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Family: Clupeidae Herrings, shads, sardines, menhadens

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Alosa aestivalis Blueback shad Western Atlantic 40 SL 1814
Alosa agone Agone Europe 42.6 TL 1786
Alosa alabamae Alabama shad Western Central Atlantic 51 SL 1896
Alosa algeriensis North African shad Africa 50 SL 1916
Alosa alosa Allis shad Eastern Atlantic 83 TL 1758
Alosa braschnikowi Caspian marine shad Former USSR and Asia 50 SL 1904
Alosa caspia Caspian shad Eurasia 32 TL 1838
Alosa chrysochloris Skipjack shad Western Central Atlantic 50 SL 1820
Alosa curensis Kura shad Europe and Asia 19 TL 1907
Alosa fallax Twaite shad Northeast Atlantic 60 SL 1803
Alosa immaculata Pontic shad Eurasia 39 SL 1835
Alosa kessleri Caspian anadromous shad Europe 52 SL 1887
Alosa killarnensis Killarney shad Europe 20 SL 1916
Alosa macedonica Macedonia shad Europe 35.1 FL 1921
Alosa maeotica Black sea shad Eurasia 32 TL 1901
Alosa mediocris Hickory shad Western Atlantic 60 SL 1814
Alosa pseudoharengus Alewife North America 40 SL 1811
Alosa sapidissima American shad North America 76 TL 1811
Alosa saposchnikowii Saposhnikovi shad Former USSR and Asia 38.1 TL 1887
Alosa sphaerocephala Agrakhan shad Former USSR and Asia 25 SL 1913
Alosa suworowi Europe 26.8 TL 1913
Alosa tanaica Black Sea shad Eurasia 24.6 TL 1901
Alosa vistonica Thracian shad Europe 17 SL 1986
Alosa volgensis Volga shad Europe 35 SL 1913
Amblygaster clupeoides Bleeker smoothbelly sardinella Indo-West Pacific 21 SL 1849
Amblygaster indiana Western Indian Ocean 2.9 SL 2017
Amblygaster leiogaster Smoothbelly sardinella Indo-West Pacific 23 SL 1847
Amblygaster sirm Spotted sardinella Indo-West Pacific 27 SL 1792
Anodontostoma chacunda Chacunda gizzard shad Indo-West Pacific 22 SL 1822
Anodontostoma selangkat Indonesian gizzard shad Indo-Pacific 18 SL 1852
Anodontostoma thailandiae Thai gizzard shad Indo-Pacific 18 SL 1983
Brevoortia aurea Brazilian menhaden Southwest Atlantic 34.4 TL 1829
Brevoortia gunteri Finescale menhaden Western Central Atlantic 30 SL 1948
Brevoortia patronus Gulf menhaden Western Central Atlantic 35 SL 1878
Brevoortia pectinata Argentine menhaden Southwest Atlantic 35 SL 1842
Brevoortia smithi Yellowfin menhaden Western Central Atlantic 33 SL 1941
Brevoortia tyrannus Atlantic menhaden Western Atlantic 50 TL 1802
Clupanodon thrissa Chinese gizzard shad Northwest Pacific 26 SL 1758
Clupea harengus Atlantic herring North Atlantic 45 SL 1758
Clupea manulensis Asia 1822
Clupea pallasii marisalbi White Sea herring Northeast Atlantic 34 TL 1923
Clupea pallasii pallasii Pacific herring Arctic 46 TL 1847
Clupea pallasii suworowi Chosa herring Northeast Atlantic 31.5 TL 1927
Clupeichthys aesarnensis Thai river sprat Asia 7 SL 1983
Clupeichthys bleekeri Kapuas river sprat Asia 6 SL 1936
Clupeichthys goniognathus Sumatran river sprat Asia 9 SL 1855
Clupeichthys perakensis Perak river sprat Asia 4 SL 1936
Clupeoides borneensis Borneo river sprat Asia 8 SL 1851
Clupeoides hypselosoma Kalimantan river sprat Asia 4.2 SL 1866
Clupeoides papuensis Papuan river sprat Asia and Oceania 8 SL 1886
Clupeoides venulosus West Irian river sprat Asia and Oceania 9 SL 1912
