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Family: Ogcocephalidae Batfishes

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78 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Coelophrys arca Western Central Pacific 4.1 TL 1912
Coelophrys bradburyae Northwest Pacific 5.8 TL 1999
Coelophrys brevicaudata Western Pacific 7.7 TL 1902
Coelophrys brevipes Western Pacific 5.1 TL 1912
Coelophrys micropa Indo-West Pacific 8.4 SL 1891
Coelophrys mollis Western Central Pacific 3.9 TL 1912
Coelophrys oblonga Western Pacific 1912
Dibranchus accinctus Western Indian Ocean. 17.5 SL 1999
Dibranchus atlanticus Atlantic batfish Western Atlantic 39.4 TL 1876
Dibranchus cracens Southeast Pacific 12.8 SL 1999
Dibranchus discors Southeast Pacific 10.8 SL 1999
Dibranchus erinaceus Eastern Pacific 11 SL 1899
Dibranchus hystrix Eastern Pacific 12.5 SL 1899
Dibranchus japonicus Japanese seabat Western Pacific 15.4 SL 1981
Dibranchus nasutus Indian Ocean 1891
Dibranchus nudivomer Eastern Pacific 11.2 SL 1899
Dibranchus sparsus Eastern Pacific 8.4 SL 1899
Dibranchus spinosus Eastern Pacific 14.9 SL 1899
Dibranchus spongiosa Eastern Central Pacific 13.3 SL 1890
Dibranchus tremendus Western Central Atlantic 19.2 SL 1999
Dibranchus velutinus Southeast Pacific 9.9 SL 1999
Halicmetus niger Western Pacific 8.7 SL 2008
Halicmetus reticulatus Marbled seabat Western Pacific 9 SL 1912
Halicmetus ruber Indo-Pacific 9 SL 1891
Halieutaea brevicauda Spiny sea bat Southwest Pacific 21 TL 1910
Halieutaea coccinea Scarlet seabat Indian Ocean 16 TL 1889
Halieutaea fitzsimonsi Circular seabat Indo-West Pacific 30 TL 1916
Halieutaea fumosa Smoky seabat Widespread in the Indo-we 14 SL 1894
Halieutaea hancocki Hairy seabat Indian Ocean 13 TL 1908
Halieutaea indica Indian handfish Indo-West Pacific 15 TL 1910
Halieutaea nigra Indo-West Pacific 1891
Halieutaea retifera Eastern Central Pacific 10.2 SL 1905
Halieutaea stellata Minipizza batfish Indo-West Pacific 30 TL 1797
Halieutichthys aculeatus Pancake batfish Western Atlantic 10 TL 1818
Halieutichthys bispinosus Spiny batfish Western Central Atlantic 9.9 SL 2010
Halieutichthys caribbaeus Western central Atlantic 1896
Halieutichthys intermedius Western Central Atlantic 7.1 SL 2010
Halieutopsis andriashevi Western Indian Ocean 4.6 SL 1988
Halieutopsis bathyoreos Pacific Ocean 6.3 SL 1988
Halieutopsis galatea Western Indian Ocean 5.5 SL 1988
Halieutopsis ingerorum Western Indian Ocean 4.4 SL 1988
Halieutopsis margaretae Northwestern Central Paci 6.3 SL 2007
Halieutopsis nudiventer Eastern Indian Ocean 7.5 1909
Halieutopsis simula Indo-West Pacific 6.5 SL 1912
Halieutopsis stellifera Western Pacific 7.1 SL 1912
Halieutopsis tumifrons Southeast Pacific 6.9 SL 1899
Halieutopsis vermicularis Western Pacific 7.8 SL 1912
Malthopsis annulifera Western Pacific 9 SL 1908
Malthopsis asperata Roughspine batfish Western Pacific 6.5 SL 2013
Malthopsis austrafricana Southern African triangular batfish Western Indian Ocean 8.4 SL 2013
Malthopsis bradburyae Bradbury’s triangular batfish Western Indian Ocean 7.2 SL 2013
Malthopsis gigas Giant triangular batfish Indo-Pacifc 13.6 SL 2010
Malthopsis gnoma Western Central Atlantic 6.1 SL 1998
Malthopsis jordani Eastern Pacific 11 SL 1905
Malthopsis kobayashii Western Pacific 8.0 SL 1916
Malthopsis lutea Longnose seabat Indian Ocean 10 TL 1891
Malthopsis mitrigera Twospine batfish Indo-West Pacific 8 SL 1897
Malthopsis parva Arrowhead batfish Western Pacific 5.1 SL 2013
Malthopsis retifera Reticulate triangular batfish Northeastern Indian Ocean 6.0 SL 2009
Malthopsis tiarella Spearnose seabat Northwestern Pacific 10.5 SL 1902
Ogcocephalus corniger Longnose batfish Western Atlantic 23 TL 1980
Ogcocephalus cubifrons Western Central Atlantic 38 TL 1836
Ogcocephalus darwini Galápagos batfish Southeast Pacific 20.3 SL 1958
Ogcocephalus declivirostris Slantbrow batfish Western Atlantic 16.5 TL 1980
Ogcocephalus nasutus Shortnose batfish Western Atlantic 38 TL 1829
Ogcocephalus notatus Western Atlantic 13.4 SL 1837
Ogcocephalus pantostictus Spotted batfish Western Atlantic 31 TL 1980
Ogcocephalus parvus Roughback batfish Western Atlantic 10 TL 1940
Ogcocephalus porrectus Eastern Pacific 13.9 SL 1899
Ogcocephalus pumilus Dwarf batfish Western Central Atlantic 6.1 SL 1980
Ogcocephalus radiatus Polka-dot batfish Western Atlantic 38 TL 1818
Ogcocephalus rostellum Palefin batfish Western Atlantic 19 TL 1980
Ogcocephalus vespertilio Seadevil Western Atlantic 30.5 TL 1758
Solocisquama carinata Southeast Pacific 7.3 SL 1999
Solocisquama erythrina Eastern Central Pacific 13.6 SL 1905
Solocisquama stellulata Indo-West Pacific 9.3 SL 1905
Zalieutes elater Roundel batfish Eastern Central Pacific 15 TL 1882
Zalieutes mcgintyi Tricorn batfish Western Atlantic 10 TL 1952

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