Fecundity of Petromyzon marinus
Main Ref: Billard, R., 1997
Country: France
Locality: France
Absolute Fecundity Fecundity Type: 
  min   200,000 (g) (cm)   Ref: Billard, R., 1997
  max   250,000 (g) (cm)  
  mean     (g) (cm)  
Comments on Fecundity:
Relative Fecundity
Min: 230 Ref.: Keith, P. and J. Allardi (coords.), 2001
Mean: Ref.:
Max: 230 Ref.:
Fecundity/length relationship ( F = a * L ^b):
  Size: (cm)  
  a: 95% confidence limit:  
  b: 95% confidence limit:  
Spawning Cycles: (1/y)   Ref:
Comments: Egg size 1mm.The eggs are deposited on the bottom in a nest dug by the male and the female (lithophile species). The blind ammocoete larvae live in freshwater then migrate to the sea after their metamorphosis which occurs at the age of 2 to 5 years (15-20 cm) (Ref. 30578).
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