Clupeonella abrau Abrau sprat Europe 9.5 SL 1930
Clupeonella caspia Caspian tyulka Europe 14.9 TL 1941
Clupeonella cultriventris Black and Caspian Sea sprat Eurasia 14.5 TL 1840
Clupeonella engrauliformis Anchovy sprat Former USSR and Asia 16.5 SL 1904
Clupeonella grimmi Southern Caspian sprat Former USSR and Asia 14.5 SL 1877
Clupeonella muhlisi Marmara sprat Asia 8 TL 1934
Clupeonella tscharchalensis Freshwater tyulka Europe 10 SL 1896
Congothrissa gossei Smoothbelly pellonuline Africa 3.5 SL 1964
Corica laciniata Bangkok river sprat Asia 7 SL 1935
Corica soborna Ganges river sprat Asia 5.3 TL 1822
Dayella malabarica Day's round herring Asia 6 SL 1873
Dorosoma anale Mexican river gizzard shad North America 23.6 SL 1904
Dorosoma cepedianum American gizzard shad Northwest Atlantic 57 FL 1818
Dorosoma chavesi Nicaragua gizzard shad Central America 18 SL 1907
Dorosoma petenense Threadfin shad North and Central America 33 TL 1867
Dorosoma smithi Pacific gizzard shad North America 14 SL 1941
Ehirava fluviatilis Malabar sprat Asia 5 SL 1929
Escualosa elongata Slender white sardine Western Pacific 6.7 SL 1983
Escualosa thoracata White sardine Indo-West Pacific 10 SL 1847
Ethmalosa fimbriata Bonga shad Atlantic Ocean 46 TL 1825
Ethmidium maculatum Pacific menhaden Southwest Pacific 26 SL 1847
Gilchristella aestuaria Gilchrist's round herring Africa 9 SL 1913
Gonialosa manmina Ganges river gizzard shad Asia 14.1 TL 1822
Gonialosa modesta Burmese river gizzard shad Asia 10 SL 1870
Gonialosa whiteheadi Southern Burmese river gizzard shad Asia 6.8 SL 1983
Gudusia chapra Indian river shad Asia 20 TL 1822
Gudusia variegata Burmese river shad Asia 16 SL 1870
Harengula clupeola False herring Western Atlantic 18 TL 1829
Harengula humeralis Redear herring Western Atlantic 22 TL 1829
Harengula jaguana Scaled herring Western Atlantic 21.2 TL 1865
Harengula thrissina Pacific flatiron herring Eastern Pacific 18.4 TL 1882
Herklotsichthys blackburni Blackburn's herring Eastern Indian Ocean 10.5 SL 1948
Herklotsichthys castelnaui Castelnau's herring Southwest Pacific 20 SL 1897
Herklotsichthys collettei Collette's herring Eastern Indian Ocean 13 SL 1987
Herklotsichthys dispilonotus Blacksaddle herring Western Central Pacific 8.5 SL 1852
Herklotsichthys gotoi Goto's herring Western Central Pacific 9 SL 1983
Herklotsichthys koningsbergeri Koningsberger's herring Eastern Indian Ocean 13 SL 1912
Herklotsichthys lippa Australian spotted herring Indo-Pacific 16 SL 1931
Herklotsichthys lossei Gulf herring Western Indian Ocean 8 SL 1983
Herklotsichthys ovalis Western Pacific 10 NG 1830
Herklotsichthys punctatus Spotback herring Western Indian Ocean 8.5 SL 1837
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus Bluestripe herring Indo-Pacific 25 SL 1837
Herklotsichthys spilurus Reunion herring Western Indian Ocean 8.5 SL 1863
Hilsa kelee Kelee shad Indo-West Pacific 35 TL 1829
Hyperlophus translucidus Glassy sprat Southwest Pacific 6 SL 1917
Hyperlophus vittatus Sandy sprat Western Pacific 10 SL 1875
Jenkinsia lamprotaenia Dwarf round herring Western Central Atlantic 7.5 TL 1851
Jenkinsia majua Little-eye round herring Western Central Atlantic 5.5 SL 1963
