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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Characiformes
Family: Alestidae African tetras

Genus: Brycinus

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36 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Brycinus abeli Africa 6.3 TL 1936
Brycinus affinis Redfin robber Africa 14.7 SL 1894
Brycinus bartoni Africa 9.2 SL 1953
Brycinus batesii Africa 24.5 TL 1903
Brycinus bimaculatus Africa 14 TL 1899
Brycinus brevis Africa 25 TL 1903
Brycinus carmesinus Africa 16 SL 1917
Brycinus carolinae Africa 10.4 SL 1981
Brycinus comptus Africa 6.3 TL 1976
Brycinus derhami Africa 8.2 SL 1977
Brycinus epuluensis Africa 11.0 SL 2016
Brycinus ferox Large-toothed Lake Turkana robber Africa 8.1 SL 1982
Brycinus fwaensis Africa 3.9 SL 1995
Brycinus grandisquamis Pinkfin Alestes Africa 26 SL 1899
Brycinus humilis Africa 7 TL 1905
Brycinus imberi Spot-tail Africa 19.8 TL 1852
Brycinus intermedius Africa 8 SL 1903
Brycinus jacksonii Victoria robber Africa 27 SL 1912
Brycinus kingsleyae Africa 16.5 SL 1896
Brycinus lateralis Stripped robber Africa 14 SL 1900
Brycinus leuciscus Africa 12 SL 1867
Brycinus longipinnis Longfin tetra Africa 16.4 TL 1864
Brycinus luteus Africa 8 SL 1966
Brycinus macrolepidotus True big-scale tetra Africa 53 SL 1850
Brycinus minutus Dwarf Lake Turkana robber Africa 3.3 SL 1982
Brycinus nigricauda Africa 18.1 TL 1974
Brycinus nurse Nurse tetra Africa 25 TL 1832
Brycinus opisthotaenia Africa 12.8 SL 1903
Brycinus peringueyi Africa 13.3 TL 1923
Brycinus poptae Africa 16 SL 1906
Brycinus rhodopleura Africa 30 SL 1906
Brycinus sadleri Sadler's robber Africa 13.8 TL 1906
Brycinus schoutedeni Africa 22 TL 1912
Brycinus taeniurus Africa 9.8 SL 1867
Brycinus tessmanni Africa 12.8 TL 1911
Brycinus tholloni Africa 8.9 SL 1901

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