by-two garfish 
Orectolobiformes Hemiscylliidae Hemiscyllium ocellatumnative Epaulette shark Epaulette shark 
Orectolobiformes Hemiscylliidae Hemiscyllium trispecularenative Speckled carpetshark Speckled carpetshark 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Hemitaurichthys polylepisnative Pyramid butterflyfish Pyramid butterflyfish 
Carcharhiniformes Triakidae Hemitriakis abditanative Deepwater sicklefin hound shark Darksnout houndshark 
Carcharhiniformes Triakidae Hemitriakis falcatanative Sicklefin hound shark Sicklefin houndshark 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Hemitrygon fluviorumendemic Estuary stingray Estuary stingray 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Hemitrygon parvonigranative Dwarf black stingray Dwarf black stingray 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Heniochus acuminatusnative Pennant coralfish Longfin bannerfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Heniochus chrysostomusnative Threeband pennantfish Pennant bannerfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Heniochus diphreutesnative False moorish idol Schooling bannerfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Heniochus monocerosnative Masked bannerfish Masked bannerfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Heniochus singulariusnative Singular bannerfish Singular bannerfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Heniochus variusnative Horned bannerfish Horned bannerfish 
Perciformes Terapontidae Hephaestus carboendemic Coal grunter Coal grunter 
Perciformes Terapontidae Hephaestus epirrhinosendemic Longnose sooty grunter Longnose sooty grunter 
Perciformes Terapontidae Hephaestus fuliginosusendemic Sooty grunter Sooty grunter 
Perciformes Terapontidae Hephaestus jenkinsiendemic Western sooty grunter Emana 
Perciformes Terapontidae Hephaestus tulliensisnative  Khaki grunter 
Hexanchiformes Hexanchidae Heptranchias perlonative Sharpnose sevengill shark Sharpnose sevengill shark 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Heraldia nocturnanative Upside-down pipefish Upside-down pipefish 
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Herklotsichthys blackburniendemic Blackburn's herring Blackburn's herring 
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Herklotsichthys castelnauinative Castelnau's herring Southern herring 
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Herklotsichthys colletteinative Collette's herring Collette's herring 
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Herklotsichthys gotoinative Goto's herring Darwin herring 
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Herklotsichthys koningsbergerinative Koningsberger's herring Largespotted herring 
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Herklotsichthys lippanative Australian spotted herring Smallspotted herring 
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatusnative Bluestripe herring Goldspot herring 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Herwigia krefftinative Krefft's smooth-head Toothless slickhead 
Perciformes Gobiidae Hetereleotris readeraenative   
Perciformes Clinidae Heteroclinus adelaidaenative Adelaide's weedfish Adelaide's weedfish 
Perciformes Clinidae Heteroclinus antinectesendemic Natal weedfish Natal weedfish 
Perciformes Clinidae Heteroclinus eckloniaeendemic Kelp weedfish Kelp weedfish 
Perciformes Clinidae Heteroclinus equiradiatusendemic Sevenbar weedfish Sevenbar weedfish 
Perciformes Clinidae Heteroclinus heptaeolusendemic Ogilby's weedfish Ogilby's weedfish 
Perciformes Clinidae Heteroclinus johnstoninative Johnston's weedfish Johnston's weedfish 
Perciformes Clinidae Heteroclinus kuiterinative   
Perciformes Clinidae Heteroclinus macrophthalmusendemic Large-eye weedfish Large-eye weedfish 
Perciformes Clinidae Heteroclinus marmoratusnative Slender weedfish Slender weedfish 
Perciformes Clinidae Heteroclinus nasutusnative Large-nose weedfish Large-nose weedfish 
Perciformes Clinidae Heteroclinus perspicillatusendemic Common weedfish Common weedfish 
Perciformes Clinidae Heteroclinus puellarumnative Little weedfish Girls weedfish 
Perciformes Clinidae Heteroclinus roseusnative Rosy weedfish Rosy weedfish 
Perciformes Clinidae Heteroclinus tristisnative Sharp-nose weedfish Sharp-nose weedfish 
Perciformes Clinidae Heteroclinus whiteleggiiendemic Banded weedfish Banded weedfish 
Perciformes Clinidae Heteroclinus wilsoninative Wilson's weedfish Wilson's weedfish 
Anguilliformes Congridae Heteroconger hassinative Spotted garden-eel Spotted garden eel 
Heterodontiformes Heterodontidae Heterodontus galeatusendemic Crested hornshark Crested hornshark 
Heterodontiformes Heterodontidae Heterodontus portusjacksoninative Port Jackson shark Tabbigaw 
Heterodontiformes Heterodontidae Heterodontus zebranative Zebra bullhead shark Zebra horn shark 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Heterophotus ophistomanative Wingfin snaggletooth Wingfin snaggletooth 
Perciformes Priacanthidae Heteropriacanthus cruentatusnative Glasseye Blotched bigeye 
Perciformes Odacidae Heteroscarus acroptilusnative Rainbow cale Rainbow cale 
Hexanchiformes Hexanchidae Hexanchus griseusnative Bluntnose sixgill shark Bluntnose sixgill shark 
Hexanchiformes Hexanchidae Hexanchus nakamurainative Bigeyed sixgill shark Bigeye sixgill shark 
Siluriformes Ariidae Hexanematichthys mastersinative Master's catfish Masters' catfish 
Myliobatiformes Hexatrygonidae Hexatrygon bickellinative Sixgill stingray Sixgill stingray 
Lophiiformes Himantolophidae Himantolophus appeliinative Prickly footballfish Prickly footballfish 
Lophiiformes Himantolophidae Himantolophus cornifernative   
Lophiiformes Himantolophidae Himantolophus stewartinative   
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Himantura australisnative Australian whipray  
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Himantura leopardanative  Leopard whipray 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Himantura uarnaknative Honeycomb stingray Yidi 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Himantura undulatanative Leopard whipray Leopard whipray 
Aulopiformes Aulopidae Hime curtirostrisendemic Shortsnout threadsail Shortsnout threadsail 
Aulopiformes Aulopidae Hime formosananative   
Aulopiformes Aulopidae Hime pyrhistionnative Flaming flagfin Flaming flagfin 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippichthys cyanospilosnative Blue-spotted pipefish Bluespeckled pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippichthys heptagonusnative Belly pipefish Madura pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippichthys parvicarinatusendemic Short-keel pipefish Short-keel pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippichthys penicillusnative Beady pipefish Beady pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippichthys spicifernative Bellybarred pipefish Bellybar pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus abdominalisnative Big-belly seahorse Bigbelly seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus alatusnative Winged seahorse Winged seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus angustusendemic Western spiny seahorse Western spiny seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus bargibantinative Pygmy seahorse Pygmy seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus biocellatusnative False-eyed seahorse False-eye seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus brevicepsendemic Shorthead seahorse Shorthead seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus colemaninative Coleman's pygmy seahorse  
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus grandicepsnative Big-head seahorse Bighead seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus hendrikinative Eastern spiny seahorse Eastern spiny seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus histrixnative Thorny seahorse  
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus jugumusnative Collared seahorse Collared seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus kudanative Spotted seahorse Spotted seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus minotaurnative Bullneck seahorse Bullneck seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus montebelloensisnative Monte Bello seahorse Monte Bello seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus multispinusnative Northern spiny seahorse Northern spiny seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus paradoxusnative Paradoxical seahorse Paradoxical seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus pontohinative Pontoh's pygmy seahorse  
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus procerusnative High-crown seahorse Highcrown seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus queenslandicusnative Queensland seahorse Queensland seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus spinosissimusnative Hedgehog seahorse  
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus subelongatusendemic West Australian seahorse West Australian seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus trimaculatusnative Longnose seahorse Lowcrown seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus whiteinative White's seahorse White's seahorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hippocampus zebranative Zebra seahorse Zebra seahorse 
Perciformes Scaridae Hipposcarus longicepsnative Pacific longnose parrotfish Longnose parrotfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Hirundichthys oxycephalusnative Bony flyingfish Bony flyingfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Hirundichthys rondeletiinative Black wing flyingfish Rondelet's flyingfish 
Beloniformes Exocoetidae Hirundichthys speculigernative Mirrorwing flyingfish Mirrorwing flyingfish 
Anguilliformes Synaphobranchidae Histiobranchus australisnative  Southern cut-throat eel 
Anguilliformes Synaphobranchidae Histiobranchus bruuninative Bruun's cutthroat Bruun's cut-throat eel 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Histiogamphelus briggsiinative Briggs' pipefish Crested pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Histiogamphelus cristatusnative Macleay's crested pipefish Rhino pipefish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Histiophryne bougainvilliendemic Smooth anglerfish Smooth anglerfish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Histiophryne cryptacanthusnative Cryptic anglerfish Rodless anglerfish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Histiophryne maggiewalkernative Queensland frogfish Queensland frogfish 
Perciformes Pentacerotidae Histiopterus typusnative Sailfin armourhead Threebar boarfish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Histrio histrionative Sargassumfish Sargassum fish 
Perciformes Labridae Hologymnosus annulatusnative Ring wrasse Ringed slender wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Hologymnosus doliatusnative Pastel ringwrasse Pastel slender wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Hologymnosus longipesnative Sidespot longface wrasse Pale slender wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Hologymnosus rhodonotusnative Redback longface wrasse Red slender wrasse 
Osmeriformes Platytroctidae Holtbyrnia laticaudanative Tusked tubeshoulder Tusked tubeshoulder 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Homostolus acernative Filament cusk Filament cusk 
Scorpaeniformes Hoplichthyidae Hoplichthys citrinusnative Lemon ghost flathead Lemon ghost flathead 
Scorpaeniformes Hoplichthyidae Hoplichthys filamentosusnative Longray ghost flathead Longray ghost flathead 
Scorpaeniformes Hoplichthyidae Hoplichthys haswellinative Armoured flathead Deepsea flathead 
Scorpaeniformes Hoplichthyidae Hoplichthys imamuraiendemic Imamura's ghost flathead Imamura's ghost flathead 
Scorpaeniformes Hoplichthyidae Hoplichthys ogilbyiendemic Ogilby's ghost flathead Ogilby's ghost flathead 
Scorpaeniformes Hoplichthyidae Hoplichthys reganinative Ghost flathead Regan's ghost flathead 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Hoplobrotula armatanative Armoured cusk Armoured cusk 
Perciformes Malacanthidae Hoplolatilus cuniculusnative Dusky tilefish Green tilefish 
Perciformes Malacanthidae Hoplolatilus starckinative Stark's tilefish Bluehead tilefish 
Beryciformes Trachichthyidae Hoplostethus atlanticusnative Orange roughy Orange roughy 
Beryciformes Trachichthyidae Hoplostethus gigasnative Giant sawbelly Giant sawbelly 
Beryciformes Trachichthyidae Hoplostethus latusnative Palefin sawbelly Palefin sawbelly 
Beryciformes Trachichthyidae Hoplostethus mediterraneusnative Mediterranean slimehead Blacktip sawbelly 
Beryciformes Trachichthyidae Hoplostethus melanopezanative New Zealand giant sawbelly  
Beryciformes Trachichthyidae Hoplostethus melanopusnative Smallscale slimehead Smallscale sawbelly 
Beryciformes Trachichthyidae Hoplostethus ravurictusnative   
Beryciformes Trachichthyidae Hoplostethus shubnikovinative Metavay sawbelly Metavay sawbelly 
Perciformes Howellidae Howella brodieinative Pelagic basslet Southern pelagic bass 
Perciformes Howellidae Howella sherborninative Sherborn's pelagic bass Sherborn's pelagic bass 
Chimaeriformes Chimaeridae Hydrolagus homonycterisnative Black ghostshark  
Chimaeriformes Chimaeridae Hydrolagus lemuresendemic Blackfin ghostshark Blackfin ghostshark 
Chimaeriformes Chimaeridae Hydrolagus marmoratusnative   
Chimaeriformes Chimaeridae Hydrolagus ogilbyiendemic Ogilbys ghostshark Ogilbys ghostshark 
Chimaeriformes Chimaeridae Hydrolagus waiteinative   
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Hygophum hanseninative Hansen's lanternfish Hansen's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Hygophum hygomiinative Bermuda lantern fish Hygom's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Hygophum macrochirnative Large-finned lanternfish Largefin lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Hygophum proximumnative Firefly lanternfish Firefly lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Hygophum reinhardtiinative Reinhardt's lantern fish Reinhardt's lanternfish 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Hymenocephalus aegernative Plaintail whiptail Plaintail whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Hymenocephalus aterrimusnative Blackest whiptail Blackest whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Hymenocephalus iwamotoinative   
Gadiformes Macrouridae Hymenocephalus longibarbisnative Longbarb whiptail Longbarb whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Hymenocephalus longicepsnative   
Gadiformes Macrouridae Hymenocephalus megalopsnative Bigeye whiptail Bigeye whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Hymenocephalus nascensnative Nascent membranehead Origin whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Hymenogadus gracilisnative Slender membranehead Delicate whiptail 
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Hyperlophus translucidusendemic Glassy sprat Glassy sprat 
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Hyperlophus vittatusendemic Sandy sprat Sandy sprat 
Perciformes Centrolophidae Hyperoglyphe antarcticanative Bluenose warehou Deepsea trevally 
