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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Eleotridae Sleepers
Subfamily: Eleotrinae
Genus: Mogurnda

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27 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Mogurnda adspersa Southern purplespotted gudgeon Oceania 14 TL 1878
Mogurnda aiwasoensis Asia 4.1 SL 1996
Mogurnda arguni Asia 10.4 SL 2014
Mogurnda aurifodinae Northern mogurnda Asia and Oceania 10 SL 1938
Mogurnda cingulata Banded mogurnda Asia and Oceania 13 SL 1991
Mogurnda clivicola Flinders ranges mogurnda Oceania 13 SL 1999
Mogurnda furva Black mogurnda Oceania 12 SL 1986
Mogurnda kaifayama Asia 9.9 SL 1999
Mogurnda kaimana Asia 11.0 SL 2014
Mogurnda kutubuensis Lake Kutubu mogurnda Oceania 9.5 SL 1986
Mogurnda larapintae Desert mogurnda Oceania 13 SL 1896
Mogurnda lineata Kokoda mogurnda Oceania 8.5 SL 1991
Mogurnda maccuneae Oceania 7.4 SL 2000
Mogurnda magna Asia 19.1 SL 1996
Mogurnda malsmithi Oceania 6.8 SL 1993
Mogurnda mbuta Asia 10.1 SL 1999
Mogurnda mogurnda Northern trout gudgeon Oceania 20 TL 1844
Mogurnda mosa Oceania 11.7 SL 2000
Mogurnda oligolepis Kimberley mogurnda Oceania 8 SL 1999
Mogurnda orientalis Eastern mogurnda Oceania 11 SL 1991
Mogurnda pardalis Asia 12.7 SL 1996
Mogurnda pulchra Moresby mogurnda Oceania 8 SL 1990
Mogurnda spilota Blotched mogurnda Oceania 13 SL 1986
Mogurnda thermophila Dalhousie mogurnda Oceania 13.5 SL 1999
Mogurnda variegata Variegated mogurnda Oceania 13 SL 1951
Mogurnda vitta Striped mogurnda Oceania 12.5 SL 1986
Mogurnda wapoga Asia 6.3 SL 1999

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