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Class: Elasmobranchii
Order: Squaliformes
Family: Squalidae Dogfish sharks

Genus: Squalus

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33 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Squalus acanthias Picked dogfish Northern and Southern Hem 122 1758
Squalus albicaudus Brazilian whitetail dogfish Southwest Atlantic 59 TL 2016
Squalus albifrons Eastern highfin spurdog Western Pacific 86 TL 2007
Squalus altipinnis Western highfin spurdog Eastern Indian Ocean 58.9 TL 2007
Squalus bahiensis Northeastern Brazilian dogfish Southwest Atlantic 69 TL 2016
Squalus bassi Long-snouted African spurdog Southeastern Atlantic and 110 TL 2017
Squalus blainville Longnose spurdog Eastern Atlantic 100 TL 1827
Squalus brevirostris Western Pacific 60 TL 1917
Squalus bucephalus Bighead spurdog Western Pacific 90 TL 2007
Squalus chloroculus Greeneye spurdog Western Pacific 99 TL 2007
Squalus clarkae Genie's dogfish Western Atlantic 72.3 TL 2018
Squalus crassispinus Fatspine spurdog Eastern Indian Ocean 58 TL 2007
Squalus cubensis Cuban dogfish Western Atlantic 110 TL 1936
Squalus edmundsi Edmund's spurdog Eastern Indian Ocean 86.6 TL 2007
Squalus formosus Taiwan spurdog Pacific Ocean 81.4 TL 2011
Squalus grahami Eastern longnose spurdog Western Pacific 71.1 TL 2007
Squalus griffini Northern spiny dogfish Southwest Pacific 110 TL 1931
Squalus hemipinnis Indonesian shortsnout spurdog Eastern Indian Ocean 78 TL 2007
Squalus japonicus Japanese spurdog Western Pacific 91 TL 1908
Squalus lalannei Western Indian Ocean 78.8 TL 2003
Squalus lobularis Atlantic lobefin dogfish Southwest Atlantic 72.5 TL 2016
Squalus mahia Malagasy skinny spurdog Western Indian Ocean 59 TL 2017
Squalus margaretsmithae Smith’s dogfish shark Eastern Atlantic Ocean fr 54.3 TL 2017
Squalus megalops Shortnose spurdog Eastern Indian Ocean 89 TL 1881
Squalus melanurus Blacktailed spurdog Western Central Pacific 75 TL 1979
Squalus mitsukurii Shortspine spurdog Circumglobal in temperate 94.3 TL 1903
Squalus montalbani Indonesian greeneye spurdog Eastern Indian Ocean to P 94.5 TL 1931
Squalus nasutus Western longnose spurdog Eastern Indian Ocean 59 TL 2007
Squalus notocaudatus Bartail spurdog Western Pacific 61.9 TL 2007
Squalus quasimodo Humpback Western dogfish Southwest Atlantic 85 TL 2016
Squalus rancureli Cyrano spurdog Western Central Pacific 77 TL 1979
Squalus raoulensis Kermadec spiny dogfish Southwest Pacific 72.9 TL 2007
Squalus suckleyi Pacific spiny dogfish North Pacific 140 TL 1855

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