Torpediniformes Hypnidae Hypnos monopterygiusendemic Coffin ray Coffin ray 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Hypoatherina barnesinative Barnes' silverside Barnes' hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Hypoatherina temminckiinative Samoan silverside Samoan hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Hypoatherina tropicalisnative Whitley's silverside Tropical hardyhead 
Carcharhiniformes Triakidae Hypogaleus hyugaensisnative Blacktip tope Pencil shark 
Perciformes Serranidae Hypoplectrodes annulatusendemic Blackbanded seaperch Blackbanded seaperch 
Perciformes Serranidae Hypoplectrodes cardinalisendemic Red seaperch Red seaperch 
Perciformes Serranidae Hypoplectrodes jamesoniendemic Jameson's seaperch Jameson's seaperch 
Perciformes Serranidae Hypoplectrodes maccullochiendemic Halfbanded seaperch Halfbanded seaperch 
Perciformes Serranidae Hypoplectrodes nigroruberendemic Banded seaperch Banded seaperch 
Perciformes Serranidae Hypoplectrodes wilsoniendemic Spotty seaperch Spotty seaperch 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Hypopleuron caninumnative Whiptail cusk Whiptail cusk 
Perciformes Latidae Hypopterus macropterusendemic Spikey bass Spikey bass 
Beloniformes Hemiramphidae Hyporhamphus affinisnative Tropical halfbeak Tropical garfish 
Beloniformes Hemiramphidae Hyporhamphus australisendemic Eastern sea garfish Eastern sea garfish 
Beloniformes Hemiramphidae Hyporhamphus dussumierinative Dussumier's halfbeak Slender garfish 
Beloniformes Hemiramphidae Hyporhamphus melanochirendemic Southern garfish Southern garfish 
Beloniformes Hemiramphidae Hyporhamphus neglectissimusnative Black-tipped garfish Neglected garfish 
Beloniformes Hemiramphidae Hyporhamphus neglectusnative   
Beloniformes Hemiramphidae Hyporhamphus quoyinative Quoy's garfish Longtail garfish 
Beloniformes Hemiramphidae Hyporhamphus regularisendemic River garfish River garfish 
Perciformes Serranidae Hyporthodus ergastulariusnative Sevenbar grouper Banded rockcod 
Perciformes Serranidae Hyporthodus octofasciatusnative Eightbar grouper Eightbar grouper 
Perciformes Serranidae Hyporthodus perplexusnative Puzzling grouper Puzzling grouper 
Perciformes Eleotridae Hypseleotris aureaendemic Golden carp gudgeon Golden carp gudgeon 
Perciformes Eleotridae Hypseleotris barrawayinative   
Perciformes Eleotridae Hypseleotris compressanative Empire gudgeon Empire gudgeon 
Perciformes Eleotridae Hypseleotris ejuncidaendemic Slender carp gudgeon Slender carp gudgeon 
Perciformes Eleotridae Hypseleotris galiiendemic Firetailed gudgeon Firetailed gudgeon 
Perciformes Eleotridae Hypseleotris kimberleyensisendemic Barnett River gudgeon Barnett River gudgeon 
Perciformes Eleotridae Hypseleotris klunzingerinative Western carp gudgeon Western carp gudgeon 
Perciformes Eleotridae Hypseleotris regalisendemic Regent carp gudgeon Regent carp gudgeon 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hypselognathus horridusnative Prickly pipefish Shaggy pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Hypselognathus rostratusnative Knife-snouted pipefish Knifesnout pipefish 
Carcharhiniformes Triakidae Iago garrickinative Longnose houndshark Longnose hound shark 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Ichthyapus vulturisnative Vulture sand eel Vulture eel 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Ichthyocampus carcenative   
Stomiiformes Phosichthyidae Ichthyococcus australisnative Southern lightfish Southern lightfish 
Stomiiformes Phosichthyidae Ichthyococcus intermediusnative Intermediate lightfish Intermediate lightfish 
Stomiiformes Phosichthyidae Ichthyococcus ovatusnative Lightfish Ovate lightfish 
Perciformes Uranoscopidae Ichthyscopus barbatusnative Fringed stargazer Fringed stargazer 
Perciformes Uranoscopidae Ichthyscopus fasciatusnative Banded stargazer Banded stargazer 
Perciformes Uranoscopidae Ichthyscopus insperatusendemic Doubleband stargazer Doubleband stargazer 
Perciformes Uranoscopidae Ichthyscopus nigripinnisnative  Blackfin stargazer 
Perciformes Uranoscopidae Ichthyscopus sannionative Spotcheck stargazer Spotted stargazer 
Perciformes Uranoscopidae Ichthyscopus spinosusnative  Spiny stargazer 
Perciformes Centrolophidae Icichthys australisnative Southern driftfish  
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Idiacanthus atlanticusnative Black dragonfish Common black dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Idiacanthus fasciolanative Ribbon sawtail fish Serpent black dragonfish 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Idiolophorhynchus andriashevinative Pineapple rattail Pineapple whiptail 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Idiotropiscis australenative Southern little pipehorse Southern pygmy pipehorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Idiotropiscis larsonaenative Helen's pygmy pipehorse Helen's pygmy pipehorse 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Idiotropiscis lumnitzerinative Sydney's pygmy pipehorse Sydney's pygmy pipehorse 
Clupeiformes Pristigasteridae Ilisha elongatanative Elongate ilisha Elongate ilisha 
Clupeiformes Pristigasteridae Ilisha lunulanative Longtail ilisha Longtail ilisha 
Clupeiformes Pristigasteridae Ilisha melastomanative Indian ilisha  
Clupeiformes Pristigasteridae Ilisha striatulanative Banded ilisha Banded ilisha 
Anguilliformes Synaphobranchidae Ilyophis brunneusnative Muddy arrowtooth eel Muddy arrowtooth eel 
Perciformes Eleotridae Incara multisquamatusnative  Finescale gudgeon 
Scorpaeniformes Platycephalidae Inegocia harrisiinative Harris's flathead Harris's flathead 
Scorpaeniformes Platycephalidae Inegocia japonicanative Japanese flathead Rusty flathead 
Perciformes Labridae Iniistius aneitensisnative Yellowblotch razorfish Whiteblotch razorfish 
Perciformes Labridae Iniistius deanative Blackspot razorfish Leaf wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Iniistius jacksonensisnative Purple-spotted wrasse Purple-spotted wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Iniistius pavonative Peacock wrasse Blue razorfish 
Perciformes Labridae Iniistius pentadactylusnative Fivefinger wrasse Fivefinger razorfish 
Scorpaeniformes Synanceiidae Inimicus caledonicusnative Chinese ghoul Demon stingerfish 
Scorpaeniformes Synanceiidae Inimicus didactylusnative Bearded ghoul Longsnout stingerfish 
Scorpaeniformes Synanceiidae Inimicus sinensisnative Spotted ghoul Spotted stingerfish 
Rajiformes Arhynchobatidae Insentiraja laxipellanative Eastern looseskin skate Eastern looseskin skate 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Ipnops agassiziinative Grideye fish Grideye spiderfish 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Ipnops murrayinative   
Atheriniformes Melanotaeniidae Iriatherina wernerinative Threadfin rainbowfish Threadfin rainbowfish 
Rajiformes Arhynchobatidae Irolita waitiiendemic Southern round skate Southern round skate 
Rajiformes Arhynchobatidae Irolita westraliensisnative Western round skate Western round skate 
Squaliformes Dalatiidae Isistius brasiliensisnative Cookie cutter shark Smalltooth cookiecutter shark 
Squaliformes Dalatiidae Isistius plutodusnative Largetooth cookiecutter shark Largetooth cookiecutter shark 
Atheriniformes Isonidae Iso rhothophilusnative Flower of the wave Surf sardine 
Perciformes Blenniidae Istiblennius dussumierinative Streaky rockskipper Dussumier's rockskipper 
Perciformes Blenniidae Istiblennius edentulusnative Rippled rockskipper Coral blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Istiblennius lineatusnative Lined rockskipper Black-lined blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Istiblennius meleagrisnative Peacock rockskipper Peacock rockskipper 
Perciformes Blenniidae Istiblennius muellerinative Mueller's rockskipper  
Perciformes Gobiidae Istigobius decoratusnative Decorated goby Decorated sandgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Istigobius diademanative Spectacled sandgoby Spectacled boby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Istigobius goldmanninative Goldman's goby Goldmann's goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Istigobius hoeseinative Hoese's sandgoby Hoese's sandgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Istigobius nigroocellatusnative Black-spotted goby Black-spotted goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Istigobius ornatusnative Ornate goby Ornate sand goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Istigobius rigiliusnative Rigilius goby Orange-spotted goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Istigobius spencenative Pearl goby Reticulate sandgoby 
Perciformes Istiophoridae Istiompax indicanative Black marlin Pacific black marlin 
Perciformes Istiophoridae Istiophorus platypterusnative Indo-Pacific sailfish Bayonet fish 
Lamniformes Lamnidae Isurus oxyrinchusnative Shortfin mako Blue pointer 
Perciformes Apogonidae Jaydia argyrogasternative Silvermouth siphonfish Silvermouth siphonfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Jaydia carinatusnative Ocellate cardinalfish Ocellate cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Jaydia elliotinative Flag-in cardinal-fish Flag-in cardinal-fish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Jaydia melanopusnative Monster cardinal-fish Monster cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Jaydia poecilopteranative Pearly-finned cardinalfish Pearlyfin cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Jaydia truncatanative Flagfin cardinalfish Flagfin cardinalfish 
Perciformes Sciaenidae Johnius amblycephalusnative Bearded croaker Bearded jewfish 
Perciformes Sciaenidae Johnius australisnative Bottlenose jewfish Little jewfish 
Perciformes Sciaenidae Johnius belangeriinative Belanger's croaker Belanger's jewfish 
Perciformes Sciaenidae Johnius borneensisnative Sharpnose hammer croaker River jewfish 
Perciformes Sciaenidae Johnius coitornative Coitor croaker Coitor croaker 
Perciformes Sciaenidae Johnius laevisnative Smooth croaker Smooth jewfish 
Perciformes Sciaenidae Johnius novaeguineaenative Paperhead croaker Paperhead jewfish 
Perciformes Sciaenidae Johnius novaehollandiaenative   
Perciformes Sciaenidae Johnius weberinative Weber's croaker  
Cyprinodontiformes Cyprinodontidae Jordanella floridaeintroduced Flagfish American Flagfish 
Perciformes Istiophoridae Kajikia audaxnative Striped marlin Beakie 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Kamoharaia megastomanative Wide-mouthed flounder Wide-mouthed flounder 
Scorpaeniformes Aploactinidae Kanekonia queenslandicaendemic Deep velvetfish Deep velvetfish 
Perciformes Uranoscopidae Kathetostoma canasternative  Speckled stargazer 
Perciformes Uranoscopidae Kathetostoma laevenative Common stargazer Banded stonelifter 
Perciformes Uranoscopidae Kathetostoma nigrofasciatumnative Deepwater stargazer Deepwater stargazer 
Perciformes Scombridae Katsuwonus pelamisnative Skipjack tuna Stripey 
Anguilliformes Chlopsidae Kaupichthys atronasusnative Black-nostril false moray Blacknose false moray 
Anguilliformes Chlopsidae Kaupichthys brachychirusnative Shortfin false moray Shortfin false moray 
Anguilliformes Chlopsidae Kaupichthys diodontusnative Common false moray Plain false moray 
Anguilliformes Chlopsidae Kaupichthys hyoproroidesnative False moray Grey reef eel 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Kaupus costatusnative Deepbody pipefish Deepbody pipefish 
Perciformes Gobiidae Kelloggella cardinalisnative Cardinal goby  
Tetraodontiformes Aracanidae Kentrocapros flavofasciatusnative   
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Kestratherina brevirostrisnative Short-snout hardyhead Shortsnout hardyhead 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Kestratherina esoxendemic Pikehead hardyhead Pikehead hardyhead 
Perciformes Eleotridae Kimberleyeleotris hutchinsiendemic Mitchell gudgeon Mitchell gudgeon 
Perciformes Eleotridae Kimberleyeleotris notataendemic Drysdale gudgeon Drysdale gudgeon 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Kimblaeus bassensisnative Trawl pipefish Trawl pipefish 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Kopua kuiterinative  Deepwater clignfish 
Perciformes Gobiidae Koumansetta rainfordinative Old glory Old glory 
Perciformes Kraemeriidae Kraemeria merensisnative   
Perciformes Kraemeriidae Kraemeria samoensisnative Samoan sand dart  
Perciformes Kuhliidae Kuhlia marginatanative Dark-margined flagtail Spotted flagtail 
Perciformes Kuhliidae Kuhlia mugilnative Barred flagtail Fivebar flagtail 
Perciformes Kuhliidae Kuhlia mundanative Silver flagtail Silver flagtail 
Perciformes Kuhliidae Kuhlia rupestrisnative Rock flagtail Jungle perch 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Kuiterichthys furcipilisendemic Rough anglerfish Rough anglerfish 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Kumba gymnorhynchusnative   
Scorpaeniformes Platycephalidae Kumococius rodericensisnative Spiny flathead Whitefin flathead 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Kuronezumia bubonisnative Bulbous rattail Bulbous whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Kuronezumia leonisnative Snubnose whiptail Snubnose whiptail 
Perciformes Kurtidae Kurtus gulliverinative Nurseryfish Humphead 
Perciformes Kyphosidae Kyphosus bigibbusnative Brown chub Grey drummer 
Perciformes Kyphosidae Kyphosus cinerascensnative Blue sea chub Snubnose drummer 
Perciformes Kyphosidae Kyphosus corneliinative Western buffalo bream Western buffalo bream 
Perciformes Kyphosidae Kyphosus gladiusendemic Gladius sea chub Gladius sea chub 
Perciformes Kyphosidae Kyphosus pacificusnative Pacific drummer Pacific drummer 
Perciformes Kyphosidae Kyphosus sydneyanusnative Silver drummer Silver drummer 
Perciformes Kyphosidae Kyphosus vaigiensisnative Brassy chub Brassy drummer 
Anguilliformes Nemichthyidae Labichthys yanoinative Yano's snipe eel Yano's snipe eel 
Perciformes Pseudochromidae Labracinus cyclophthalmusnative Fire-tail devil Firetail dottyback 
Perciformes Pseudochromidae Labracinus lineatusendemic Lined dottyback Lined dottyback 
Perciformes Kyphosidae Labracoglossa nitidanative Blue knifefish Blue knifefish 
Perciformes Labridae Labrichthys unilineatusnative Tubelip wrasse Oneline wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Labroides bicolornative Bicolor cleaner wrasse Bicolor cleanerfish 
Perciformes Labridae Labroides dimidiatusnative Bluestreak cleaner wrasse Common cleanerfish 
Perciformes Labridae Labroides pectoralisnative Blackspot cleaner wrasse Breastspot cleanerfish 
Perciformes Labridae Labropsis australisnative Southern tubelip Southern tubelip 
Perciformes Labridae Labropsis manabeinative Northern tubelip Tailblotch tubelip 
Perciformes Labridae Labropsis xanthonotanative Yellowback tubelip Yellowback tubelip 
Perciformes Lactariidae Lactarius lactariusnative False trevally False trevally 
Tetraodontiformes Ostraciidae Lactoria cornutanative Longhorn cowfish Longhorn cowfish 
Tetraodontiformes Ostraciidae Lactoria diaphananative Roundbelly cowfish Roundbelly cowfish 
Tetraodontiformes Ostraciidae Lactoria fornasininative Thornback cowfish Thornback cowfish 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Laeops parvicepsnative Small headed flounder  
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Lagocephalus cheesemaniinative  Cheeseman's puffer 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Lagocephalus guentherinative Diamondback puffer  
