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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Syngnathiformes
Family: Syngnathidae Pipefishes and seahorses
Subfamily: Hippocampinae
Genus: Hippocampus

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57 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Hippocampus abdominalis Big-belly seahorse Southwest Pacific 35 OT 1827
Hippocampus alatus Winged seahorse Indo-West Pacific 13.6 OT 2001
Hippocampus algiricus West African seahorse Eastern Central Atlantic 19.2 OT 1856
Hippocampus angustus Western spiny seahorse Eastern Indian Ocean 22 TL 1870
Hippocampus barbouri Barbour's seahorse Western Central Pacific 15 OT 1908
Hippocampus bargibanti Pygmy seahorse Indo-West Pacific 2.4 OT 1970
Hippocampus biocellatus False-eyed seahorse Eastern Indian Ocean 10.8 OT 2001
Hippocampus borboniensis Réunion seahorse Western Indian Ocean 14 OT 1870
Hippocampus breviceps Shorthead seahorse Indo-Pacific 15 TL 1869
Hippocampus camelopardalis Giraffe seahorse Western Indian Ocean 10 TL 1854
Hippocampus capensis Knysna seahorse Southeast Atlantic 12.1 OT 1900
Hippocampus casscsio Beibu Bay seahorse Northwest Pacific 13.3 SL 2016
Hippocampus colemani Coleman's pygmy seahorse Pasific Ocean 2.7 SL 2003
Hippocampus comes Tiger tail seahorse Western Central Pacific 18.7 OT 1849
Hippocampus coronatus Crowned seahorse Northwest Pacific 13.3 SL 1850
Hippocampus curvicuspis New Caledonian thorny seahorse Western Pacific 9.8 SL 2004
Hippocampus debelius Softcoral seahorse Red Sea 2.4 SL 2009
Hippocampus denise Denise's pygmy seahorse Western Pacific 2.4 SL 2003
Hippocampus erectus Lined seahorse Western Atlantic 19 OT 1810
Hippocampus fisheri Fisher's seahorse Western Pacific 8 OT 1903
Hippocampus fuscus Sea pony Indian Ocean 14.4 OT 1838
Hippocampus grandiceps Big-head seahorse Western Central Pacific 10.5 OT 2001
Hippocampus guttulatus Long-snouted seahorse Eastern Atlantic 21.5 SL 1829
Hippocampus haema Korean seahorse Northwestern Pacific 11.4 SL 2017
Hippocampus hendriki Eastern spiny seahorse Western Central Pacific 10.4 OT 2001
Hippocampus hippocampus Short snouted seahorse Eastern Atlantic 15 TL 1758
Hippocampus histrix Thorny seahorse Indo-Pacific 17 TL 1856
Hippocampus ingens Pacific seahorse Eastern Pacific 30 TL 1858
Hippocampus japapigu Japanese pygmy seahorse Northwestern Pacific 1.6 SL 2018
Hippocampus jayakari Jayakar's seahorse Western Indian Ocean 14 OT 1900
Hippocampus jugumus Collared seahorse Southwest Pacific 4.4 OT 2001
Hippocampus kelloggi Great seahorse Indo-West Pacific 28 OT 1901
Hippocampus kuda Spotted seahorse Indo-Pacific 30 TL 1852
Hippocampus lichtensteinii Lichtenstein's Seahorse Western Indian Ocean 4 OT 1856
Hippocampus minotaur Bullneck seahorse Southwest Pacific 5 OT 1997
Hippocampus mohnikei Japanese seahorse Western Pacific 8 OT 1853
Hippocampus montebelloensis Monte Bello seahorse Eastern Indian Ocean 7.8 OT 2001
Hippocampus multispinus Northern spiny seahorse Western Central Pacific 14 OT 2001
Hippocampus paradoxus Paradoxical seahorse Eastern Indian Ocean 6.5 SL 2010
Hippocampus patagonicus Southwest Atlantic 2004
Hippocampus pontohi Pontoh's pygmy seahorse South East Asia 1.7 SL 2008
Hippocampus procerus High-crown seahorse Western Central Pacific 11 OT 2001
Hippocampus pusillus Pygmy thorny seahorse Western Pacific 2004
Hippocampus queenslandicus Queensland seahorse Western Central Pacific 11.6 OT 2001
Hippocampus reidi Longsnout seahorse Western Atlantic 17.5 OT 1933
Hippocampus satomiae Satomi's pygmy seahorse South East Asia 1.4 SL 2008
Hippocampus semispinosus Half-spined seahorse Western Central Pacific 18 OT 2001
Hippocampus sindonis Shiho's seahorse Northwest Pacific 10.8 SL 1901
Hippocampus spinosissimus Hedgehog seahorse Indo-Pacific 17.2 OT 1913
Hippocampus subelongatus West Australian seahorse Eastern Indian Ocean 20 OT 1873
Hippocampus suezensis Egyptian seahorse Western Indian Ocean 27.5 TL 1940
Hippocampus trimaculatus Longnose seahorse Indo-Pacific 22 TL 1814
Hippocampus tyro Western Indian Ocean 6.1 TL 2009
Hippocampus waleananus Walea pygmy seahorse Asia 1.8 SL 2009
Hippocampus whitei White's seahorse Southwest Pacific 13 OT 1855
Hippocampus zebra Zebra seahorse Western Central Pacific 8 OT 1964
Hippocampus zosterae Dwarf seahorse Western Atlantic 5 TL 1882

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