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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Labridae Wrasses
Subfamily: Corinae
Genus: Halichoeres

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Halichoeres adustus Black wrasse Eastern Pacific 12.5 TL 1890
Halichoeres aestuaricola Mangrove wrasse Eastern Pacific 22 TL 1972
Halichoeres argus Argus wrasse Indo-West Pacific 12 TL 1801
Halichoeres bathyphilus Greenband wrasse Western Atlantic 23 TL 1932
Halichoeres bicolor Pearly-spotted wrasse Indo-West Pacific 12 TL 1801
Halichoeres binotopsis Saowisata wrasse Western Pacific 8.9 SL 1849
Halichoeres biocellatus Red-lined wrasse Western Pacific 12 TL 1960
Halichoeres bivittatus Slippery dick Western Atlantic 35 TL 1791
Halichoeres bleekeri Western Pacific 12.2 SL 1887
Halichoeres brasiliensis Brazilian wrasse Southwest Atlantic 39.5 SL 1791
Halichoeres brownfieldi Brownfields wrasse Eastern Indian Ocean 15 TL 1945
Halichoeres burekae Mardi Gras wrasse Western Atlantic 7.7 SL 2007
Halichoeres caudalis Painted wrasse Western Atlantic 20 TL 1860
Halichoeres chierchiae Wounded wrasse Eastern Central Pacific 17.5 TL 1948
Halichoeres chlorocephalus Greenhead wrasse Western Central Pacific 7.5 SL 1995
Halichoeres chloropterus Pastel-green wrasse Western Central Pacific 19 SL 1791
Halichoeres chrysotaenia Indian Ocean pinstriped wrasse Indian Ocean 13 TL 1853
Halichoeres chrysus Canary wrasse Eastern Indian Ocean 12 TL 1981
Halichoeres claudia Claudia's wrasse Pacific Ocean 8.8 SL 2009
Halichoeres cosmetus Adorned wrasse Western Indian Ocean 13 TL 1982
Halichoeres cyanocephalus Yellowcheek wrasse Western Atlantic 30 TL 1791
Halichoeres dimidiatus Southwest Atlantic 27 SL 1831
Halichoeres discolor Cocos wrasse Eastern Central Pacific 15 TL 1983
Halichoeres dispilus Chameleon wrasse Eastern Pacific 25 TL 1864
Halichoeres erdmanni Erdmann's wrasse Western Pacific 7.2 SL 2010
Halichoeres garnoti Yellowhead wrasse Western Atlantic 19.3 TL 1839
Halichoeres hartzfeldii Hartzfeld's wrasse Western Pacific 18 TL 1852
Halichoeres hilomeni Hilomen's wrasse Western Central Pacific 9.6 SL 2010
Halichoeres hortulanus Checkerboard wrasse Indo-Pacific 27 TL 1801
Halichoeres insularis Socorro wrasse Eastern Central Pacific 7 TL 1992
Halichoeres iridis Western Indian Ocean 11.5 TL 1982
Halichoeres kallochroma Eastern Indian Ocean 12 TL 1853
Halichoeres kneri Kner's wrasse Western Pacific 10 TL 1862
Halichoeres lapillus Jewelled wrasse Western Indian Ocean 14 TL 1947
Halichoeres leptotaenia Western Indian Ocean 10.4 SL 1994
Halichoeres leucoxanthus Canarytop wrasse Indian Ocean 12 TL 1982
Halichoeres leucurus Greyhead wrasse Western Pacific 13 TL 1792
Halichoeres maculipinna Clown wrasse Western Atlantic 18 TL 1848
Halichoeres malpelo Malpelo wrasse Eastern Central Pacific 15 TL 1992
Halichoeres margaritaceus Pink-belly wrasse Indo-Pacific 12.5 SL 1839
Halichoeres marginatus Dusky wrasse Indo-Pacific 18 TL 1835
Halichoeres melanochir Orangefin wrasse Western Pacific 18 TL 1928
Halichoeres melanotis Golden wrasse Eastern Central Pacific 13 TL 1890
Halichoeres melanurus Tail-spot wrasse Indo-Pacific 12 TL 1851
Halichoeres melas Western Indian Ocean 12.1 SL 1994
Halichoeres melasmapomus Cheekspot wrasse Indo-Pacific 24 TL 1981
Halichoeres miniatus Circle-cheek wrasse Western Pacific. 14 TL 1839
Halichoeres nebulosus Nebulous wrasse Indo-West Pacific 12 TL 1839
Halichoeres nicholsi Spinster wrasse Eastern Pacific 38 TL 1882
Halichoeres nigrescens Bubblefin wrasse Indo-West Pacific 14 TL 1801
Halichoeres notospilus Banded wrasse Eastern Pacific 25.4 TL 1864
Halichoeres orientalis Northwest Pacific 7.6 SL 1999
Halichoeres ornatissimus Ornamented wrasse Pacific Ocean 18 TL 1863
Halichoeres pallidus Pale wrasse Pacific Ocean 10 TL 1995
Halichoeres papilionaceus Weed wrasse Western Central Pacific 12 TL 1839
Halichoeres pardaleocephalus Lineblotch wrasse Indo-West Pacific 11.2 SL 1849
Halichoeres pelicieri Western Indian Ocean 4.9 SL 1982
Halichoeres penrosei Southwest Atlantic 11.9 SL 1913
Halichoeres pictus Rainbow wrasse Western Atlantic 13 TL 1860
Halichoeres podostigma Axil spot wrasse Western Central Pacific 18.5 SL 1854
Halichoeres poeyi Blackear wrasse Western Atlantic 20 TL 1867
Halichoeres prosopeion Twotone wrasse Western Pacific 13 SL 1853
Halichoeres radiatus Puddingwife wrasse Western Atlantic 51 TL 1758
Halichoeres richmondi Richmond's wrasse Western Pacific 19 TL 1928
Halichoeres rubricephalus Redhead wrasse Western Central Pacific 10 TL 1995
Halichoeres rubrovirens Southwest Atlantic 23.1 SL 2010
Halichoeres salmofasciatus Red-striped wrasse Eastern Central Pacific 6.3 SL 2002
Halichoeres sazimai Southwest Atlantic 21.4 SL 2009
Halichoeres scapularis Zigzag wrasse Indo-West Pacific 20 TL 1832
Halichoeres semicinctus Rock wrasse Eastern Pacific 38 TL 1859
Halichoeres signifer Western Indian Ocean 8.2 SL 1994
Halichoeres socialis Western Central Atlantic 4.7 SL 2003
Halichoeres solorensis Green wrasse Western Pacific. 18 TL 1853
Halichoeres stigmaticus U-spot wrasse Western Indian Ocean 12.8 TL 1982
Halichoeres tenuispinis Northwest Pacific 13.6 SL 1862
Halichoeres timorensis Timor wrasse Indo-West Pacific 12 TL 1852
Halichoeres trimaculatus Threespot wrasse Indo-Pacific 27 TL 1834
Halichoeres trispilus Triplespot warsse Western Indian Ocean 9.5 TL 1982
Halichoeres zeylonicus Goldstripe wrasse Indo-West Pacific 20 TL 1833
Halichoeres zulu Western Indian Ocean 13.5 SL 2010

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