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Lagocephalus inermisnative Smooth blaasop  
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Lagocephalus lunarisnative Lunartail puffer Golden toadfish 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Lagocephalus sceleratusnative Silver-cheeked toadfish North-West blowfish 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Lagocephalus spadiceusnative Half-smooth golden pufferfish Half-smooth golden pufferfish 
Perciformes Blenniidae Laiphognathus multimaculatusnative Spotty blenny Manyspot blenny 
Lamniformes Lamnidae Lamna nasusnative Porbeagle Porbeagle 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampadena chavesinative Chaves' lanternfish Chaves' lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampadena luminosanative Luminous lanternfish Luminous lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampadena notialisnative Notal lanternfish Notal lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampadena speculigeranative Mirror lanternfish Mirror lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampadena urophaosnative Sunbeam lampfish Tail-light lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampanyctodes hectorisnative Hector's lanternfish Hector's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampanyctus alatusnative Winged lanternfish Winged lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampanyctus australisnative Southern lanternfish Austral lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampanyctus festivusnative Festive lanternfish Festive lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampanyctus intricariusnative Diamondcheek lanternfish Intricate lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampanyctus lepidolychnusnative Mermaid lanternfish Mermaid lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampanyctus macdonaldinative Rakery beaconlamp MacDonald's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampanyctus nobilisnative Noble lampfish Noble lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampanyctus pusillusnative Pygmy lanternfish Pygmy lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampichthys procerusnative Blackhead lanternfish Blackhead lanternfish 
Lampriformes Lampridae Lampris guttatusnative Opah Opah 
Lampriformes Lampridae Lampris immaculatusnative Southern opah Southern moonfish 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Lamprogrammus nigernative   
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Lamprogrammus shcherbachevinative Scaleline cusk Scaleline cusk 
Perciformes Sciaenidae Larimichthys pamoidesnative Southern yellow croaker Southern yellow jewfish 
Perciformes Gobiidae Larsonella pumilanative Dwarf slippery goby Dwarf slippery goby 
Perciformes Latidae Lates calcarifernative Barramundi Balga 
Perciformes Latridae Latridopsis ciliarisnative Blue moki Blue moki 
Perciformes Latridae Latridopsis forsterinative Bastard trumpeter Bastard trumpeter 
Perciformes Latridae Latris lineatanative Striped trumpeter Striped trumpeter 
Aulopiformes Aulopidae Latropiscis purpurissatusnative Sergeant baker Sergeant baker 
Perciformes Leiognathidae Leiognathus brevirostrisnative Shortnose ponyfish  
Perciformes Leiognathidae Leiognathus equulusnative Common ponyfish Common ponyfish 
Perciformes Leiognathidae Leiognathus longispinisnative Longspine ponyfish Longspine ponyfish 
Perciformes Leiognathidae Leiognathus parvicepsnative   
Perciformes Terapontidae Leiopotherapon aheneusendemic Fortescus grunter Fortescus grunter 
Perciformes Terapontidae Leiopotherapon macrolepisendemic Kimberley spangled perch Kimberley spangled perch 
Perciformes Terapontidae Leiopotherapon unicolorendemic Spangled perch Boornda 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Leiuranus semicinctusnative Saddled snake-eel Culverin 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Leiuranus versicolornative Convict snake eel Convict snake eel 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Lepadichthys caritusnative Pale clingfish Precious clingfish 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Lepadichthys frenatusnative  Bridled clingfish 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Lepadichthys lineatusnative Doubleline clingfish  
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Lepadichthys sandaracatusnative  Shark bay clingfish 
Gadiformes Moridae Lepidion inosimaenative Morid cod Giant cod 
Gadiformes Moridae Lepidion microcephalusnative Small-headed cod Smallhead cod 
Gadiformes Moridae Lepidion schmidtinative Schmidt's cod Schmidt's cod 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Lepidoblennius haplodactylusnative Eastern jumping blenny Eastern jumping blenny 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Lepidoblennius marmoratusnative Western jumping blenny Western jumping blenny 
Pleuronectiformes Citharidae Lepidoblepharon ophthalmolepisnative Scale-eyed flounder  
Perciformes Gempylidae Lepidocybium flavobrunneumnative Escolar Black oil-fish 
Osmeriformes Lepidogalaxiidae Lepidogalaxias salamandroidesendemic Salamanderfish Salamanderfish 
Perciformes Serranidae Lepidoperca brochataendemic Fangtooth perch Fangtooth perch 
Perciformes Serranidae Lepidoperca caesioperculaendemic Greycheek basslet Greycheek basslet 
Perciformes Serranidae Lepidoperca filamentanative Western orange perch Western orange perch 
Perciformes Serranidae Lepidoperca magnanative Sharphead perch Sharphead perch 
Perciformes Serranidae Lepidoperca occidentalisendemic Slender orange perch Slender orange perch 
Perciformes Serranidae Lepidoperca pulchellanative Orange perch Eastern orange perch 
Perciformes Serranidae Lepidoperca tasmanicaendemic Tasmanian perch Tasmanian perch 
Perciformes Trichiuridae Lepidopus caudatusnative Silver scabbardfish Southern frostfish 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Lepidorhynchus denticulatusnative Thorntooth grenadier Toothed whiptail 
Scorpaeniformes Triglidae Lepidotrigla argusnative Long-finned gurnard Eye gurnard 
Scorpaeniformes Triglidae Lepidotrigla calodactylaendemic Drab longfin gurnard Drab longfin gurnard 
Scorpaeniformes Triglidae Lepidotrigla grandisnative Supreme gurnard Little red gurnard 
Scorpaeniformes Triglidae Lepidotrigla larsoninative Swordtip gurnard Swordtip gurnard 
Scorpaeniformes Triglidae Lepidotrigla modestaendemic Cocky gurnard Cocky gurnard 
Scorpaeniformes Triglidae Lepidotrigla mulhalliendemic Roundsnout gurnard Roundsnout gurnard 
Scorpaeniformes Triglidae Lepidotrigla papilioendemic  Spiny gurnard 
Scorpaeniformes Triglidae Lepidotrigla pleuracanthicanative Eastern spiny gurnard Eastern spiny gurnard 
Scorpaeniformes Triglidae Lepidotrigla punctipectoralisnative Finspot gurnard Finspot gurnard 
Scorpaeniformes Triglidae Lepidotrigla russellinative Smooth gurnard Smooth gurnard 
Scorpaeniformes Triglidae Lepidotrigla spilopteranative Spotwing gurnard Spot-wing gurnard 
Scorpaeniformes Triglidae Lepidotrigla spinosanative Shortfin gurnard Shortfin gurnard 
Scorpaeniformes Triglidae Lepidotrigla umbrosaendemic Blackspot gurnard Blackspot gurnard 
Scorpaeniformes Triglidae Lepidotrigla vanessaendemic Butterfly gurnard Butterfly gurnard 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Lepidozygus tapeinosomanative Fusilier damselfish Fusiler damsel 
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Leptachirus darwinensisnative Darwin Sole  
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Leptachirus polylepisnative Manyscale Sole  
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Leptachirus triramusnative Three-line Sole  
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Leptatherina presbyteroidesendemic Silver fish Silver fish 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Leptatherina wallaceiendemic Western hardyhead Western hardyhead 
Aulopiformes Aulopidae Leptaulopus damasinative   
Aulopiformes Aulopidae Leptaulopus erythrozonatusnative Duckbill flagfin Duckbill flagfin 
Perciformes Leptobramidae Leptobrama muellerinative Beachsalmon Beach salmon 
Osmeriformes Leptochilichthyidae Leptochilichthys microlepisnative Smallscale smoothhead Smallscale smoothhead 
Osmeriformes Leptochilichthyidae Leptochilichthys pinguisnative Vaillant's smooth-head Vaillant's smoothhead 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Leptoderma affinisnative Eel slickhead Eel slickhead 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Leptoderma lubricumnative   
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Leptoichthys fistulariusendemic Brushtail pipefish Brushtail pipefish 
Perciformes Labridae Leptojulis cyanopleuranative Shoulder-spot wrasse Shoulderspot wrasse 
Perciformes Scaridae Leptoscarus vaigiensisnative Marbled parrotfish Marbled parrotfish 
Perciformes Trichiuridae Lepturacanthus savalanative Savalai hairtail Spiny hairtail 
Aulopiformes Paralepididae Lestidiops indopacificanative Indo-Pacific barracudina Indo-Pacific barracudina 
Aulopiformes Paralepididae Lestidiops jayakarinative Pacific barracudina Pacific barracudina 
Aulopiformes Paralepididae Lestidium atlanticumnative Atlantic barracudina Atlantic barracudina 
Aulopiformes Paralepididae Lestidium nudumnative Deep water pike smelt Naked barracudina 
Aulopiformes Paralepididae Lestrolepis japonicanative Japanese barracudina Japanese barracudina 
Perciformes Leptoscopidae Lesueurina platycephalanative Flathead pygmy-stargazer Common sandfish 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus amboinensisnative Ambon emperor Ambon emperor 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus atkinsoninative Pacific yellowtail emperor Yellowtail emperor 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus erythracanthusnative Orange-spotted emperor Orangespotted emperor 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus erythropterusnative Longfin emperor Longfin emperor 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus genivittatusnative Longspine emperor Threadfin emperor 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus haraknative Thumbprint emperor Thumbprint emperor 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus laticaudisnative Grass emperor Grass emperor 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus lentjannative Pink ear emperor Redspot emperor 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus microdonnative Smalltooth emperor Smalltooth emperor 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus miniatusnative Trumpet emperor Redthroat emperor 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus nebulosusnative Spangled emperor Spangled emperor 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus obsoletusnative Orange-striped emperor Orangestriped emperor 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus olivaceusnative Longface emperor Longnose emperor 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus ornatusnative Ornate emperor Ornate emperor 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus ravusnative Drab emperor Drab emperor 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus rubrioperculatusnative Spotcheek emperor Spotcheek emperor 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus semicinctusnative Black blotch emperor Blackblotch emperor 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus variegatusnative Slender emperor Variegated emperor 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus xanthochilusnative Yellowlip emperor Yellowlip emperor 
Rajiformes Rajidae Leucoraja pristispinanative Sawback skate Sawback skate 
Scorpaeniformes Platycephalidae Leviprora inopsendemic Longhead flathead Longhead flathead 
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Liachirus melanospilosnative Carpet sole Darkspotted sole 
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Liachirus whitleyinative   
Perciformes Creediidae Limnichthys fasciatusnative Barred sand burrower Barred sand burrower 
Perciformes Creediidae Limnichthys nitidusnative Sand submarine Elegant sandburrower 
Lophiiformes Linophrynidae Linophryne densiramusnative Thickbranch angler Thickbranch angler 
Lophiiformes Linophrynidae Linophryne indicanative Headlight angler Headlight angler 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Liocranium pleurostigmanative Western Blackspot Waspfish Western Blackspot Waspfish 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Liocranium praepositumnative Blackspot waspfish Blackspot waspfish 
Perciformes Serranidae Liopropoma mitratumnative Pinstriped basslet Headband perch 
Perciformes Serranidae Liopropoma multilineatumnative Manyline perch Yellow reef basslet 
Perciformes Serranidae Liopropoma susuminative Meteor perch Pinstripe reef basslet 
Scorpaeniformes Setarchidae Lioscorpius longicepsnative Slender scorpionfish Slender scorpionfish 
Scorpaeniformes Setarchidae Lioscorpius trifasciatusnative Tripleband scorpionfish Tripleband scorpionfish 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lipocheilus carnolabrumnative Tang's snapper Tang's snapper 
Notacanthiformes Notacanthidae Lipogenys gilliinative  Spiny sucker eel 
Osmeriformes Bathylagidae Lipolagus ochotensisnative Eared blacksmelt Fatty deepsea smelt 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Lissocampus caudalisendemic Smooth pipefish Smooth pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Lissocampus fatiloquusendemic Prophet's pipefish Prophet's pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Lissocampus runaendemic Javelin pipefish Javelin pipefish 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Liza ramsayinative Ramsay's mullet  
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lobianchia dofleininative Dofleini's lantern fish Doflein's lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lobianchia gemellariinative Cocco's lantern fish Gemellar's lanternfish 
Perciformes Lobotidae Lobotes surinamensisnative Tripletail Tripletail 
Perciformes Gobiidae Lobulogobius morrigunative Seapen goby Eyebar coral goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Lobulogobius omanensisnative Oman goby Giant lobe goby 
Lophiiformes Lophichthyidae Lophichthys boschmainative Boschma's frogfish Boschma's anglerfish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Lophiocharon hutchinsinative Hutchins' anglerfish Hutchins' anglerfish 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Lophiocharon trisignatusnative Three-spot frogfish Spot-tail anglerfish 
Lophiiformes Lophiidae Lophiodes endoinative Anglerfish  
Lophiiformes Lophiidae Lophiodes mutilusnative Smooth angler Smooth goosefish 
Lophiiformes Lophiidae Lophiodes naresinative Goosefish Goosefish 
Lophiiformes Lophiidae Lophiodes triradiatusnative Shortspine goosefish Shortspine goosefish 
Lophiiformes Lophiidae Lophiomus setigerusnative Blackmouth angler Broadhead goosefish 
Tetraodontiformes Diodontidae Lophodiodon calorinative Four-bar porcupinefish Fourbar porcupinefish 
Perciformes Gobiidae Lophogobius bleekerinative Dark mangrovegoby Dark mangrove goby 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Lophonectes gallusnative Crested flounder Crested flounder 
Lampriformes Lophotidae Lophotus guntherinative Crested bandfish Crested bandfish 
Lampriformes Lophotidae Lophotus lacepedenative Crested oarfish Crested bandfish 
Gadiformes Moridae Lotella phycisnative Beardie Slender beardie 
Gadiformes Moridae Lotella rhacinanative Rock cod Largetooth beardie 
