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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Anguilliformes
Family: Congridae Conger and garden eels
Subfamily: Congrinae
Genus: Conger

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Max. Length 140 cm TL
Conger cinereus Rüppell, 1830

Photo by Photo by Kochzius, M.
Conger cinereus
[Longfin African conger]

Eastern Atlantic
Max. Length 300 cm TL
Conger conger (Linnaeus, 1758)

Photo by Photo by Patzner, R.
Conger conger
[European conger]
No picture found

Conger erebennus

Western Central Atlantic
Max. Length 160 cm TL
Conger esculentus Poey, 1861

Photo by Photo by Projeto Tamar
Conger esculentus
[Grey conger]

Northwest Pacific
Max. Length 140 cm TL
Conger japonicus Bleeker, 1879

Photo by Photo by The Fish Database of Taiwan
Conger japonicus
[Beach conger]

Western Central Pacific
Max. Length 78.5 cm TL
Conger macrocephalus Kanazawa, 1958

Photo by Photo by Bucol, A.A.
Conger macrocephalus
No picture found

Max. Length 137 cm TL

Conger marginatus
[Hawaiian mustache conger]

Northwest Pacific
Max. Length 100 cm TL
Conger myriaster (Brevoort, 1856)

Photo by Photo by Suzuki, T.
Conger myriaster
[Whitespotted conger]

Western Atlantic
Max. Length 230 cm TL
Conger oceanicus (Mitchill, 1818)

Photo by Photo by NOAA\NMFS\Mississippi Laboratory
Conger oceanicus
[American conger]