Family Platyrhinidae - Fanrays
No. in FishBase
Genera : 1 | Species : 4 Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
Fresh : No | Brackish : No | Marine : Yes
  First Fossil Record
Distribution: Northwest and Eastern Central Pacific; cool-temperate to tropical continental areas; demersal in shallow water, on soft substrates from nearshore to at least 137 m depth, none ventures into freshwater.

Fanrays are small to medium-sized (30-90 cm TL for adults) with firm body, large, flattened subcircular to shovel-shaped disc and has an rlongate tapering tail; pectoral fin rays which form the disc, extnd forward to snout tip and beyond pelvic-fin origins; nostrils close to the mouth, eyes narrowly separated and well removed from disc margin; short anterior nasal flaps not joined together to forma broad, flap-like nasal curtain; no dermal folds on spiracles; upper surface with sharp thorns or enlarged denticles on head, shoulders and in row along mid-line of the body; 2similar dorsal fins close together on tail and located well behind pelvic fins; caudal fin elongate and without a distinct lower lobe; slender tail, abruptly narrower than trunk, well-developed lateral folds and without a stinging spine; colour plain or with transverse stripes, without pectoral ocelli; ventral surface usually uniformly white.

Biology: ovoviviparous; life history mostly little known; feeds mainly on small marine invertebrates, including crustaceans, molluscs and worms.

Use: eaten fresh or salt-dried, caught mainly as bycatch of net fisheries.

Genera: Platyrhina, Platyrhinoidis.

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Scientifc name Status Senior/Junior synonym Combination
Platyrhina sinensis (Bloch & Schneider, 1801)
Rhina sinensis Bloch & Schneider, 1801
Platyrhina hyugaensis Iwatsuki, Miyamoto & Nakaya, 2011
Platyrhina tangi Iwatsuki, Zhang & Nakaya, 2011
Platyrhina psomadakisi White & Last, 2016
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