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Family: Myliobatidae Eagle and manta rays

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38 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Aetomylaeus asperrimus Rough eagle ray Eastern Pacific 79 WD 1898
Aetomylaeus bovinus Bull ray Eastern Atlantic 222 WD 1817
Aetomylaeus caeruleofasciatus Blue-banded eagle ray Western Pacific 59.2 WD 2015
Aetomylaeus maculatus Mottled eagle ray Indo-West Pacific 200 WD 1834
Aetomylaeus milvus Indo-West Pacific 1841
Aetomylaeus nichofii Banded eagle ray Indo-West Pacific 65 WD 1801
Aetomylaeus vespertilio Ornate eagle ray Indo-West Pacific 240 WD 1852
Mobula alfredi Alfred manta Indo-West Pacific 500 WD 1868
Mobula birostris Giant manta Circumglobal, tropical to 910 WD 1792
Mobula eregoodootenkee Longhorned mobula Indo-West Pacific 100 WD 1859
Mobula hypostoma Lesser devil ray Western Atlantic 120 WD 1831
Mobula japanica Spinetail mobula Indo-Pacific 310 WD 1841
Mobula kuhlii Shortfin devil ray Indo-West Pacific 120 WD 1841
Mobula mobular Devil fish Probably circumglobal in 520 WD 1788
Mobula munkiana Munk's devil ray Eastern Pacific 220 WD 1987
Mobula rochebrunei Lesser Guinean devil ray Eastern Atlantic 133 WD 1879
Mobula tarapacana Chilean devil ray Circumtropical, recorded 328 WD 1892
Mobula thurstoni Smoothtail mobula Probably circumtropical b 220 WD 1908
Myliobatis aquila Common eagle ray Eastern Atlantic 183 WD 1758
Myliobatis australis Australian bull ray Eastern Indian Ocean 120 WD 1881
Myliobatis californica Bat eagle ray Eastern Pacific 180 WD 1865
Myliobatis chilensis Chilean eagle ray Southeast Pacific 1892
Myliobatis freminvillei Bullnose eagle ray Western Atlantic 100 WD 1824
Myliobatis goodei Southern eagle ray Worldwide in tropical wat 125 TL 1885
Myliobatis hamlyni Purple eagle ray Eastern Indian Ocean and 48 WD 1911
Myliobatis longirostris Snouted eagle ray Eastern Pacific 95 WD 1964
Myliobatis peruvianus Peruvian eagle ray Southeast Pacific 47 WD 1913
Myliobatis ridens Shortnose eagle ray Southwest Atlantic 70 WD 2012
Myliobatis tenuicaudatus Eagle ray Southwest Pacific 150 WD 1877
Myliobatis tobijei Japanese eagle ray Northwest Pacific 150 TL 1854
Rhinoptera adspersa Rough cownose ray Indo-West Pacific 99 TL 1841
Rhinoptera bonasus Cownose ray Eastern Atlantic 213.3 WD 1815
Rhinoptera brasiliensis Brazilian cownose ray Southwest Atlantic. Vali 1836
Rhinoptera javanica Flapnose ray Indo-West Pacific 150 WD 1841
Rhinoptera jayakari Oman cownose ray Western Indian Ocean 1895
Rhinoptera marginata Lusitanian cownose ray Eastern Atlantic 200 WD 1817
Rhinoptera neglecta Australian cownose ray Western Pacific 86 WD 1912
Rhinoptera steindachneri Pacific cownose ray Eastern Pacific 90 WD 1891

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