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Family: Synaphobranchidae Cutthroat eels

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39 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Atractodenchelys phrix Western Central Atlantic 1970
Atractodenchelys robinsorum Southwestern Pacific 2003
Diastobranchus capensis Basketwork eel Circum-austral, except ea 180 TL 1923
Dysomma anguillare Shortbelly eel Widespread in the Indo-W 52 TL 1923
Dysomma brevirostre Pignosed arrowtooth eel Eastern Atlantic 30 TL 1887
Dysomma bucephalus Indo-Pacific. 1889
Dysomma dolichosomatum Indo-West Pacific 35.7 TL 1983
Dysomma fuscoventralis Western Indian Ocean 1982
Dysomma goslinei Indo-Pacific. 19.7 TL 1976
Dysomma longirostrum Western Pacific 28.5 TL 2001
Dysomma melanurum Northwestern Pacific. Ta 29.7 TL 1967
Dysomma muciparus Indo-Pacific. 1891
Dysomma opisthoproctus Northwest Pacific 42.1 TL 1995
Dysomma polycatodon Indo-Pacific. 60 TL 1983
Dysomma taiwanensis Taiwanese arrowtooth eel Western Pacific 49.6 TL 2015
Dysomma tridens Western Central Atlantic 1989
Dysommina proboscideus Eastern Central Atlantic 1913
Dysommina rugosa Widespread in tropical At 37.1 TL 1951
Haptenchelys texis Western Atlantic 51.1 TL 1976
Histiobranchus australis South Atlantic, Indian an 67 TL 1913
Histiobranchus bathybius Deep-water arrowtooth eel North Atlantic and North 137 1877
Histiobranchus bruuni Bruun's cutthroat Southwest Pacific 69 TL 1964
Ilyophis arx Eastern Pacific and North 44.7 TL 1976
Ilyophis blachei Northeast Atlantic, South 79.2 TL 1982
Ilyophis brunneus Muddy arrowtooth eel Atlantic, Indian and Paci 58 TL 1891
Ilyophis nigeli Northwest Pacific 51.3 TL 1997
Ilyophis robinsae Indo-West Pacific 34.8 TL 1997
Ilyophis saldanhai Western Central Atlantic 1999
Linkenchelys multipora Western Central Atlantic 1989
Meadia abyssalis Abyssal cutthroat eel Indo-Pacific 73 TL 1938
Meadia roseni Northwest Pacific 74.5 TL 1991
Simenchelys parasitica Snubnosed eel Eastern Atlantic 61 TL 1879
Synaphobranchus affinis Grey cutthroat Circumglobal, except the 160 TL 1877
Synaphobranchus brevidorsalis Shortdorsal cutthroat eel Circumtropical, except th 111 TL 1887
Synaphobranchus calvus South Atlantic 68.5 TL 2007
Synaphobranchus dolichorhynchus North Atlantic 1913
Synaphobranchus kaupii Kaup's arrowtooth eel Eastern Atlantic 100 TL 1862
Synaphobranchus oregoni Circumtropical, except in 111 TL 1960
Thermobiotes mytilogeiton Western Central Pacific 24.3 SL 1991

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