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Family: Scyliorhinidae Cat sharks

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Apristurus albisoma Western Pacific 59.6 TL 1999
Apristurus ampliceps Southwest Pacific 85.5 TL 2008
Apristurus aphyodes Northeast Atlantic. 1998
Apristurus australis Indian and Pacific coasts 61.6 TL 2008
Apristurus breviventralis Shortbelly catshark Western Indian Ocean 48.5 TL 2014
Apristurus brunneus Brown catshark Eastern Pacific 69 TL 1892
Apristurus bucephalus Bighead catshark Eastern Indian Ocean 67.5 TL 2008
Apristurus canutus Hoary catshark Western Central Atlantic 45 TL 1979
Apristurus exsanguis Southwest Pacific 90.8 TL 1999
Apristurus fedorovi Northwest Pacific 68.3 TL 1983
Apristurus garricki Pacific Ocean 73.5 2013
Apristurus gibbosus Humpback cat shark Northwest Pacific 410 TL 1985
Apristurus herklotsi Longfin catshark Western Pacific 48.5 TL 1934
Apristurus indicus Smallbelly catshark Western Indian Ocean 34 TL 1906
Apristurus internatus Northwest Pacific 41.9 TL 1988
Apristurus investigatoris Broadnose catshark Eastern Indian Ocean 26 TL 1962
Apristurus japonicus Japanese catshark Northwest Pacific 71 TL 1975
Apristurus kampae Longnose catshark Eastern Central Pacific 58.4 TL 1972
Apristurus laurussonii Iceland catshark Western Atlantic 76 TL 1922
Apristurus longicephalus Longhead catshark Indo-West Pacific 60 TL 1975
Apristurus macrorhynchus Flathead catshark Northwest Pacific 66 TL 1909
Apristurus macrostomus Broadmouth cat shark Northwest Pacific 38 TL 1985
Apristurus manis Ghost catshark Northwest Atlantic 85 TL 1979
Apristurus melanoasper Black roughscale catshark North Atlantic 76.1 TL 2004
Apristurus microps Smalleye catshark Southeast Atlantic 61 TL 1922
Apristurus micropterygeus Smalldorsal cat shark Northwest Pacific 37.2 TL 1986
Apristurus nakayai Milk-eye catshark Pacific Ocean 67.6 TL 2013
Apristurus nasutus Largenose catshark Eastern Pacific 70 TL 1959
Apristurus parvipinnis Smallfin catshark Western Atlantic 52 TL 1979
Apristurus pinguis Northwest Pacific 83.5 TL 1983
Apristurus platyrhynchus Borneo catshark Western Pacific 80 TL 1909
Apristurus profundorum Deep-water catshark Western Atlantic 54.2 TL 1896
Apristurus riveri Broadgill catshark Western Central Atlantic 46 TL 1944
Apristurus saldanha Saldanha catshark Southeast Atlantic 88 TL 1925
Apristurus sibogae Pale catshark Western Central Pacific 21 TL 1913
Apristurus sinensis South China catshark Northwest Pacific 42 TL 1981
Apristurus spongiceps Spongehead catshark Pacific Ocean 50 TL 1905
Apristurus stenseni Panama ghost catshark Eastern Central Pacific 1979
Apristurus yangi Yang’s longnose catshark Western Central Pacific 43.7 TL 2017
Asymbolus analis Grey spotted catshark Indo-West Pacific 90 TL 1885
Asymbolus funebris Eastern Indian Ocean 44.2 TL 1999
Asymbolus galacticus Starry catshark Western Pacific 47.7 TL 2008
Asymbolus occiduus Western spotted catshark Eastern Indian Ocean 60.1 TL 1999
Asymbolus pallidus Pale spotted catshark Western Pacific 46.7 TL 1999
Asymbolus parvus Eastern Indian Ocean 35.7 TL 1999
Asymbolus rubiginosus Eastern Indian Ocean 41.9 TL 1999
Asymbolus submaculatus Variegated catshark Southwest Pacific 43.8 TL 1999
Asymbolus vincenti Gulf catshark Eastern Indian Ocean 61 TL 1908
Atelomycterus baliensis Bali catshark Western Pacific 47.4 TL 2005
Atelomycterus erdmanni Spotted-belly catshark Western Pacific 50.8 TL 2015
Atelomycterus fasciatus Banded catshark Indo-West Pacific 45 TL 1993
Atelomycterus macleayi Marbled catshark Eastern Indian Ocean 60 TL 1939
Atelomycterus marmoratus Coral catshark Indo-West Pacific 70 TL 1830
Atelomycterus marnkalha Eastern banded catshark Western Pacific 48.4 TL 2007
