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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Acanthaluteres brownii Spiny-tailed leatherjacket Eastern Indian Ocean 55 TL 1846
Acanthaluteres spilomelanurus Bridled leatherjacket Indo-West Pacific 14 TL 1824
Acanthaluteres vittiger Toothbrush leatherjacket Eastern Indian Ocean 35 TL 1873
Acreichthys hajam Indo-West Pacific 7 SL 1851
Acreichthys radiatus Radial leatherjacket Western Pacific 7 TL 1900
Acreichthys tomentosus Bristle-tail file-fish Indo-West Pacific 14 SL 1758
Aluterus heudelotii Dotterel filefish Western Atlantic 45 TL 1855
Aluterus monoceros Unicorn leatherjacket filefish Circumtropical. Western 76.2 TL 1758
Aluterus schoepfii Orange filefish Western Atlantic 61 TL 1792
Aluterus scriptus Scribbled leatherjacket filefish Circumtropical. Western 110 TL 1765
Amanses scopas Broom filefish Indo-Pacific 20 TL 1829
Anacanthus barbatus Bearded leatherjacket Indo-West Pacific 35 TL 1830
Arotrolepis filicauda Threadfin leatherjacket Western Central Pacific 22 TL 1880
Brachaluteres fahaqa Western Indian Ocea 1953
Brachaluteres jacksonianus Pigmy leatherjacket Eastern Indian Ocean 10 TL 1824
Brachaluteres taylori Taylor's inflator filefish Western Pacific 5 SL 1966
Brachaluteres ulvarum Japanese inflator filefish Northwest Pacific 7.5 SL 1902
Cantherhines cerinus Waxy filefish Western Pacific 12 TL 2011
Cantherhines dumerilii Whitespotted filefish Indo-Pacific 38 TL 1854
Cantherhines fronticinctus Spectacled filefish Indo-West Pacific 25 TL 1867
Cantherhines longicaudus Eastern Central Pacific 13.2 SL 1982
Cantherhines macrocerus American whitespotted filefish Western Atlantic 46 TL 1853
Cantherhines nukuhiva Indo-Pacific (Ref. 88148) 2011
Cantherhines pardalis Honeycomb filefish Indo-Pacific 25 TL 1837
Cantherhines pullus Orangespotted filefish Western Atlantic 20 TL 1842
Cantherhines rapanui Rapanui filefish Southeast Pacific 20 NG 1963
Cantherhines sandwichiensis Sandwich isle file Eastern Central Pacific 19.3 TL 1824
Cantherhines tiki Southeast Pacific 13.4 SL 1964
Cantherhines verecundus Shy filefish Eastern Central Pacific 12.5 TL 1925
Cantheschenia grandisquamis Large-scaled leatherjacket Western Pacific 26 TL 1977
Cantheschenia longipinnis Southwest Pacific 14.5 SL 1941
Chaetodermis penicilligerus Prickly leatherjacket Indo-West Pacific 31 TL 1816
Colurodontis paxmani Eastern Indian Ocean to W 12 SL 1977
Enigmacanthus filamentosus Indo-West Pacific 3.6 SL 2002
Eubalichthys bucephalus Black reef leatherjacket Eastern Indian Ocean 50 TL 1931
Eubalichthys caeruleoguttatus Blue-spotted leatherjacket Eastern Indian Ocean 38 TL 1977
Eubalichthys cyanoura Bluetail leatherjacket Eastern Indian Ocean 42 TL 1987
Eubalichthys gunnii Gunn's leatherjacket Eastern Indian Ocean 60 TL 1870
Eubalichthys mosaicus Mosaic leatherjacket Eastern Indian Ocean 60 TL 1886
Eubalichthys quadrispinis Four-spined leatherjacket Eastern Indian Ocean 40 TL 1977
Lalmohania velutina Western Indian Ocean 7.2 SL 1994
Meuschenia australis Southern leatherjacket Eastern Indian Ocean 30 TL 1824
Meuschenia flavolineata Yellow-striped leatherjacket Eastern Indian Ocean 30 TL 1977
Meuschenia freycineti Six-spined leatherjacket Eastern Indian Ocean 60 TL 1824
Meuschenia galii Blue-lined leatherjacket Eastern Indian Ocean 34 TL 1905
Meuschenia hippocrepis Horse-shoe leatherjacket Eastern Indian Ocean 51 TL 1824
Meuschenia scaber Velvet leatherjacket Indo-West Pacific 31 TL 1801
Meuschenia trachylepis Southwest Pacific 40 TL 1870
Meuschenia venusta Stars and stripes leatherjacket Indo-West Pacific 21 TL 1977
Monacanthus chinensis Fan-bellied leatherjacket Indo-Pacific 38 TL 1765
Monacanthus ciliatus Fringed filefish Western Atlantic 20 TL 1818
Monacanthus tuckeri Slender filefish Western Atlantic 10 TL 1906
