List of Freshwater Fishes reported from Guatemala
n = 169
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Table 1: 166 species currently present in the country/island (endemic, native, introduced, reintroduced);
Table 2: 1 species possibly present in the country/island (stray, questionable);
Table 3: 2 species demonstrated to be absent in the country/island (extirpated, not established, misidentification, error).
Table 4: 169 species reported from the country/island altogether.
Table : 169 .
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Family Species Author Info Occurrence Common names Abundance Max length Maturity Remark Photo
Achiridae Achirus mazatlanus (Steindachner, 1869) Fr, Br, M native   22.5 TL (male)   
Mugilidae Agonostomus monticola (Bancroft, 1834) Fr, Br native   22.4 FL (female)   
Poeciliidae Alfaro huberi (Fowler, 1923) Fr native   5 TL (male) , 7 (female)   
Cichlidae Amatitlania nigrofasciata (Günther, 1867) Fr native  Serica (Spanish)  8.29 SL (mixed)  Type locality, Lake Amatitlán (apparently not Lake Atitlán), BMNH 1865.4.19.76 (lectotype of Amatitlania nigrofasciata, 6.4 cm SL). Known from the Pacific slope, Rio Suchiate; from the Atlantic slope in Río Jutiapa (Ref. 74403). Also Ref. 6466, 1739. 
Cichlidae Amphilophus margaritifer (Günther, 1862) Fr endemic  scarce (very unlikely) 12.699999809265 SL (male)  Known from Lake Peten.  No picture yet.
Anablepidae Anableps dowei Gill, 1861 Fr native   22 TL (male) , 34 TL (female)   
Engraulidae Anchoa belizensis (Thomerson & Greenfield, 1975) Fr native   5.8000001907349 SL (male)  Reported from Rio Dulce and Lake Yzabel (Ref. 189). 
Engraulidae Anchoa curta (Jordan & Gilbert, 1882) Fr, Br, M native   8.8999996185303 TL (male)   
Engraulidae Anchoa parva (Meek & Hildebrand, 1923) Fr, Br, M native   9.1000003814697 TL (male)   
Anguillidae Anguilla rostrata (Lesueur, 1817) Fr, Br, M native   120 (unsexed)   
Sciaenidae Aplodinotus grunniens Rafinesque, 1819 Fr native  common (usually seen) 95 TL (male)  Known from the Usumacinta River (Ref. 36888). 
Ariidae Ariopsis assimilis (Günther, 1864) Fr, Br native   35 TL (male)  Also Ref. 58022. 
Ariidae Ariopsis seemanni (Günther, 1864) Fr, Br, M native   39.5 TL (male)   
Cichlidae Astatheros macracanthus (Günther, 1864) Fr native   25 SL (male)  Found in Rio Motagua. Known also from the Rio Lempa to the Rio Paz. Also Ref. 12251. 
Characidae Astyanax aeneus (Günther, 1860) Fr native   7.5 SL (male) , 12 SL (female)   
Characidae Astyanax bacalarensis Schmitter-Soto, 2017 Fr native   9.4799995422363 SL (male)  Found in Mopán (Ref. 118583).  No picture yet.
Characidae Astyanax baileyi (Rosen, 1972) Fr native   6.8499999046326 SL (male)  Found in the Usumacinta River basin (Ref. 38376). 
Characidae Astyanax cubilhuitz Schmitter-Soto, 2017 Fr native  Cubilhuitz tetra (Spanish), Sardinita del Cubilhuitz (Spanish)  5.3000001907349 SL (male)  Known from Río Dolores, a stream near Cubilhuitz isolated by a subterranean segment, Alta Verapaz (Ref. 118583).  No picture yet.
Characidae Astyanax dorioni (Rosen, 1970) Fr native   19.299999237061 SL (male)  Found in the Usumacinta River basin (Ref. 38376).  No picture yet.
Characidae Astyanax fasciatus (Cuvier, 1819) Fr native   16.8 TL (unsexed)   
Atherinopsidae Atherinella argentea Chernoff, 1986 Fr, Br, M native   11.10000038147 SL (male)   
Atherinopsidae Atherinella guatemalensis (Günther, 1864) Fr, Br, M native   7.5 SL (male)  Ranges eastward to Salína de Acapán (Ref. 9273). 
Atherinopsidae Atherinella guija (Hildebrand, 1925) Fr native     Occurrence in country (Dyer, pers. comm).  No picture yet.