Aulohalaelurus kanakorum Kanakorum catshark Western Central Pacific 79 TL 1990
Aulohalaelurus labiosus Eastern Indian Ocean 67 TL 1905
Bythaelurus alcockii Arabian catshark Western Indian Ocean 30 TL 1913
Bythaelurus bachi Bach’s catshark Western Indian Ocean 44.5 TL 2016
Bythaelurus canescens Dusky catshark Southeast Pacific 70 TL 1878
Bythaelurus clevai Broadhead cat shark Western Indian Ocean 1987
Bythaelurus dawsoni New Zealand catshark Southwest Pacific 45 TL 1971
Bythaelurus giddingsi Galápagos catshark Pacific Ocean 45.3 TL 2012
Bythaelurus hispidus Bristly catshark Indian Ocean 29 TL 1891
Bythaelurus immaculatus Spotless catshark Northwest Pacific 76 TL 1982
Bythaelurus incanus Eastern Indian Ocean 45.4 TL 2008
Bythaelurus lutarius Mud catshark Western Indian Ocean 39 TL 1972
Bythaelurus naylori Dusky snout catshark Southwestern Indian Ocean 54.8 TL 2015
Bythaelurus tenuicephalus Narrowhead catshark Western Indian Ocean 300 TL 2016
Bythaelurus vivaldii Vivaldi’s catshark Western Indian Ocean 32.5 TL 2017
Cephaloscyllium albipinnum Whitefin swellshark Indo-West Pacific 102.5 TL 2008
Cephaloscyllium cooki Cook’s swellshark Western Pacific 29.5 TL 2008
Cephaloscyllium fasciatum Reticulated swellshark Western Pacific 42 TL 1966
Cephaloscyllium hiscosellum Australian reticulate swellshark Eastern Indian Ocean 52 TL 2008
Cephaloscyllium isabellum Draughtsboard shark Southwest Pacific 100 TL 1788
Cephaloscyllium laticeps Draughtboard shark Eastern Indian Ocean 150 TL 1853
Cephaloscyllium pictum Painted swellshark Western Pacific 71.7 TL 2008
Cephaloscyllium sarawakensis Sarawak pygmy swell shark Pacific Ocean 44.1 TL 2005
Cephaloscyllium signourum Flagtail swellshark Western Pacific 74.1 TL 2008
Cephaloscyllium silasi Indian swellshark Western Indian Ocean 45 TL 1974
Cephaloscyllium speccum Speckled swellshark Eastern Indian Ocean 69.4 TL 2008
Cephaloscyllium stevensi Steven's swellshark Western Pacific 66 TL 2011
Cephaloscyllium sufflans Balloon shark Western Indian Ocean 110 TL 1921
Cephaloscyllium umbratile Blotchy swell shark Western North Pacific 120 TL 1903
Cephaloscyllium variegatum Saddled swellshark Southwest Pacific 74 TL 2008
Cephaloscyllium ventriosum Swellshark Eastern Pacific 110 TL 1880
Cephaloscyllium zebrum Narrowbar swellshark Western Pacific 44.5 TL 2008
Cephalurus cephalus Lollipop catshark Eastern Central Pacific 28 TL 1892
Figaro boardmani Sawtail catshark Indo-West Pacific 61 TL 1928
Figaro striatus Northern sawtail shark Western Pacific 42.1 TL 2008
Galeus antillensis Western Central Atlantic 1979
Galeus arae Roughtail catshark Western Central Atlantic 43 TL 1927
Galeus atlanticus Atlantic sawtail cat shark Eastern Central Atlantic 1888
Galeus cadenati Longfin sawtail cat shark Western Central Atlantic 1966
Galeus corriganae Western Central Pacific 37.2 TL 2016
Galeus eastmani Gecko catshark Western Pacific 40 TL 1904
Galeus gracilis Slender sawtail catshark Indo-West Pacific 34 TL 1993
Galeus longirostris Longnose sawtail cat shark Northwest Pacific 80.3 TL 1987
Galeus melastomus Blackmouth catshark Northeast Atlantic 90 TL 1810
Galeus mincaronei Southern sawtail catshark Southwest Atlantic 40.4 TL 2001
Galeus murinus Mouse catshark Northeast Atlantic 63 TL 1904
Galeus nipponensis Broadfin sawtail catshark Northwest Pacific 70 TL 1975
Galeus piperatus Peppered catshark Eastern Central Pacific 30 TL 1966
Galeus polli African sawtail catshark Eastern Atlantic 45 TL 1959
Galeus priapus Pacific Western Central 44.6 TL 2008
Galeus sauteri Blacktip sawtail catshark Western Pacific 45 TL 1909
Galeus schultzi Dwarf sawtail catshark Western Central Pacific 30 TL 1979
