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Family: Petromyzontidae Northern lampreys

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43 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Caspiomyzon graecus Europe 18.9 TL 2010
Caspiomyzon hellenicus Greek brook lamprey Europe 18.9 TL 1982
Caspiomyzon wagneri Caspian lamprey Eurasia 55.3 TL 1870
Entosphenus folletti Northern California brook lamprey North America 30 TL 1976
Entosphenus lethophagus Pit-Klamath brook lamprey North America 22 TL 1971
Entosphenus macrostomus Vancouver lamprey North America 27.3 TL 1982
Entosphenus minimus Miller Lake lamprey North America 14.5 TL 1973
Entosphenus similis Klamath river lamprey North America 27 TL 1979
Entosphenus tridentatus Pacific lamprey North Pacific 76 TL 1836
Eudontomyzon danfordi Carpathian lamprey Europe 30 TL 1911
Eudontomyzon mariae Ukrainian brook lamprey Europe 22.2 TL 1931
Eudontomyzon morii Korean lamprey Asia 29 TL 1931
Eudontomyzon stankokaramani Drin brook lamprey Europe 20 TL 1974
Eudontomyzon vladykovi Danubian brook lamprey Europe 21.2 TL 1959
Ichthyomyzon bdellium Ohio lamprey North America 30.5 TL 1885
Ichthyomyzon castaneus Chestnut lamprey North America 38 TL 1858
Ichthyomyzon fossor Northern brook lamprey North America 17 TL 1916
Ichthyomyzon gagei Southern brook lamprey North America 17 TL 1937
Ichthyomyzon greeleyi Mountain brook lamprey North America 20 TL 1937
Ichthyomyzon unicuspis Silver lamprey North America 39.2 TL 1937
Lampetra aepyptera Least brook lamprey North America 18 TL 1860
Lampetra alavariensis Europe 12.8 TL 2013
Lampetra auremensis Europe 12.1 TL 2013
Lampetra ayresii Western river lamprey Eastern Pacific 31.1 TL 1870
Lampetra fluviatilis River lamprey Europe 50 TL 1758
Lampetra hubbsi Kern brook lamprey North America 14.2 TL 1976
Lampetra lanceolata Turkish brook lamprey Asia 14.1 TL 1972
Lampetra lusitanica Europe 13.3 TL 2013
Lampetra pacifica Pacific brook lamprey North America 17.5 TL 1973
Lampetra planeri European brook lamprey Europe 20.5 TL 1784
Lampetra richardsoni Western brook lamprey North America 17.3 TL 1965
Lampetra soljani Europe 12.6 TL 2017
Lethenteron alaskense Alaskan brook lamprey North America 18.8 TL 1978
Lethenteron appendix American brook lamprey North America 35 TL 1842
Lethenteron camtschaticum Arctic lamprey Arctic 63 TL 1811
Lethenteron kessleri Siberian brook lamprey Asia 26 TL 1905
Lethenteron matsubarai Asia 17.4 TL 1978
Lethenteron ninae Western Transcaucasian lamprey Eurasia 16.6 TL 2009
Lethenteron reissneri Far Eastern brook lamprey Artic and Pacific Ocean d 26 TL 1869
Lethenteron zanandreai Po brook lamprey Europe 26 TL 1955
Petromyzon marinus Sea lamprey Northeast Atlantic 120 TL 1758
Tetrapleurodon geminis Mexican brook lamprey North America 14.3 TL 1964
Tetrapleurodon spadiceus Mexican lamprey North America 31 TL 1887

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