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Family: Rajidae Skates

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Eastern Pacific
Max. Length 100 cm TL
Amblyraja badia (Garman, 1899)

Photo by Photo by FAO
Amblyraja badia
[Broad skate]

Southeast Pacific
Max. Length 69 cm TL
Amblyraja doellojuradoi (Pozzi, 1935)

Photo by Photo by Meneses, P.D.
Amblyraja doellojuradoi
[Southern thorny skate]

Southwest Atlantic
Max. Length 91 cm TL
Amblyraja frerichsi (Krefft, 1968)

Photo by Photo by Meneses, P.D.
Amblyraja frerichsi
[Thickbody skate]

Southeast Pacific
Max. Length 115 cm TL
Amblyraja georgiana (Norman, 1938)

Photo by Photo by Reyes, P.
Amblyraja georgiana
[Antarctic starry skate]

Max. Length 112 cm TL
Amblyraja hyperborea (Collett, 1879)

Photo by Photo by DESCNA
Amblyraja hyperborea
[Arctic skate]

Western Atlantic
Max. Length 85 cm TL
Amblyraja jenseni (Bigelow & Schroeder, 1950)

Photo by Photo by Orlov, A.
Amblyraja jenseni
[Shorttail skate]

North Atlantic and adjace
Max. Length 105 cm TL
Amblyraja radiata (Donovan, 1808)

Photo by Photo by Ueberschär, B.
Amblyraja radiata
[Starry ray]
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Max. Length 60 cm TL

Amblyraja reversa
[Reversed skate]