Perciformes Gobiidae Lotilia graciliosanative Whitecap goby Graceful shrimpgoby 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Lovettia sealiiendemic Tasmanian whitebait Tasmanian whitebait 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Loweina interruptanative   
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Loweina raranative Laura's lantern fish Rare lanternfish 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Loxodon macrorhinusnative Sliteye shark Sliteye shark 
Perciformes Pseudochromidae Lubbockichthys multisquamatusnative Fine-scaled dottyback Finescale dottyback 
Perciformes Gobiidae Lubricogobius ornatusnative Ornate slippery goby Ornate slippery goby 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Lucigadus microlepisnative Smallfin whiptail Smallfin whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Lucigadus nigromaculatusnative Blackspotted grenadier Blackspot whiptail 
Aulopiformes Notosudidae Luciosudis normaninative Paperbones Norman's waryfish 
Anguilliformes Congridae Lumiconger arafuraendemic Luminous conger Luminous conger 
Perciformes Gobiidae Luposicya lupusnative Wolfsnout goby Cup-sponge goby 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus adetiinative Yellow-banded snapper Hussar 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus argentimaculatusnative Mangrove red snapper Mangrove jack 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus biguttatusnative Two-spot banded snapper Twospot snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus bitaeniatusnative Indonesian snapper Indonesian snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus boharnative Two-spot red snapper Red bass 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus bouttonnative Moluccan snapper  
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus carponotatusnative Spanish flag snapper Stripey snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus decussatusnative Checkered snapper Checkered snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus ehrenbergiinative Blackspot snapper Ehrenberg's snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus erythropterusnative Crimson snapper Crimson snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus fulviflammanative Dory snapper Blackspot snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus fulvusnative Blacktail snapper Blacktail snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus gibbusnative Humpback red snapper Paddletail 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus johniinative John's snapper Golden snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus kasmiranative Common bluestripe snapper Bluestriped snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus lemniscatusnative Yellowstreaked snapper Darktail snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus lutjanusnative Bigeye snapper Bigeye snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus malabaricusnative Malabar blood snapper Saddletail snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus monostigmanative One-spot snapper Onespot snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus quinquelineatusnative Five-lined snapper Fiveline snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus rivulatusnative Blubberlip snapper Maori snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus rufolineatusnative Yellow-lined snapper Yellowlined snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus russelliinative Russell's snapper Moses' snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus sebaenative Emperor red snapper Red emperor 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus semicinctusnative Black-banded snapper Blackbanded snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus timoriensisnative Timor snapper Timor snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus vittanative Brownstripe red snapper Brownstripe snapper 
Perciformes Serranidae Luzonichthys waiteinative Waite's splitfin Pygmy basslet 
Gadiformes Merlucciidae Lyconus pinnatusnative   
Perciformes Percichthyidae Maccullochella ikeiendemic Clarence river cod Clarence river cod 
Perciformes Percichthyidae Maccullochella macquariensisendemic Trout cod Trout cod 
Perciformes Percichthyidae Maccullochella mariensisendemic Mary River cod  
Perciformes Percichthyidae Maccullochella peeliiendemic Murray cod Murray cod 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Macolor macularisnative Midnight snapper Midnight snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Macolor nigernative Black and white snapper Black-and-white snapper 
Perciformes Percichthyidae Macquaria ambiguaendemic Golden perch Golden perch 
Perciformes Percichthyidae Macquaria australasicaendemic Macquarie perch Macquarie perch 
Perciformes Percichthyidae Macquaria colonorumendemic Estuary perch Estuary perch 
Perciformes Percichthyidae Macquaria novemaculeataendemic Australian bass Australian bass 
Anguilliformes Congridae Macrocephenchelys brevirostrisnative Rubbernose conger Rubbernose conger 
Perciformes Gobiidae Macrodontogobius wilburinative Largetooth goby Wilbur's goby 
Aulopiformes Paralepididae Macroparalepis macrogeneionnative Longfin barracudina Longfin barracudina 
Perciformes Labridae Macropharyngodon choatinative Choat's wrasse Choat's wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Macropharyngodon kuiterinative Black leopard wrasse Kuiter's wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Macropharyngodon meleagrisnative Blackspotted wrasse Leopard wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Macropharyngodon negrosensisnative Yellowspotted wrasse Black leopard wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Macropharyngodon ornatusnative False leopard Ornate leopard wrasse 
Syngnathiformes Centriscidae Macroramphosus gracilisnative Slender snipefish Little bellowsfish 
Syngnathiformes Centriscidae Macroramphosus scolopaxnative Longspine snipefish Common bellowsfish 
Tetraodontiformes Triacanthodidae Macrorhamphosodes platycheilusnative Trumpetsnout spikefish Trumpetsnout spikefish 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Macrouroides inflaticepsnative Inflated whiptail Inflated whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Macrourus carinatusnative Ridge scaled rattail Ridgescale whiptail 
Zeiformes Grammicolepididae Macrurocyttus acanthopodusnative Dwarf dory Dwarf dory 
Gadiformes Merlucciidae Macruronus novaezelandiaenative Blue grenadier Blue grenadier 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Maculabatis astranative  Black-spotted whipray 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Maculabatis toshinative Black-spotted whipray Blackspotted whipray 
Aulopiformes Paralepididae Magnisudis atlanticanative Duckbill barracudina  
Aulopiformes Paralepididae Magnisudis prionosanative Southern barracudina Duckbill barracudina 
Perciformes Gobiidae Mahidolia mystacinanative Flagfin prawn goby Flagfin shrimpgoby 
Perciformes Istiophoridae Makaira mazaranative Indo-Pacific blue marlin Blue marlin 
Perciformes Malacanthidae Malacanthus brevirostrisnative Quakerfish Flagtail blanquillo 
Perciformes Malacanthidae Malacanthus latovittatusnative Blue blanquillo Blue blanquillo 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Malacocephalus laevisnative Softhead grenadier Smooth whiptail 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Malacosteus australisnative Southern stoplight loosejaw  
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Malacosteus nigernative Stoplight loosejaw Black loosejaw 
Perciformes Acropomatidae Malakichthys barbatusnative   
Perciformes Acropomatidae Malakichthys elegansnative Splendid seabass Splendid seabass 
Perciformes Acropomatidae Malakichthys griseusnative   
Perciformes Acropomatidae Malakichthys levisnative Smooth seabass Smooth seabass 
Perciformes Acropomatidae Malakichthys mochizukiendemic Mochizuki's seabass Mochizuki's seabass 
Lophiiformes Ogcocephalidae Malthopsis gigasnative Giant triangular batfish  
Lophiiformes Ogcocephalidae Malthopsis kobayashiinative  Longnose seabat 
Lophiiformes Ogcocephalidae Malthopsis mitrigeranative Twospine batfish  
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Malvoliophis pinguisnative Halfband snake eel Halfband snake eel 
Perciformes Pseudochromidae Manonichthys paranoxnative Midnight dottyback  
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Margrethia obtusirostranative Bighead portholefish Bighead portholefish 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Marilyna darwiniinative  Darwin toadfish 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Marilyna meraukensisnative Merauke toadfish Merauke toadfish 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Marilyna pleurostictanative  Banded toadfish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Maroubra perserrataendemic Sawtooth pipefish Sawtooth pipefish 
Tetraodontiformes Molidae Masturus lanceolatusnative Sharptail mola  
Gadiformes Macrouridae Mataeocephalus acipenserinusnative Sturgeon grenadier Sturgeon whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Mataeocephalus kotlyarinative Kotlyar's whiptail Kotlyar's whiptail 
Perciformes Percophidae Matsubaraea fusiformenative  Narrow duckbill 
Scorpaeniformes Aploactinidae Matsubarichthys inusitatusnative Rare velvetfish Rare velvetfish 
Osmeriformes Platytroctidae Maulisia acuticepsnative Sharpsnout tubeshoulder Sharpsnout tubeshoulder 
Osmeriformes Platytroctidae Maulisia maulinative Maul's searsid Maul's tubeshoulder 
Osmeriformes Platytroctidae Maulisia microlepisnative Smallscale searsid Smallscale tubeshoulder 
Stomiiformes Sternoptychidae Maurolicus australisnative Pennant pearlside Pennant pearlside 
Stomiiformes Sternoptychidae Maurolicus javanicusnative Javan pearlside Javan pearlside 
Stomiiformes Sternoptychidae Maurolicus muellerinative Silvery lightfish  
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Maxillicosta lopholepisendemic Bigeye gurnard perch Bigeye gurnard perch 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Maxillicosta meridianusnative Southern gurnard perch Southern gurnard perch 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Maxillicosta raoulensisnative Red little gurnard perch Red little gurnard perch 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Maxillicosta scabricepsendemic Little gurnard perch Little gurnard perch 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Maxillicosta whitleyiendemic Whitley's gurnard perch Whitley's gurnard perch 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Mecaenichthys immaculatusnative Immaculate damsel Immaculate damsel 
Lamniformes Megachasmidae Megachasma pelagiosnative Megamouth shark Megamouth shark 
Perciformes Carangidae Megalaspis cordylanative Torpedo scad Finny scad 
Elopiformes Megalopidae Megalops cyprinoidesnative Indo-Pacific tarpon Karlanyjarri 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Megatrygon micropsnative Smalleye stingray Smalleye stingray 
Perciformes Blenniidae Meiacanthus atrodorsalisnative Forktail blenny Eyelash fangblenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Meiacanthus ditremanative One-striped poison-fang blenny Schooling fangblenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Meiacanthus grammistesnative Striped poison-fang blenny Linespot fangblenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Meiacanthus lineatusendemic Lined fangblenny Lined fangblenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Meiacanthus luteusnative Yellow fangbelly Yellow fangbelly 
Perciformes Blenniidae Meiacanthus naeviusendemic Birthmark fangblenny Birthmark fangblenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Meiacanthus phaeusnative  Twilight fangblenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Meiacanthus reticulatusnative Reticulated fangblenny Reticulated fangblenny 
Stephanoberyciformes Melamphaidae Melamphaes contradictoriusnative   
Stephanoberyciformes Melamphaidae Melamphaes longivelisnative Eyebrow bigscale Eyebrow bigscale 
Stephanoberyciformes Melamphaidae Melamphaes proximusnative   
Stephanoberyciformes Melamphaidae Melamphaes suborbitalisnative Shoulderspine bigscale Shoulderspine bigscale 
Lophiiformes Melanocetidae Melanocetus johnsoniinative Humpback anglerfish Humpback blackdevil 
Lophiiformes Melanocetidae Melanocetus murrayinative Murray's abyssal anglerfish Deepsea blackdevil 
Osmeriformes Bathylagidae Melanolagus bericoidesnative Bigscale deepsea smelt Bigscale deepsea smelt 
Gadiformes Melanonidae Melanonus gracilisnative Pelagic cod Pelagic cod 
Gadiformes Melanonidae Melanonus zugmayerinative Arrowtail Arrowtail cod 
Perciformes Zoarcidae Melanostigma gelatinosumnative Limp eelpout Limp eelpout 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Melanostomias globulifernative Brightchin dragonfish Brightchin dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Melanostomias nigernative Fangtooth dragonfish Fangtooth dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Melanostomias paucilaternatusnative Spothead dragonfish Spothead dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Melanostomias pauciradiusnative Three-ray dragonfish Three-ray dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Melanostomias tentaculatusnative Tentacle dragonfish Tentacle dragonfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Melanostomias valdiviaenative Valdivia black dragon fish Valdivia dragonfish 
Atheriniformes Melanotaeniidae Melanotaenia australisendemic Western rainbowfish Dookool koodany 
Atheriniformes Melanotaeniidae Melanotaenia duboulayiendemic Crimsonspotted rainbowfish Crimsonspotted rainbowfish 
Atheriniformes Melanotaeniidae Melanotaenia eachamensisendemic Lake Eacham rainbowfish Lake Eacham rainbowfish 
Atheriniformes Melanotaeniidae Melanotaenia exquisitaendemic Exquisite rainbowfish Exquisite rainbowfish 
Atheriniformes Melanotaeniidae Melanotaenia fluviatilisendemic Murray River rainbowfish Murray River rainbowfish 
Atheriniformes Melanotaeniidae Melanotaenia gracilisendemic Slender rainbowfish Slender rainbowfish 
Atheriniformes Melanotaeniidae Melanotaenia maccullochinative Macculloch's rainbowfish McCulloch's rainbowfish 
Atheriniformes Melanotaeniidae Melanotaenia nigransendemic Blackbanded rainbowfish Blackbanded rainbowfish 
Atheriniformes Melanotaeniidae Melanotaenia pygmaeaendemic Pygmy rainbowfish Pygmy rainbowfish 
Atheriniformes Melanotaeniidae Melanotaenia solatanative Northern Rainbowfish Northern Rainbowfish 
Atheriniformes Melanotaeniidae Melanotaenia splendidaendemic Eastern rainbowfish Eastern rainbowfish 
Atheriniformes Melanotaeniidae Melanotaenia trifasciataendemic Banded rainbowfish Banded rainbowfish 
Atheriniformes Melanotaeniidae Melanotaenia utcheensisnative Utchee rainbowfish Utchee rainbowfish 
Tetraodontiformes Balistidae Melichthys nigernative Black triggerfish Black triggerfish 
Tetraodontiformes Balistidae Melichthys viduanative Pinktail triggerfish  
Perciformes Latridae Mendosoma lineatumnative Telescope fish Real bastard trumpeter 
Perciformes Menidae Mene maculatanative Moonfish Razor moonfish 
Gadiformes Merlucciidae Merluccius australisnative Southern hake Southern hake 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Mesobius antipodumnative Bathypelagic rattail Black whiptail 
