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Family: Congridae Conger and garden eels

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Acromycter alcocki Eastern Central Pacific 25.3 TL 1897
Acromycter atlanticus Western Central Atlantic. 29.5 TL 1989
Acromycter longipectoralis Western Pacific 21.7 TL 2004
Acromycter nezumi Northwest Pacific 40 TL 1958
Acromycter perturbator Western Central Atlantic 1932
Ariosoma anago Silvery conger Indo-West Pacific. 60 TL 1846
Ariosoma anagoides Sea conger Western Pacific 51 TL 1853
Ariosoma anale Longtrunk conger Western Atlantic 36.3 TL 1860
Ariosoma balearicum Bandtooth conger Eastern Atlantic 35 TL 1809
Ariosoma bauchotae Western Indian Ocean 1983
Ariosoma coquettei Western Central Atlantic 28.1 TL 1977
Ariosoma fasciatum Barred sand conger Indo-Pacific 60 SL 1872
Ariosoma gilberti Gilbert's garden eel Eastern Central Pacific 27 TL 1898
Ariosoma howensis Lord Howe conger Western Pacific 42.2 TL 1916
Ariosoma major Northwest Pacific 53 TL 1958
Ariosoma marginatum Large-eye conger Eastern Central Pacific 38 TL 1875
Ariosoma mauritianum Blunt-tooth conger Indo-West Pacific 30 TL 1914
Ariosoma meeki Northwest Pacific 53 TL 1900
Ariosoma megalops Western Central Pacific. 14.9 SL 1938
Ariosoma mellissii Silver Eel Southeast Atlantic 42.8 TL 1870
Ariosoma multivertebratum Eastern Central Pacific 54.2 TL 2004
Ariosoma nigrimanum Western Indian Ocean 33.5 TL 1939
Ariosoma obud Western Central Pacific 1923
Ariosoma ophidiophthalmus Western Indian Ocean 1991
Ariosoma opistophthalmum Southwest Atlantic 27.2 TL 1839
Ariosoma prorigerum Slope conger Eastern Pacific 35 TL 1891
Ariosoma sanzoi Western Indian Ocean 1928
Ariosoma sazonovi Western Pacific 39.5 TL 2004
Ariosoma scheelei Tropical conger Indo-Pacific. 20 TL 1896
Ariosoma selenops Western Central Atlantic 1934
Ariosoma sereti Eastern Central Pacific 26.5 TL 2004
Ariosoma shiroanago Northwest Pacific 40 TL 1958
Ariosoma sokotranum Western Indian Ocean 1991
Bassanago albescens Hairy conger Southeast Pacific 100 TL 1923
Bassanago bulbiceps Swollen-headed conger eel Southwest Pacific. 68.5 TL 1948
Bassanago hirsutus Deepsea conger Southwest Pacific. 100 TL 1960
Bassanago nielseni Southeast Pacific 46.5 TL 1990
Bathycongrus aequoreus Eastern Central Pacific 1897
Bathycongrus bertini Eastern Atlantic 39 TL 1953
Bathycongrus bleekeri Western Central Pacific 8 TL 1934
Bathycongrus bullisi Bullish conger Western Atlantic 39.5 TL 1977
Bathycongrus dubius Dubious conger Western Atlantic 44.3 TL 1927
Bathycongrus guttulatus Lined conger Indo-Pacific 41.7 TL 1887
Bathycongrus longicavis Pacific Ocean 38.6 TL 2009
Bathycongrus macrocercus Eastern Indian Ocean 1894
Bathycongrus macrurus Shorthead conger Eastern Central Pacific 25 TL 1891
Bathycongrus nasicus Indian Ocean 1894
Bathycongrus odontostomus Toothy conger Indo-West Pacific 4.3 TL 1934
Bathycongrus parapolyporus Pacific Ocean, Western Ce 34.8 TL 2009
Bathycongrus parviporus South China Sea, Central 2011
Bathycongrus polyporus Western Central Atlantic 43 TL 1977
Bathycongrus retrotinctus Blackedge conger Western Pacific 54 TL 1901
Bathycongrus thysanochilus Conger eel Western Central Atlantic 1934
Bathycongrus trilineatus Western Central Pacific 1964
Bathycongrus trimaculatus Southwestern Pacific Ocea 16.1 TL 2008
Bathycongrus unimaculatus New Caledonia, southern L 28.3 TL 2009
Bathycongrus varidens Largehead conger Eastern Pacific 100 TL 1899
Bathycongrus vicinalis Neighbor conger Western Central Atlantic 46.2 TL 1899
Bathycongrus wallacei Longnose conger Indo-West Pacific 55 TL 1968
Bathymyrus echinorhynchus North-Western Indian Ocea 1889
Bathymyrus simus Western Pacific 19.5 TL 1965
Bathymyrus smithi Maputo conger Indian Ocean 58 TL 1968
Bathyuroconger parvibranchialis Western Central Pacific. 1934
Bathyuroconger vicinus Large-toothed conger Eastern Atlantic 88 TL 1888
Blachea longicaudalis Western Pacific 68.3 TL 2004
Blachea xenobranchialis Frillgill conger Indo-West Pacific 47.5 TL 1980
