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Family: Alepocephalidae Slickheads

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Alepocephalus agassizii Agassiz' slickhead Eastern Atlantic 123 SL 1883
Alepocephalus andersoni Western Central Pacific. 1934
Alepocephalus antipodianus Antipodean slickhead Western Central Pacific. 66.2 SL 1948
Alepocephalus asperifrons Eastern Pacific. 1899
Alepocephalus australis Small scaled brown slickhead Circumglobal 69 SL 1923
Alepocephalus bairdii Baird's slickhead Eastern Atlantic 100 SL 1879
Alepocephalus bicolor Bicolor slickhead Indo-Pacific 29 SL 1891
Alepocephalus blanfordii Western Indian Ocean 1892
Alepocephalus dentifer Eastern Indian Ocean 30.5 SL 1979
Alepocephalus fundulus Eastern Pacific 18 SL 1899
Alepocephalus longiceps Longfin slickhead Northwest Pacific 16 SL 1909
Alepocephalus longirostris Longsnout slickhead Western Pacific 41 SL 1984
Alepocephalus melas Southeast Pacific 1961
Alepocephalus owstoni Owston's slickhead Northwest Pacific 40 SL 1908
Alepocephalus planifrons Southeast Pacific. 31.7 SL 1993
Alepocephalus productus Smalleye smooth-head Possibly circumglobal. E 41 SL 1883
Alepocephalus rostratus Risso's smooth-head Eastern Atlantic 50 SL 1820
Alepocephalus tenebrosus California slickhead North Pacific 61 TL 1892
Alepocephalus triangularis Triangulate slickhead Western Pacific 24 SL 1984
Alepocephalus umbriceps Slickhead Northwest Pacific 63 SL 1914
Asquamiceps caeruleus Eastern Atlantic 33.7 SL 1980
Asquamiceps hjorti Barethroat slickhead Eastern Atlantic. Indo-W 25.3 SL 1927
Asquamiceps longmani Western Pacific. 1934
Asquamiceps velaris Fanfin smooth-head Possibly circumglobal. 17.4 SL 1911
Aulastomatomorpha phospherops Luminous slickhead Indo-West Pacific 28 SL 1890
Bajacalifornia aequatoris Western Central Pacific. 14.5 SL 1993
Bajacalifornia arcylepis Network slickhead Western Indian and Atlant 21.6 SL 1985
Bajacalifornia burragei Sharpchin slickhead Western Indian Ocean 18.1 SL 1925
Bajacalifornia calcarata Brown slickhead Eastern Atlantic 38 SL 1913
Bajacalifornia erimoensis Western Pacific 36.6 TL 1977
Bajacalifornia megalops Bigeye smooth-head Eastern Atlantic 40 SL 1898
Bajacalifornia microstoma Western Pacific 24.7 SL 1988
Bathylaco macrophthalmus Eastern Pacific 1968
Bathylaco nielseni Eastern Central Atlantic 29.1 SL 1980
Bathylaco nigricans Black warrior Circumglobal in warmer wa 36 SL 1896
Bathyprion danae Fangtooth smooth-head Eastern Atlantic 38 SL 1966
Bathytroctes breviceps Indian Ocean. 30.3 SL 1999
Bathytroctes elegans Western Indian Ocean 1979
Bathytroctes inspector Eastern Central Pacific. 21.8 SL 1899
Bathytroctes macrognathus Indian Ocean 24.2 SL 1999
Bathytroctes macrolepis Koefoed's smooth-head Atlantic, Indian and Paci 40 SL 1887
Bathytroctes michaelsarsi Michael Sars smooth-head Eastern Atlantic 37 SL 1927
Bathytroctes microlepis Smallscale smooth-head Eastern Atlantic 32.3 SL 1878
Bathytroctes oligolepis Eastern Central Atlantic 32.3 SL 1970
Bathytroctes pappenheimi Western Pacific 10.8 SL 1934
Bathytroctes squamosus Deepscale slickhead Western Indian Ocean 30.6 SL 1890