Perciformes Terapontidae Mesopristes argenteusnative Silver grunter Silver grunter 
Lampriformes Veliferidae Metavelifer multiradiatusnative Spinyfin velifer Common veilfin 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Metelectrona herwiginative Herwig lanternfish Herwig lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Metelectrona ventralisnative Flaccid lanternfish Flaccid lanternfish 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Meuschenia australisnative Southern leatherjacket Brown-striped leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Meuschenia flavolineatanative Yellow-striped leatherjacket Yellow-striped leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Meuschenia freycinetinative Six-spined leatherjacket Six-spined leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Meuschenia galiinative Blue-lined leatherjacket Blue-lined leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Meuschenia hippocrepisnative Horse-shoe leatherjacket Horse-shoe leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Meuschenia scabernative Velvet leatherjacket Scaber leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Meuschenia trachylepisnative   
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Meuschenia venustanative Stars and stripes leatherjacket Stars and stripes leatherjacket 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Microbrotula bentleyinative Many-ray cusk Many-ray cusk 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Microbrotula queenslandicaendemic Queensland cusk Queensland cusk 
Perciformes Kyphosidae Microcanthus strigatusnative Stripey Stripey 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Micrognathus andersoniinative Shortnose pipefish Anderson's pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Micrognathus micronotopterusnative Tidepool pipefish Tidepool pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Micrognathus natansnative Offshore pipefish Offshore pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Micrognathus pygmaeusnative Thorntailed pipefish Thorn-tailed pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Microphis brachyurusnative Short-tailed pipefish Short-tail pipefish 
Osmeriformes Microstomatidae Microstoma microstomanative Slender argentine Slender smallmouth 
Perciformes Eleotridae Milyeringa brooksinative   
Perciformes Eleotridae Milyeringa justitianative   
Perciformes Eleotridae Milyeringa veritasendemic Cave gudgeon Cave gudgeon 
Perciformes Blenniidae Mimoblennius atrocinctusnative Spotted and barred blenny Mimic blenny 
Scorpaeniformes Synanceiidae Minous coccineusnative Onestick stingfish Yellowfin stingfish 
Scorpaeniformes Synanceiidae Minous trachycephalusnative Striped stingfish Striped stingfish 
Scorpaeniformes Synanceiidae Minous versicolornative Plumstriped stingfish Plumbstriped stingfish 
Perciformes Gobiidae Minysicya caudimaculatanative Blackspot minigoby Blackspot minigoby 
Cypriniformes Cobitidae Misgurnus anguillicaudatusintroduced Pond loach Oriental weatherloach 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Mitotichthys meraculusnative Western crested pipefish western crested pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Mitotichthys mollisoninative Mollison's pipefish Mollison's pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Mitotichthys semistriatusnative Half-banded pipefish Halfbanded pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Mitotichthys tuckerinative Tucker's pipefish Tucker's pipefish 
Lamniformes Mitsukurinidae Mitsukurina owstoninative Goblin shark Goblin shark 
Myliobatiformes Myliobatidae Mobula alfredinative Alfred manta Alfred manta 
Myliobatiformes Myliobatidae Mobula birostrisnative Giant manta Manta ray 
Myliobatiformes Myliobatidae Mobula eregoodootenkeenative Longhorned mobula Pygmy devilray 
Myliobatiformes Myliobatidae Mobula tarapacananative Chilean devil ray Devil ray 
Myliobatiformes Myliobatidae Mobula thurstoninative Smoothtail mobula Bentfin devilray 
Perciformes Eleotridae Mogurnda adspersaendemic Southern purplespotted gudgeon Southern purplespotted gudgeon 
Perciformes Eleotridae Mogurnda clivicolanative Flinders ranges mogurnda Flinders ranges mogurnda 
Perciformes Eleotridae Mogurnda larapintaenative Desert mogurnda Desert mogurnda 
Perciformes Eleotridae Mogurnda mogurndanative Northern trout gudgeon Northern purplespotted gudgeon 
Perciformes Eleotridae Mogurnda oligolepisnative Kimberley mogurnda Loothoo 
Perciformes Eleotridae Mogurnda thermophilanative Dalhousie mogurnda Dalhousie mogurnda 
Tetraodontiformes Molidae Mola alexandrininative Bumphead sunfish  
Tetraodontiformes Molidae Mola molanative Ocean sunfish  
Tetraodontiformes Molidae Mola tectanative Hoodwinker ocean sunfish  
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Monacanthus chinensisnative Fan-bellied leatherjacket Fan-bellied leatherjacket 
Osmeriformes Opisthoproctidae Monacoa grimaldiinative Mirrorbelly Grimaldi's barreleye 
Osmeriformes Opisthoproctidae Monacoa nigernative Black mirrorbelly  
Beryciformes Monocentridae Monocentris japonicanative Pineconefish Japanese pineapplefish 
Perciformes Monodactylidae Monodactylus argenteusnative Silver moony Diamondfish 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Monomitopus vitiazinative Spearcheek cusk Spearcheek cusk 
Synbranchiformes Synbranchidae Monopterus albusnative Asian swamp eel Belut 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Monotaxis grandoculisnative Humpnose big-eye bream Bigeye seabream 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Monotaxis heterodonnative Redfin emperor  
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Monothrix polylepisendemic Littoral cusk Littoral cusk 
Gadiformes Moridae Mora moronative Common mora Ribaldo 
Petromyzontiformes Mordaciidae Mordacia mordaxendemic Shorthead lamprey Shorthead lamprey 
Petromyzontiformes Mordaciidae Mordacia praecoxendemic Non-parasitic lamprey Non-parasitic lamprey 
Anguilliformes Moringuidae Moringua abbreviatanative  Short worm eel 
Anguilliformes Moringuidae Moringua ferrugineanative Rusty spaghetti eel Rusty worm eel 
Anguilliformes Moringuidae Moringua javanicanative Java spaghetti eel Javan worm eel 
Anguilliformes Moringuidae Moringua microchirnative Lesser thrush eel Common worm eel 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Mugil cephalusnative Flathead grey mullet Sea mullet 
Perciformes Gobiidae Mugilogobius filifernative Threadfin mangrovegoby Threadfin mangrove goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Mugilogobius littoralisnative Beachrock mangrovegoby Beachrock mangrove goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Mugilogobius mertoninative Chequered mangrove goby Chequered mangrovegoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Mugilogobius notospilusnative Freshwater mangrovegoby Dual-spotted goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Mugilogobius paludisnative  Mangrove goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Mugilogobius platynotusnative Flat-backed goby Flat-backed goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Mugilogobius platystomusnative Indonesian goby Indonesian goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Mugilogobius rivulusnative Drain mangrovegoby Drain mangrove goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Mugilogobius stigmaticusnative Blackspot mangrovegoby Blackspot mangrove goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Mugilogobius wilsoninative  Wilson's goby 
Perciformes Mullidae Mulloidichthys flavolineatusnative Yellowstripe goatfish Yellowstripe goatfish 
Perciformes Mullidae Mulloidichthys vanicolensisnative Yellowfin goatfish Goldstripe goatfish 
Anguilliformes Muraenesocidae Muraenesox bagionative Common pike conger Common pike eel 
Anguilliformes Muraenesocidae Muraenesox cinereusnative Daggertooth pike conger Darkfin pike eel 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Muraenichthys thompsoninative Thompson's snake eel Thompson's snake eel 
Carcharhiniformes Triakidae Mustelus antarcticusendemic Gummy shark Gummy shark 
Carcharhiniformes Triakidae Mustelus ravidusnative Australian grey smooth-hound  
Carcharhiniformes Triakidae Mustelus stevensinative White-spotted gummy shark White-spotted gummy shark 
Carcharhiniformes Triakidae Mustelus walkerinative Eastern spotted gummy shark Eastern spotted gummy shark 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Myctophum asperumnative Prickly lanternfish Prickly lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Myctophum brachygnathumnative Short-jawed lanternfish Shortjaw lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Myctophum nitidulumnative Pearly lanternfish Pearly-spotted lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Myctophum obtusirostrenative Bluntsnout lanternfish Bluntsnout lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Myctophum orientalenative Oriental lanternfish Oriental lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Myctophum phengodesnative Bright lanternfish Bright lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Myctophum selenopsnative Wisner's lantern fish Lunar lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Myctophum spinosumnative Spiny lantern fish Spiny lanternfish 
Perciformes Gobiidae Myersina macrostomanative Bigmouth shrimpgoby Flagfin goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Myersina nigrivirgatanative Black-line shrimp-goby Blackline shrimpgoby 
Myliobatiformes Myliobatidae Myliobatis australisnative Australian bull ray Southern eagle ray 
Myliobatiformes Myliobatidae Myliobatis hamlyninative Purple eagle ray Purple eagle ray 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Myrichthys colubrinusnative Harlequin snake eel Harlequin snake eel 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Myrichthys maculosusnative Tiger snake eel Ocellate snake eel 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Myripristis adustanative Shadowfin soldierfish Shadowfin soldierfish 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Myripristis amaenanative Brick soldierfish  
Beryciformes Holocentridae Myripristis berndtinative Blotcheye soldierfish Bigscale soldierfish 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Myripristis botchenative Blacktip soldierfish Blacktip soldierfish 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Myripristis chryseresnative Yellowfin soldierfish Yellowfin soldierfish 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Myripristis hexagonanative Doubletooth soldierfish Doubletooth soldierfish 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Myripristis kunteenative Shoulderbar soldierfish Epaulette soldierfish 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Myripristis murdjannative Pinecone soldierfish Crimson soldierfish 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Myripristis pralinianative Scarlet soldierfish Bigeye soldierfish 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Myripristis violaceanative Lattice soldierfish Violet soldierfish 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Myripristis vittatanative Whitetip soldierfish Whitetip soldierfish 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Myrophis microchirnative Ordinary snake eel Ordinary snake eel 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Myxus elongatusnative Sand grey mullet Sand mullet 
Perciformes Percichthyidae Nannatherina balstoniendemic Balston's pygmy perch Balston's pygmy perch 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Nannobrachium achirusnative Lantern fish Cripplefin lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Nannobrachium atrumnative Dusky lanternfish Dusky lanternfish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Nannocampus lindemanensisnative Painted pipefish Painted pipefish 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Nannocampus pictusnative Reef pipefish  
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Nannocampus subosseusnative Bony-headed pipefish Bonyhead pipefish 
Perciformes Percichthyidae Nannoperca australisendemic Southern pygmy perch Southern pygmy perch 
Perciformes Percichthyidae Nannoperca obscuraendemic Yarra pygmy perch Yarra pygmy perch 
Perciformes Percichthyidae Nannoperca oxleyanaendemic Oxleyan pygmy perch Oxleyan pygmy perch 
Perciformes Percichthyidae Nannoperca pygmaeaendemic Little Pygmy Perch Little Pygmy Perch 
Perciformes Percichthyidae Nannoperca variegataendemic Ewens pygmy perch Ewens pygmy perch 
Perciformes Percichthyidae Nannoperca vittataendemic Western pygmy perch Western pygmy perch 
Perciformes Blenniidae Nannosalarias nativitatisnative Pygmy blenny Christmas blenny 
Osmeriformes Microstomatidae Nansenia ardesiacanative Robust smallmouth Robust smallmouth 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Narcetes lloydinative Lloyd's slickhead Lloyd's slickhead 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Narcetes stomiasnative Blackhead salmon Blackhead slickhead 
Torpediniformes Narcinidae Narcinops lastinative Western numbfish Western numbfish 
Torpediniformes Narcinidae Narcinops nelsoninative Eastern numbfish Eastern numbfish 
Torpediniformes Narcinidae Narcinops ornatanative   
Torpediniformes Narcinidae Narcinops tasmaniensisendemic Tasmanian numbfish Tasmanian numbfish 
Torpediniformes Narcinidae Narcinops westraliensisnative Banded numbfish Banded numbfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso annulatusnative Whitemargin unicornfish Ringtail unicornfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso brachycentronnative Humpback unicornfish Humpback unicornfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso brevirostrisnative Spotted unicornfish Spotted unicornfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso caeruleacaudanative Blue unicorn Blue unicornfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso caesiusnative Gray unicornfish Silverblotched unicornfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso fageninative Horseface unicornfish Horseface unicornfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso hexacanthusnative Sleek unicornfish Sleek unicornfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso lituratusnative Orangespine unicornfish Clown unicornfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso lopezinative Elongate unicornfish Elongate unicornfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso mcdadeinative Squarenose unicornfish Squarenose unicornfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso minornative Slender unicorn Blackspine unicorn 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso thynnoidesnative Oneknife unicornfish Onespine unicornfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso tonganusnative Bulbnose unicornfish Humpnose unicornfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso tuberosusnative Humpnose unicornfish Humpnose unicornfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso unicornisnative Bluespine unicornfish Bluespine unicornfish 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso vlamingiinative Bignose unicornfish Bignose unicornfish 
Perciformes Carangidae Naucrates ductornative Pilotfish Pilotfish 
Perciformes Gempylidae Nealotus tripesnative Black snake mackerel Black snake mackerel 
Perciformes Apogonidae Neamia articyclanative Circular cardinalfish  
