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Family: Channidae Snakeheads

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42 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Channa amphibeus Borna snakehead Asia 90 TL 1845
Channa andrao Asia 2013
Channa argus Snakehead Asia 100 TL 1842
Channa asiatica Small snakehead Asia 20 TL 1758
Channa aurantimaculata Asia 19.1 SL 2000
Channa aurantipectoralis Asia 2016
Channa bankanensis Asia 23.5 TL 1853
Channa baramensis Asia 1901
Channa barca Barca snakehead Asia 105 TL 1822
Channa bleheri Asia 13.5 SL 1991
Channa burmanica Asia 8.0 SL 1919
Channa cyanospilos Asia 17.6 SL 1853
Channa diplogramma Asia 1865
Channa gachua Asia 28.8 TL 1822
Channa harcourtbutleri Burmese snakehead Asia 25 NG 1918
Channa hoaluensis Asia 25.5 SL 2011
Channa longistomata Asia 15.6 TL 2012
Channa lucius Asia 40 SL 1831
Channa maculata Blotched snakehead Asia 20 TL 1801
Channa marulioides Asia 27 TL 1851
Channa marulius Great snakehead Asia 183 TL 1822
Channa melanoptera Asia 65 TL 1855
Channa melanostigma Asia 14.3 SL 2011
Channa melasoma Black snakehead Asia 30 SL 1851
Channa micropeltes Indonesian snakehead Asia 130 SL 1831
Channa ninhbinhensis Asia 27.5 SL 2011
Channa nox Asia 19.8 SL 2002
Channa orientalis Walking snakehead Asia 33 TL 1801
Channa ornatipinnis Asia 20.5 SL 2008
Channa panaw Asia 17.1 SL 1998
Channa pardalis Asia 14.1 SL 2016
Channa pleurophthalma Asia 40 TL 1851
Channa pomanensis Asia 17.0 SL 2016
Channa pseudomarulius Asia 3.6 SL 1861
Channa pulchra Asia 30 TL 2007
Channa punctata Spotted snakehead Asia 31 TL 1793
Channa shingon Asia 9.9 SL 2017
Channa stewartii Assamese snakehead Asia 25 TL 1867
Channa striata Striped snakehead Asia 100 SL 1793
Parachanna africana Africa 32 TL 1879
Parachanna insignis Africa 53.2 TL 1884
Parachanna obscura African obscure snakehead Africa 50 SL 1861

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