Atherinopsidae Atherinella meeki (Miller, 1907) Fr native     Type locality, Río Montagua, east coast of Guatemala (Ref. 26282).  No picture yet.
Lepisosteidae Atractosteus tropicus Gill, 1863 Fr native   100 SL (unsexed)   
Gobiidae Awaous banana (Valenciennes, 1837) Fr native   30 SL (male) , 24.379999160767 SL (female)  Known from Escuintla, Santa Rosa, Izabal and Zacapa. 
Batrachoididae Batrachoides goldmani Evermann & Goldsborough, 1902 Fr native   21.60000038147 SL (male)  Recorded from El Petén and Alta Verapaz (Ref. 30719). 
Batrachoididae Batrachoides waltersi Collette & Russo, 1981 Fr, Br, M native   29.200000762939 SL (male)   
Poeciliidae Belonesox belizanus Kner, 1860 Fr native   20 TL (male) , 15 TL (female)   
Poeciliidae Brachyrhaphis hartwegi Rosen & Bailey, 1963 Fr native   3.5 TL (male) , 5 (female)   
Bryconidae Brycon guatemalensis Regan, 1908 Fr native   58 (unsexed)  Occurs in the Grijalva River (Ref. 6858). 
Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus leucas (Müller & Henle, 1839) Fr, Br, M native   320 TL (unsexed)  Found in Lake Ysabel.  
Poeciliidae Carlhubbsia kidderi (Hubbs, 1936) Fr native   5 TL (male) , 6 (female)  Found in Alta Vera Paz. 
Poeciliidae Carlhubbsia stuarti Rosen & Bailey, 1959 Fr native   5.5 SL (male) , 4.5 (female)  Known from the Rio Polochic system and Lake Izabal. Also Ref. 42936. 
Ariidae Cathorops aguadulce (Meek, 1904) Fr native   22.700000762939 SL (male)  Known from Izabal Lake (Ref. 58032). Materials examined from the río Usumacinta and Izabal Lake basins, formerly considered as Cathorops aguadulce, are treated as Cathorops kailolae by Marceniuk & Betancur-R., 2008 (Ref. 75004).  No picture yet.
Ariidae Cathorops fuerthii (Steindachner, 1876) Fr, Br, M native   28 TL (male)   
Ariidae Cathorops kailolae Marceniuk & Betancur-R., 2008 Fr native  Kailola's sea catfish (English), Bagre de Kailola (Spanish)  25.39999961853 SL (male)  Known from lago Izabal basin and rio Usumacinta basin (Ref. 75004). 
Ariidae Cathorops melanopus (Günther, 1864) Fr native   23 TL (male)  Known from the Rio Motagua (Ref. 6868, 75004). 
Ariidae Cathorops steindachneri (Gilbert & Starks, 1904) Fr, Br, M native   36 TL (male)   
Centropomidae Centropomus ensiferus Poey, 1860 Fr, Br, M native   36.194999694824 TL (male)   
Centropomidae Centropomus nigrescens Günther, 1864 Fr, Br, M native   123 TL (male)   
Centropomidae Centropomus parallelus Poey, 1860 Fr, Br, M native   72 TL (male)   
Centropomidae Centropomus pectinatus Poey, 1860 Fr, Br, M native   56 TL (male)   
Cichlidae Chiapaheros grammodes (Taylor & Miller, 1980) Fr native   20.299999237061 SL (male)  Known from the Rio Lagartero, Huehuetenango. Also Ref. 7335, 36377. 
Cichlidae Cichlasoma trimaculatum (Günther, 1867) Fr native   36.5 SL (male) , 25 TL (female)  Also Ref. 1739. 
Cichlidae Cincelichthys bocourti (Vaillant & Pellegrin, 1902) Fr native   20 SL (male)  Known from the Lago de Izabal and the lower Rio Polochic. Also Ref. 42936. 
Cichlidae Cincelichthys pearsei (Hubbs, 1936) Fr native   20 SL (male)   
Paralichthyidae Citharichthys gilberti Jenkins & Evermann, 1889 Fr, Br, M native   27 TL (male)  In range Ref. 11482. 
Cichlidae Cribroheros longimanus (Günther, 1867) Fr native  Viejito (Spanish), Red breast cichlid (English), Viejitos (Spanish)  13.5 SL (male)  Found in Rio Nahualte. 
Cichlidae Cribroheros robertsoni (Regan, 1905) Fr native   19 SL (male)  Occurs in the Lago Peten basin. 
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