Castleichthys auritus Eared conger Eastern Indian Ocean 28.8 TL 2004
Chiloconger dentatus Shortsnout conger Eastern Central Pacific 30 TL 1899
Chiloconger philippinensis Western Central Pacific 19 TL 2003
Conger cinereus Longfin African conger Indo-Pacific 140 TL 1830
Conger conger European conger Eastern Atlantic 300 TL 1758
Conger erebennus Northwest Pacific 1901
Conger esculentus Grey conger Western Central Atlantic 160 TL 1861
Conger japonicus Beach conger Northwest Pacific 140 TL 1879
Conger macrocephalus Western Central Pacific 78.5 TL 1958
Conger marginatus Hawaiian mustache conger Eastern Central Pacific 137 TL 1850
Conger myriaster Whitespotted conger Northwest Pacific 100 TL 1856
Conger oceanicus American conger Western Atlantic 230 TL 1818
Conger oligoporus Eastern Central Pacific 1958
Conger orbignianus Argentine conger Eastern Atlantic 112 TL 1837
Conger philippinus Western Central Pacific. 1958
Conger triporiceps Manytooth conger Western Atlantic 100 TL 1958
Conger verreauxi Conger Eastern Indian Ocean 200 TL 1856
Conger wilsoni Cape conger Western Indian Ocean 150 TL 1801
Congrhynchus talabonoides Western Central Pacific 30 TL 1934
Congriscus maldivensis Indo-West Pacific 35.2 SL 1939
Congriscus marquesaensis Eastern Central Pacific 27.3 TL 2004
Congriscus megastomus North Pacific 40 TL 1877
Congrosoma evermanni Evermann's conger Eastern Central Pacific 30 TL 1899
Diploconger polystigmatus Headband conger Western Indian Ocean 30 TL 1968
Gnathophis andriashevi Southeast Pacific 36.5 TL 1990
Gnathophis asanoi Western Pacific 35 TL 2004
Gnathophis bathytopos Blackgut conger Western Atlantic 35 TL 1977
Gnathophis bracheatopos Longeye conger Western Atlantic 35 TL 1977
Gnathophis capensis Southern conger Southeast Atlantic 37 TL 1856
Gnathophis castlei Castle's conger Western Central Pacific 34.2 TL 2000
Gnathophis cinctus Hardtail conger Eastern Pacific 42 TL 1899
Gnathophis codoniphorus Northeast Atlantic 1972
Gnathophis ginanago Northwest Pacific 40 TL 1958
Gnathophis grahami Graham's conger Southwest Pacific 2000
Gnathophis habenatus Little conger eel Indo-West Pacific 43 TL 1848
Gnathophis heterognathos Western Pacific 41.5 TL 1858
Gnathophis heterolinea Western Indian Ocean 1968
Gnathophis leptosomatus Western Indian Ocean 1983
Gnathophis longicauda Little conger Indo-West Pacific 1888
Gnathophis macroporis Largepore conger Eastern Indian Ocean 2000
Gnathophis melanocoelus Eastern Indian Ocean 2000
Gnathophis microps Smalleye conger Eastern Indian Ocean 2000
Gnathophis musteliceps Western Indian Ocean 1894
Gnathophis mystax Thinlip conger Eastern Atlantic 60 TL 1809
Gnathophis nasutus Eastern Indian Ocean 2000
Gnathophis neocaledoniensis Western Pacific 18.5 TL 2004
Gnathophis nystromi Western Pacific 45 TL 1901
Gnathophis parini Southeast Pacific 13.7 TL 1990
Gnathophis smithi Southeast Pacific 41.1 TL 1990
Gnathophis tritos Western Central Atlantic 1977
Gnathophis umbrellabius Umbrella conger Southwest Pacific. 45 TL 1948
Gnathophis xenica Northwest Pacific 32 TL 1951
Gorgasia barnesi Barnes' garden eel Western Pacific 121 TL 1984
Gorgasia cotroneii Western Indian Ocean 1928
Gorgasia galzini Speckled garden-eel Pacific Ocean 53 TL 1999
Gorgasia hawaiiensis Hawaiian garden eel Eastern Central Pacific 59.8 SL 1980
Gorgasia inferomaculata Eastern Central Atlantic 1977
Gorgasia japonica Northwest and Southwest P 100 TL 1977
Gorgasia klausewitzi Klausewitz' garden eel Indian Ocean 75.1 TL 1995
Gorgasia maculata Whitespotted garden eel Indo-West Pacific 70 TL 1959
Gorgasia naeocepaea Freckled garden eel Western Central Pacific 75 TL 1951
Gorgasia preclara Splendid garden eel Indo-West Pacific 40 TL 1981
Gorgasia punctata Peppered garden eel Eastern Central Pacific 50 TL 1923
Gorgasia sillneri Western Indian Ocean 83.8 TL 1962
Gorgasia taiwanensis Northwest Pacific 74.1 TL 1990
Gorgasia thamani Western Central Pacific 118.6 TL 2004
