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Family: Pristigasteridae Pristigasterids

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38 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Chirocentrodon bleekerianus Dogtooth herring Western Atlantic 16.1 TL 1867
Ilisha africana West African ilisha Africa 30 SL 1795
Ilisha amazonica Amazon ilisha South America 19.7 SL 1920
Ilisha compressa Compressed ilisha Western Indian Ocean. 23.8 SL 1994
Ilisha elongata Elongate ilisha Indo-Pacific 60 TL 1830
Ilisha filigera Coromandel ilisha Indo-Pacific 22 SL 1847
Ilisha fuerthii Pacific ilisha Eastern Central Pacific 33 TL 1875
Ilisha kampeni Kampen's ilisha Indo-Pacific 15 SL 1913
Ilisha lunula Longtail ilisha Western Central Pacific 1986
Ilisha macrogaster Kalimantan ilisha Western Central Pacific 12 SL 1866
Ilisha megaloptera Bigeye ilisha Indo-Pacific 36.5 SL 1839
Ilisha melastoma Indian ilisha Indo-Pacific 22 SL 1801
Ilisha novacula Burmese River ilisha Asia 32 SL 1847
Ilisha obfuscata Hidden ilisha Indian Ocean 7.4 SL 1983
Ilisha pristigastroides Javan ilisha Western Central Pacific 30 SL 1852
Ilisha sirishai Lobejaw ilisha Indo-West Pacific 23 TL 1975
Ilisha striatula Banded ilisha Indian Ocean 18 SL 1983
Neoopisthopterus cubanus Cuban longfin herring Western Central Atlantic 15 TL 1948
Neoopisthopterus tropicus Tropical longfin herring Eastern Central Pacific 11.5 TL 1946
Odontognathus compressus Caribbean longfin herring Western Atlantic 15 TL 1923
Odontognathus mucronatus Guiana longfin herring Western Atlantic 19.2 TL 1800
Odontognathus panamensis Panama longfin herring Eastern Central Pacific 17 SL 1876
Opisthopterus dovii Dove's longfin herring Eastern Pacific 23 TL 1868
Opisthopterus effulgens Vaqueira longfin herring Eastern Pacific 20.5 SL 1903
Opisthopterus equatorialis Equatorial longfin herring Eastern Pacific 14.6 SL 1946
Opisthopterus macrops Bigeyed longfin herring Eastern Central Pacific 18 TL 1867
Opisthopterus tardoore Tardoore Indo-West Pacific 20 SL 1829
Opisthopterus valenciennesi Slender tardoor Indo-West Pacific 20 SL 1872
Pellona altamazonica South America 3.6 TL 1872
Pellona castelnaeana Amazon pellona South America 80 FL 1847
Pellona dayi Day's pellona Indian Ocean 13.5 SL 1983
Pellona ditchela Indian pellona Indo-West Pacific 16 SL 1847
Pellona flavipinnis Yellowfin river pellona South America 73 TL 1837
Pellona harroweri American coastal pellona Western Atlantic 18 TL 1917
Pliosteostoma lutipinnis Yellowfin herring Eastern Central Pacific 25 SL 1882
Pristigaster cayana Amazon hatchet herring South America 14.5 SL 1829
Pristigaster whiteheadi South America 2000
Raconda russeliana Raconda Indo-Pacific 19 SL 1831

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