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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Cyprinodontiformes
Family: Poeciliidae Poeciliids
Subfamily: Poeciliinae
Genus: Poecilia

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40 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Poecilia boesemani Central America 2003
Poecilia butleri Pacific molly Central America 8 TL 1889
Poecilia catemaconis Catemaco molly Central America 10.5 TL 1975
Poecilia caucana Central and South America 6 NG 1880
Poecilia caudofasciata Central America 1913
Poecilia chica Dwarf molly North America 5 TL 1975
Poecilia dauli South America 1.9 SL 2000
Poecilia dominicensis Central America 1906
Poecilia elegans Elegant molly Central America 4.6 SL 1948
Poecilia formosa Amazon molly North America 9.6 TL 1859
Poecilia gillii Central and South America 10.5 TL 1863
Poecilia hispaniolana Hispaniola molly Central America 5.9 SL 1978
Poecilia hondurensis Central America 6.3 SL 2011
Poecilia kempkesi South America 2013
Poecilia koperi South America 2003
Poecilia kykesis Central America 2002
Poecilia latipinna Sailfin molly North America 15 TL 1821
Poecilia latipunctata Broadspotted molly North and Central America 6 TL 1904
Poecilia marcellinoi Central America 6.3 SL 1995
Poecilia maylandi Balsas molly Central America 11 1983
Poecilia mechthildae South America 2002
Poecilia mexicana Shortfin molly North and Central America 11 SL 1863
Poecilia nicholsi Central America 1931
Poecilia obscura Western Trinidad, Oropuch 1.5 SL 2009
Poecilia orri Mangrove molly Central America 5.6 SL 1943
Poecilia parae South America 5 1894
Poecilia petenensis Peten molly Central America 12 TL 1866
Poecilia reticulata Guppy South America 6 SL 1859
Poecilia rositae Central America 5.0 SL 2004
Poecilia salvatoris Central America 1907
Poecilia sarrafae South America 2011
Poecilia sphenops Molly Central and South America 7.5 SL 1846
Poecilia sulphuraria Sulphur molly Central America 5 TL 1948
Poecilia teresae Mountain molly Central America 5.0 SL 1990
Poecilia vandepolli Central America 4.5 TL 1887
Poecilia velifera Sail-fin molly Central America 15 TL 1914
Poecilia vivipara America 7.8 TL 1801
Poecilia waiapi South America 2012
Poecilia wandae South America 2003
Poecilia wingei South America 2 SL 2005

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