Perciformes Apogonidae Neamia octospinanative Eightspine cardinalfish Eightspine cardinalfish 
Perciformes Kyphosidae Neatypus obliquusnative Western footballer Footballer sweep 
Orectolobiformes Ginglymostomatidae Nebrius ferrugineusnative Tawny nurse shark Tawny shark 
Perciformes Apogonidae Nectamia bandanensisnative Bigeye cardinalfish Three-saddle cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Nectamia fuscanative Ghost cardinalfish Dusky cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Nectamia luxurianative Multi-barred cardinalfish  
Perciformes Apogonidae Nectamia savayensisnative Samoan cardinalfish Ghost cardinal 
Perciformes Apogonidae Nectamia virianative Bracelet cardinalfish  
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Neenchelys cheninative Chen's worm eel Gaper snake eel 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Negaprion acutidensnative Sicklefin lemon shark Lemon shark 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Nelusetta ayraudnative Chinaman-leatherjacket Chinaman 
Perciformes Cheilodactylidae Nemadactylus douglasiinative Porae Grey morwong 
Perciformes Cheilodactylidae Nemadactylus macropterusnative Tarakihi Jackass morwong 
Perciformes Cheilodactylidae Nemadactylus valenciennesinative Sea carp Blue morwong 
Siluriformes Ariidae Nemapteryx armigernative Threadfin catfish Copper catfish 
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Nematalosa comenative Western Pacific gizzard shad Hairback herring 
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Nematalosa erebinative Australian river gizzard shad Bardijarr oobanyba 
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Nematalosa vlaminghiendemic Perth herring Perth herring 
Perciformes Microdesmidae Nemateleotris decoranative Elegant firefish Elegant firefish 
Perciformes Microdesmidae Nemateleotris magnificanative Fire goby Fire dartfish 
Pleuronectiformes Pleuronectidae Nematops macrochirusnative Narrow-body righteye flounder Longfin righteye flounder 
Anguilliformes Nemichthyidae Nemichthys curvirostrisnative Boxer snipe eel Boxer snipe eel 
Anguilliformes Nemichthyidae Nemichthys scolopaceusnative Slender snipe eel Slender snipe eel 
Perciformes Nemipteridae Nemipterus aurifilumnative Yellow-lip threadfin bream Yellowlip threadfin bream 
Perciformes Nemipteridae Nemipterus balinensoidesnative Dwarf threadfin bream Dwarf threadfin bream 
Perciformes Nemipteridae Nemipterus bathybiusnative Yellowbelly threadfin bream Yellowbelly threadfin bream 
Perciformes Nemipteridae Nemipterus celebicusnative Celebes threadfin bream Celebes threadfin bream 
Perciformes Nemipteridae Nemipterus furcosusnative Fork-tailed threadfin bream Rosy threadfin bream 
Perciformes Nemipteridae Nemipterus hexodonnative Ornate threadfin bream Ornate threadfin bream 
Perciformes Nemipteridae Nemipterus isacanthusnative Teardrop threadfin bream Teardrop threadfin bream 
Perciformes Nemipteridae Nemipterus marginatusnative Red filament threadfin bream Red-filament threadfin bream 
Perciformes Nemipteridae Nemipterus nematopusnative Yellow-tipped threadfin bream Yellowtip threadfin bream 
Perciformes Nemipteridae Nemipterus peroniinative Notchedfin threadfin bream Notched threadfin bream 
Perciformes Nemipteridae Nemipterus theodoreiendemic Theodore's threadfin bream Theodore's threadfin bream 
Perciformes Nemipteridae Nemipterus virgatusnative Golden threadfin bream Golden threadfin bream 
Perciformes Nemipteridae Nemipterus zysronnative Slender threadfin bream Slender threadfin bream 
Scorpaeniformes Aploactinidae Neoaploactis tridorsalisnative Threefin velvetfish Threefin velvetfish 
Siluriformes Ariidae Neoarius berneyinative Highfin catfish Highfin catfish 
Siluriformes Ariidae Neoarius graeffeinative Blue salmon catfish Barooloo 
Siluriformes Ariidae Neoarius leptaspisnative Salmon catfish Boofhead catfish 
Siluriformes Ariidae Neoarius midgleyiendemic Silver cobbler Silver cobbler 
Siluriformes Ariidae Neoarius pectoralisnative Sawspine catfish Sawspine catfish 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Neobythites australiensisnative Australian cusk Australian cusk 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Neobythites bimaculatusnative Twospot cusk Twospot cusk 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Neobythites franzinative Franz's cusk Franz's cusk 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Neobythites longipesnative Longray cusk Longray cusk 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Neobythites macropsnative Spotfin cusk Spotfin cusk 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Neobythites nigriventrisnative Blackbelly cusk Blackbelly cusk 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Neobythites pallidusnative Pale cusk Pale cusk 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Neobythites purusnative Pure cusk Pure cusk 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Neobythites soelaenative Soela cusk Soela cusk 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Neobythites unimaculatusnative Onespot cusk Onespot cusk 
Perciformes Caristiidae Neocaristius heemstrainative   
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Neocentropogon aeglefinusnative Onespot waspfish Onespot waspfish 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Neocentropogon trimaculatusnative Threespotted waspfish Threespot waspfish 
Lophiiformes Neoceratiidae Neoceratias spinifernative Spiny seadevil Spiny seadevil 
Ceratodontiformes Neoceratodontidae Neoceratodus forsteriendemic Australian lungfish Australian lungfish 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Neochanna cleaveriendemic Tasmanian mudfish Tasmanian mudfish 
Perciformes Cirrhitidae Neocirrhites armatusnative Flame hawkfish Flame hawkfish 
Anguilliformes Moringuidae Neoconger tuberculatusendemic Swollengut worm eel Swollengut worm eel 
Zeiformes Oreosomatidae Neocyttus psilorhynchusnative Rough oreodory Rough oreodory 
Zeiformes Oreosomatidae Neocyttus rhomboidalisnative Spiky oreo Spikey oreodory 
Perciformes Gempylidae Neoepinnula orientalisnative Sackfish Sackfish 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Neoglyphidodon melasnative Bowtie damselfish Black damsel 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Neoglyphidodon nigrorisnative Black-and-gold chromis Scarface damsel 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Neoglyphidodon oxyodonnative Bluestreak damselfish Bluestreak damsel 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Neoglyphidodon polyacanthusnative Multispine damselfish Multispine damsel 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Neolaeops microphthalmusnative Crosseyed flounder  
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Neomerinthe amplisquamicepsnative Orange scorpionfish Orange scorpionfish 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Neomerinthe procurvanative Curvedspine scorpionfish Curvedspine scorpionfish 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Neonesthes capensisnative Cape snaggletooth Cape snaggletooth 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Neonesthes microcephalusnative Smallhead snaggletooth Smallhead snaggletooth 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Neoniphon argenteusnative Clearfin squirrelfish Silver squirrelfish 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Neoniphon aurolineatusnative Yellowstriped squirrelfish Yellowstriped squirrelfish 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Neoniphon opercularisnative Blackfin squirrelfish Blackfin squirrelfish 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Neoniphon sammaranative Sammara squirrelfish Slender squirrelfish 
Perciformes Odacidae Neoodax balteatusnative Little weed whiting Little weed whiting 
Scorpaeniformes Pataecidae Neopataecus waterhousiiendemic Whiskered prowfish Whiskered prowfish 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Neopomacentrus aktitesnative Western Australian demoiselle Western Australian demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Neopomacentrus azysronnative Yellowtail demoiselle Yellowtail demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Neopomacentrus bankierinative Chinese demoiselle Chinese demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Neopomacentrus cyanomosnative Regal demoiselle Regal demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Neopomacentrus filamentosusnative Brown demoiselle Brown demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Neopomacentrus nemurusnative Coral demoiselle Coral demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Neopomacentrus taeniurusnative Freshwater demoiselle Freshwater demoiselle 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Neopomacentrus violascensnative Violet demoiselle  
Myctophiformes Neoscopelidae Neoscopelus macrolepidotusnative Large-scaled lantern fish Largescaled neoscopelid 
Myctophiformes Neoscopelidae Neoscopelus microchirnative Shortfin neoscopelid Shortfin neoscopelid 
Myctophiformes Neoscopelidae Neoscopelus porosusnative Spangleside neoscopelid Spangleside neoscopelid 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Neosebastes bougainvilliiendemic Gulf gurnard perch Gulf gurnard perch 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Neosebastes incisipinnisendemic Incised gurnard perch Incised gurnard perch 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Neosebastes johnsoninative Johnson's gurnard perch Johnson's gurnard perch 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Neosebastes longirostrisnative Long-snout gurnard perch Longsnout gurnard perch 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Neosebastes nigropunctatusendemic Blackspotted gurnard perch Blackspotted gurnard perch 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Neosebastes occidentalisnative Orangebanded gurnard perch Orangebanded gurnard perch 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Neosebastes pandusendemic Bighead gurnard perch Bighead gurnard perch 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Neosebastes scorpaenoidesendemic Common gurnard perch Common gurnard perch 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Neosebastes thetidisnative Thetis fish Thetis fish 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Neosiluroides cooperensisnative Cooper creek catfish Cooper creek catfish 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Neosilurus aternative Narrowfront tandan Jungkali 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Neosilurus brevidorsalisnative Shortfin tandan Short-finned tandan 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Neosilurus gloveriendemic Dalhousie catfish Dalhousie catfish 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Neosilurus hyrtliiendemic Hyrtl's catfish Joonggali 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Neosilurus mollespiculumnative Soft-spined catfish Softspine catfish 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Neosilurus pseudospinosusnative False-spined catfish Jungkali 
Perciformes Callionymidae Neosynchiropus ocellatusnative Ocellated dragonet  
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Neotrygon annotatanative Plain maskray Plain maskray 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Neotrygon australiaenative Australian bluespotted maskray  
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Neotrygon leylandinative Painted maskray Painted maskray 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Neotrygon ningalooensisnative   
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Neotrygon pictanative Peppered maskray Peppered maskray 
Perciformes Gempylidae Nesiarchus nasutusnative Black gemfish Black gemfish 
Perciformes Gobiidae Nesogobius greeninative   
Perciformes Gobiidae Nesogobius hinsbyiendemic Girdled goby Girdled goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Nesogobius maccullochinative   
Perciformes Gobiidae Nesogobius pulchellusnative Australian sailfin goby Castelnau's goby 
Anguilliformes Derichthyidae Nessorhamphus danaenative Dana duckbill eel Dana duckbill eel 
Anguilliformes Derichthyidae Nessorhamphus ingolfianusnative Duckbill oceanic eel Ingolf duckbill eel 
Anguilliformes Nettastomatidae Nettastoma parvicepsnative Duck-billed eel Smallhead duckbill eel 
Anguilliformes Nettastomatidae Nettastoma solitariumnative Solitary duckbill eel Solitary duckbill eel 
Anguilliformes Nettastomatidae Nettenchelys gephyranative Bridge duckbill eel Bridge duckbill eel 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Nettorhamphos radulanative Duckbilled clingfish Duckbilled clingfish 
Siluriformes Ariidae Netuma bilineatanative Bronze catfish Two-line sea catfish 
Siluriformes Ariidae Netuma proximanative Arafura catfish Arafura catfish 
Siluriformes Ariidae Netuma thalassinanative Giant catfish Giant sea catfish 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Nezumia coheninative Cohen's whiptail Cohen's whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Nezumia kapalanative Kapala whiptail Kapala whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Nezumia leucouranative Whitetail whiptail Whitetail whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Nezumia loricatanative Parrot grenadier  
Gadiformes Macrouridae Nezumia merrettinative Merret's whiptail Merret's whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Nezumia namatahinative Squashed face rattail Namatahi whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Nezumia propinquanative Aloha grenadier Aloha whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Nezumia soelanative Soela whiptail Soela whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Nezumia spinosanative Sawspine whiptail Sawspine whiptail 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Nezumia wularnianative Wularni whiptail Wularni whiptail 
Perciformes Sciaenidae Nibea coibornative   
Perciformes Sciaenidae Nibea leptolepisendemic Small scale croaker Smallscale jewfish 
Perciformes Sciaenidae Nibea microgenysendemic Small-jaw croaker Smallmouth jewfish 
Perciformes Sciaenidae Nibea soldadonative Soldier croaker Banana jew 
Perciformes Sciaenidae Nibea squamosanative Scale croaker Scaly jewfish 
Perciformes Nomeidae Nomeus gronoviinative Man-of-war fish Bluebottle fish 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Norfolkia brachylepisnative Tropical scaly-headed triplefin Scalyfin threefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Norfolkia leeuwinendemic Leeuwin threefin Leeuwin threefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Norfolkia squamicepsnative Scalyhead Triplefin Lord Howe scaly-headed triplefin 
Perciformes Tripterygiidae Norfolkia thomasinative Thomas' triplefin Thomas' triplefin 
Notacanthiformes Notacanthidae Notacanthus chemnitziinative Snubnosed spiny eel Cosmopolitan spineback 
Notacanthiformes Notacanthidae Notacanthus sexspinisnative Spiny-back eel Southern spineback 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Notesthes robustaendemic Bullrout Bullrout 
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Notiocampus rubernative Red pipefish Red pipefish 
Perciformes Cirrhitidae Notocirrhitus splendensnative Splendid hawkfish Splendid hawkfish 
Perciformes Plesiopidae Notograptus gregoryinative Shark Bay eel-blenny Shark Bay eel blenny 
Perciformes Plesiopidae Notograptus guttatusnative Spotted eel blenny Spotted eel blenny 