Nelusetta ayraud Chinaman-leatherjacket Eastern Indian Ocean 100 TL 1824
Oxymonacanthus halli Red Sea longnose filefish Western Indian Ocean 7 TL 1952
Oxymonacanthus longirostris Harlequin filefish Indo-Pacific 12 TL 1801
Paraluteres arqat Indian Ocean. 1953
Paraluteres prionurus False puffer Indo-Pacific 11 TL 1851
Paramonacanthus arabicus Gulf filefish Western Indian Ocean 6.7 SL 1997
Paramonacanthus choirocephalus Pig faced leather jacket Western Pacific 11 SL 1851
Paramonacanthus cryptodon Western Pacific 7 SL 1855
Paramonacanthus curtorhynchos Shortsnout filefish Eastern Indian Ocean and 11.3 SL 1855
Paramonacanthus frenatus Wedgetail filefish Western Indian Ocean 8.7 SL 1855
Paramonacanthus japonicus Hairfinned leatherjacket Indo-West Pacific 12 SL 1809
Paramonacanthus lowei Lowe's leatherjacket Southwest Pacific 13.9 SL 1997
Paramonacanthus matsuurai Northwest Pacific 10.6 SL 1997
Paramonacanthus nematophorus Western Indian Ocean 8.5 SL 1870
Paramonacanthus nipponensis Japanese leatherjacket Western Pacific 15 SL 1939
Paramonacanthus oblongus Hair-finned filefish Indo-Pacific. 7.8 1850
Paramonacanthus otisensis Dusky leatherjacket Southwest Pacific 11 SL 1931
Paramonacanthus pusillus Faintstripe filefish Indo-West Pacific 14.6 SL 1829
Paramonacanthus sulcatus Mudbank filefish Western Pacific 20 SL 1854
Paramonacanthus tricuspis Estuary filefish Indian Ocean 10 SL 1854
Pervagor alternans Yelloweye filefish Western Pacific 16 TL 1899
Pervagor aspricaudus Orangetail filefish Indo-West Pacific 13 TL 1854
Pervagor janthinosoma Blackbar filefish Indo-Pacific 13 SL 1854
Pervagor marginalis Eastern Central Pacific 6.2 SL 1986
Pervagor melanocephalus Redtail filefish Indo-West Pacific. 16 TL 1853
Pervagor nigrolineatus Blacklined filefish Western Pacific 10 TL 1927
Pervagor randalli Western Indian Ocean 6.7 SL 1986
Pervagor spilosoma Fantail filefish Eastern Pacific 18 TL 1839
Pseudalutarius nasicornis Rhinoceros leatherjacket Indo-West Pacific 19 TL 1850
Pseudomonacanthus elongatus Fourband leatherjacket Indo-West Pacific. 25 SL 1940
Pseudomonacanthus macrurus Strap-weed file-fish Indo-West Pacific 18 SL 1856
Pseudomonacanthus peroni Pot-bellied leatherjacket Eastern Indian Ocean 35 SL 1854
Rudarius ercodes Whitespotted pygmy filefish Northwest Pacific 7.5 TL 1902
Rudarius excelsus Diamond leatherjacket Western Pacific 2.5 TL 1977
Rudarius minutus Minute leatherjacket Western Pacific 5 SL 1970
Scobinichthys granulatus Rough leatherjackets Eastern Indian Ocean 30 TL 1790
Stephanolepis auratus Porky Western Indian Ocean 28 TL 1861
Stephanolepis cirrhifer Threadsail filefish Western Pacific 30 TL 1850
Stephanolepis diaspros Reticulated leatherjacket Western Indian Ocean 25 TL 1940
Stephanolepis hispidus Planehead filefish Western Atlantic 27.5 TL 1766
Stephanolepis setifer Pygmy filefish Western Atlantic 20 TL 1831
Thamnaconus analis Southwest Pacific 19.3 SL 1904
Thamnaconus arenaceus Sandy filefish Western Indian Ocean 23 TL 1927
Thamnaconus degeni Degen's leatherjacket Eastern Indian Ocean 28 TL 1903
Thamnaconus fajardoi Spotted filefish Western Indian Ocean 22 TL 1953
Thamnaconus fijiensis Western Pacific 15.3 SL 1984
Thamnaconus hypargyreus Lesser-spotted leatherjacket Indo-West Pacific 17.8 SL 1871
Thamnaconus melanoproctes Blackvent filefish Western Indian Ocean 20 TL 1889
Thamnaconus modestoides Modest filefish Indo-West Pacific and Sou 32 TL 1927
Thamnaconus modestus Northwest Pacific 36 TL 1877
Thamnaconus multilineatus Indo-West Pacific 26 SL 1918
Thamnaconus paschalis Easter filefish Southeast Pacific 30 NG 1913
Thamnaconus septentrionalis Indo-Pacific 23 SL 1874
Thamnaconus striatus Many-lined leatherjacket Indo-West Pacific 21 TL 1979
Thamnaconus tessellatus Western Pacific 22 SL 1880

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