Coptodon rendalli, Redbreast tilapia : fisheries, aquaculture, gamefish, aquarium

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Coptodon rendalli (Boulenger, 1897)

Redbreast tilapia
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Image of Coptodon rendalli (Redbreast tilapia)
Coptodon rendalli
Male picture by Seegers, L.

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Actinopteri > Cichliformes (Cichlids, convict blennies) 鱸形目 (Cichlids, convict blennies) > Cichlidae (Cichlids) 慈鯛科魚類 (Cichlids) > Pseudocrenilabrinae
  More on author: Boulenger.

Environment: milieu / climate zone / depth range / distribution range 生態學

; 淡水; 半鹹淡水 底中水層性; 深度上下限 3 - 8 m (Ref. 58302).   熱帶; 24°C - 28°C (Ref. 2059); 20°N - 20°S

分布 國家 | FAO區域 | 生態系 | 發現紀錄 | Point map | 簡介 | Faunafri

Africa: from the middle Congo River basin (Kasai drainage and between the Lomami and Kisangani) up to the upper Lualaba and the Bangweulu area (Ref. 55074). Also in Lake Malawi, Zambesi, coastal areas from Zambesi Delta to Natal, Okavango and Cunene (Ref. 5163) as well as the Limpopo, Malagarasi (Ref. 55074) and Lake Tanganyika (Ref. 55074, 74387). Also present in the Cuanza and Catumbela rivers in Angola (Ref. 11970). Introduced elsewhere usually for weed control and aquaculture. Several countries report adverse ecological impact after introduction.
非洲: 塞內加爾與尼日河,剛果河流域,三比河系統,坦噶尼喀湖與 Malagarazi。 也已知來自 Shaba , Kasai ,盧阿拉巴河系統,馬拉威湖,納塔爾,奧塔萬戈河與庫內內河上游。 (參考文獻 5163) 為雜草控制與水產業通常引入了其他地方。 引入後的一些國家報告不利的生態衝擊。

Length at first maturity / 大小 / 重量 / 年齡

Maturity: Lm 17.7  range ? - ? cm
Max length : 45.0 cm TL 雄魚/尚未辨別雌雄; (Ref. 26550); 最大體重: 2.5 kg (Ref. 26550); 最大年齡: 7 年 (Ref. 7248)

簡短描述 型態特徵 | 形態測量圖

背棘 (總數): 15 - 17; 背的軟條 (總數): 10-13; 臀棘 3; 臀鰭軟條: 9 - 10; 脊椎骨: 29. Diagnosis: A large, deep-bodied species with a steep head profile, narrow head and small mouth; often appearing brownish with a white belly, some individuals have bright red bellies (Ref. 118638). The sexes look very similar, although males are usually larger (Ref. 118638). Very difficult to distinguish from Coptodon zillii, but C. rendalli usually have a steeper head profile and less prominent vertical bars; in East Africa, the tailfin of C. rendalli is often divided into a brownish upper part and yellowish lower part, whereas that of C. zillii is uniform and spotted (Ref. 118638).
頭部與身體在到之中深橄欖綠色的背面, 灰白在側面之上。 身體通常有縱帶只有而且鱗片有黑的基部新月。 背鰭橄欖綠色的在軟鰭條上具有一個細的紅色邊緣與白色到灰色的黑斜的斑點; 尾鰭有斑點的在身體上半部與紅色或黃色的半邊側面上.(參考文獻 4967,34290)

生物學特性     字彙 (例如 epibenthic)

It prefers quiet, well-vegetated water along river littorals or backwaters, floodplains and swamps. They are tolerant of a wide range of temperatures (8-41°C) and salinities (Ref. 3, 7248, 118638). Forms schools; is mainly diurnal. Juveniles feed on plankton (Ref. 52307); adults feed on leaves and stems of underwater plants as well as algae, and vegetative detritus (Ref. 52307), insects and crustaceans. A substrate spawner; male and female form pairs to rear the young; eggs and larvae are usually guarded in a steep-side circular pit dug in the mud (Ref. 118638). Occasionally it spawns in large cave-like structures (Ref. 52307), e.g. in Lake Malawi they are reported to dig a network of tunnels at some sites (Ref. 118638). Make excellent eating (Ref. 5214). Widely exploited in fisheries and aquaculture (Ref. 118638).

偏愛安靜, 沿著河沿海地區或洄水區,洪泛區與沼澤的植物生長良好的水。 寬容的寬範圍溫度 (8-41 °C)(參考文獻 3) 與 19個 ppt 的鹽度.(參考文獻 7248) 形成魚群; 主要日行性。 稚魚吃浮游生物。 成魚主要捕食較高等的植物以及藻類,昆蟲與甲殼動物。 可以用作優良的吃。 (參考文獻 5214)

Life cycle and mating behavior 成熟度 | 繁殖 | 產卵場 | | 孕卵數 | 仔魚

Prefers a sloping spawning ground near the marginal fringe of vegetation (Ref. 3). Builds nest in shallow water where both parents guard the eggs and young. 非洲: 塞內加爾與尼日河,剛果河流域,三比河系統,坦噶尼喀湖與 Malagarazi。 也已知來自 Shaba , Kasai ,盧阿拉巴河系統,馬拉威湖,納塔爾,奧塔萬戈河與庫內內河上游。 (參考文獻 5163) 為雜草控制與水產業通常引入了其他地方。 引入後的一些國家報告不利的生態衝擊。

主要參考資料 Upload your references | 參考文獻 | 合作者 : Kullander, Sven O. | 合作者

Dunz, A.R. and U.K. Schliewen, 2013. Molecular phylogeny and revised classification of the haplotilapiine cichlid fishes formerly referred to as "Tilapia". Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 68(1):64-80. (Ref. 93285)

IUCN 瀕危狀態 (Ref. 123251)

  無危 (LC) ; Date assessed: 20 June 2018

CITES (Ref. 123416)

Not Evaluated

CMS (Ref. 116361)

Not Evaluated




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