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Family: Dasyatidae Stingrays

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102 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Bathytoshia brevicaudata Short-tail stingray Indo-West Pacific 430 TL 1875
Bathytoshia centroura Roughtail stingray Western Atlantic 300 TL 1815
Bathytoshia lata Brown stingray Eastern Atlantic 100 WD 1880
Brevitrygon heterura Dwarf whipray Indo-Malay Archipelago 24 WD 1852
Brevitrygon imbricata Bengal whipray Indo-West Pacific 25 WD 1801
Brevitrygon javaensis Javan whipray Eastern Indian Ocean 23.4 WD 2013
Brevitrygon walga Scaly whipray Northern Indian Ocean 45 WD 1841
Dasyatis brevis Whiptail stingray Eastern Pacific 187 TL 1880
Dasyatis chrysonota Blue stingray Southeast Atlantic 75 WD 1828
Dasyatis gigantea Giant stumptail stingray Northwest Pacific 178 WD 1930
Dasyatis hastata Atlantic Ocean (Ref. 8125 104 WD 1842
Dasyatis hypostigma Southwest Atlantic 65 WD 2004
Dasyatis marmorata Marbled stingray Eastern Atlantic and Medi 60 TL 1892
Dasyatis matsubarai Pitted stingray Northwest Pacific 1939
Dasyatis multispinosa Multispine giant stingray Northwest Pacific 1959
Dasyatis pastinaca Common stingray North-eastern Atlantic Oc 64 WD 1758
Dasyatis thetidis Thorntail stingray Indo-West Pacific 400 TL 1899
Dasyatis tortonesei Tortonese's stingray Northeast Atlantic 80 WD 1975
Dasyatis ushiei Cow stingray Northwest Pacific 202 WD 1925
Fluvitrygon kittipongi Asia 28.5 WD 2005
Fluvitrygon oxyrhynchus Marbled whipray Asia 36 WD 1878
Fluvitrygon signifer White-rimmed stingray Asia 60 WD 1982
Fontitrygon colarensis Colares stingray Southwest Atlantic 207 TL 2004
Fontitrygon garouaensis Smooth freshwater stingray Africa 40 WD 1962
Fontitrygon geijskesi Sharpsnout stingray Western Central Atlantic 150 WD 1948
Fontitrygon margarita Daisy stingray Eastern Central Atlantic 100 WD 1870
Fontitrygon margaritella Pearl stingray Eastern Central Atlantic 30 WD 1984
Fontitrygon ukpam Thorny freshwater stingray Africa 120 WD 1863
Hemitrygon akajei Whip stingray Northwest Pacific 200 TL 1841
Hemitrygon bennettii Bennett's stingray Northwest Pacific 50 WD 1841
Hemitrygon fluviorum Estuary stingray Western Central and South 130 TL 1908
Hemitrygon izuensis Izu stingray Northwest Pacific 41.8 WD 1988
Hemitrygon laevigata Yantai stingray Northwest Pacific 37 WD 1960
Hemitrygon laosensis Mekong stingray Southeast Asia 62 WD 1987
Hemitrygon longicauda Merauke stingray Western Pacific 31 WD 2013
Hemitrygon navarrae Blackish stingray Northwest Pacific 32 WD 1892
Hemitrygon parvonigra Dwarf black stingray Eastern Indian Ocean and 51 WD 2008
Hemitrygon sinensis Chinese stingray Northwest Pacific 1892
Himantura alcockii Pale-spot whip ray Indian Ocean 1909
Himantura australis Australian whipray Western Central Pacific 140 WD 2016
Himantura fava honeycomb whipray Indo-Pacific 120 WD 1909
Himantura fluviatilis Ganges stingray Asia 100 WD 1822
Himantura krempfi Marbled freshwater whip ray Asia 40 WD 1923
Himantura leoparda Indo-West Pacific 110.5 WD 2008
Himantura marginata Blackedge whipray Indian Ocean 179 WD 1860
Himantura microphthalma Smalleye whip ray Northwest Pacific 1948
Himantura pacifica Pacific chupare Eastern Pacific 150 TL 1941
Himantura pareh Western Central Pacific 1852
Himantura randalli Arabian banded whipray Western Indian Ocean 41.2 WD 2012
Himantura schmardae Chupare stingray Western Central Atlantic 200 WD 1904
