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Family: Narcinidae Numbfishes

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31 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Benthobatis kreffti Southwest Atlantic 30 TL 2001
Benthobatis marcida Blind torpedo Western Central Atlantic. 50 WD 1909
Benthobatis moresbyi Dark blind ray Indian Ocean 39.2 TL 1898
Benthobatis yangi Taiwanese blind electric ray Northwest Pacific 21.5 TL 2003
Diplobatis colombiensis Colombian dwarf numbfish Western Central Atlantic 17 TL 1984
Diplobatis guamachensis Venezuelan dwarf numbfish Western Central Atlantic 20 TL 1957
Diplobatis ommata Ocellated electric ray Eastern Pacific 25 TL 1890
Diplobatis pictus Painted electric ray Western Atlantic 13.7 TL 1950
Discopyge castelloi Castello's apron numbfish Southwest Atlantic 30.7 TL 2008
Discopyge tschudii Apron ray Southeast Pacific 53.8 TL 1846
Narcine atzi Oman numbfish Western Indian Ocean 36 TL 2003
Narcine baliensis Indonesian numbfish Eastern Indian Ocean 30.6 TL 2016
Narcine bancroftii Lesser electric ray Western Atlantic 65 TL 1834
Narcine brasiliensis Brazilian electric ray Western Atlantic 54 WD 1831
Narcine brevilabiata Shortlip electric ray Northwest Pacific 32 TL 1966
Narcine brunnea Brown numbfish Indo-West Pacific 22 TL 1909
Narcine entemedor Giant electric ray Eastern Pacific 119 TL 1895
Narcine insolita Madagascar numbfish Western Indian Ocean 35.6 TL 2002
Narcine leoparda Leopard numbfish Southeast Pacific 33 TL 2001
Narcine lingula Chinese numbfish Indo-West Pacific 35 TL 1846
Narcine maculata Darkfinned numbfish Indo-West Pacific 40 TL 1804
Narcine oculifera Bigeye numbfish Western Indian Ocean 35 SL 2002
Narcine prodorsalis Tonkin numbfish Indo-West Pacific 40 TL 1966
Narcine rierai Slender electric ray Western Indian Ocean 30.1 TL 1991
Narcine timlei Spotted numbfish Indo-West Pacific 38 TL 1801
Narcine vermiculata Vermiculate electric ray Eastern Central Pacific 60 TL 1928
Narcinops lasti Western numbfish Eastern Indian Ocean 36.5 TL 2002
Narcinops nelsoni Eastern numbfish Southwest Pacific 34.8 TL 2008
Narcinops ornata ################ 24.1 TL 2008
Narcinops tasmaniensis Tasmanian numbfish Southeast Indian Ocean an 47 TL 1841
Narcinops westraliensis Banded numbfish Eastern Indian Ocean 29 TL 1966

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