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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Siluriformes
Family: Loricariidae Armored catfishes
Subfamily: Ancistrinae
Genus: Chaetostoma

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45 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Chaetostoma aburrensis South America 1909
Chaetostoma alternifasciatum South America 15.3 SL 1945
Chaetostoma anale South America 16 SL 1943
Chaetostoma anomalum South America 16 TL 1903
Chaetostoma bifurcum South America 14.0 SL 2015
Chaetostoma branickii South America 13.2 SL 1881
Chaetostoma breve South America 30 TL 1904
Chaetostoma brevilabiatum South America 11.9 SL 1942
Chaetostoma changae South America 7.6 SL 2006
Chaetostoma daidalmatos South America 2006
Chaetostoma dermorhynchum South America 25 TL 1887
Chaetostoma dorsale South America 8.8 SL 1922
Chaetostoma dupouii South America 7.9 SL 1945
Chaetostoma fischeri Central and South America 30 TL 1879
Chaetostoma formosae South America 9.7 SL 2011
Chaetostoma guairense South America 8.1 SL 1881
Chaetostoma jegui South America 16.8 SL 1991
Chaetostoma lepturum South America 21.5 SL 1912
Chaetostoma leucomelas South America 20 SL 1918
Chaetostoma lineopunctatum South America 14.3 SL 1942
Chaetostoma loborhynchos South America 14.2 SL 1846
Chaetostoma machiquense South America 6.6 SL 1953
Chaetostoma marginatum South America 19 TL 1904
Chaetostoma marmorescens South America 13.5 SL 1942
Chaetostoma microps South America 8.9 TL 1864
Chaetostoma milesi South America 13 SL 1941
Chaetostoma mollinasum South America 6.8 SL 1937
Chaetostoma niveum South America 9.1 SL 1944
Chaetostoma nudirostre South America 12.6 TL 1874
Chaetostoma palmeri South America 9.5 TL 1912
Chaetostoma patiae South America 15.8 SL 1945
Chaetostoma paucispinis South America 9 TL 1912
Chaetostoma pearsei South America 15 TL 1920
Chaetostoma sovichthys South America 7.2 SL 1944
Chaetostoma spondylus South America 13.1 SL 2015
Chaetostoma stannii South America 20.5 TL 1874
Chaetostoma stroumpoulos South America 2006
Chaetostoma tachiraense South America 8.7 SL 1944
Chaetostoma taczanowskii South America 17 TL 1882
Chaetostoma thomsoni South America 10.1 TL 1904
Chaetostoma trimaculineum South America 16 SL 2015
Chaetostoma vagum South America 9.9 SL 1943
Chaetostoma vasquezi South America 18.7 SL 1998
Chaetostoma venezuelae South America 7.3 SL 1944
Chaetostoma yurubiense South America 5.1 SL 1996

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