Himantura tutul Fine-spotted leopard whipray Indo-West Pacific 115 WD 2013
Himantura uarnak Honeycomb stingray Indo-Pacific 200 WD 1789
Himantura undulata Leopard whipray Indo-West Pacific 410 TL 1852
Hypanus americanus Southern stingray Western Atlantic 200 WD 1928
Hypanus dipterurus Diamond stingray Eastern Pacific 122 WD 1880
Hypanus guttatus Longnose stingray Western Atlantic 200 WD 1801
Hypanus longus Longtail stingray Eastern Central Pacfic 260 TL 1880
Hypanus marianae Brazilian large-eyed stingray Southwest Atlantic 40 WD 2000
Hypanus rudis Smalltooth stingray Eastern Atlantic Ocean 320 TL 1870
Hypanus sabinus Atlantic stingray Western Atlantic 61 WD 1824
Hypanus say Bluntnose stingray Western Atlantic 100 WD 1817
Maculabatis ambigua Baraka"s whipray Western Indian Ocean 90 WD 2016
Maculabatis arabica Arabic whipray Indian Ocean 63.4 WD 2016
Maculabatis astra Indo-West Pacific 180 WD 2008
Maculabatis bineeshi Short-tail whipray Indian Ocean 66 WD 2016
Maculabatis gerrardi Sharpnose stingray Indo-West Pacific 200 TL 1851
Maculabatis pastinacoides Round whip ray Indo-Malay Archipelago in 80 WD 1852
Maculabatis toshi Black-spotted whipray Western Pacific 86 WD 1939
Makararaja chindwinensis Asia, Myanmar. 2007
Megatrygon microps Smalleye stingray Indo-Pacific 320 TL 1908
Neotrygon annotata Plain maskray Eastern Indian Ocean and 45 TL 1987
Neotrygon australiae Australian bluespotted maskray Eastern Indian Ocean to W 45.2 WD 2016
Neotrygon caeruleopunctata Bluespotted maskray Indian Ocean 47.1 WD 2016
Neotrygon kuhlii Blue-spotted stingray Southwest Pacific 70 TL 1841
Neotrygon leylandi Painted maskray Western Pacific 25 WD 1987
Neotrygon ningalooensis Indian Ocean 30.2 WD 2010
Neotrygon orientale Western Central Pacific 2016
Neotrygon picta Peppered maskray Indo-West Pacific 27.5 WD 2008
Pastinachus ater Indo-West Pacific 1883
Pastinachus gracilicaudus Narrowtail stingray Western Pacific 83 WD 2010
Pastinachus sephen Cowtail stingray Indo-West Pacific 183 WD 1775
Pastinachus solocirostris Roughnose stingray Western Pacific 45 WD 2005
Pastinachus stellurostris Starrynose stingray Asia 42.8 WD 2010
Pateobatis bleekeri Bleeker's whipray Northern Indian Ocean 105 WD 1860
Pateobatis fai Pink whipray Indo-West Pacific 183 TL 1906
Pateobatis hortlei Hortle's whipray Western Pacific 70.7 WD 2006
Pateobatis jenkinsii Jenkins whipray Indo-Pacific 130 WD 1909
Pateobatis uarnacoides Whitenose whip ray Indo-Malay Arch., Java to 119 WD 1852
Pteroplatytrygon violacea Pelagic stingray Probably cosmopolitan in 96 WD 1832
Taeniura grabata Round stingray Eastern Atlantic 250 TL 1817
Taeniura lessoni Oceania fantail ray Central Pacific 22 WD 2016
Taeniura lymma Ribbontail stingray Indo-West Pacific 35 WD 1775
Taeniurops meyeni Round ribbontail ray Indo-West Pacific 330 TL 1841
Telatrygon acutirostra Northwest Pacific 10.6 WD 1988
Telatrygon biasa Indonesian sharpnose ray Western North Pacific, in 28.7 WD 2016
Telatrygon zugei Pale-edged stingray Indo-West Pacific 29 WD 1841
Urogymnus acanthobothrium Mumburarr whipray Western Pacific 161 WD 2016
Urogymnus asperrimus Porcupine whipray Indo-Pacific 147 WD 1801
Urogymnus dalyensis Freshwater whipray Oceania 124 WD 2008
Urogymnus granulatus Mangrove whipray Indo-West Pacific 141 WD 1883
Urogymnus lobistoma Tubemouth whipray Indo-Malay Archipelago 100 WD 2006
Urogymnus polylepis Giant freshwater whipray Asia and Oceania 240 WD 1852

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