Perciformes Labridae Notolabrus fucicolanative Yellow-saddled wrasse Purple wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Notolabrus gymnogenisnative Crimsonband wrasse Crimsonband wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Notolabrus inscriptusnative Inscribed wrasse Inscribed wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Notolabrus parilusnative Brownspotted wrasse Brownspotted wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Notolabrus tetricusnative Blue-throated wrasse Bluethroat wrasse 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Notolychnus valdiviaenative Topside lampfish Topside lanternfish 
Gadiformes Moridae Notophycis marginatanative Dwarf codling Forkbeard cod 
Syngnathiformes Centriscidae Notopogon lillieinative Crested bellowfish Crested bellowsfish 
Syngnathiformes Centriscidae Notopogon xenosomanative Longspine bellowfish Orange bellowsfish 
Rajiformes Arhynchobatidae Notoraja azureanative  Blue skate 
Rajiformes Arhynchobatidae Notoraja hirticaudanative  Ghost skate 
Rajiformes Arhynchobatidae Notoraja ochrodermanative Pale skate Pale skate 
Rajiformes Arhynchobatidae Notoraja sapphiranative Sapphire Skate Sapphire Skate 
Rajiformes Arhynchobatidae Notoraja stictanative Blotched skate Blotched skate 
Hexanchiformes Hexanchidae Notorynchus cepedianusnative Broadnose sevengill shark Tasmanian tiger shark 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Notoscopelus caudispinosusnative Lobisomem Spinetail lanternfish 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Notoscopelus resplendensnative Patchwork lampfish Patchwork lanternfish 
Perciformes Labridae Novaculichthys taeniourusnative Rockmover wrasse Carpet wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Novaculoides macrolepidotusnative Seagrass wrasse  
Perciformes Labridae Novaculops pastellusnative Lord Howe sandy Lord Howe sandy 
Perciformes Leiognathidae Nuchequula gerreoidesnative Decorated ponyfish Ornate ponyfish 
Perciformes Leiognathidae Nuchequula glenysaenative  Twoblotch ponyfish 
Perciformes Serranidae Odontanthias grahaminative   
Lamniformes Odontaspididae Odontaspis feroxnative Smalltooth sand tiger Sand tiger shark 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Odontomacrurus murrayinative Roundhead grenadier Largefang whiptail 
Tetraodontiformes Balistidae Odonus nigernative Red-toothed triggerfish Redtooth triggerfish 
Perciformes Pseudochromidae Ogilbyina novaehollandiaeendemic Multicolour dottyback Multicolour dottyback 
Perciformes Pseudochromidae Ogilbyina queenslandiaeendemic Queensland dottyback Queensland dottyback 
Rajiformes Rajidae Okamejei arafurensisnative Arafura skate Arafura skate 
Rajiformes Rajidae Okamejei leptouranative  Thintail skate 
Perciformes Odacidae Olisthops cyanomelasnative Herring cale Herring cale 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Omegophora armillanative Ringed toadfish Ringed pufferfish 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Omegophora cyanopunctatanative  Bluespotted toadfish 
Perciformes Blenniidae Omobranchus anoliusnative  Oyster blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Omobranchus elongatusnative Cloister blenny Chevron blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Omobranchus feroxnative Gossamer blenny Gossamer blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Omobranchus germaininative Germain's blenny Germain's blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Omobranchus punctatusnative Muzzled blenny Muzzled blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Omobranchus robertsinative Robert's blenny Robert's blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Omobranchus rotundicepsnative Rotund blenny Rotund blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Omobranchus verticalisnative Vertical blenny Vertical blenny 
Aulopiformes Omosudidae Omosudis lowiinative Omosudid Hammerjaw 
Perciformes Blenniidae Omox biporosnative Omox blenny Omox blenny 
Salmoniformes Salmonidae Oncorhynchus mykissintroduced Rainbow trout Rainbow trout 
Salmoniformes Salmonidae Oncorhynchus tshawytschaintroduced Chinook salmon Chinook salmon 
Lophiiformes Oneirodidae Oneirodes eschrichtiinative Bulbous dreamer  
Lophiiformes Oneirodidae Oneirodes haplonemanative   
Lophiiformes Oneirodidae Oneirodes krefftinative Krefft's dreamer Krefft's dreamer 
Lophiiformes Oneirodidae Oneirodes plagionemanative   
Lophiiformes Oneirodidae Oneirodes sabexnative Rough dreamer Rough dreamer 
Scorpaeniformes Platycephalidae Onigocia bimaculatanative Two-spotted flathead Twospot flathead 
Scorpaeniformes Platycephalidae Onigocia lacrimalisnative Smooth-snout flathead Smooth-snout flathead 
Scorpaeniformes Platycephalidae Onigocia macrolepisnative Notched flathead Notched flathead 
Scorpaeniformes Platycephalidae Onigocia oligolepisnative Large-scale flathead Shortsnout flathead 
Scorpaeniformes Platycephalidae Onigocia pedimaculanative Broadband flathead Broadband flathead 
Scorpaeniformes Platycephalidae Onigocia spinosanative Midget flathead Midget flathead 
Ophidiiformes Carapidae Onuxodon fowlerinative Fowler's pearlfish Fowler's pearlfish 
Ophidiiformes Carapidae Onuxodon margaritiferaenative Bivalve pearlfish Cucumber pearlfish 
Ophidiiformes Carapidae Onuxodon parvibrachiumnative Oyster pearlfish Oyster pearlfish 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Ophichthus alleninative   
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Ophichthus altipennisnative Highfin snake eel Blackfin snake eel 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Ophichthus bonapartinative Napoleon snake eel Purplebanded snake eel 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Ophichthus cephalozonanative Dark-shouldered snake eel Blacksaddle snake eel 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Ophichthus lithinusnative Evermann's snake eel Evermann's snake eel 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Ophichthus macrochirnative Bigfin snake eel  
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Ophichthus rutidodermanative Olive snake eel Olive snake eel 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Ophichthus urolophusnative Manetail snake eel Manetail snake eel 
Perciformes Clinidae Ophiclinops hutchinsiendemic Earspot snakeblenny Earspot snakeblenny 
Perciformes Clinidae Ophiclinops pardalisendemic Spotted snake blenny Spotted snake blenny 
Perciformes Clinidae Ophiclinops variusendemic Variegated snake blenny Variegated snake blenny 
Perciformes Clinidae Ophiclinus antarcticusendemic Dusky snake blenny Dusky snake blenny 
Perciformes Clinidae Ophiclinus brevipinnisnative Shortfin snakeblenny Shortfin snakeblenny 
Perciformes Clinidae Ophiclinus gabrieliendemic Frosted snake blenny Frosted snake blenny 
Perciformes Clinidae Ophiclinus gracilisnative Black-back snake-blenny Black-back snake-blenny 
Perciformes Clinidae Ophiclinus ningulusnative Variable snake-blenny Variable snake-blenny 
Perciformes Clinidae Ophiclinus pectoralisendemic Whiteblotch snake blenny Whiteblotch snake blenny 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Ophidion genyopusnative Ravenous cusk Ravenous cusk 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Ophidion muraenolepisnative Blackedge cusk Blackedge cusk 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Ophidion smithinative   
Perciformes Eleotridae Ophiocara porocephalanative Northern mud gudgeon Northern mud gudgeon 
Synbranchiformes Synbranchidae Ophisternon bengalensenative Bengal eel Onegill eel 
Synbranchiformes Synbranchidae Ophisternon candidumendemic Blind cave eel Blind cave eel 
Synbranchiformes Synbranchidae Ophisternon gutturalenative Australian swamp eel Swamp eel 
Anguilliformes Ophichthidae Ophisurus serpensnative Serpent eel Serpent eel 
Perciformes Labridae Ophthalmolepis lineolatanative Maori wrasse Southern maori wrasse 
Clupeiformes Pristigasteridae Opisthopterus tardoorenative Tardoore  
Perciformes Opistognathidae Opistognathus alleninative Abrolhos jawfish Abrolhos jawfish 
Perciformes Opistognathidae Opistognathus castelnauinative Castelnau's jawfish Castelnau's jawfish 
Perciformes Opistognathidae Opistognathus darwiniensisnative Darwin jawfish Darwin jawfish 
Perciformes Opistognathidae Opistognathus elizabethensisnative Elizabeth reef jawfish Elizabeth reef jawfish 
Perciformes Opistognathidae Opistognathus eximiusnative Harlequin smiler Harlequin smiler 
Perciformes Opistognathidae Opistognathus inornatusnative Black jawfish Black jawfish 
Perciformes Opistognathidae Opistognathus jacksoniensisnative Smiler Southern smiler 
Perciformes Opistognathidae Opistognathus latitabundusnative Blotched jawfish Blotched jawfish 
Perciformes Opistognathidae Opistognathus macrolepisnative Bigscale jawfish Bigscale jawfish 
Perciformes Opistognathidae Opistognathus papuensisnative Papuan jawfish Papuan jawfish 
Perciformes Opistognathidae Opistognathus reticepsnative Reticulated jawfish Reticulated jawfish 
Perciformes Opistognathidae Opistognathus reticulatusnative Leopard jawfish Leopard jawfish 
Perciformes Opistognathidae Opistognathus seminudusnative Halfnaked jawfish Halfnaked jawfish 
Perciformes Opistognathidae Opistognathus stigmosusnative Coral sea jawfish coral sea jawfish 
Perciformes Opistognathidae Opistognathus variabilisnative Variable jawfish  
Perciformes Opistognathidae Opistognathus verecundusnative Bashful jawfish Bashful jawfish 
Perciformes Oplegnathidae Oplegnathus woodwardinative Knifejaw Knifejaw 
Perciformes Gobiidae Oplopomops diacanthusnative Hole goby Twospine sandgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Oplopomus caninoidesnative Triplespot goby Shy lagoon goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Oplopomus oplopomusnative Spinecheek goby Spinecheek goby 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Opostomias micripnusnative Obese dragonfish Obese dragonfish 
Beryciformes Trachichthyidae Optivus agastosnative Violet roughy Violet roughy 
Beryciformes Trachichthyidae Optivus agrammusendemic Western roughy Western roughy 
Orectolobiformes Orectolobidae Orectolobus floridusnative Floral banded wobbegong Floral banded wobbegong 
Orectolobiformes Orectolobidae Orectolobus haleinative Banded wobbegong Banded wobbegong 
Orectolobiformes Orectolobidae Orectolobus hutchinsinative Western wobbegong Western wobbegong 
Orectolobiformes Orectolobidae Orectolobus maculatusendemic Spotted wobbegong Spotted wobbegong 
Orectolobiformes Orectolobidae Orectolobus ornatusnative Ornate wobbegong Banded wobbegong 
Orectolobiformes Orectolobidae Orectolobus parvimaculatusnative Dwarf spotted wobbegong Dwarf spotted wobbegong 
Orectolobiformes Orectolobidae Orectolobus reticulatusnative Network wobbegong Network wobbegong 
Orectolobiformes Orectolobidae Orectolobus wardinative Northern wobbegong Northern wobbegong 
Perciformes Cichlidae Oreochromis mossambicusintroduced Mozambique tilapia Tilapia 
Zeiformes Oreosomatidae Oreosoma atlanticumnative Ox-eyed oreo Oxeye oreodory 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Osteomugil cunnesiusnative Longarm mullet Roundhead mullet 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Osteomugil engelinative Kanda Kanda mullet 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Ostichthys acanthorhinusnative Spinesnout soldierfish Spinesnout squirrelfish 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Ostichthys japonicusnative Japanese soldierfish Giant squirrelfish 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Ostichthys kaianusnative Deepwater soldierfish Deepwater squirrelfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus angustatusnative Broadstriped cardinalfish Broadstripe cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus apogonoidesnative Short-tooth cardinal Plain cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus aterrimusnative   
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus atrogasternative Blackbelly cardinalfish Blackbelly cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus aureusnative Ring-tailed cardinalfish Ringtail cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus bryxnative Offshore cardinalfish Offshore cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus capricornisnative Capricorn cardinalfish Capricorn cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus cavitensisnative Whiteline cardinalfish Whiteline cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus chrysopomusnative Spotted-gill cardinalfish Spotted-gill cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus chrysotaenianative Yellowlined cardinalfish Yellowlined cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus cladophilosnative Shelter cardinalfish Shelter cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus compressusnative Ochre-striped cardinalfish Blue-eye cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus cookiinative Cook's cardinalfish Cook's cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus cyanosomanative Yellowstriped cardinalfish Orangelined cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus doederleininative Doederlein's cardinalfish Fourline cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus endekataenianative Candystripe cardinalfish Candystripe cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus fasciatusnative Broadbanded cardinalfish Striped cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus flavusnative Brassy cardinalfish Yellow cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus fleurieunative Flower cardinalfish Bullseye cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus franssedainative Frans' cardinalfish  
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus hartzfeldiinative Hartzfeld's cardinalfish Silverlined cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus hoeveniinative Frostfin cardinalfish Frostfin cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus jenkinsinative Spot-nape cardinalfish Spotnape cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus leptofasciatusnative Slenderline cardinalfish  
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus limenusnative Sydney cardinalfish Sydney cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus margaritophorusnative Red-striped cardinalfish Red-striped cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus monospilusnative Moluccen cardinal Moluccan cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus neotesnative Mini cardinalfish Mini cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus nigrocinctanative Blackbelt cardinalfish  
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus nigrofasciatusnative Blackstripe cardinalfish Blackstriped cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus norfolcensisnative Norfolk cardinalfish Norfolk cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus notatusnative Spotnape cardinalfish Spotnape cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus novemfasciatusnative Sevenstriped cardinalfish Nineline cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus ocellicaudusnative Tail-eye cardinalfish  
