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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Characiformes
Family: Bryconidae
Subfamily: Bryconinae
Genus: Brycon

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43 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Brycon alburnus South America 32.6 SL 1860
Brycon amazonicus South America 46.2 SL 1829
Brycon argenteus Central America 23 SL 1913
Brycon atrocaudatus South America 27.3 SL 1863
Brycon behreae Central America 26.5 SL 1938
Brycon bicolor South America 11.9 SL 1909
Brycon cephalus South America 45 TL 1869
Brycon chagrensis Central America 50 SL 1863
Brycon coquenani South America 17.1 SL 1915
Brycon costaricensis Central America 32.5 SL 2013
Brycon coxeyi South America 16.8 SL 1943
Brycon dentex South America 34 SL 1860
Brycon devillei South America 14.3 SL 1855
Brycon falcatus South America 37 TL 1844
Brycon ferox South America 31 SL 1877
Brycon fowleri South America 30 TL 1955
Brycon gouldingi South America 47.8 SL 2004
Brycon guatemalensis Machaca Central America 59 TL 1908
Brycon henni South America 35 SL 1913
Brycon hilarii South America 56 TL 1850
Brycon insignis Tiete tetra South America 36.9 SL 1877
Brycon labiatus South America 1879
Brycon medemi South America 15 SL 1960
Brycon meeki South America 32.2 SL 1918
Brycon melanopterus South America 38 SL 1872
Brycon moorei Dorada South America 53 SL 1878
Brycon nattereri South America 29.0 SL 1864
Brycon obscurus Central America 9.6 SL 1938
Brycon oligolepis South America 24.1 SL 1913
Brycon opalinus South America 26.3 SL 1819
Brycon orbignyanus South America 79.5 TL 1850
Brycon orthotaenia South America 33 SL 1864
Brycon pesu Mourning tetra South America 12 SL 1845
Brycon petrosus Central America 28.5 SL 1913
Brycon polylepis South America 22.4 SL 1988
Brycon posadae South America 14.8 SL 1945
Brycon rubricauda South America 35 SL 1879
Brycon sinuensis South America 18 SL 1955
Brycon stolzmanni South America 20.6 SL 1879
Brycon striatulus Central America 36.5 SL 1863
Brycon unicolor South America 34.5 SL 1988
Brycon vermelha South America 39.5 SL 2000
Brycon whitei South America 38 SL 1960

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