Ecology of Rhincodon typus
Main Ref. Colman, J.G., 1997
Marine - Neritic
  • supra-littoral zone
  • littoral zone
  • sublittoral zone
Marine - Oceanic
  • epipelagic
  • mesopelagic
  • epipelagic
  • abyssopelagic
  • hadopelagic
  • estuaries/lagoons/brackish seas
  • mangroves
  • marshes/swamps
  • rivers/streams
  • lakes/ponds
  • caves
  • exclusively in caves
Highighted items on the list are where Rhincodon typus may be found.
Remarks Found on the continental shelf (Ref. 75154); Dives to depths well into the mesopelagic and bathypelagic zones (1,286 maximum depth) (Ref. 80381). Prefers surface water temperatures between 21-25°C and salinities of 34-35 ppt. Relies on a versatile suction filter-feeding method, which enables it to draw water into the mouth at higher velocities, thereby allowing it to capture larger, more active nektonic prey as well as zooplankton aggregations. Has been observed to feed passively by cruising with mouth agape. It feeds actively at dusk or after dark by opening their mouths and sucking in prey-rich water (Ref. 26319). A carnivore (Ref. 9137).


Substrate Ref.
Special habitats Coral Reefs;
Special habitats Ref.


Associated with
Association remarks


Feeding type mainly animals (troph. 2.8 and up)
Feeding type ref Colman, J.G., 1997
Feeding habit filtering plankton
Feeding habit ref Colman, J.G., 1997
Trophic level(s)
Original sample Unfished population Remark
Estimation method Troph s.e. Troph s.e.
From diet composition 3.55 0.54 3.52 0.46 Troph of juv./adults from 1 study.
Ref. Cortés, E., 1999
From individual food items 3.76 0.55 Trophic level estimated from a number of food items using a randomized resampling routine.
(e.g. 346)
(e.g. cnidaria)
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