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Family: Holocentridae Squirrelfishes, soldierfishes

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Corniger spinosus Spinycheek soldierfish Western Atlantic 20 TL 1831
Holocentrus adscensionis Squirrelfish Western Atlantic 61 TL 1765
Holocentrus rufus Longspine squirrelfish Western Atlantic 35 TL 1792
Myripristis adusta Shadowfin soldierfish Indo-Pacific 35 TL 1853
Myripristis amaena Brick soldierfish Pacific Ocean 26.5 SL 1873
Myripristis astakhovi Western Pacific 12.1 SL 1997
Myripristis aulacodes Furrowed soldierfish Western Central Pacific 20 TL 1996
Myripristis berndti Blotcheye soldierfish Indo-Pacific and Eastern 30 TL 1903
Myripristis botche Blacktip soldierfish Indo-West Pacific. 30 SL 1829
Myripristis chryseres Yellowfin soldierfish Indo-Pacific 25 TL 1903
Myripristis clarionensis Yellow soldierfish Eastern Pacific 18.3 TL 1897
Myripristis earlei Earle's soldierfish Eastern Central Pacific 24 SL 2003
Myripristis formosa Northwest Pacific 15.5 SL 1996
Myripristis gildi Clipperton cardinal soldierfish Eastern Pacific 21.4 TL 1965
Myripristis greenfieldi Northwest Pacific 15.9 SL 1996
Myripristis hexagona Doubletooth soldierfish Indo-Pacific 30 TL 1802
Myripristis jacobus Blackbar soldierfish Western Atlantic 25 TL 1829
Myripristis kochiensis Northwest Pacific 15.4 SL 1996
Myripristis kuntee Shoulderbar soldierfish Indo-Pacific 26 TL 1831
Myripristis leiognathus Panamic soldierfish Eastern Pacific 18 TL 1846
Myripristis murdjan Pinecone soldierfish Indo-Pacific 60 TL 1775
Myripristis pralinia Scarlet soldierfish Indo-Pacific 20 TL 1829
Myripristis randalli Eastern Central Pacific 19.5 SL 1974
Myripristis robusta Robust soldierfish Western Central Pacific 22 TL 1996
Myripristis seychellensis Seychelles soldier Western Indian Ocean 23 TL 1829
Myripristis tiki Tiki soldierfish Pacific Ocean 26.5 NG 1974
Myripristis trachyacron East indian soldierfish Western Pacific 20 TL 1863
Myripristis violacea Lattice soldierfish Indo-Pacific 35 TL 1851
Myripristis vittata Whitetip soldierfish Indo-Pacific 25 TL 1831
Myripristis woodsi Whitespot soldierfish Pacific Ocean 26.5 TL 1974
Myripristis xanthacra Yellowtip soldierfish Western Indian Ocean 20 TL 1981
Neoniphon argenteus Clearfin squirrelfish Indo-Pacific 24 TL 1831
Neoniphon aurolineatus Yellowstriped squirrelfish Indo-Pacific 25 TL 1839
Neoniphon marianus Longjaw squirrelfish Western Atlantic 18 TL 1829
Neoniphon opercularis Blackfin squirrelfish Indo-Pacific 35 TL 1831
Neoniphon sammara Sammara squirrelfish Indo-Pacific 32 TL 1775
Ostichthys acanthorhinus Spinesnout soldierfish Indo-West Pacific 11.2 SL 1982
Ostichthys archiepiscopus Straighthead soldierfish Western Indian Ocean 32 TL 1862
Ostichthys brachygnathus Shortjaw soldierfish Western Central Pacific 15.6 SL 1993
Ostichthys convexus Roundhead soldierfish Eastern Indian Ocean 16.4 SL 2017
Ostichthys daniela Daniela's soldierfish Eastern Indian Ocean 10.5 SL 2017
Ostichthys delta Redcoat soldierfish Indo-Pacific 20 TL 1982
Ostichthys hypsipterygion Highfin soldierfish Western Pacific 17 SL 1982