Jenkinsia parvula Short-striped round herring Western Central Atlantic 5.5 SL 1978
Jenkinsia stolifera Florida round herring Western Central Atlantic 4 SL 1884
Konosirus punctatus Dotted gizzard shad Indo-West Pacific 32 TL 1846
Laeviscutella dekimpei Roundbelly pellonuline Africa 4.6 SL 1965
Lile gracilis Graceful piquitinga Eastern Central Pacific 8 SL 1990
Lile nigrofasciata Blackstripe herring Eastern Central Pacific 9.1 SL 2002
Lile piquitinga Atlantic piquitinga Western Atlantic 15 SL 1903
Lile stolifera Striped herring Eastern Pacific 13 SL 1882
Limnothrissa miodon Lake Tanganyika sardine Africa 17 SL 1906
Microthrissa congica Bigscale pellonuline Africa 7 SL 1917
Microthrissa minuta Dungu sprat Africa 3.5 SL 1974
Microthrissa moeruensis Lake Mweru sprat Africa 4.1 SL 1948
Microthrissa royauxi Royal sprat Africa 9.9 TL 1902
Microthrissa whiteheadi Africa 5.7 SL 1988
Minyclupeoides dentibranchialus Asia 2.3 SL 2008
Nannothrissa parva Lake Tumba dwarf sprat Africa 4.2 SL 1917
Nannothrissa stewarti Mai-ndombe dwarf sprat Africa 2.3 SL 1976
Nematalosa arabica Arabian gizzard shad Western Indian Ocean 16.5 SL 1917
Nematalosa come Western Pacific gizzard shad Western Pacific 21 SL 1846
Nematalosa erebi Australian river gizzard shad Oceania and Asia 48 SL 1868
Nematalosa flyensis Fly river gizzard shad Oceania 22.2 SL 1983
Nematalosa galatheae Galathea gizzard shad Indo-West Pacific 16.3 SL 1973
Nematalosa japonica Japanese gizzard shad Western Pacific 19 SL 1917
Nematalosa nasus Bloch's gizzard shad Indo-West Pacific 25.5 TL 1795
Nematalosa papuensis Strickland river gizzard shad Oceania 21 SL 1964
Nematalosa persara Persara gizzard shad Western Indian Ocean 15.2 SL 1995
Nematalosa resticularia Gulf gizzard shad Western Indian Ocean 17 TL 1995
Nematalosa vlaminghi Perth herring Eastern Indian Ocean 36 SL 1956
Odaxothrissa ansorgii Ansorge fangtooth pellonuline Africa 13 SL 1910
Odaxothrissa losera Losera fangtooth pellonuline Africa 13 SL 1899
Odaxothrissa mento Nigerian fangtooth pellonuline Africa 13 SL 1917
Opisthonema berlangai Galapagos thread herring Southeast Pacific 26 SL 1963
Opisthonema bulleri Slender thread herring Eastern Pacific 20 TL 1904
Opisthonema libertate Pacific thread herring Eastern Pacific 30 TL 1867
Opisthonema medirastre Middling thread herring Eastern Pacific 30 TL 1963
Opisthonema oglinum Atlantic thread herring Western Atlantic 38 TL 1818
Pellonula leonensis Smalltoothed pellonula Africa 9.3 TL 1916
Pellonula vorax Bigtoothed pellonula Africa 12 SL 1868
Platanichthys platana River Plate sprat South America 9.7 SL 1917
Potamalosa richmondia Freshwater herring Oceania 32 SL 1879
Potamothrissa acutirostris Sharpnosed sawtooth pellonuline Africa 7 SL 1899
Potamothrissa obtusirostris Bluntnosed sawtooth pellonuline Africa 6 SL 1909
Potamothrissa whiteheadi Whitehead's sawtooth pellonuline Africa 4.7 SL 1974
Ramnogaster arcuata Jenyns's sprat Southwest Atlantic 9 SL 1842
Ramnogaster melanostoma Uruguay river sprat South America 10 SL 1907
Rhinosardinia amazonica Amazon spinejaw sprat South America 11 TL 1879
Rhinosardinia bahiensis Bahia sprat South America 8 SL 1879
Sardina pilchardus European pilchard Northeast Atlantic 27.5 SL 1792