Heteroconger balteatus Western Indian Ocean 33.1 TL 1999
Heteroconger camelopardalis Southwest Atlantic 50.1 TL 1980
Heteroconger canabus White-ring garden eel Eastern Central Pacific 80 TL 1974
Heteroconger chapmani Western Central Pacific 69 TL 1923
Heteroconger cobra Garden eel Western Central Pacific 40 TL 1981
Heteroconger congroides Western Indian Ocean 1928
Heteroconger digueti Cortez garden eel Eastern Central Pacific 63 TL 1923
Heteroconger enigmaticus Enigma garden eel Western Pacific 43.7 TL 1999
Heteroconger hassi Spotted garden-eel Indo-Pacific 40 TL 1959
Heteroconger klausewitzi Galapagos garden eel Southeast Pacific 70 TL 1983
Heteroconger lentiginosus Masked garden eel Western Central Pacific 77 TL 1981
Heteroconger longissimus Brown garden eel Eastern Atlantic 51 TL 1870
Heteroconger luteolus Yellow garden eel Western Central Atlantic 1989
Heteroconger mercyae Mercy's garden eel Western Pacific 67.8 TL 2009
Heteroconger obscurus Obscure garden eel Eastern Indian Ocean 33.6 TL 1959
Heteroconger pellegrini Speckled garden eel Eastern Pacific 63 TL 1999
Heteroconger perissodon Black garden eel Indo-West Pacific 53.7 TL 1981
Heteroconger polyzona Zebra garden eel Indo-West Pacific 34.7 TL 1868
Heteroconger taylori Taylor's garden eel Western Central Pacific 47.9 TL 1995
Heteroconger tomberua Western Central Pacific 42.8 TL 1999
Heteroconger tricia Tricia's garden eel Eastern Indian Ocean 49.6 TL 1999
Japonoconger africanus Eastern Atlantic 42.5 TL 1953
Japonoconger caribbeus Western Central Atlantic 50.2 TL 1977
Japonoconger sivicolus Northwest Pacific 57 TL 1951
Kenyaconger heemstrai Western Indian Ocean 26.7 TL 2003
Lumiconger arafura Luminous conger Indo-West Pacific 26.6 TL 1984
Macrocephenchelys brachialis Western Central Pacific 50 TL 1934
Macrocephenchelys brevirostris Rubbernose conger Western Pacific 36.7 TL 1967
Parabathymyrus brachyrhynchus Western Pacific 50.2 TL 1934
Parabathymyrus fijiensis Western Pacific 36 TL 2004
Parabathymyrus karrerae Western Indian Ocean 1991
Parabathymyrus macrophthalmus Indo-West Pacific 47 TL 1938
Parabathymyrus oregoni Flapnose conger Western Central Atlantic 1977
Parabathymyrus philippinensis Western Pacific 39.8 TL 2015
Paraconger californiensis Ringeye conger Eastern Pacific 60 TL 1961
Paraconger caudilimbatus Margintail conger Western Atlantic 51 TL 1867
Paraconger guianensis Western Atlantic 1961
Paraconger macrops Blackspot conger Eastern Atlantic 50 TL 1870
Paraconger notialis Guinean conger Eastern Atlantic 72 TL 1961
Paraconger ophichthys Eastern Central Pacific 1899
Paraconger similis Shorttail conger Eastern Central Pacific 30 TL 1946
Poeciloconger kapala Mottled conger Southwest Pacific 1990
Promyllantor adenensis Indo-West Pacific 51.2 TL 1991
Promyllantor atlanticus Southeastern Atlantic 51.8 TL 2006
Promyllantor purpureus Indo-West Pacific 1890
Pseudophichthys splendens Purplemouthed conger Eastern Atlantic 38.7 TL 1913
Rhynchoconger ectenurus Western Pacific 65 TL 1909
Rhynchoconger flavus Yellow conger Western Atlantic 150 TL 1896
Rhynchoconger gracilior Whiptail conger Western Atlantic 61 TL 1951
Rhynchoconger guppyi Western Central Atlantic 95 TL 1925
Rhynchoconger nitens Bignose conger Eastern Central Pacific 40 TL 1890
Rhynchoconger squaliceps Eastern Indian Ocean 1894
Rhynchoconger trewavasae Western Indian Ocean 57 TL 1993
Scalanago lateralis Ladder eel Indo-West Pacific 35 TL 1935
Uroconger drachi Eastern Atlantic 41.5 TL 1976
Uroconger erythraeus Western Indian Ocean 1982
Uroconger lepturus Slender conger Indo-West Pacific 52 TL 1845
Uroconger syringinus Threadtail conger Eastern Atlantic 38 TL 1954
Xenomystax atrarius Deepwater conger Eastern Pacific 100 TL 1891
Xenomystax austrinus Western Central Atlantic. 1989
Xenomystax bidentatus Western Central Atlantic 1940
Xenomystax congroides Bristletooth conger Atlantic Ocean 87.6 TL 1989
Xenomystax trucidans Western Indian Ocean 64.5 TL 1894

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