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Family: Nettastomatidae Duckbill eels

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42 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Facciolella castlei Southeast Pacific 1985
Facciolella equatorialis Dogface witch eel Eastern Central Pacific 90 TL 1891
Facciolella gilbertii Dogface witch-eel Eastern Central Pacific 61 TL 1899
Facciolella karreri Western Indian Ocean 36.1 TL 1995
Facciolella oxyrhyncha Facciola's sorcerer Eastern Atlantic 64.9 SL 1883
Facciolella saurencheloides Western Indian Ocean 1928
Hoplunnis diomediana Blacktail pikeconger Western Atlantic. 36.6 TL 1896
Hoplunnis macrura Freckled pike-conger Western Central Atlantic 54.2 TL 1951
Hoplunnis megista Western Central Atlantic 91.7 TL 1989
Hoplunnis pacifica Silver pikeconger Eastern Pacific. Needs a 125 TL 1968
Hoplunnis punctata Slender duckbill eel Eastern Atlantic 55.5 TL 1915
Hoplunnis schmidti Western Central Atlantic 1859
Hoplunnis sicarius Eastern Central Pacific 1899
Hoplunnis similis Western Central Atlantic 49.3 TL 1989
Hoplunnis tenuis Spotted pike-conger Western Atlantic 46 TL 1951
Leptocephalus bellottii Western Indian Ocean 1928
Nettastoma falcinaris Southeast Pacific 1985
Nettastoma melanura Blackfin sorcerer Eastern Atlantic 79.8 TL 1810
Nettastoma parviceps Duck-billed eel Indo-Pacific 82 TL 1877
Nettastoma solitarium Solitary duckbill eel Indo-West Pacific 46.5 TL 1981
Nettastoma syntresis Western Central Atlantic 55 SL 1981
Nettenchelys dionisi Eastern Central Atlantic 62 TL 1989
Nettenchelys erroriensis Western Indian Ocean 33.5 TL 1994
Nettenchelys exoria Western Central Atlantic 46.7 TL 1981
Nettenchelys gephyra Bridge duckbill eel Western Pacific 43.1 TL 1981
Nettenchelys inion Western Central Atlantic 42.3 TL 1981
Nettenchelys paxtoni Western Pacific 24.8 TL 1999
Nettenchelys pygmaea Pygmy pikeconger Western Central Atlantic 20.1 TL 1981
Nettenchelys taylori Western Indian Ocean 53.3 TL 1898
Saurenchelys cancrivora Slender sorcerer Eastern Atlantic 65 TL 1864
Saurenchelys cognita Longface eel Western Central Atlantic 36 TL 1989
Saurenchelys fierasfer Western Pacific 50 TL 1901
Saurenchelys finitimus Whitsunday wire eel Western Pacific 1935
Saurenchelys lateromaculatus Indo-West Pacific 1928
Saurenchelys meteori Western Indian Ocean 44.2 TL 2000
Saurenchelys stylura Pillar wire eel Western Pacific. 1913
Saurenchelys taiwanensis Western Pacific 34.2 TL 2004
Venefica multiporosa Indo-West Pacific 70 TL 1982
Venefica ocella Eastern Pacific. 1899
Venefica proboscidea Whipsnout sorcerer Worldwide in tropical, su 100 TL 1888
Venefica procera Western Central Atlantic 108.8 TL 1883
Venefica tentaculata Western Pacific 90 TL 1899

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