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus pallidofasciatusendemic Palestriped cardinalfish Palestriped cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus properuptusnative Southern orange-lined cardinal fish Coral cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus rubrimaculanative Rubyspot cardinalfish Redspot cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus rueppelliinative Gobbleguts Western gobbleguts 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus sealeinative Seale's cardinalfish  
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus selasnative Meteor cardinalfish Meteor cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus semilineatusnative Half-lined cardinal Blacktip cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus septemstriatusnative Sevenband cardinalfish Sevenband cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus taeniophorusnative Reef-flat cardinalfish Pearly-line cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus victoriaeendemic Western striped cardinalfish Western striped cardinalfish 
Perciformes Apogonidae Ostorhinchus wassinkinative Kupang cardinalfish Kupang cardinalfish 
Tetraodontiformes Ostraciidae Ostracion cubicusnative Yellow boxfish Blue-spotted box-fish 
Tetraodontiformes Ostraciidae Ostracion meleagrisnative Whitespotted boxfish Black boxfish 
Tetraodontiformes Ostraciidae Ostracion rhinorhynchosnative Horn-nosed boxfish Horn-nosed boxfish 
Tetraodontiformes Ostraciidae Ostracion solorensisnative Reticulate boxfish  
Perciformes Ostracoberycidae Ostracoberyx paxtoninative Spinycheek seabass Spinycheek seabass 
Perciformes Serranidae Othos dentexendemic Harlequin fish Harlequin fish 
Perciformes Sciaenidae Otolithes rubernative Tigertooth croaker Silver teraglin 
Perciformes Cepolidae Owstonia ainonakanative   
Perciformes Cepolidae Owstonia fallaxnative   
Perciformes Cepolidae Owstonia hastatanative   
Perciformes Cepolidae Owstonia kamoharainative Kamohara’s Bandfish  
Perciformes Cepolidae Owstonia maccullochinative McCulloch's bandfish McCulloch's bandfish 
Perciformes Cepolidae Owstonia merensisnative   
Perciformes Cepolidae Owstonia psilosnative   
Perciformes Cepolidae Owstonia sarmientonative   
Perciformes Cepolidae Owstonia scottensisnative   
Perciformes Cepolidae Owstonia taeniosomanative   
Perciformes Cepolidae Owstonia tosaensisnative   
Perciformes Gobiidae Oxuderces wirzinative Wirz's goby Peacock mudskipper 
Perciformes Pseudochromidae Oxycercichthys veliferusendemic Sailfin dottyback Sailfin dottyback 
Perciformes Labridae Oxycheilinus bimaculatusnative Two-spot wrasse Little maori wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Oxycheilinus celebicusnative Celebes wrasse Slender maori wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Oxycheilinus digrammanative Cheeklined wrasse Violetline maori wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Oxycheilinus nigromarginatusnative Blackmargin maori wrasse Blackmargin maori wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Oxycheilinus orientalisnative Oriental maori wrasse  
Perciformes Labridae Oxycheilinus unifasciatusnative Ringtail maori wrasse Ringtail maori wrasse 
Perciformes Cirrhitidae Oxycirrhites typusnative Longnose hawkfish Longnose hawkfish 
Anguilliformes Muraenesocidae Oxyconger leptognathusnative Shorttail pike conger Bigeye pike eel 
Perciformes Eleotridae Oxyeleotris aruensisnative Aru gudgeon Aru gudgeon 
Perciformes Eleotridae Oxyeleotris fimbriatanative Fimbriate gudgeon Fimbriate gudgeon 
Perciformes Eleotridae Oxyeleotris lineolatanative Sleepy cod Sleepy cod 
Perciformes Eleotridae Oxyeleotris nulliporanative Poreless gudgeon Poreless gudgeon 
Perciformes Eleotridae Oxyeleotris selheiminative Giant gudgeon Loojoo 
Perciformes Microdesmidae Oxymetopon compressusnative Robust ribbongoby  
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Oxymonacanthus longirostrisnative Harlequin filefish Beaked leatherjacket 
Squaliformes Oxynotidae Oxynotus bruniensisnative Prickly dogfish Prickly dogfish 
Beloniformes Hemiramphidae Oxyporhamphus micropterusnative Bigwing halfbeak Beaked flyingfish 
Perciformes Gobiidae Oxyurichthys auchenolepisnative Scaly-nape tentacle goby Scaly-nape tentacle goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Oxyurichthys cornutusnative Horned tentacle goby Horned tentacle goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Oxyurichthys microlepisnative Maned goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Oxyurichthys ophthalmonemanative Eyebrow goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Oxyurichthys tentacularisnative   
Perciformes Gobiidae Oxyurichthys uronemanative Longtail tentacle goby Longtail tentacle goby 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Pachystomias microdonnative Smalltooth dragonfish Smalltooth dragonfish 
Perciformes Gobiidae Paedogobius kimurainative Babyface goby Babyface goby 
Perciformes Sparidae Pagrus auratusnative Silver seabream Snapper 
Perciformes Gobiidae Pandaka lidwillinative Lidwill's dwarfgoby Lidwill's dwarf goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Pandaka rouxinative Roux's pygmy-goby Roux's dwarf goby 
Perciformes Carangidae Pantolabus radiatusnative Fringefin trevally Fringefin trevally 
Clupeiformes Engraulidae Papuengraulis micropinnanative Littlefin anchovy Bareback anchovy 
Anguilliformes Congridae Parabathymyrus macrophthalmusnative   
Perciformes Blenniidae Parablennius intermediusendemic  Horned blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Parablennius laticlaviusnative  Crested blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Parablennius postoculomaculatusnative False Tasmanian blenny False Tasmanian blenny 
Perciformes Blenniidae Parablennius tasmanianusnative Tasmanian blenny Tasmanian blenny 
Pleuronectiformes Bothidae Parabothus kiensisnative   
Ophidiiformes Parabrotulidae Parabrotula plagiophthalmanative False cusk False cusk 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Paracaesio kusakariinative Saddle-back snapper Saddleback snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Paracaesio stoneinative Cocoa snapper Cocoa snapper 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Paracaesio xanthuranative Yellowtail blue snapper False fusilier 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Paracanthurus hepatusnative Palette surgeonfish Blue tang 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Paracentropogon longispinisnative Wispy waspfish Whiteface roguefish 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Paracentropogon vespaendemic Wasp roguefish Wasp roguefish 
Perciformes Pomacanthidae Paracentropyge multifasciatanative Barred angelfish Multibar angelfish 
Perciformes Chaetodontidae Parachaetodon ocellatusnative Sixspine butterflyfish Ocellate butterflyfish 
Perciformes Gobiidae Parachaeturichthys polynemanative Taileyed goby  
Perciformes Labridae Paracheilinus filamentosusnative Filamentous wrasse Filamentous flasher wrasse 
Perciformes Labridae Paracheilinus flavianalisnative Yellowfin flasher wrasse Yellowfin flasher wrasse 
Perciformes Cirrhitidae Paracirrhites arcatusnative Arc-eye hawkfish Ringeye hawkfish 
Perciformes Cirrhitidae Paracirrhites forsterinative Blackside hawkfish Freckled hawkfish 
Perciformes Cirrhitidae Paracirrhites hemistictusnative Whitespot hawkfish Ornate hawkfish 
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Paradicula setifernative   
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Paragalaxias dissimilisendemic Shannon galaxias Shannon galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Paragalaxias eleotroidesendemic Great Lake Galaxias Great Lake Galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Paragalaxias julianusendemic Julian galaxias Julian galaxias 
Osmeriformes Galaxiidae Paragalaxias mesotesendemic Arthurs galaxias Arthurs galaxias 
Perciformes Gobiidae Paragobiodon echinocephalusnative Redhead goby Redhead 
Perciformes Gobiidae Paragobiodon lacunicolusnative Blackfin coral goby Blackfin coralgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Paragobiodon melanosomanative Dark coral goby Black coralgoby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Paragobiodon modestusnative Warthead goby Redhead goby 
Perciformes Gobiidae Paragobiodon xanthosomanative Emerald coral goby Yellow coral goby 
Perciformes Microdesmidae Paragunnellichthys seychellensisnative Seychelle's wormfish Seychelles wormfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis anthracinusendemic Coalskin snailfish Coalskin snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis aterendemic Sooty snailfish Sooty snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis atrolabiatusendemic Darklip snailfish Darklip snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis auriculatusendemic Smallcheek snailfish Smallcheek snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis australiensisendemic Australian snailfish Australian snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis avellaneusendemic Nutty snailfish Nutty snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis badiusendemic Dark brown snailfish Dark brown snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis brunneocaudatusendemic Browntail snailfish Browntail snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis brunneusendemic Brown snailfish Brown snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis coracinusendemic Black snailfish Black snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis costatusendemic Black ribbed snailfish Black ribbed snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis csiroiendemic Loweye snailfish Loweye snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis delphisendemic Dolphin snailfish Dolphin snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis dewittiendemic Brown ribbed snailfish Brown ribbed snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis eastmaniendemic Thickskin snailfish Thickskin snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis gomoniendemic Squarechin snailfish Squarechin snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis hobartiendemic Palepore snailfish Palepore snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis impariporusendemic Unipore snailfish Unipore snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis infeliciterendemic Badluck snailfish Badluck snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis labiatusendemic Biglip snailfish Biglip snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis lastiendemic Rusty snailfish Rusty snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis obtusirostrisendemic Bluntsnout snailfish Bluntsnout snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis piceusendemic Tarred snailfish Tarred snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis plagiostomusendemic Sharkmouth snailfish Sharkmouth snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis retrodorsalisendemic Shortfin snailfish Shortfin snailfish 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis tasmaniensisendemic Tasmanian snailfish Tasmanian snailfish 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Paraluteres prionurusnative False puffer Blacksaddle filefish 
Perciformes Ambassidae Parambassis gulliverinative Giant glassfish Giant glassfish 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Paramonacanthus choirocephalusnative Pig faced leather jacket Hair-finned leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Paramonacanthus curtorhynchosnative Shortsnout filefish  
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Paramonacanthus japonicusnative Hairfinned leatherjacket Japanese leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Paramonacanthus loweiendemic Lowe's leatherjacket Lowe's leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Paramonacanthus otisensisnative Dusky leatherjacket Dusky leatherjacket 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Paramonacanthus pusillusnative Faintstripe filefish Sinhalese leatherjacket 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Paramugil georgiinative Silver mullet  
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Paramugil parmatusnative Broad-mouthed mullet  
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis alboguttatanative Whitespot sandsmelt Blue-nosed grubfish 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis allportinative Barred grubfish Barred grubfish 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis australisnative  Southern grubfish 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis binivirgatanative Redbanded weever Redbanded grubfish 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis biordinisnative  Double-row grubfish 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis clathratanative Latticed sandperch Latticed sandperch 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis colemaninative   
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis cylindricanative Cylindrical sandperch Sharpnose sandperch 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis diplospilusnative Doublespot grubfish Doublespot grubfish 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis flavolabiatanative Yellowlip grubfish Yellowlip grubfish 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis haackeinative Wavy grubfish Wavy grubfish 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis hoinative Ho's sandperch  
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis lineopunctatanative Nosestripe sandperch Dotlined grubfish 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis macrophthalmanative Narrow barred grubfish Narrow barred grubfish 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis millepunctatanative Black dotted sand perch Spotted sandperch 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis multiplicatanative Redbarred sandperch Doublestitch grubfish 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis nebulosanative Barred sandperch Barred sandperch 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis queenslandicanative   
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis ramsayinative Spotted grubfish Ramsay's grubfish 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis rubricaudalisnative Redtail sandperch  
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis schauinslandiinative Redspotted sandperch Lyretail grubfish 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis sexloratanative Sixstrap grubfish Sixstrap grubfish 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis snyderinative U-mark sandperch Snyder's grubfish 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis stricticepsnative White-streaked grubfish White-streaked grubfish 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis striolatanative  Banded grubfish 
Perciformes Pinguipedidae Parapercis xanthozonanative Yellowbar sandperch Peppered grubfish 
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Paraplagusia bilineatanative Doublelined tonguesole Lemon tongue sole 
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Paraplagusia guttatanative   
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Paraplagusia longirostrisnative Long-snouted tongue sole Long-snouted tongue sole 
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Paraplagusia sineramanative Dusky tongue sole Dusky tongue sole 
Perciformes Plesiopidae Paraplesiops alisonaeendemic Alison's blue devil Alison's blue devil 
Perciformes Plesiopidae Paraplesiops bleekeriendemic Eastern blue devil Ea&#