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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Clupeiformes
Family: Engraulidae Anchovies
Subfamily: Coiliinae
Genus: Thryssa

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24 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Thryssa adelae Swatow thryssa Northwest Pacific 11 SL 1897
Thryssa aestuaria Estuarine thryssa Western Pacific 13.8 SL 1910
Thryssa baelama Baelama anchovy Indo-Pacific 16 SL 1775
Thryssa brevicauda Short-tail thryssa Western Central Pacific 7.5 SL 1978
Thryssa chefuensis Chefoo thryssa Western Pacific 10.7 SL 1874
Thryssa dayi Day's thryssa Western Indian Ocean 21.5 SL 1983
Thryssa dussumieri Dussumier's thryssa Indo-Pacific 11 SL 1848
Thryssa encrasicholoides False baelama anchovy Indo-Pacific 10.7 SL 1852
Thryssa gautamiensis Gautama thryssa Indian Ocean 21.5 SL 1971
Thryssa hamiltonii Hamilton's thryssa Indo-Pacific 27 SL 1835
Thryssa kammalensis Kammal thryssa Indo-West Pacific 15 SL 1849
Thryssa kammalensoides Godavari thryssa Indian Ocean 11.2 SL 1983
Thryssa malabarica Malabar thryssa Indian Ocean 17.5 SL 1795
Thryssa marasriae Marasri's thryssa Western Central Pacific 6.9 SL 1987
Thryssa mystax Moustached thryssa Indo-West Pacific 20.5 TL 1801
Thryssa polybranchialis Humphead thryssa Indian Ocean 17 SL 1983
Thryssa purava Oblique-jaw thryssa Indian Ocean 15.5 SL 1822
Thryssa rastrosa Fly river thryssa Oceania 12 SL 1978
Thryssa scratchleyi New Guinea thryssa Asia and Oceania 40 SL 1886
Thryssa setirostris Longjaw thryssa Indo-Pacific 18 SL 1782
Thryssa spinidens Bengal thryssa Eastern Indian Ocean 16.5 SL 1925
Thryssa stenosoma Slender thryssa Eastern Indian Ocean 15 SL 1983
Thryssa vitrirostris Orangemouth anchovy Indian Ocean 20 TL 1908
Thryssa whiteheadi Whitehead's thryssa Western Indian Ocean 15.8 SL 1983

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