Galeus springeri Springer's sawtail cat shark Western Central Atlantic 43.8 TL 1998
Halaelurus boesemani Speckled catshark Indo-West Pacific 48 TL 1972
Halaelurus buergeri Blackspotted catshark Northwest Pacific 49 TL 1838
Halaelurus lineatus Lined catshark Western Indian Ocean 56 TL 1975
Halaelurus maculosus Indonesian Speckled Catshark Pacific Ocean 52.8 TL 2007
Halaelurus natalensis Tiger catshark Southeast Atlantic 47 TL 1904
Halaelurus quagga Quagga catshark Western Indian Ocean 36.8 TL 1899
Halaelurus sellus Rusty Catshark Eastern Indian Ocean 42.3 TL 2007
Haploblepharus edwardsii Puffadder shyshark Southeast Atlantic 60 TL 1822
Haploblepharus fuscus Brown shyshark Southeast Atlantic 73 TL 1950
Haploblepharus kistnasamyi Western Indian Ocean 2006
Haploblepharus pictus Dark shyshark Southeast Atlantic 57 TL 1838
Holohalaelurus favus Western Indian Ocean 51.5 TL 2006
Holohalaelurus grennian Western Indian Ocean 2006
Holohalaelurus melanostigma Crying Izak Western Indian Ocean 38.4 TL 1939
Holohalaelurus punctatus African spotted catshark Western Indian Ocean 35 TL 1914
Holohalaelurus regani Izak catshark Indian Ocean from Durban, 69 TL 1922
Parmaturus albimarginatus White-tip Catshark Western Pacific 57.7 TL 2007
Parmaturus albipenis White-clasper catshark Western Pacific 41.5 TL 2007
Parmaturus bigus Beige catshark Western Pacific 71 TL 2007
Parmaturus campechiensis Campeche catshark Western Central Atlantic 16 TL 1979
Parmaturus lanatus Velvet catshark Western Pacific 36 TL 2007
Parmaturus macmillani McMillan's cat shark Southwest in the Indian O 45 TL 1985
Parmaturus melanobranchus Blackgill catshark Northwest Pacific 85 TL 1966
Parmaturus nigripalatum Indonesian filetail catshark Eastern Indian Ocean 54.8 TL 2018
Parmaturus pilosus Salamander shark Northwest Pacific 64 TL 1906
Parmaturus xaniurus Filetail catshark Eastern Central Pacific 55 TL 1892
Pentanchus profundicolus Onefin catshark Western Central Pacific 51 TL 1912
Poroderma africanum Striped catshark Southeast Atlantic 101 TL 1789
Poroderma pantherinum Leopard catshark Southeast Atlantic 84 TL 1838
Schroederichthys bivius Narrowmouthed catshark Southeast Pacific and Sou 70 TL 1838
Schroederichthys chilensis Redspotted catshark Southeast Pacific 62 TL 1848
Schroederichthys maculatus Narrowtail catshark Western Central Atlantic 34 TL 1966
Schroederichthys saurisqualus Lizard catshark Southwest Atlantic 69.2 TL 2001
Schroederichthys tenuis Slender catshark Western Atlantic 70 TL 1966
Scyliorhinus besnardi Polkadot catshark Southwest Atlantic 47 TL 1970
Scyliorhinus boa Boa catshark Western Atlantic 54 TL 1896
Scyliorhinus cabofriensis Southwest Atlantic 46.8 TL 2016
Scyliorhinus canicula Lesser spotted dogfish Northeast Atlantic 100 TL 1758
Scyliorhinus capensis Yellowspotted catshark Southeast Atlantic 122 TL 1838
Scyliorhinus cervigoni West African catshark Eastern Atlantic 76 TL 1970
Scyliorhinus comoroensis Comoro cat shark Western Indian Ocean 1988
Scyliorhinus garmani Brownspotted catshark Indo-West Pacific 38 TL 1934
Scyliorhinus haeckelii Freckled catshark Western Atlantic 60 TL 1907
Scyliorhinus hesperius Whitesaddled catshark Western Central Atlantic 47 TL 1966
Scyliorhinus meadi Blotched catshark Western Central Atlantic 49 TL 1966
Scyliorhinus retifer Chain catshark Western Atlantic 48 TL 1881
Scyliorhinus stellaris Nursehound Northeast Atlantic 170 TL 1758
Scyliorhinus tokubee Izu cat shark Northwest Pacific 41.3 TL 1992
Scyliorhinus torazame Cloudy catshark Northwest Pacific 50 TL 1908
Scyliorhinus torrei Dwarf catshark Western Central Atlantic 32 TL 1936
Scyliorhinus ugoi Dark freckled catshark Southwest Atlantic 63 TL 2015

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