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Family: Zoarcidae Eelpouts

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Pachycara crossacanthum Eastern Central Atlantic 37 SL 1989
Pachycara dolichaulus Southeast Pacific 24.4 SL 2006
Pachycara garricki Southwest Pacific 20 SL 1990
Pachycara goni Southern Ocean 26.2 SL 1991
Pachycara gymninium Nakednape eelpout Northeast Pacific 42.2 SL 1988
Pachycara karenae Eastern Pacific 33.6 SL 2012
Pachycara lepinium Scalynape eelpout Northeast Pacific 46.5 SL 1988
Pachycara mesoporum Southeast Pacific 48.5 SL 1989
Pachycara microcephalum Northeast Atlantic 7.7 SL 1902
Pachycara nazca Southeast Pacific 1997
Pachycara pammelas Southeast Pacific 33.6 SL 1989
Pachycara priedei Southern Indian Ocean 23 SL 2007
Pachycara rimae Southeast Pacific 40.3 SL 1989
Pachycara saldanhai Atlantic Ocean 24.7 SL 2004
Pachycara shcherbachevi Eastern Indian Ocean 23.6 SL 1989
Pachycara sulaki Western Atlantic. 18.9 SL 1989
Pachycara suspectum Eastern Central Pacific 23 SL 1899
Pachycara thermophilum Atlantic Ocean 38.8 TL 1994
Patagolycus melastomus Southwest Atlantic Ocean. 43.7 TL 2012
Phucocoetes latitans Southwest Atlantic 10.9 SL 1842
Piedrabuenia ringueleti Southwest Atlantic 24.2 SL 1977
Plesienchelys stehmanni Southwest Atlantic 20.2 SL 1977
Pogonolycus elegans Southeast Pacific and Sou 15.2 SL 1937
Pogonolycus marinae Southeast Pacific and Sou 6.9 SL 1988
Puzanovia rubra Northwest Pacific 38 TL 1975
Puzanovia virgata Northwest Pacific 27.9 SL 1982
Pyrolycus manusanus Western Central Pacific 17.1 SL 2002
Pyrolycus moelleri Southwest Pacific 23.9 SL 2006
Santelmoa antarctica Southern Ocean 33 SL 2012
Santelmoa carmenae Antarctic, Atlantic 27.7 SL 2010
Santelmoa elvirae Antarctic 35.1 SL 2011
Santelmoa fusca Southern Ocean 33 SL 2012
Seleniolycus laevifasciatus Southern Ocean 21 TL 1977
Seleniolycus pectoralis Pacific, Antarctic 38 SL 2006
Seleniolycus robertsi Pacific, Antarctic 39.3 SL 2006
Taranetzella lyoderma Looseskin eelpout North Pacific 15.8 SL 1952
Thermarces andersoni Eastern Pacific 1986
Thermarces cerberus Eastern Pacific 21.8 SL 1986
Thermarces pelophilum Western Central Atlantic 12.4 TL 1999
Zoarces americanus Ocean pout Northwest Atlantic 110 TL 1801
Zoarces andriashevi Northwest Pacific 19.5 TL 2005
Zoarces elongatus Northwest Pacific 32.7 TL 1868
Zoarces fedorovi Northwestern Pacific 31.5 TL 2007
Zoarces gillii Northwest Pacific 1905
Zoarces viviparus Eelpout Northeast Atlantic 52 TL 1758
Zoarchias glaber Northwest Pacific 10 TL 1908
Zoarchias hosoyai Western Pacific 9 TL 2007
Zoarchias macrocephalus Western Pacific 12.3 TL 2007
Zoarchias major Northwest Pacific 10 SL 1972
Zoarchias microstomus Northwest Pacific 10.0 TL 1995
Zoarchias neglectus Northwest Pacific 7 TL 1908
Zoarchias uchidai Northwest Pacific 12.2 SL 1932
Zoarchias veneficus Northwest Pacific 7 TL 1902

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