Bathytroctes zugmayeri Zugmayer's slickhead Western Central Pacific 1934
Conocara bertelseni Western Indian Ocean 2002
Conocara fiolenti Fiolenti's smooth-head Eastern Atlantic 37.2 SL 1979
Conocara kreffti Wrinkled slickhead Indo-Pacific 38.6 SL 1997
Conocara macropterum Longfin smooth-head Eastern Atlantic 34 SL 1888
Conocara microlepis Elongate smooth-head Northeast Atlantic 27 SL 1909
Conocara murrayi Murray's smooth-head Eastern Atlantic 34 SL 1927
Conocara nigrum Flathead slickhead West Pacific 1878
Conocara paxtoni Southwest Pacific 38.7 SL 2009
Conocara salmoneum Salmon smooth-head Eastern Atlantic 73 SL 1897
Conocara werneri Werner's smooth-head Eastern Atlantic 34 SL 1947
Einara edentula Toothless smooth-head Eastern Atlantic 20.3 SL 1892
Einara macrolepis Loosescale smooth-head Eastern Atlantic 22 SL 1927
Herwigia kreffti Krefft's smooth-head Eastern Atlantic 40 SL 1970
Leptoderma affinis Eel slickhead Indian Ocean. Probably o 1899
Leptoderma lubricum Western Pacific 21 SL 1965
Leptoderma macrophthalmum Atlantic Ocean 15.1 SL 2011
Leptoderma macrops Grenadier smooth-head Eastern Atlantic 24 SL 1886
Leptoderma retropinna Indian Ocean. Western Pa 21 SL 1943
Microphotolepis multipunctata Indo-West Pacific 1977
Microphotolepis schmidti Western Central Pacific ( 7.2 SL 1931
Mirognathus normani Norman's smooth-head Northeast Atlantic 20 SL 1951
Narcetes erimelas Eastern Central Atlantic 29.1 SL 1890
Narcetes kamoharai Western Pacific 34 SL 1984
Narcetes lloydi Lloyd's slickhead Indo-West Pacific 50 SL 1934
Narcetes stomias Blackhead salmon North and South Atlantic, 57.5 SL 1890
Narcetes wonderi Northwest Pacific 1935
Photostylus pycnopterus Starry smooth-head Circumglobal. Eastern At 13 SL 1933
Rinoctes nasutus Abyssal smooth-head Eastern Atlantic 19 SL 1927
Rouleina attrita Softskin smooth-head Circumglobal, widely dist 48 SL 1888
Rouleina danae Western Central Pacific 1951
Rouleina eucla Eucla slickhead Western Central Pacific. 1940
Rouleina euryops Western Central Pacific 23.4 SL 1999
Rouleina guentheri Bordello slickhead Indo-Pacific 23 SL 1892
Rouleina livida Indo-Pacific 34 SL 1906
Rouleina maderensis Madeiran smooth-head Eastern Atlantic 32 SL 1948
Rouleina nuda Western Indian Ocean 14.4 SL 1906
Rouleina squamilatera Bluntsnout slickhead Indo-West Pacific 38 SL 1898
Rouleina watasei Western Pacific 22 SL 1909
Talismania antillarum Antillean smooth-head Circumglobal, tropical an 16 SL 1896
Talismania aphos Southeast Pacific 1965
Talismania bifurcata Threadfin slickhead Eastern Pacific 27.7 SL 1951
Talismania brachycephala Western Pacific 1981
Talismania bussingi Southeast Pacific 18.6 SL 1989
Talismania filamentosa Northwest Pacific 37 SL 1984
Talismania homoptera Hairfin smooth-head Eastern Atlantic 29 SL 1888
Talismania kotlyari Indian Ocean. 23 SL 1980
Talismania longifilis Longtail slickhead Eastern Atlantic 46.3 SL 1902
Talismania mekistonema Threadfin smooth-head Eastern Atlantic 26.7 SL 1975
Talismania okinawensis Northwest Pacific 27 SL 1984
Xenodermichthys copei Bluntsnout smooth-head Atlantic Ocean 31 TL 1884
Xenodermichthys nodulosus Western Pacific 20 SL 1878

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