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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Cypriniformes
Family: Nemacheilidae

Genus: Nemacheilus

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52 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Nemacheilus anguilla Asia 5 SL 1919
Nemacheilus arenicolus Asia 6.9 SL 1998
Nemacheilus banar Asia 8.0 SL 2001
Nemacheilus binotatus Asia 6 TL 1933
Nemacheilus chrysolaimos Asia 5 SL 1846
Nemacheilus cleopatra Asia 8.0 SL 2001
Nemacheilus corica Asia 4.2 SL 1822
Nemacheilus doonensis Asia 3.2 SL 1977
Nemacheilus drassensis Asia 1990
Nemacheilus elegantissimus Asia 5.3 SL 1992
Nemacheilus fasciatus Barred loach Asia 7.4 SL 1846
Nemacheilus guentheri Asia 5.6 SL 1867
Nemacheilus huapingensis Asia 1992
Nemacheilus inglisi Asia 1935
Nemacheilus jaklesii Asia 1852
Nemacheilus kaimurensis Asia 1998
Nemacheilus kapuasensis Asia 71 SL 1984
Nemacheilus keralensis Asia 5.3 SL 1978
Nemacheilus lactogeneus Asia 5.5 SL 1989
Nemacheilus longipectoralis Asia 3.7 SL 1905
Nemacheilus longipinnis Asia 5.1 SL 1922
Nemacheilus longistriatus Asia 12.5 SL 1990
Nemacheilus lunanensis Asia. 1987
Nemacheilus marang Asia 2010
Nemacheilus masyae Arrow loach Asia 13.5 SL 1933
Nemacheilus menoni Asia 1999
Nemacheilus monilis Asia 4.8 SL 1921
Nemacheilus olivaceus Asia 6.7 SL 1894
Nemacheilus ornatus Asia 4.1 SL 1990
Nemacheilus oxianus Amu-Darya stone loach Former USSR. 6.5 TL 1877
Nemacheilus pallidus Asia 14 SL 1990
Nemacheilus papillos Asia 2009
Nemacheilus paucimaculatus Asia 6.2 SL 2011
Nemacheilus periyarensis Asia 2005
Nemacheilus petrubanarescui Asia 3.5 SL 1984
Nemacheilus pfeifferae Asia 6 SL 1853
Nemacheilus platiceps Asia 6.1 SL 1990
Nemacheilus pulchellus Asia 4.6 SL 1873
Nemacheilus rueppelli Asia 7.4 SL 1839
Nemacheilus saravacensis Asia 3.8 SL 1894
Nemacheilus selangoricus Grey-banded loach Asia 5.9 SL 1904
Nemacheilus shehensis Asia 1990
Nemacheilus shuangjiangensis Asia 1985
Nemacheilus singhi Asia 3.6 SL 1987
Nemacheilus spiniferus Asia 5.5 SL 1984
Nemacheilus stigmofasciatus Asia 3.8 SL 2009
Nemacheilus subfusca Asia 7.4 SL 1839
Nemacheilus tebo Asia 5.6 SL 2009
Nemacheilus triangularis Asia 5.8 SL 1865
Nemacheilus troglocataractus Blind cave loach Asia 6.8 SL 1989
Nemacheilus tuberigum Asia 5.3 SL 2001
Nemacheilus yingjiangensis Asia 1982

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