Sardinella albella White sardinella Indo-West Pacific 14 SL 1847
Sardinella atricauda Bleeker's blacktip sardinella Western Pacific 12.6 SL 1868
Sardinella aurita Round sardinella Atlantic Ocean 36 TL 1847
Sardinella brachysoma Deepbody sardinella Indo-West Pacific 13 SL 1852
Sardinella brasiliensis Brazilian sardinella Western Atlantic 27 TL 1879
Sardinella fijiense Fiji sardinella Western Pacific 11.5 SL 1923
Sardinella fimbriata Fringescale sardinella Indo-West Pacific 13 SL 1847
Sardinella gibbosa Goldstripe sardinella Indo-West Pacific 29.6 TL 1849
Sardinella hualiensis Taiwan sardinella Western Pacific 12.5 SL 1958
Sardinella jussieu Mauritian sardinella Western Indian Ocean 16.5 SL 1803
Sardinella lemuru Bali sardinella Eastern Indian Ocean 23 SL 1853
Sardinella longiceps Indian oil sardine Indian Ocean 23 SL 1847
Sardinella maderensis Madeiran sardinella Atlantic Ocean 30 SL 1838
Sardinella marquesensis Marquesan sardinella Eastern Pacific 16 SL 1968
Sardinella melanura Blacktip sardinella Indo-West Pacific 20.3 SL 1829
Sardinella neglecta East African sardinella Western Indian Ocean 13 SL 1983
Sardinella richardsoni Richardson's sardinella Northwest Pacific 12 SL 1983
Sardinella rouxi Yellowtail sardinella Atlantic Ocean 16 SL 1953
Sardinella sindensis Sind sardinella Western Indian Ocean 17 SL 1878
Sardinella tawilis Freshwater sardinella Asia 15.2 TL 1927
Sardinella zunasi Japanese sardinella Western Pacific 18 TL 1854
Sardinops sagax South American pilchard Indo-Pacific 39.5 SL 1842
Sauvagella madagascariensis Madagascar round herring Africa 49.7 SL 1883
Sauvagella robusta Africa 4.7 SL 2002
Sierrathrissa leonensis West African pygmy herring Africa 3 SL 1969
Spratelloides delicatulus Delicate round herring Indo-Pacific 7 SL 1832
Spratelloides gracilis Silver-stripe round herring Indo-Pacific, from Red Se 10.5 SL 1846
Spratelloides lewisi Lewis' round herring Western Central Pacific 6 SL 1983
Spratelloides robustus Fringe-scale round herring Eastern Indian Ocean 12 SL 1897
Spratellomorpha bianalis Two-finned round herring Western Indian Ocean 4.5 SL 1940
Sprattus antipodum New Zealand blueback sprat Southwest Pacific 12 SL 1872
Sprattus fuegensis Falkland sprat Southwest Atlantic 18 SL 1842
Sprattus muelleri New Zealand sprat Southwest Pacific 13 SL 1879
Sprattus novaehollandiae Australian sprat Southwest Pacific 14 SL 1847
Sprattus sprattus European sprat Northeast Atlantic 16 SL 1758
Stolothrissa tanganicae Lake Tanganyika sprat Africa 10 SL 1917
Strangomera bentincki Araucanian herring Southeast Pacific 28.4 SL 1936
Sundasalanx malleti Asia 1997
Sundasalanx megalops Asia 1997
Sundasalanx mekongensis Asia 2.8 SL 1999
Sundasalanx mesops Asia 3 SL 1997
Sundasalanx microps Asia 2.3 TL 1981
Sundasalanx platyrhynchus Asia 1997
Sundasalanx praecox Dwarf noodlefish Asia 2.3 SL 1981
Tenualosa ilisha Hilsa shad Indian Ocean 60 SL 1822
Tenualosa macrura Longtail shad Western Central Pacific 52 SL 1852
Tenualosa reevesii Reeves shad Northwest Pacific 61.6 TL 1846
Tenualosa thibaudeaui Laotian shad Asia 30 SL 1940
Tenualosa toli Toli shad Indo-West Pacific 60 TL 1847
Thrattidion noctivagus Sanaga pygmy herring Africa 2.1 SL 1972

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