Ostichthys japonicus Japanese soldierfish Indo-Pacific 45 TL 1829
Ostichthys kaianus Deepwater soldierfish Indo-Pacific 36 TL 1880
Ostichthys ovaloculus Ovaleye soldierfish Eastern Central Pacific 21.0 SL 1988
Ostichthys sandix Vermilion soldierfish Eastern Central Pacific 19.2 SL 1982
Ostichthys sheni Shen’s soldierfish Northwest Pacific 11.9 SL 1990
Ostichthys sufensis Red Sea soldierfish Western Indian Ocean 15.1 SL 1984
Ostichthys trachypoma Bigeye soldierfish Western Atlantic 20 TL 1859
Plectrypops lima Shy soldier Indo-Pacific 16 TL 1831
Plectrypops retrospinis Cardinal soldierfish Western Atlantic 15 TL 1853
Pristilepis oligolepis Spinyface soldier Indian Ocean 30 TL 1941
Sargocentron bullisi Deepwater squirrelfish Western Atlantic 13 SL 1955
Sargocentron caudimaculatum Silverspot squirrelfish Indo-Pacific 25 TL 1838
Sargocentron cornutum Threespot squirrelfish Western Pacific 27 TL 1854
Sargocentron coruscum Reef squirrelfish Western Atlantic 15 TL 1860
Sargocentron diadema Crown squirrelfish Indo-Pacific 17 TL 1802
Sargocentron dorsomaculatum Spotfin squirrelfish Western Pacific 19.7 SL 1979
Sargocentron ensifer Yellow-striped squirrelfish Pacific Ocean 23 SL 1903
Sargocentron hastatum Red squirrelfish Eastern Atlantic 27.9 TL 1829
Sargocentron hormion Pacific Ocean 16.6 SL 1998
Sargocentron inaequalis Lattice squirrelfish Western Indian Ocean 11.3 SL 1985
Sargocentron iota Dwarf squirrelfish Indo-Pacific. 7.7 SL 1998
Sargocentron ittodai Samurai squirrelfish Indo-Pacific 20 TL 1902
Sargocentron lepros Spiny squirrelfish Indo-Pacific 20 TL 1983
Sargocentron macrosquamis Bigscale squirrelfish Western Indian Ocean 9 TL 1984
Sargocentron marisrubri Western Indian Ocean 18.3 SL 1989
Sargocentron megalops Eastern Central Pacific 7.9 SL 1998
Sargocentron melanospilos Blackblotch squirrelfish Indo-Pacific 25 TL 1858
Sargocentron microstoma Smallmouth squirrelfish Indo-Pacific 20 TL 1859
Sargocentron poco Saddle squirrelfish Western Central Atlantic 11 TL 1965
Sargocentron praslin Dark-striped squirrelfish Indo-West Pacific 32 TL 1802
Sargocentron punctatissimum Speckled squirrelfish Indo-Pacific 23 TL 1829
Sargocentron rubrum Redcoat Indo-West Pacific 32 TL 1775
Sargocentron seychellense Yellow-tipped squirrelfish Western Indian Ocean 27 TL 1963
Sargocentron shimizui Shimizu's squirrelfish Western Pacific 7.3 SL 1998
Sargocentron spiniferum Sabre squirrelfish Indo-Pacific 51 FL 1775
Sargocentron spinosissimum North Pacific squirrelfish Northwest Pacific 17.7 SL 1843
Sargocentron suborbitale Tinsel squirrelfish Eastern Pacific 25.4 TL 1863
Sargocentron tiere Blue lined squirrelfish Indo-Pacific 33 TL 1829
Sargocentron tiereoides Pink squirrelfish Indo-Pacific 19.5 TL 1853
Sargocentron vexillarium Dusky squirrelfish Western Atlantic 18 TL 1860
Sargocentron violaceum Violet squirrelfish Indo-Pacific 45 TL 1853
Sargocentron wilhelmi Wilhelm's squirrelfish Southeast Pacific 19.5 TL 1963
Sargocentron xantherythrum Hawaiian squirrelfish Eastern Central Pacific 17 TL 1903

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